Symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood On-Ear Headphones : Wow!

Very nice headphones, light to wear and the sound is very relaxed. An absolute joy to listen to. I found them so comfortable i lost myself in the music.

Very good sound and product at a good price.

Light and pleasant and very comfy. Very stylish – if that sort of thing is important to yousound quality – this is the only problem (but quite a big problem since it is of the essence of headphone) – the sound quality is not superb. It is quite acceptable but the bass is rather “boomy” and the sound is just a little bit dull and muffled instead of vibrant. I was quite disappointed at first especially since i seemed to get a more “enthusiastic” sound from headphones which were a quarter of the price. So at that stage i was going to give the headphones an overall 3 stars. However somehow they have grown on me (and the sound has become quite acceptable) and i really enjoy using them now, and so i am prepared to give them 4 stars overall for a pleasant and enjoyable overall experience. But – if you are looking for a high quality sound then you will have to look elsewhere.

Got these as a christmas present after leaving a careful hint the build and sound quality are amazing and i would recommened these to anybody that likes to listern to their music. Comes with spare lead and bag.

Well pleased,and what a lovely piece of timber,a shame we can’t see them.

I tested this headphones around 3 for months now and i can say le mans is just quality of this song is better and better.

Excellent set of headphones. I bought this nearly 4-5 months ago and have used it regularly. Good quality sound, comfortable and will even keep you warm in the winter as the headset keeps the heat from your ears in. Might get a bit hot in the summer, but just wear a t-shirt ;)love them, stylish and many people have commented about the wood effect, positively may i add. After nearly half a years use i cannot fault the product and would highly recommend, especially at the price i paid circa £69 i think.

Bought these as a christmas present for my son.

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  • Wow!

Symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood On-Ear Headphones with in-Line Microphone, Tangle-Free Noise-Isolating Wired Stereo Earphones with Spare Replacement Cable Included (Cherry Finish)

Colour Name:Wraith Cherry With its unique acoustical properties, wood provides the best sound reproduction there is, which is why most high-end speakers and many musical instruments are made of wood, not to mention the interiors of concert halls. And that’s where you’ll feel you are when you listen to your favorite audio devices with Symphonized natural wood headphones, with neodymium magnets providing enough power to bring out top-quality acoustics, surrounding you with energizing, high- fidelity sound as if you’re right there at a live show. With their superior strength and durability, excellent noise isolation, distortion-free volume levels and deep base, Symphonized headphones are perfect for iPhones, iPods and iPads, mp3 players, CD players and more. Choose Symphonized natural wood headphones for your listening pleasure, and we’re sure you’ll never go back to plastic.

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These headphones are simply stunning. The makers should take a bow because they deliver on all levels. It is so nice to be able to play older music at a sound level to really enjoy it, yes they go loud leaving the listener to decide what is loud enough. Got them for a bullseye on a lightning deal and have struck gold. They look great they sound astonishing. No need to spend a fortune to find real quality, buy them you will not be disappointed.

These sound, look and feel great.

Really good sound for the price of these headphones, feel well made and come with a spare cable.

The best “cheap” under £100 headphones i’ve had. Comparing against the likes of skull candy, senheiser and many others. From classical – dance – heavy metal these have performed superb. Now having been used for a year they perform as good as they did on day 1 and still look the business. If i had 1 complaint it’d be they could be a little tighter on the head as they tend to move when head banging. All good though i’d certainly buy again.

Great headphones, sound amazing and are very comfy.

It’s been a long time since i had proper headphones, but i treated myself having been really pleased with a pair of symphonized earphones i recently purchased. These are very retro and remind me of my dad’s from the early 80s. They are beautiful to look at, have a quality feel and most importantly the sound quality is excellent. They don’t leak noise at normal listening levels (e. I’m in my 30s and value my eardrums in a way a teenager doesn’t, so they are fine at my level); they are not noise cancelling which means you are not completely shut off – which i like. They come with a nice raw linen bag to keep them in and a spare set of wires (without the remote control). I am very happy, they are great.

Every aspect of these headphones has some good and some bad, but overall they disappoint with sound quality. Just to note, another reviewer fiddled with eq settings to improve these, while i did play around with my eq settings, i prefer listening to headphones how they were intended. Below i detail everything that these over/on (depending on ear size) headphones provide. Design/comfort (4/5) :+ these headphones look fantastic, the wooden cups and metal headband look well made and of a high quality. + they are light, comfortable and easy to fit without fiddling for a good position. + truly super comfortable, never to the level you forget they are on your head, but they are so nice and the padding on each ear-cup is remarkably soft. + detachable cable looks strong and tangle resistant, made of a mesh type cord rather than rubber. – however, when taking a closer look, the underside of the headband has visible (and still sticky) glue around the edges where the leather feel pad is touching the head. Seriously, this was awful and i would expect more from headphones in the bargain range, not this price of £55 (never-mind the clearly overpriced rrp of these). – the symphonized logo looks fairly cheap and is way too large on the top of the headband, ruining the subtle and classic look the rest of this set offers.

Revised review after 1 monthas i already owned the symphonized nrg in-ears and the symphonized sensations bluetooth, i should not have hesitated so long before finally buying these. From the start, i was attracted by how they looked, but i wanted something “better quality”. So, i went for the audio-technica ath m40x. Excellent headphones but they were so painful to wear after 30 minutes that i quickly returned them for a refund. Now, back to these symphonized wraith 2. I should never have hesitated. They look wonderful, feel sturdy and sound excellent. More importantly, they are supremely comfortable to wear for extended periods, even though the headband is not all that well padded; the earcups, too, are somewhere between on-ear and over-ear, not fully over-ear as advertised. Some reviewers have commented about the glossy wood finish which makes them look like plastic laminate.

