TAPCET Popcorn Maker Microwave Popcorn Maker Silicone Popcorn Popper Collapsible Popcorn Bowl – Buy one if you like popcorn.

Great little item for movie time and easy to clean too.

Will never buy shop bought popcorn again :).

I wish i had discovered this popcorn maker years ago. It is so easy to use and quick. For a comparitively healthy snack it is ideal.

So easy to use and pops every kernel. Popcorn ready to pop from supermarkets is full of additives and very expensive. This is much better for you (depending on what you flavour it with) and you can pop as much or as little as you want. One of my best buys this year.

Literally, cannot fault this product. Fill up wild kernels to the first line, a splash of oil and some salt, and two and a half minutes later your popcorn is ready. So simple and easy to clean (unlike using a pot on a stove or air popper).

Great, really easy to use and takes up no room in the cupboard.

I had to really try this to ensure it would work. Lolthe lid doesn’t cover it at the top but rather sits inside the silicone bowl (i was skeptical of this)i realise the lid wasn’t a big deal after all cos as the corn starts popping, the lid moves upwards to give more room to the popcornare out perfect, no burnsi can stop buying the posh popcorns and start making y own from scratch with my own flavours. The bowl is big enough to fill 4people if they were to eat a whole lot of popcornthumbs up for thisi wait to find something better.

Brilliant popcorn maker, good that it folds down for easier storage, will be cost effective compared to shop bought popcorn.

No instructions but very easy to figure out.

My popcorn consumption has risen since the purchase.

Had bought an electric popcorn maker about 6 months before and the popcorn it produced was kind of chewy, so based on the great reviews i bought this and have never used the electric one again. So easy, pops most of the corn and produces perfect popcorn.

This bowl makes perfect popcorn. Here are the specifications for the TAPCET Popcorn Maker Microwave Popcorn Maker Silicone Popcorn Popper Collapsible Popcorn Bowl:

  • ★TOXIN FREE: This TAPCET Popcorn Popper is FDA Certified., which made of food-grade Silicone, very safe and durable. You can use it to make delicious popcorn for your family, friends and children, without any security concern.
  • ★HEALTHY CHOICE: Our Popcorn Popper is no oil required! You can choose to add or not add oil according to your needs. No worry about high calories – It is the best choice for people who is losing weight!
  • ★CONVENIENT HANDLE & ANTI-SPLASH LID: With the heat resistant HANDLES on two sides of the bowl, you don’t need to use hot pads to remove it from the microwave. With the transparent silicone ANTI-SPLASH LID, there’s no need to worry that popcorn jumps out of the bowl in the production process.
  • ★EASY AND INSTANT HOMEMADE: You can enjoy hot and delicious popcorn within minutes at home with our TAPCET Popcorn Popper by using Microwave – The best partner when you watching movies at home!
  • ★TASTE DIY: In addition to the traditional tastes, you can also DIY other tastes you like, such as caramel taste, chocolate taste, etc. Perfect for party, people can make popcorn themselves and enjoy the joy of DIY!

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Absolutely Brilliant
  • No instructions but very easy to figure out
  • What a find, a wonderful ‘gadget’ that actually works.