Swan SW12SS XL Cordless Buffet Server and Food Warming Tray Hot Plate – Buffet plate

Great way to keep food warm in serving dishes while having a leisurely meal. If warmed up beforehand, and unplugged, it’ll stay warm for a decent amount of time. But it can be left plugged in when in use. Perfect example of an item which i lived without for decades, but now use all the time.

Havin guests around and want to keep the food warm, this may be what you are looking for . This was easy to set up, one detachable plug (kettle lead) plugin turn on the socket and in less than 10 minutes the hot plate was hot. You can use the server plugged in for up to 2 hours and food will remain piping hot. Alternatively you can unplug and locate elsewhere on a table for instance and theplate retains a good heat, for a long time, after 1 hour it’s still very hot and this keeps things at a good temperature. After 2 hours the surface was beginning to cool down to hand touch. I thought thehotbplate overall looked good but the legs and handles are a little on the cheep plastic looking side apart from that very happy.

Very pleased with this product. Exactly as hoped and kept food warm, very easy to use and clean and good size.

Bought to replace corded product. Intend to use on christmas dining table.

I am reviewing the buffet warmer which was received a few days ago. Its big, bigger than i thought and heavy but for me its quality so well worth the extra storage space. It looks nice and is simple to use with a plug in lead and red and green lights for the usual heating and ready info. It heated up quickly and once unplugged stayed was for over an hour with food on top as we all chatted around a take away chinese meal with friends. This will really come in handy at xmas for the veggies etc or any take away night, mega meal and everything in between.

There are a lot of reviews for different products – so just to be clear this is for the xl food warming tray hot plate. I like this – but it is bigger than i was expecting – so check the dimensions. It heats fairly quickly 10 – 15 minutes – upto about 130c then stays hot for at least 30 mintues which is about right for serving chinese. It looks neat (if a little large) and it is great that it can be used cordless once it is warm. This is not a machine that will get a lot of regular use, so the price seems to be about right.

My mother and mother-in-law swore by their hostess trolleys – a tad old-fashiond now but very useful when catering for a crowd. This large hotplate is easier to store although it is big. It will easily take a couple of casserole dishes plus smaller dishes of vegeatables, etc. It heats up in about 10 minutes and when disconnected from the electricity supply seems to hold the heat for the claimed hour although definitely cooling at the end. I like this ability to unplug and move the hotplate – you don’t always have a convenient powerpoint and it also willl allow you to take the hot plate outside without worrying about trailing cables. It is great for keeping indian meals hot – its size allows you to include a wide array of dishes (or containers if you buy in).

Very easy to use keeps food hot for at least 30 minutes if unplugged.

The swan xl cordless heating tray is good looking, seems well-made and there are no sharp edges; the brushed stainless top does look smart but shows finger marks easily. Operation is simple, plug in the mains lead, the red light comes on, wait 8 to 10 minutes for the green light to come on and the unit is at temperature, the mains lead can then be unplugged and the unit acts like a storage heater and remains hot for well over an hour. The top surface is quite hot and there is no indicator to show this, which is a pity. The lights are a little dim and the mains lead, at just over a metre in length, is a little short, it is a standard iec lead so you could easily get a longer one. I’ve shown it on a 90 cm wide dining table to give an idea of how it looks in use.

This swan lazy susan is ideal for chinese takeaways, curries and many other dishes as it rotates so people can serve themselves to individual items. The unit stands firmly on its rubber feet and is quite weighty being finished in plastic with a stainless steel top. The warmer is powered from the mains but remains warm for up to an hour after disconnection. The supplied power lead is shortish especially as the instructions don’t recommend you move the unit whilst heated, despite the two handles provided. There’s a mains power light and temperature light but no heat adjustment. The warmer is quite effective in keeping products warm, the wider the base of your dishes the better it works and it’s roomy enough to accommodate at 4 average dishes. I prefer this electrical version to the tealight versions available. What i don’t like so much is that the stainless steel surface scratches and marks easily, although that should not affect the functioning of the product. I think swan should have come up with a more durable surface. Secondly, there’s a slight gap between the edge of the heated metal surface and the plastic casing which food can drip into but it’s hard to reach for cleaning.

Well made and efficient in what it is intended to do.