  • Brilliant!
  • A Mixed Bag!
  • Wow!

Symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood On-Ear Headphones with in-Line Microphone, Tangle-Free Noise-Isolating Wired Stereo Earphones with Spare Replacement Cable Included (Cherry Finish)

They look great, very good quality and are finished to a high standard. My husband tells me that these are the best headphones he has ever used. And, i like them because i can concentrate on reading without having to listen to the strains of a well known 1970’s band “leaking out” of the headphones.

Bought for husband who has volume high. Can still hear the sound through them when sat across the room from him. But i think this is due to the volume he has the music and not because of the quality of the headphones.

Beautiful sound quality for both speech (talking books for the blind) and music too. The wood adds a quality finish which is continued on the connections too. Each headphone is labelled clearly internally which is perfect for my visually impaired father.

Would love to try more products from this seller.

Delivered within a day of dispatch. Excellent sound quality for the price – the resonance of the wood gives a good level of bass whilst maintaining the clarity of the mids and treble. I’ve listened to a range of things from thunderous death metal to ambient shoegaze and it all sounds crisp and clear. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time, i work in an office and listen to music for hours at a time whilst working. They’re well built and the design is minimalist, sleek and slightly retro – they look very professional and rather classy i must say.

The sound is excellent, well balanced through all ranges. Solid bass, gives depth to whatever you are listening to. One downside, the headphones aren’t quite over ear more in ear. This gets uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

Super cool and a very good sound.

They sound as good as they look, i hardly even notice i am wearing them, why pay more .

My wife bought me these as a birthday present (next month, folks, if you fancy a whip round) i have some cheap but o. She suggested that i give them a try just in case and wow.I’m mad about vaughan williams’ fantasia on a theme by thomas tallis (i have about 18 different recordings – even the very first one from 1934) and i put the andrew davis bbc orchestra version on, it being relatively modern – one of my 3 favourite versions – and it blew me away. The bass is in your metatarsals; the textures, the space, it’s like being inside music. They have been a lot dearer evidently and it shows.Not to mention the quality, the comfort and the sound exclusion of the headphones.

These are the best headphones under 100 pounds and definately recommend it to anyone. They are very comfy and can be worn for very long periods at a time. Highs=10/10 mids=9/10 lows=9/10.

I appear to have received the maple headphones but ordered walnut, colour not an issue as they feel great with an excellent warm sound. Have tried them with a range of music from rock, pop, soul and classical everything i throw at them they cope with really well.

By far best over ear headphone under £100 & that’s comparing to philips uptowns, bose, beats, skull candy and even bass boost from sony. If ur planning on getting good looks and terrific sound quality this it man.

Very deep bass but not overpowering. They sound quite ‘roomy’, if that makes sense. Could be thanks to the wood backing?.I’m no audio expert, i mainly purchased these due to their looks. Looks:superb, actually look better than in the pictures. Feel:sturdy feel, very comfortable to wear. Feel a bit heavy in your hands, but when you wear them they are as light as air. Overall the best headphones i’ve owned. I’ve purchased much more expensive cans than these, and much cheaper, and these win hands down.

Best pair of headphones i have brought. Cheaper then what i first wanted but so much better then expected, great high and low tones, mid tones are fine but for the money you can’t compalain.

Very cool looking ‘phones and stunning clarity. No hiss in the quiet passages. Good, solid punchy bass with no drone and clear top end treble. Very comfortable and can be worn for long periods with no pressure ache on the ears. No sound leakage, either in or out, even when played loud. Classy item at a good price.

Nice bass but they lack little bit of clarity. I’ve already got the earbuds which are brilliant and reliable (had them for couple of years) which is the reason why i’ve got the headphones. I had audiotechnica before which were brilliant and were everything i wanted from a headphones but they stooped working after 2 weeks.

Symphonized really nailed the design on these. They look great, they feel great in the hands. But they feel a little cheap having them on. They are pretty comfortable enough to use for extended period of time. But i would like to have seen a little longer cable for those who wish to use them at their workstations. But then it comes down to sound quality. This is where i get very picky. I’m gonna throw this out there now. These are not bad sounding headphones by any means. They are really good for the average listener. If you’re just a casual listener. Then i highly recommend these. The sound and appearance are great. Nice lows (not as deep as i wanted them to be.

Features and Spesification

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  • HANDCRAFTED FROM ALL-NATURAL GENUINE WOOD: Featuring a sleek and modern design, our headphones produce crisp, powerful acoustics and deep bass, tapping into the natural acoustical qualities found in wood. Receive studio tuned, premium sound with crystal clear clarity- an experience exclusively delivered by Symphonized through our matte-finish wood paneled design.
  • DURABLE BUILD AND ADJUSTABLE FOR YOUR COMFORT: Built to last, the Wraith features sturdy aluminum construction, perfectly complementing the natural wood ear cups. Adjustable padded head band and pillow soft luxuriously padded ear cups ensure a custom and perfect fit to your head, making the headphones ideal for long term use.
  • BUILT IN MIC AND REMOTE: Enjoy a hands-free listening experience with in-line microphone for high definition phone calls; Pause/Play music or Answer/End calls with remote. Spare cable included without microphone/remote functionality.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Built with a standard 3.5mm audio jack, the Wraith is suitable for listening to music or audiobooks and watching videos! Works with most smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, mp3 players and more! Perfect for iPad, Samsung, Android, Kindle, Mac, PC.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We stand behind our products! We offer a 1-year hassle free limited warranty and friendly US based customer support.