How to Take Instagram Worthy Snaps

The green eyed Instagram monster making an appearance a little too regularly?

Yep. We’ve all been there. No matter how silly we know it is, it can be hard to detach our Instagram presence from our real life. If you don’t reach that magic 11 likes or get as many comments or have as many followers as so and so, it can make you feel a little bit down in the dumps.

This post could be all about how ridiculous that is and how Instagram isn’t real life, but I’m sure you probably know that already. So instead, let’s take a look at how to up your Instagram game so you can compete with the best of them.


Snap Away
You’re never going to take the perfect photo in just one take, so get snap happy and take as many photos as you like. Play around with different angles and layouts too. There’s nothing worse than packing all your stuff away and coming to edit the photo to realise it’s a bit blurry or you should have switched something around.

Take Advantage of Light
You want as much natural light as possible to flood your photos. A whole lot of editing will still struggle to save dimly lit photos. Find the spot in your home where you get the most natural light source. You may feel a bit silly arranging your flat lay or taking a selfie in the bathroom but it’s often one of the best places for light.

Swot Up on Photography
Make your images they best they can be and get to grips with the basics of photography. This article has plenty of advice, but in terms of general guidelines; keep in the mind the rule of thirds, avoid going overboard with the zoom and keep as straight and steady as possible when snapping.

Instagram What You Want
Don’t get caught up on whether you need a theme or not and just focus on gramming whatever you want. If you want all your photos to look the same and your feed to look like a picture perfect book then that’s great, if you don’t want to feel restricted by having to post a certain photo style or colour theme then that’s fine too.

Use Filters Sparingly
Don’t go filter crazy. Yep, seriously. When filters first came into the world it was easy to get a little too carried away with this magical layer which transformed our photos. Fast forward to 2016 and the need to mask photos is much less. Snapseed and VSCO Cam are two of the most popular editing apps. It’s also best to play around with the brightness and contrast settings before you add a filter too as you may find you don’t even need one.

Make Photos Interesting
Your photos should be as interesting as possible. No one wants to see things on a white background. All. The. Time. Add in props to make your photos more interesting. Dainty rings, magazine tear outs, flowers and sunglasses all make cute little extras to add into your flat lays. An old piece of wood or card covered in wallpaper samples also make great backgrounds.

Try out Stories
Stories is the latest update to hit Instagram, and whilst it did cause a bit of controversy at first (it’s A LOT like Snapchat) it does seem to be gaining momentum. If you aren’t familiar head over here for some tips and tricks. You can record yourself in short video clips and add captions. It’s basically just another way to engage with your following and show another side behind the perfectly shot photos.


Instagram is all about having fun, so don’t take it too seriously. If your post doesn’t reach the magic 11 then it’s really not the end of the world.



*Collaborative Post