TaoTronics Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones : Feature wise, excellent. Not as comfortable as I expected

I ordered these headphones as well at sennheiser hd 4. They are worth comparing because i am considering returning the sennheiser. The sound quality is not as good as the sennheisers, but only just. Singers are slightly muted, but there is a lot more bass for those heavy metal fans like me. Noise cancellation is comparable as well as battery life. You can still hear people talking, but these are active noise cancellation headphones, not adaptive. The construction looks cheaper, but they are only 60 quid. The biggest thing is they are so much comfier. For 60 quid they are well worth buying.

So so happy with my new taotronics tt-bh22 active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones. I didn’t want to spend hundreds on bose or sony especially since the rechargeable batteries are not typically user replaceable. The sound quality isn’t quite as good as my sennheiser hd 579 headphones, (which i use at home) but these were great today for listening to a podcast (people fixing the world) and then some music at the gym. During the podcast a fitness class started up close to me with some pretty loud music (really annoying as they don’t turn the background music off and at the far end of the gym you hear both simultaneously)) which did come through, more than the normal background music and general gym sounds, but i could still hear the podcast without having to increase the volume. It was very clear that the anc makes a massive difference when toggled on/off and i certainly wouldn’t want to use them without the anc even though the closed design does attenuate moderately well. I was previously using sennheiser cx 3. 00 in ear headphones at the gym and although they sound great in normal use and are were usable at the gym the taotronics are way better there. They did get a bit sweaty and i’m sure that the best would be better but not 3 or 4 times as good.

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to find wireless headphones for school, but didn’t want too much sound bleeding nor worried about noise cancelling. Unlike most others, bass isn’t really important to me. I like it, but most headphones seems to make the bass powerful, but muffled, or push the bass so forward, the mids & highs get muffled. The earcups only fit about 95% of my ears and pinched the top against my glasses. Often it’s not a problem because of softness, but those hurt very quickly. Noise cancelling: i don’t really care about noise cancelling because i don’t commute too much and read that it diminishes the sound a bit. That being said, i can’t really speak to the quality too much, i notice the music sounds more natural/increased highs/mids with it on, but the vocals/voices are a bit more upfront. Doesn’t sound bad, but not as rich as with it off. This works great for podcasts or movies though.

I originally purchased the cheaper pair in error but they arrived so i listened to them anyway. Not happy with the sound quality so returned them and got these instead for an extra £20. Well worth the extra money as they sound much better and fold up smaller, (useful if traveling). Happy with the purchase so far.

Now i could bang on about how the noise cancelling isn’t as good as other headphones i’ve owned, that they’re not as well made as others blah blah blah. However to do so would be ridiculous. In short i paid very little for these, especially with a £10 voucher. In fact for what i actually paid these are without question phenomenal value for money. The sound is good enough, they’re comfortable enough and seem to work just fine but feel a little flimsy. Not bose quality but what can you expect for the cost of a couple of takeaways?.

I ordered these headphones hoping that i was getting a good bargain. The build quality and the case were very good and it was very easy to pair with my devices but i just did not think that the anc was any good. I understand the price difference compared to high end models but it was so weak that i felt like i got an average sounding headphones for 60 pounds, there are other cheaper headphones that offer similar sound quality without the anc for half the price. I felt like the anc was hiding behing the music, once you turn the music on you don’t hear surroundings as much but then again my very old akg k451s do the same without any noise cancellation. This is totally my own experience, they are not bad headphones.

Having owned the earphones wich i though they were brilliant, i decided to buy these headphones and i wasn’t disappointed. The sound was s nicely balanced with a nice base and crisp treble. They are well made and look stylish. The earcups are soft and spongy, my only complaint would have to be my ears get pretty warm after 15 minutes perhaps it’s just me.Bottom line is these are a well made, stylish headphone that sounds fantastic.

I bought these as i was scheduled to attend 5 consecutive days of 8+ hours of conference calls. I needed something with bluetooth, a good battery life between charges, a clear microphone and a comfortable fit for extended use. The week of meetings went perfectly. The headphones are outrageous value for money and are now my permanent headset for conference/skype calls. The anc is good, although i don’t have much experience using anc so can’t compare it to other products. When i sit in the office, i cannot hear the air conditioning of the computer fans.

  • Great headphones, please read my guide for windows
  • Day and night difference if you turn on the ANC.
  • Great headphones

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics ANC Wireless Over Ear Headset with High Clarity Sound Powerful Bass, 30 Hour Playtime for Travel Work TV PC Cellphone-Pink

What’s In The Box:

1 x TaoTronics Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Model: TT-BH22) 1 x Carrying Case 1 x 3.5mm AUX Cable 1 x USB to Micro USB Cable 1 x User Guide

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TT-BH22 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – Pink TT-BH040 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – Pink
Active Noise Cancellation
Bluetooth Standard 4.2 4.2
Playing Time 30 Hours 30 Hours
Carrying case
Release Date 2018 2018





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My daughter loves my bose quiet comfort 35s but i could not afford to get those for her birthday. After reading reviews i went for these. They stand up well in terms of design (almost identical externally to the bose with the same folding design and great semi rigid case), build quality and, surprisingly, sound quality. The active noise cancelling works well plus sound quality is great – and you have to remind yourself that the bose are over 6 times more expensive.

