Tailor Your Drink to Your Body’s Needs with Begu Tea


Begu Tea provide us  with health teas to suit our lifestyle, which are ‘ethically sourced from the world’s premier tea plantations and herb gardens’. Whether you’re looking for a drink to stop your cravings for un-healthy snacks, to help your appetite, or to even give you a healthy buzz in the morning, Begu Tea have got a 100% natural tea that is tailored to your body’s needs.

Now, you may be thinking at this point; ‘Here’s yet another healthy tea variety on the market’. I’m not going to lie, I thought that too initially! I’ve tried health teas in the past, mainly your standard green tea or even attempted the ‘tea detox’ ranges that are floating around. However, just over a year ago when I tried my first attempt at a ‘tea-tox’ (detox if you didn’t catch my play on words), I fell quite ill. I’m not talking about needing medical attention, but my body did not agree to it what so ever and I had to stop all together!

Begu Tea currently have six healthy teas in their range, with one of them being their System Cleanse bag which gives you 14 teabags. I was very open to trying the remaining five, but after my bad experience in the past, I was very reluctant to trialling this all together. However, health teas have come a long way over the last 18 months, so I had faith in Begu Tea to not give me a bad experience. Therefore, I’ll kick-start this post with this bag first:System Cleanse Detox Teabags by Begu Tea


14 Day Teacleanse: System Cleanse.
This tea contains a gentle laxative within in to help cleanse your body and reboot the system to give you a fresh start. It’s designed for those who are starting with a low fibre diet, and also contains no caffeine. As I just mentioned, I’ve had a bad experience in the past with these kind of system cleanses but looking at the ingredients and methods of use with this tea and comparing it to the other branded range I’ve had in the past, already I knew this one would be much better for me! There’s no caffeine, which the other one did contain. But also, this one is only to be taken in short term use and every other day. The other tea I tried however, require daily consumption! No wonder my body wasn’t agreeing with it! As I’m writing this, I’ve just had my third bag of the 14-day cleanse and so far, so good. I’ve had not bad experiences in terms of how I’m feeling and if anything, I’m feeling a lot more energetic which could also be the other teas having a big impact.Morning Buzz Teabags by Begu Tea


28 Lively Teabags: Morning Buzz.
The other week I had 3 consecutive nights of very little sleep and on the morning after the first said night, the door rang at 7:15am as I got ready for work in my zombie-like state and this parcel by Begu Tea* arrived. As soon as I got back up to my flat and opened the parcel, the first tea I took out was this one and instantly I made a cup. I was in no fit state to head out to work with a morning coffee anyway, so the fact this tea acts as a natural alternative to my favourite cup of Joe, was enough for me to try it! It contains caffeine, and is full of stimulants for your body and mind. Now, I’m very much your traditional English Breakfast kind of tea gal and have never been a huge fan of the taste of health teas, but this one was actually surprisingly nice! It’s zesty, which is how I’d describe it. It contains lemon peel,, which is certainly what I can taste, and that’s what also makes it so refreshing to drink.Calm Teabags by Begu Tea


28 Serene Teabags: Calm.
This parcel arrived at a pretty convenient time for me in all honesty, as the Morning Buzz tea was the perfect drink for me before leaving for work, but I figured it’d also be wise too take these Calm bags to work with me. When I’m tired, I become slightly fragile and because I’m not on full-alert like I am after a decent night’s sleep, I can then become a little stressed and on-edge throughout the day. So, come midday I brewed one of these teabags for a couple minutes and sipped away in my office. Peppermint, Lemon Balm and Lime Flowers are just three of the 100% natural ingredients that this tea contains, and each plays a part in helping you to relax. I still felt slightly stressed an hour or 2 later, but the tea did help to some extent by helping me relax to the point where I didn’t feel so tense.Nightea Night Teabags by Begu Tea


28 Sleepy Teabags: Nightea Night.
Firstly, just watching this tea as it sits brewing in hot water for three minutes is mesmerising. It goes from clear to pink within moments, and it made me glad I had these thermo-glass cups to be able to see it all in action. As for the tea itself, I was struggling to sleep as I’ve noted in this post several times already, so on the final night I decided enough was enough and made myself one of these. It’s caffeine-free, blended to promote sleep, settle your system and repair your body to help you relax, wind down and get a good night’s sleep to feel refreshed in the morning. I did have a good night’s sleep that night – hallelujah! – but I do believe part of that was due to being so sleep deprived that I could’ve slept through anything. However, within 30mins-1 hour of drinking this, I could feel myself dozing off because I just felt so relaxed! So I highly recommend this one alone if you’re looking for a good way to wind down in the evening.Appetite Teabags by Begu Tea


28 Fulfilling Teabags: Appetite.
This range of tea is full of herbal fillers and appetite suppressants to help maintain a healthy portion size when it comes to your meals. To be taken before or with your meal, this tea is a great way to stop yourself from essentially going over-board when it comes to your portion size. Sometimes we eat more than we need to, simply because we enjoy food which is fine. But in order to maintain a healthy diet, your portions should be moderate and this tea will help to maintain that.Begu Tea


28 Teabag Treats: Crave.
If you’re like me and crave sugary-treats or generally bad food the majority of the time, then this tea is what you need! It’s very sweet smelling which instantly makes it appealing when craving something full of sugar. Better yet, it tastes slightly sweet too but without being overpowering for a tea – as I don’t have any sugar in my standard cuppa. With coconut, cinnamon and a bunch of other healthy ingredients, this tea is what you need to drink when you want to stop yourself reaching into the kitchen cupboards!


Which tea would you think you’d try?