Tamoo Bluetooth 5 : Love it

Very good pair of bluetooth ear buds. Quality sound and very good battery life. I really like these ear buds as they are easy to use and comfortable aswell.

Excellent quality earphone with long lasting battery life. Fits perfectly and it’s comfortable. Has excellent surround sound system and decent bass.

These headphones are great, they fit every puprose recommended buying👍🏽.

As described, the earphones are easy to operate and sound clear, and worth buying.

Brilliant!comfortable in ears, great sound and on top of that the charger can turning to my phone power back as well.

This product is great, the sound quality is really good and also blocks noise from outside coming in so i can just immerse myself in the music. It also comes with a little case that charges the earphones wirelessly and i carry it around with me everywhere i go.

I am really happy with these earphones. They look good, come with a nice little charging case and different size buds that you can change. I am using them with my ipad and the connection is perfect, the sound does not cut out at all. I can even walk into a different room and they still work which will be great when i’m getting ready for work in the mornings.I can’t hear people talking close by when they are on and they are very easy to pause. Would purchase from again as they arrived so quickly.

These was myself for listening music , fits tight, sound decent , hold good amount charge which makes it a good product overall.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Touch Control True Wireless Earbuds
  • fantastic
  • Good sound quality

Bluetooth 5.0 Touch Control Headset,Tamoo TWS Wireless Headphones,Bluetooth Headphones 3000mAh 92H Playtime,HIFI Earphones IPX6 True Waterproof,3D Stereo Sound True Wireless Earphones with Mic

How to use it: 1: turn on / off. It is turned on when taken out from the charging bin, and it is turned off when taken out of the charging bin. Long press the touch key for 4 seconds to turn on/off when connected via Bluetooth. 2: Play music. Touch once under music mode. 3: Previous and next song (other products on the market can only jump to the next song). Jump to previous song: touch left earphone twice under music mode. Jump to next song: touch right earphone twice under music mode. 4: Increase or decrease volume (only in music mode, other products on the market do not have this function). Increase volume in music mode: long press touch key of right earphone. Decrease volume in music mode: long press touch key of left earphone. 5:Siri boot (other products on the market do not have this function). Touch 3 times on any earphone. 6: Redial the last call. Touch twice on any earphone when connected via Bluetooth. The method to connected left headphone to A mobile phone and connect right earphone to B mobile phone. First connect the A phone with the left earphone, and then connect the B phone with the right earphone more than 5M away from the left earphone. About the sound quality. Wireless headphones are inferior to wired headphones in sound quality due to Bluetooth connection. S8 plus is much better than similar products in sound quality, but not as good as wired headphones. Your understanding of this is much appreciated.

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The charging case is very convenient and means you can charge them on the go and ensure you don’t lose them. They are comfortable to wear and they stay in -very important whilst exercising.

Amazing headphones, had mine for a few months now, the better still good, lasts me about 4-6 hours on constant use, but the charging holder thingy is small and if you just use it to charge your earphones you can make it last a week, easy.

Best wireless ear headphones i have purchased thus far. Very lightweight and easy to pair. The sound quality is very good and the ear headphones fit comfortably in my ear, i almost forgot i had them in. I love the case design and the fact that the case recharges the headphones once they are placed within the case.I have purchased many ear headphones and in all honesty, this item exceeded my expectation.

Pairing was very straight forward. Clarity was excellent, however, with a reasonable bass response. Overall, i am very pleased with these earbuds.

So got this item and im loving it already. It fits perfect on my ear and the sound is awsesome. As far as how i will be primarily using these. These were purchased for when i am working around the house. So, i really didn’t need/want to spend big bucks for the absolute best possible sound.

0 touch control true wireless earbudsthese earbuds are one of the best i’ve tried to date. They fit really well in the ear and are really comfortable. They won’t fall out during workouts or under heavy rain. They are water-resistant and sweatproof. The bass and sub bass are both very deep and vibrant, the mids and highs can still be heard clearly and are very crisp. The touch controls are very useful as you can now add and decrease volume and even summon siri with a triple tap, many other true wireless earbuds don’t have this feature and this feature is really convenient as you don’t always have time to take your phone out to adjust volume or siri. The build is made up of mainly hard plastic which is pretty durable. It also works as a 3000mah powerbank which is insane giving your phone and earbuds several hours of battery life. Overall, most people would be satisfied with their purchase of these earbuds as i am.

Use it for shifts at work and for runs. Connection can sometimes get a little funny when phone is in pocket and both are connected. But otherwise fantastic, battery life is excellent and the touch functions on it work great.

Bought for my mate as a birthday gift.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Touch Control True Wireless Earbuds
  • fantastic
  • Good sound quality

Bluetooth 5.0 Touch Control Headset,Tamoo TWS Wireless Headphones,Bluetooth Headphones 3000mAh 92H Playtime,HIFI Earphones IPX6 True Waterproof,3D Stereo Sound True Wireless Earphones with Mic

These headphones are fantastic and the sound is crystal clear. The battery life on them is amazing and it comes with different attachments as to fit every type of ear. They look good and with no wires make it easy to go about your activities. They are slightly heavy so you can feel they are in your ear but that is really not a problem unless you are really bothered by that sort of thing.

It’s comfortable when you wear them. Would definitely recommend it.

I have bought more than 5 different bluetooth earpiece but these are the best. Comfortable to wear and very light.

These earplugs have decent sound quality for the price and are reasonably comfortable the only problems i have is that the y are not very good at staying in my ears when i go for a run or do things that require my head to move my head intensely so i would like to know if there are any ear buds with ear hooks that are compatible with these ear plugs to fix the problem?.

Fit well, sound quality is good. In an emergency, it is used to charge my mobile.

Delivered earlier than stated , sound quality is goodworth what i paid for?.

Used for a couple days now, the product worked better than i have expected, it’s very light weighted allowing me to carry them anywhere and the sound quality is very clear, this product is very good for its price point.

Features and Spesification

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  • 【Bluetooth 5.0 Full Wireless Technology with HiFi Sound Quality】 Equipped with the most modern Bluetooth 5.0, the transmission speed is twice as high as that of the 4.2 version. Experience simple, fast and non-disruptive transmissions. Install CVC 8.0 to reduce noise from the inside and outside. Comes with a built in microphone, completely wireless.
  • 【Large Capacity Battery & IPX6 Fully Waterproof】 Comes with a 3000mAh battery box which you can charge 42 times and which you can also use as a cell phone battery for the phone. Enjoy music in the park on the weekends and wherever you want. Because of the IPX6 waterproof your headphones are protected from sweat, water and, rain, etc. Play music during your workout. Note: The case is not waterproof.
  • 【Binaural Single-ear Mode & Excellent Comfort】 As the left and right soundboxes are separrated it can not only be used on both your ears but isolated as well. Play music or watch TV and movies with family and friends. With a single earbox weighing only 4.2 g the weight on the ears is drastically recduced. The headset will stay comfortable and stable.
  • 【Automatic Coupling and Easy Operation】 The device is automatically switched on and off and the pairing mode of the device is automatically activated as long as the device is removed from the charging enclosure. Automatically connrects to the device on the second call. Control the Siri call up, up/down track, volume up/down, pause/play, reply/reject, etc. via touch button.
  • 【Excellent Compatibility & One-year carefree return policy】 Adopt advanced Bluetooth 5.0 to customize the smartphone, tablet, iphone, Android and so on according to the Bluetooth. Because there are 3 months of worry free return you can return your goods easily, just contact us. I will do my best to provide you with a warranty service. If there is a problem with the usage, we can use WhatsApp to communicate.