I was impressed with this heated tray. It is about 60cm in length and easily accommodates 3 dinner sized plates or 4 small- medium sized bowls. The idea is that you plug it in, wait 10mins or so until the indicator light informs you that the desired temperature of 130° has been reached then you unplug it and transfer it to the table (preferably onto table mats) and then arrange your plates of food onto it to keep them warm. It is great for sharing menus and for dishes where you want your guests to be able to help themselves to extra vegetables and other sides. The heat is retained for approximately 50-60 mins. It is robustly made and cleans with a wipe. It actually is a little easier to clean if it still has a little residual heat left in it. Be careful when kids are around because the surface gets pretty hot. I will definitely be using it this christmas when it will make the timing of cooking the various dishes and sides so much easier.

Very easy to use and keep clean. Here are the specifications for the Swan SW12SS XL Cordless Buffet Server and Food Warming Tray Hot Plate:

  • Heat up to to 130 degrees in 8-10 minutes
  • Detachable Rubber Power Cord
  • Skid Proof Silicon Rubber Feet
  • 1000W Heating Wire Embedded Into Ceramic
  • Brushed Finish Top Plate

Most heated trays are designed that you plug them in, they heat up and then you leave them plugged in to remain hot. This one is different, you plug it in, it heats up, then you take to your serving area where is remains hot for about an hour. This has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is being able to warm it up and put int eh middle of your table to keep food warm without any trailing leads; this is very good. However, it is not designed to be left plugged in for a long time (i. More that 2 hours), so this may be a limitation depending on how you use it. The other way in which this one differs from most heated trays is the weight. I guess that it has a lump of rock in the middle of it (like the storage heaters of old) that is heated up and is used to retain heat.

Note: this is a for the swan cordless heated ‘lazy susan’, used for keeping cooked food warm for longer, it’s not for cooking the food. Some meals you make you want to make a little effort and that often means adding a few more side dishes, indian and traditional roast are the most obvious examples, where you have a basic component and a choice of options to mix and match and to avoid everyone having to rush to eat before the sides go cold a hot plate is obvious answer. Swan have taken the idea of a heated hotplate and joined it with the ‘lazy susan’, so you get the benefits of both. The product is quite large around 18 inches across made from the stainless steel plate and black plastic ring around the outside. You plug in the kettle cord and let it head for around 10-15 minutes, then when you’re done you can remove the cable and leave it to stand and be used. There is a indicator light on the side to tell you when it’s reached the correct temperature. I would advise that you place the item on the table and heat it there, it’s quite heavy and it’s max temp is very hot indeed and there’s not easy way to carry it without the risk of it slipping and the last thing you want is a red hot heating plate weighing around 5 lbs rolling around near your feet and legs. The cord may be a little inconvinient but it’s only there while you heat the unit and then you can unplug it. In practice i was surprised at how well it worked. It stayed warmer longer than i thought it would.

Does what it says on the tin, keeps hot for long enough and not too hot that it cooks anything.

We used this swan lazy susan to keep some dishes warm during a buffet we held with some friends last saturday. You just plug it in wait for the light to turn green, which take just under the 10 minutes stated, unplug and put on the table. There’s some kind of stone inside which keeps the plate nice and warm. It works beautifully, is well made and easy to clean. As the blurb says its great selling point really though is you don’t need to have a messy and potentially dangerous power cable running across the food table. Its a nice little addition to our social soirees. We’ll also be using it for our regular tuesday indian/chinese family takaways from now on too.

I’m used to having these brought out to the table when we go to the indian restaurant for keeping the serving dishes warm and thought it would be ideal for home use with a sunday roast. It’s long enough that i can easily fit 3 dishes on it, sometimes 4 and it is stylish enough to look good on the dining room table. Non-slip feet so it won’t move about and surprisingly lightweight. You plug it into the mains to heat it up; takes just 10 minutes, but you can then detach the power cord completely to transfer it to your dining table or sideboard and it keeps warm for a good hournow that i have one, i use it much more often than i thought i would.

Keeps food warm everything stays piping hot.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works well but not perfect

  • Perfect!

  • Great service and quality

The instructions say this will heat up to temperature in 8 – 10 minutes, but mine was up to temperature by 5 minutes. Plug it in and wait for the green light to show it is hot enough. I was a bit nervous about using it on my dining table, but i have to say that it only gets barely luke warm underneath, so i won’t worry about it now i have tested it. I set a timer for an hour later, and it was still too hot for my hand to touch. That was without any dishes on top, so i would imagine that with hot dishes on it it might stay pretty hot for even longer. There is plenty room on this and the turntable goes around effortlessly making it really easy to get the dish that you want if it is placed in the centre of the table. A great idea, works so much better than the old fashioned candle lit one we used to have. It would be great if they could make a room heater that works like this. Only used 5 minutes of electricity for an hours heat.