My main criticism of these headphones is the size. They do not quite fit over my ears – and i certainly don’t have particularly big ears. This means that wearing over a long period of time becomes uncomfortable. They so nearly fit, so it is a shame they didn’t make the cups just slightly larger. Sound quality: i’m no pro, but i love my classical music. And it sounds excellent to me. Noise cancelling: excellent in the lower frequency range, which includes most background noise. Cuts out little or nothing in the higher ranges, for example, someone speaking to you, or the radio. That could be a good thing, but it does mean that i can’t block out my housemate’s constant and annoying bbc radio 2. Most background noise is in the lower frequencies though, so it is more than adequate in most situations.

As is typical with many chinese brands, tt overpromises and underdelivers. It’s no so much the sound quality, which is fair. It’s not an overly bass heavy pair, the sound is balanced, if a bit muffled. But the noise cancellation fails to deliver. The headphones seal well around the ears and provide some passive noise reduction which is good because the anc is more or less non-existent. I have used the sony 1000xm3s and bose qc35ii and i am not using them as reference of what is to be expected by a £50 pair of headphones. But even my less premium old akgs are way better is cancelling ambient noises. The headphones are light, approx 230gr, and comfortable for occasional use. If you have larger ears you may experience more discomfort due to pressure. They connected easily to my android phone and i got approx 6h of listening without charging them out of the box and they are still at 60% battery.

Still haven’t plugged it in to charge since opening, so battery life is good. Sound is good, bluetooth connection is good. Noise cancelling works great on trains and underground around london. There is a switch for noise cancelling only, which is good if you just want some quiet to read. Isn’t able to silence children or wife but other than that, great value for moneydidn’t realise it had wired connection too which is useful if batteries run out. It’s still not obvious how to turn them off. I think it tries to stay on standby so that the bluetooth is always connected when needed. After a while it turns off and you have to hold down the pause\play button to wake it up. Not obvious from the instructions.

I have been using these headphones now for over a month and they are amazing for the price. I used them on a 13 hour flight and i have never had such a pleasant flight. The noise cancelling is excellent. Pairing is really easy and the controls are decent. For the price that i paid for these, i’d go as far to say that these headphones are the best headphones i have ever had.

Sound quality is very good especially for the price, the noise cancelling is fine, it really just isolates the sound, can still hear the outside world which is a bit dissapointing but it’s fine for the money. The reason for the 3 is because the sound is bleeding quite alot from these about 40% it starts to bleed. Updated: the customer service from these guy’s wass great they paid attention tomy review and got in contact to see what the issues were with the headphones along with supplying me with the upgraded pair for experience with the prevous pair. As the customer service was great i am adding a star.

Straight out of box paired with phone and playing no hassle. Great sound quality bass and treble perfect. Controls tracks on phone and noise cancelling works great. Volume is limited to avoid ringing ears but they are still loud enough to drown out background noise anyway. Nice and comfy to wear basic controls left ear is noise cancelling on and off right ear is play (pair), next previous so no need to fumble around. Would highly recommend these to anyone.

I was recommended these by a friend as i was going to pay 4 times as much for the higher class ones but. . Having these for over two weeks i can give a good honest review. The build quality and overall look is very good. They feel light and comfortable on the head covering my ears well and you dont notice they are on after a while. Ive used these for listening to music tv and streaming movies. All great sounding with nice tonethe noise cancelling is very good. I cant compare to higher end brands but with the volume up to fair level, most noise is blocked out. One tiny niggle is that when you have the anc turned you can here a static type noise when no sound is being played but this might the case with all noise cancelling headphones. The battery life so far is fantastic. Its lasted for many hours of use.

  • Great headphones, please read my guide for windows
  • Day and night difference if you turn on the ANC.
  • Great headphones

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics ANC Wireless Over Ear Headset with High Clarity Sound Powerful Bass, 30 Hour Playtime for Travel Work TV PC Cellphone-Pink

Been using these for the last few months daily commute in the london underground, they make my journey a lot more comfortable and do a great job of reducing the noise. Sound quality is very good without noise cancelling, and decent with noise cancelling on (turning noise cancelling on alters the frequency response slightly). It can’t compare to high end sony’s, but you get about 70% of the performance for 25% of the price.

Theyre really good headphones, alot of the comments on there are misguided. Because these are designed to be used as a communication device (mono low bitrate)they connect to to windows 10 as a communication device here’s the fix:1. Search sound in cortanaand open it2. Find taotronics stereo (not taotronics hands free) right click it and set a default sound device. Improve sound quality by 10 fold by following here:1. Once again in the sound menu, right click again on taotronics stereo and click on properties. Go to the enhancements tab3. Tick the box headphone virtualiziation4. Click apply (this may stop your sound briefly, if your sound doesnt resume reboot)i gave this 4 stars because the manual is crappy and doesnt tell you how to turn them off, which is a bit stupid.

