Swan SK22110GRN : Aesthetically pleasing and works well

A good frother and makes a nice cup of coffee can’t fault it use it every day.

Having had this for a month now it is making great tasting coffees, with great cremas every time. Milk froths up beautifully too. Best machine i’ve ever had at the price paid.

Prefect coffees from this machine.

Very noisy but makes good coffee not great coffee very plastic and looks cheap.

I’ve had this machine a week now, and so far i’m really happy with it. Makes the milk lovely and frothy as long as you wait for the water to heat up enough. For the price you can’t fault it.

Had a di longi as a xmas present but had to return that as it started to leak after about 1. After a lot of deliberation, i decided to purchase this swan coffee maker, it had just a few reviews when i bought it but most all were positive, so i took a chance. This machine was fantastic, no tainted coffee tastes like some of the more recent reviews. A very simple machine that was good to look at and made really good hot coffee, the milk frother, although a little weedy did the job well and my wife and i really liked the coffee it produced, so far we’re in 5 star territory, the machine is a little light so you had to support it when twisting the coffee holder on / off, and it dripped a little but don’t they all?. – unfortunately, after approximately, 3 weeks the steam button stopped working, and again, another machine had to go back (credit to amazon for making the process easy). I’m beginning to think that in this price range non of the machines will last?. – but if your willing to take a punt and are lucky and get a good one, i don’t think it will disappoint.

Really cool looking machine. It is very easy to use and provides a lovely cup of coffee (make sure you use good quality coffee).

Fairly easy to set up and start using. Unfortunately, first coffees had a plastic taste to them. Contacted swan who assured me that this was very rare but not unknown. Suggested i use bottled water. I was using filtered water anyway so didn’t think this would make any difference. A run through with white vinegar and water mixture followed by thorough cleaning seems to have done the trick. On the downside, the frothing wand is a bit too short to reach down into a 600ml jug so purchased a 350ml one which seems better. A longer wand would fix that. Also, when operating, the handle on the water container vibrates making it twice as noisy as it should be. These are fairly minor points but things like that can grate after a whileon the positive side the machine looks great (we have other matching products in our kitchen) and it makes a decent expresso and of course other longer coffees by keeping the pump button on for as long as it takes to fill your cup.

  • Great machine
  • Easy to use looks stylish
  • Real nice little coffee machine

Swan SK22110GRN, Retro Pump Espresso Coffee Machine, 15 Bars of Pressure, Grey

Product Description, A retro look for the modern world, The retro pump espresso coffee machine from Swan promises coffee heaven, simply. No fuss and no mess with a removable drip tray and your froth will bubble into a creamy whip with a traditional milk frother. Available in a range of colours to compliment your kitchen, guests will be impressed as this coffee machine makes two cups at once, so no one is left waiting in line. 15 bars of pressure and a stream pressure control feature keeps you coffee coming just the way you like it And the professional spoon and coffee presser make for a smooth finish. swan is one of the longest established British kitchen appliance and accessory brands. Steeped in history, Swan was responsible for creating the very first electric heating element that could be immersed in water way back in 1933 as well as reintroducing the iconic teas made back to the market in 2009 The British owned company is run by Swan employees who are passionate about the brand’s heritage. Each product is conceived and designed At its headquarters in the UK by in-house designers, who are proud to produce award-winning appliances, cookware and kitchen accessories available in a host of classic and modern shades that are designed for Life.

From the manufacturer

Swan Espresso Machine

Create coffee perfection in your own home with the Retro Pump Espresso Coffee Machine from home-ware designer Swan. Never queue for a cappuccino again as you can whip up your own frothy beverage with this stylish new kitchen accessory.


Swan Espresso Machine Everything you need for perfect coffee

Swan Espresso Machine 2 cups at once

Swan Espresso Machine coffee the way you like it

Swan Espresso Machine. Coffee machine of high quality

Everything You Need

A professional spoon and coffee presser ensures your caffeinated treat measures up to the highest barista standards

1 or 2 Cups At Once

Never fear for a thirsty guest as this machine is capable of whipping up not one but two cups at once

Coffee The Way You Like It

Whether it’s a latte, cappuccino or the mysterious flat white you’re after, a traditional milk frother will have that delicious drink ready in no time

High Performance

15 Bars of pressure and self-priming system means it’s always ready to use. Keeping it steaming with the steam pressure control feature so the froth is just how you like it.

Swan Espresso Machine from the swan collection

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If you use ese pods there will be no mess, and then very easy to keep clean.

Very pleased with this but a very plastic taste to begin with😡.

Great item does a lovely cappuccino.

Quite a small machine, not complicated to use but a bit fiddly. You have to press one or more buttons more than once to get a coffee and remember to press the button to stop the flow otherwise it continues going. You also have to wait for the temperature of the water to reach a point to make the coffee itself filter through, (it doesn’t with cold water). I invested in the recommended ready-made ese pods which cost a fortune and all i get coming through the machine is water and a weak amount of coffee, so i’ve taken to splitting the pod open and putting the coffee granules into the filter directly which defeats the object of having disposable pods. The whole machine has rather a ‘plastic’ feel about it and i can just fit a normal small mug underneath. Milk frother doesn’t get up to a very high temperature so i’ve taken to heating the milk slightly in the microwave before frothing. Overall, i like the style and as i’ll only use it occasionally i’ll keep it rather than go through the hassle of returning it, despite these niggling little issues. However as a constant use machine, i wouldn’t recommend it.