Swan sw12ss xl cordless buffet server and food warming tray hot plate, stainless steel, silver/black, 1000wa very useful and stylish addition to the dining table primarily designed to keep food warm. Note: this is not for cooking at the table or heating from cold, it is to keep already hot food from cooling and it is perfect for “sharing” menus where items will stay hot during the meal. The size is approximately 60cms x 30cms which is a good size and will accommodate 3-4 fair size dishes. The hot plate stands approximately 7. 5cms high and has black silicone/plastic handles at each end and non slip feet to stand on. Rated at 1000 watt, this hot plate will reach optimum temperature (quoted at 130 deg c) in about 10 minutes and is really easy to use. Just plug the detachable cord into the mains and a red light will show. When operating temperature is reached, a green light shows. At this point, the plate can be unplugged and moved to the table. Obviously care is required when carrying a heated plate but the end handles make this easy and never carry it with items in place on the top.

When unpacking it seemed odd that there was no 240 mains lead supplied but as there was no list of contents i am not sure this is intential or an omission. I have contacted product support at swan uk to find out. Meanwhile i realised that the connector is the same as the one on my pc ( see pictures) so was able to use that but as this has a 5 amp fuse on my computer i substituted a 13 amp for this 1000 watt “lazy susan corless heated tray” just to see if it works. I was able to establish that the 14 inch diameter brushed stainless steel top heats up to a temperature in 10 minutes ideal for keeping food warm and too hot to the touch and retains the heat for at least an hour. It does say not to move it once heated but i can’t see how you could always have a power supply near a dining room table ?i notice that the hot plate marks easily and marks were difficult to remove once cool. It does recommend putting paper kitchen towel on the hot plate to protect from spills. It does say to ensure that it is on a heat resistant surface so do not put on a polished table. I am reluctant to use it until i find out what the correct mains lead is and buy the correct one. If it is supposed to come with a lead i expect they will send one. Customer services at swan initially said this model did not exist in their product range until i sent them an image. They confirmed that a mains lead should have been supplied and disappointedly said that i have to return it to amazon for an exchange. As this was a product review i know that is not possible and thought the easiest solution would be for swan uk to just put one in the post. I will buy one for a desktop computer and fit a 13 amp fuse as i know this is perfectly safe.

Ideal for keeping vegetables etc warm on the dinner table, stays warm long enough for the duration of a meal. Stainless steel makes it easy to clean.

Family gathering found it very useful and will use again.

When entertaining large numbers of people for dinner (or other hot meals), a huge concern is always how to keep the food warm whilst you’re trying to round everyone up (like herding sheep) to the table. Heating the plates to a high temperature is always one solution however, this typically means that no one can touch them for five minutes, whilst they cool down again, along with the food inside them. Accordingly, an alternative solution is this cordless heated ‘lazy susan’ which heats up to 150 degrees centigrade and means that you can have slightly cooler plates, but given there is a heat source underneath the plates, will still prevent the food from going cold so quickly. As a concept, it is very straightforward, as it is effectively a portable hotplate, which can maintain a decent temperature for a period of up to one hour, after it has been unplugged. However, i do foresee a bit of a flaw in the execution of the product. One aspect which the instructions are very clear on is that the product should not be moved whilst it is still hot (or more obviously, whilst there is food on it). Accordingly, the ‘lazy susan’ will need to be heated in situ and once it is up to temperature, the power cable can be removed. However, the power cable is only 1 metre long, so that’s very unlikely to stretch off the end of the table, never mind to a wall socket. Accordingly, you are going to need all manner of extension cables to warm the tray on the first place. Either that or ignore the instructions and wear oven gloves when moving it. On the whole, i do like this ‘lazy susan’ because it should help with maintaining food at a decent temperature, but without having to have scalding hot plates. In addition, it also rotates through 360 degrees, such that if you have a number of different (small) plates on it, they can be accessed from all sides by spinning it around.

Heats up pretty well and i like that the wire can be disconnected. Slim line and not too cumbersome.

This is handy for use when having parties as well as meals. If you are having people for dinner then it sits nicely in the middle of the table to hold side dishes to keep warm through the meal. I find best to leave plugged in for a full charge and then unplug for the meal. I did find that it keeps food warm best if you warm the dishes first so that the you get the best results for the longest length of time to keep food warm. Obviously cold dishes take longer the absorb the heat from the plate and can in fact cool it down. It is also handy to use for parties where you are having a buffet table as it keeps hot dishes/items warmer for longer during the party. All in all a handy item for entertaining,.

