Symphonized NRG 2 : They feel great and are fairly durable

Son has them permanently in his ears – so must be good.

Good sound with plenty of bass.

A little lacking in richness and occasional clipping however decent bass is present.

Bass is not as powerful but that is the only drawback. Looks great and acoustics sound really good.

Great headphones for a good price. Love the colour and the sound is very goodvery happy with my purchase.

Only within a year both buds fell completly apart.

I’m very satisfied with the purchase of this product. It is very comfortable, does not hurt your head or ears and it’s almost as if the mask wasn’t there. As for the earbuds, i cannot share my opinion because i always feel uncomfortable with earbuds. However, as stated in previous comments, the only problem with the mask is that it leaks some light through the nose, which is a big problem for people very sensible to light like me.

  • Highly recommended!
  • Pretty Decent
  • Not good enough to become my favourites.

Symphonized NRG 2.0 Earbuds with Microphone, Noise Isolating Headphones Earbuds Heavy Deep Bass Earphones Ear Buds, in Ear Headphones for iPhone Android Phone iPad Tablet Laptop and More (Brown)


NRG 2.0 Earphones

Symphonized leverages the natural acoustical properties of wood, formulating a product that delivers a clean and crisp sound, honorably replicating that of the most famous concert halls and finest acoustic instruments around the world. Each style of product offers listeners a unique experience unmatched by many of the modern materials used today. In addition to great sound, all Symphonized products are handcrafted and meticulously tested, ensuring every device is always strong, durable and ready to make your favourite songs sound even better.

Pure & Powerful

Crisp acoustics, deep bass and zero breakage at every volume level.

Gold Plated 3.5mm Jack

Provides a stronger sound connection without leakage.

Volume Control

For faster, easier access to your device.

Carrying Pouch

For faster, easier access to your buds.

6 Pairs of Customer Fit Silicone Tips

In small, medium, and large for a smooth, comfortable fit.

Bulit-in Mic & Controls

Skip tracks, activate Voice Control and respond to phone calls

Distinctive Style: More than your average headphones, Symphonized wooden ear phones are stylish and unmistakeable.

Handcrafted to Perfection: Each unique piece is crafted by hand, making no two pairs of Symphonized buds exactly the same. The wooden housings of our ear phones reproduce incomparable clarity.

Vibrant Hues For A Bold You: Available in 8 metallic shades, this is the statement piece that will make sure you are the center of attention in any crowd.

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I go through so many sets of earphones. I wanted to find something affordable, durable, and with decent sound quality for the price — i bought these after reading a glowing review, expecting to go through them after a few months, but here i am almost a year later and they’re still truckingthe first thing i want to praise is the noise cancelling aspect; for something so affordable, you wouldn’t expect them to drown out external noise but they do a fantastic job. The second is the bass — when i first started using these, it was like listening to old songs for the first time again, finally able to appreciate the little flourishes that had previously been lost in the soundscape on tinnier headphones or speakers. I expect there’s still a fair bit of life left in these, even considering the abuse i put them through by falling asleep with them in, getting them tangled, etc etc. Even if they were to pack it in tomorrow, i’d happily say they were worth every penny of the twenty quid i paid for them.

The build quality is amazing, they look very unique and the sound is very clear but not the loudest i herd but loud enough.

Decent sound and look sleek, but the earbuds do fall out of my ears. There is no volume control on it, just a play/pause button.

Way better than the beats i had.

Sound very good with thumping bass.

Decent, good value for money. If you value good sound quality might be worth upgrading.

These headphones are totally worth the money. They block out sound surprisingly well and fit in your ears perfectly. The cable and wood feel premium but you might want to take care at the headphone plug it’s slightly fragile but it’s nothing really to worry about. The bass on the headphones are ok but the amazing clarity and acoustics compensate for this. The customer service was outstanding. They were exstremely accommodating and reliable.

They’re robust and well designed. I do find they like bassy music better such as, rock, rhcp, funk. Very impressed for the price. I’ll be comparing them to bose soundtrue ultra in-ear headphones, once they arrive and see how well they stack up against the big boys.

  • Highly recommended!
  • Pretty Decent
  • Not good enough to become my favourites.

Symphonized NRG 2.0 Earbuds with Microphone, Noise Isolating Headphones Earbuds Heavy Deep Bass Earphones Ear Buds, in Ear Headphones for iPhone Android Phone iPad Tablet Laptop and More (Brown)

Headphones are nice but the ear buds split quickly.

This is my second pair of symphonized earphones. (the first ones got cut up by my dear cat. ) they are amazing headphones and have ridiculous price to performance ratios. They are quality products that feel solid and well built. I would recommend them to anyone looking at buying fairly cheap earphones. +also an added bonus is that they are really easy to undo and very rarely get tangled.

Nice looking headphones and look well made. The sound is a lot better to more expensive options. Stylish product and worth it for the money.

Very good sound quality but poor quality in terms of the wire material.

Good bass with a decent mid-range.

Does exactly what it say on thr tin.

Fantastic great sounding earphones would recommend to definitely buy.

Vocals sound great on these earphones. Quite soundproof and fairly comfortable. Been using it for about 5 months now.

Now i will say i am a basshead but i do love some punk and some rock sometomes, it’s got amazing sound quality, better than the cx300ii i previously had, but when i am out walking, hiking or even on the bus, the speaker inside rattles, it can’t be heard at full volume but the rattle is noticeable when it is not at full volume.

Excellent sound quality and durability.

Very good, comfortable, good voice quality and stylish earphones. Purchased the second one for a friend who fell in love with them.

My one issue with these earphones is the plastic coating around the wire. While i presume this helps with longevity, i much preferred the simple braided cable of the original nrgs. The plastic coating makes the wire rigid and uncomfortable.

Great sound, good price, prompt delivery. Also, seem robust (after a couple of months) and comfortable, unlike other similar in-earphones i have used.

Expected them to be a bit hit and miss, especially with such a low price. The genuine wood makes all the difference, had ‘fake wood’ effect before which made the earphones sound tacky but these, with the genuine metal and wood design are incredible. For £20 i’d personally say it’s a no brainer. The headphone jack is the huge letdown in my opinion, it’s huge compared to what it needs to be. Sound quality: 8/10sound optimisation: 9/10noise cancelling: 8/10 (9/10 with loud music)extra controls (volume etc): 5/10, nothing specialbuild & design: 9/10.

The comfort, the sound quality and the price all fit greatly with this. They feel great and are fairly durable. 0 are amazing and are available for a killer price. They can make for a great gift for a friend or a relative.

They sound okay and they look interesting. The cord i have mixed feelings about. It is easier to untangle that most cords, but it feels cheap and is quite stiff. I am still unable to get rid of the bends it had when i got it out of the packaging. The clear silicone tips also make a weird clicking sound when you insert or adjust them into your ears.

Wasn’t expecting the headphone to be so bass-heavy. Nonetheless the build is premium.

Fantastic quality earphone, very stylish. Only slight problem is the wire gets twisted easily.

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