Yinyoo TRN V90 Earbuds Headphone : Detail, build quality and amazing sound for the price!

Very comfortable really well made good quality sound is really good you can hear every instrument and vocal fully recommend this product i’ve had no problems. Good looking and more importantly great sounding earphones. Wide soundstage producing a reasonable bass with good depth, but not a overpowering contribution. Very good Continue Reading

Yinyoo KZ Headset KZ ZS6 In Ear Earphones Comfortable Stereo Ear Earbuds High Resolution Heave Bass Monitors : Excellent, detailed and musical IEMs

Warm, thick with very powerful subbass. They deliver what the all zs lineup should’ve done. An extremely fun, non fatiguing sound. The kz zs7 is a massive upgrade over the zs6, it has better extensions, better midrange, non fatiguing treble and is generally a warm, fun iem for the price. Continue Reading