Sweet Treats Snow Cone – Very good.

I have just used my slush machine and i am so pleased with this, crushes the ice finley and it’s very quick. Added the syrup after the ice is crushed and just like a slush, won’t need to buy one again best thing i bought will definitely recommend.

Basically an ice crusher but takes up little cupboard space and is easy to clean, so a much better option than the slush maker my son originally wanted. Only put in as much ice as you need though, or empty immediately after use to prevent puddles.

I’ve been looking for one of these for ages , but one that had positive reviews and i honestly am sooo pleased with this item it’s actually amazing me and my kids love it .

Ok but nothing special or great, easy to use.

Lovely machine but only worked for 3 drinks then motor broke.

My grandaughter was very pleased with this, i bought it for her for christmas. It was well made and seemed to work really well. The only this is there were just a few cones, can’t quite remember how many but you would have to buy extra ones if you were going to made lots. Also you need to buy the different flavourings separately which cost me about £12. 00 so you need to take this into consideration when purchasing this snow cone slushy maker.

My mum is terminally ill and gets very thirsty. Somewhat bizarrely, she has developed a strong craving for slushie drinks and i bought this as a cheap option, in case she went off them again. However, it has been on the go daily for the past several weeks, without any problems.

My daughter is in love with this.

It makes an awful sound and we have to keep moving the ice to make it work.

I haven’t tried the item yet as it is a christmas gift, i’ll leave feedback after christmas. However i ust wanted to let people know that if you are ordering this as a gift, please be warned that it is delivered without an outer box so you can see what the item is. My kids almost saw what one of their christmas gifts was.

Safety cut off is good as no access to blade when top is on. Makes good snow cones with ease.

My kids really love this – makes crushed ice quickly and easily. So pleased i spent a bit more to get this and didn’t buy a slushy cup type product.

Simple and easy to use straight off the box. Great little snow come maker.

After buying a slush puppy maker that was cheap and rubbish u got a refund and bought this.

Great slushy maker – kids love it. Also great for mojitos and mock-tails – highly recommend this product.

Brilliant adults n kids love this machine x.

Brilliant slushie maker, family love it, so useful.

Makes ok snowcones but does get ice everywhere.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A better option than a slushie machine
  • Great slushy maker
  • Great product

Like making your own fairground snow cones at home.

Brought for my daughter and she lover it.

Bought this as a gift, it works very well.

Purchased this item to give to a sibling and they loved it. Great for special occasions.

My children cannot believe their luck. They can have slush every day. It is really simple to use, compact and easy to clean.

My grandchildren love it,very easy to use,have brought a second one for one of my other granddaughters birthday,absolutely love it.

Bought for my boyfriend for christmas.

Great fun for parties or summer. Easy to use machine – just need ice cubes and away you go.

Worked for the first 5 drinks i made. Then refused to work any more. Its a shame really, otherwise 5 stars. Will have to send back for a refund.

This was the only gift my grandson wanted santa to bring, be sure to buy the juice.

Brilliant product my 12 year old loves it.