If you are looking for an over-ear headphone with anc below the 100€ price range this is a very good deal. Pros:- bluetooth & audio jack connection- good battery life: 14 hours tested with anc enabled all the time and bluetooth half the time. – anc works fine for the price range. The headphones sound slightly different at low volume and high volume (in my experience this is quite common), and with anc on and off. Therefore if you are annoyed by this you will need 3-4 different equalizer settings. – this is not really a negative (given the price), but the anc cannot effectively block higher frequency sounds, though it is fine for bass and other lower frequencies. I tested the anc on a longer flight on 2 different sized and type of planes.

These headphones sound perfectly okay to me and pair with my phone and computer without issue and the battery life is good enough to not worry about them on a long flight if so desired. The noise cancelling seems to work well (based on listening to white noise very loudly through surround sound system as not yet had chance to try them on a real flight). The problem i have with them is i just don’t find them to be very comfortable to wear. The ear cups are quite small and only just cover the ears, but the main issue is the headband puts an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the top of the head for me to feel like i could use them for a prolonged period in one go.

Been using them heavily for last few days and i am very happy with them. I wear glasses and i find many pair of headphones uncomfortable to use as they just press my ear into my glasses which causes discomfort after an hour or two of use. Not the case with these headphones, they are very comfortable, very easy to wear (wore them for 7+ hours) and i got no discomfort from them. Audio quality is great, both wired and wireless. It pairs very fast and is very easy to set up. The active noise cancelling (anc) shuts out somewhere around 50-60% of noise around you, which is very useful at times but doesn’t have to be used if you don’t want to. Battery life is somewhere in the 20 hours and they charge within the hour. They fold up and come with a hard shell case for easier portability, it also comes with a micro-b usb cable and a 3. 5mm headphone jack aux cable. Overall i’m very happy with this product, if you want a good quality pair of noise cancelling headphones that doesn’t break the bank these are a perfect fit.

I previously had a pair of audio technica ath m40xs that i loved, they sounded great, felt very premium and i could wear them practically forever without any pressure on my ears. Unfortunately i had these headphones stolen form me at college. I have since been using cheap headphones for gym, travelling and listening at home. With a change in my life resulting in an increase in the amount of travelling i will be doing, i decided it was time to finally get myself another good pair, and this time i wanted some anc. Pros:premium build – whilst they don’t match the atm40xs, they did cost substantially less, and they feel like a high grade of headphones, they won’t be falling apart anytime soon, and they came with a rock solid case to protect them with. Fold ability – they fold to an almost comically small size for the amount of sound they output. Anc – a lot of people expect anc to be the one trick pony solution to complete silence while travelling, these do not provide that, but then again neither do bose/sennheiser/sony/phillips/panasonic, or any other brand for that matter, what they do (and do very well) however, is considerably reduce the volume of passive, constant noise, and make sharp interrupts of noise considerably quieter. Cons:i feel that the side sections that connect the headband to the actual driver encasing themselves are a bit too thin, whilst premium materials have been used and i have read of good durability, i could *potentially* see this becoming a problem later.

I had been using a noise-cancelling earphone produced by same company for almost 2 years and that became my must-have thing when commuting to london via train and underground. As i commute more often, i thought i need an upgrade to give more ‘protection’ to my ears and decided to buy this headphone from the same company. I was sceptical about headphone in general as they usually make my ears very warm and sweaty. Luckily i got used to this after a couple of hours and could now wear it for 2-3 hours continuously, it is rather comfy. Noise cancellation wise, it is definitely much better than the earphone, by just putting it on, it immediately dampen the white noise e. I think everyone should give this headphone a go before buying more expensive brands like bosch or sony which cost 4x more.

I purchased these and used them on a trip that included air, rail and coach. Overall they are quite good for the price, but if anc is your main concern i suggest spending more and buying a high end pair of cans. Battery life:this is typical excellent performance from taotronics. I used them for 14-15hours straight, with volume close to max, with anc on and off and for a couple of calls as well. I had no low battery warning whatsoever. Comfort:they are quite comfortable, the padding over the ear is very soft and sits nicely. It top bracket also has some nice padding and the pressure to your head is minimal, yet they sit steady on your head. Sound/call quality:the sound quality is ok. It’s not similar to high end headsets, but they will satisfy the average user. The max volume is at a nice level as well, i wouldn’t expect anyone to have an issue with that.

Features and Spesification

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  • A Personal Oasis of Quiet: Enjoy your music with minimal, or no distraction, when you turn on the active noise cancellation (ANC) switch
  • Adjustable Fit, Maximum Comfort: With 90o swiveling ear cups, super soft protein ear pads, and ergonomic headband, the materials used ensure minimum weight and maximum comfort for long term wear
  • Long-Lasting Music Playback: With a generous battery life of up to 30 hours, you can enjoy beautiful music longer or plug in the included audio cable when the battery is low
  • Feel the Beat: Expect aggressive bass with balanced mid-levels and bright highs with our dual large-aperture 40 mm drivers
  • Hassle-Free Clear Calls: Built-in cVc 6.0 noise-cancelling microphone for clearer call quality, even in a loud environment