A really lovely stylish looking product. The smart brushed stainless steel plate gives plenty of room for keeping various dishes warm (four bowls fit comfortably). We find it ideal for sharing a chinese meal with guests of generally four diners. Just wait for the green light to come on to indicate that it has reached maximum temperature, which takes about 10 minutes. We heated the lazy susan on the dining table using an extension which seemed much safer than carrying the product to the table once hot. The leads can be removed before guests sit down at the table. It would be much better if the product came with a much longer cable so that an extension lead was not necessary (the lead supplier is about 110cm). We use place mates underneath the product to protect the table from any heat but there did not seem to be a great deal of heat directed downwards. The food was kept lovely and warm throughout the entire meal.

This is a great addition to my kitchen tools. It keeps food on plates warm really easily, and is great for any table. You can see from the amazon pictures what this might be used for, but i have also used it for sunday lunch stuff as well, and plate warming. The use of it is really easy. Whilst the claim for heating says 8-10 minutes, it was more like five for me. The indicator light shows green when its done. You then unplug and move it, which is easy and safe (but don’t have anything on it whilst moving. It stays warm for about an hour. When at the table the whole point is that the thing rotates, so making access to food really easy. Be careful spilling food because there’s a slight gap which would mean that liquid would get into the thing.

I have not used it yet, looks great, just the size i wanted. Delicvery was fast and hassle free.

Very useful for a buffet for 20 people.

Fabulous up to temp in 20 mins stays hot for over an hour without cable great for sharing suppers.

Surface became scratched after first use.

Works well and retains heat.

This is a *fantastic* ideai imagine products like this have existed for quite some time, so i won’t credit swan with the original idea. However, it’s well executed and absolutely perfect for keeping things like takeaway or dinner warm. The fact that it’s not too bulky to be portable adds to it. £50 seems reasonable for this, given the utility. Probably useful in smaller restaurants, too.

It is heavy and the heat tends to be concentrated in the centre, but great for keeping serving dishes warm.

I do like that this warming warming food tray can be used cordless at the table. I already have a food warming tray but with containers and lids to hold the food. With this one i can use my own bowls and containers. I tested this out at the week-end when i made a curry. It held enough bowls to hold, curry, rice, starters with a little room to spare. I served the main meal on plates then put the extra into bowls on the warm tray so that we could help ourselves to more. I had the food on it for a good hour and it was as hot at the end of the meal as it was at the start. It will come in handy when i have family over as i can then put a large bowl of say curry and rice on this tray and use my other warmer for all the sides and accompaniments. For my photos i have placed four large breakfast cereal bowls to show the size. The food does need to be cooked and hot / warm when placed on the warmer as this tray keeps the food hot and does not cook or heat from cold.

This couldn’t be much simpler to use. Straight out of the box it’s just a matter of plugging it in and waiting for it to reach operating temperature, when a green light comes on. In the instruction leaflet it stated that this would take 10 minutes, in this case it took slightly less than that at about 8 minutes. So when the chinese home-delivery meal arrived, we made sure the swan was on.The appeal with this appliance is that you can put it on the table without any annoying cables getting in the way. The manufacturers claim that it provides enough plate-warming heat for an hour; all that i can say is that it did the job for the entire meal time and was still warm by the time we had finished. It’s also very easy and quick to clean. I cannot think of anything i don’t like about it. This is going to be used on a regular basis so i hope it proves to be reliable.

It would make a lot of sense, in my opinion, if this were either larger or rectangular, as the size does restricts what can go on it. A collection of circular plates leave a big hole in the the middle, and anything with right angles leaves a lot of wasted space too. However, it does do what you want it to do – leave food hot, which i have to say, is a real boon for those rare occasions that we let someone else into the house to eat. Curries, something i enjoy cooking, particularly lends itself to this – naan or rice can be sitting warmly until it is called upon, as can the main dish of course. Similarly, if you feel like being a real old pig and you cannot get your meal onto one plate, this`ll take care of that little matter. Generally, it`s very easy to use, just take a little care handling it. Best not to get it mucky though, as any residual food will have a tendency to dry on.

This food warmer does what it promises. Plug it in for approximately 10 minutes and when the lights turn from red to green it is ready for use. You can then remove the lead and place on the table, it will hold its heat for over a hour. You can leave it switched on for up to 2 hours if you wish. It is well styled and looks good. To clean it wipe with a damp cloth and dry with kitchen roll. Now for the draw backs, it is quite heavy and the surface marks easily – mine soon scuffed with a smooth bottomed pan – it is also quite slippery and even the heaviest dishes need holding in place when serving from the. It does keep the food hot as promised.