Brilliant,looks great in my kitchen, loving the retro blue, got the whole set.

It’s really beautiful but the taste is not as perfect as with my previous one. But the previous one was much more expensive. I could say that for it’s price is ok.

What a great espresso machine. Easy to use and easy to clean. So pleased i brought this make.

Easy to use and nice that’s it all in one.

  • Great machine
  • Easy to use looks stylish
  • Real nice little coffee machine

Swan SK22110GRN, Retro Pump Espresso Coffee Machine, 15 Bars of Pressure, Grey

 really nice flavour and easy to use.

Arrived promptly (couple of days before expected) with instructions, and everything in perfect order. Also very easy to use and also easy to cleansteam wand slightly shorter (but still as powerful) as the one i use in work but that’s expected, just use a smaller milk pitcher (or a large one with bigger quantity of milk)portafilter quite stuff to put on at first but with a few uses it becomes easier.

Omg i’m a coffee lover i have had coffee pod machines in the best but nothing has come close to coffee shop coffee til i got this coffee machine would 100% recommend you even get the frothy milk effect as it has that feature too.

Although i only gave a 3 star rating, it’s a good machine for its price and benefits from high quality coffee beans freshly ground.

Arrived on time, well made, it was a replacement for our 14 year old broken nespresso machine, we followed instructions and cleaned through first few times, ground the coffee and made some lovely fresh coffee, worth the money.

I bought his for my son, he loves it and uses it everyday.

Love the machine massive problem though coffee tastes of rubber from the filter sealsi have completed 6 full water tank dummy cycles coffee filters also soaked in mild soapy water for 1 hour still a rubber taste. I will give it 2 more cycles. If rubber taste persists it will have to go back shame because i really like the product.

I am so pleased with this coffee machine. My more expensive machine recently gave up and i could not justify the expense of replacing. This little machine may be a little plastic looking but it makes a great cup of coffee and the colour is fabulous ( mines pale blue). A great product and really is value for money.

It’s far lighter and smaller than i thought and for me that is an advantage because my kitchen is very small. There is a single and double espresso facility. The water flow is entirely controlled by the operator. That appeals to my artistic flare. I was concerned it was going to be complicated to use but it is not. The flavour, of course, depends much upon the quality of the coffee but i was delighted. The steamer is very easy to use and the preheat facility is fast. This product appears to be excellent value. One of the reasons i chose this style of machine was i didn’t want to use plastic pods as i was concerned about their environment impact. I’ve already saved money by ditching the coffee shop stop and think this gizmo will pay for itself in no time. Paired with my ice machine this thing rocks.

Very good looking, easy to use and makes good coffee. My only problem is that it doesn’t hold the heat during use. When you turn it on, the centre dial shows the temperature going up and when the green light goes on, you can turn on the first switch for making the coffee. Turn off the hot water button and press the ‘streamer’ button aed, again watch the temperature rise. Once the tempterature has been reached, yellow light turns on, turn the steamer control and watch the milk froth. Well no, because if you follow this procedure, you don’t get a very hot coffee. The only way is, during each cycle (red or yellow) is watch the temp fall, stop the process, wait for the temp to rise and try again. It makes very nice coffee, but is a frustrating machine to use.

I love everything about my coffee maker. Lovely retro design and colour (green), easy to use, easy to clean and makes delicious coffee.

Not only do i love the way it looks but it’s so easy to use and the coffee tastes great. I love my espresso in the morning and iced latte in the afternoon.

Stylish little coffee machine. Solid build, however a little lighter than i was expecting. Water heats up fastmilk wand is very goodi’d recommend it.

I love this coffee machine is the best now every single day i can enjoy my delusions coffee.

Great start, with lovely thick crema on my espresso – but after only a couple of weeks and no change in brand of coffee, or the way i used the machine, that crema just disappears within a few seconds. So the result is now just an ordinary cup of black coffee. Be warned too that if you follow the instrux and use 100ml of milk for your cappuccino, that’s way more than the frother can actually cope with as the steam will give out. Maybe because the frothing process never really seems to reach optimum peak temperature ?.Shame, because the machine looks great and seems solidly built – but have to admit i’m rather hoping it’ll break so i can get a different model.

Simple to use, great value for money.

Aesthetically really pleasing, tastes a little bit plasticky when you first use it, so you need to run hot water through it a good few times. Seems to be working fine and were pleasantly pleased for the price point.

I wanted to buy some old style coffee maker and swan espresso coffee machine was a great find. It makes really good espresso. Though i have not tried the milk warming function yet, but being an espresso lover, not sure i will ever use it, only for guests prbably. So, this product is highly recommended to all espresso plus vintage lovers.

Features and Spesification

  • A professional spoon and coffee presser ensures your coffee measures up to the highest barista standards
  • Never fear for a thirsty guest as this machine is capable of whipping up not one but two cups at once
  • Whether it’s a latte, cappuccino or the mysterious flat white you’re after, a traditional milk frother will have that delicious drink ready in no time. You can choose from using ground coffee or Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) pods
  • Keeping it steaming with the steam pressure control feature so the froth is just how you like it
  • High Performance 15 Bars of pressure and self-priming system means it’s always ready to use and a large detachable 1.2L water tank means there is plenty to go round
  • 2 Year Warranty, Offering top-end technology and retro styling for the style-conscious homeowner, this coffee machine is part of the on-trend Swan Retro range available in a range of classic colours