Tassimo Bosch T40 TAS4011GB Coffee Maker : Does what it says on the tin!

Bought this as a christmas present for my wife (i’m not a coffee fan – instant will do me) and she seems to be over the moon with it. It seems to produce what she likes and it does it without a lot of fuss and mess.

Great cup of coffee easy to use.

Used this bosch between 2010 to 2012 and it was great in the first period, when all the pods were available in all the supermarkets in ireland, but after that all the fancier ones (cadbury, the milk pods, etc. ) disappeared and only regular coffee remained. The great thing was (and not talking about how economical or healthy it might be) to have proper milk froth and coffee or hot chocolate with two pods. I know they are back in more varieties nowadays, but switched to nespresso a couple of years back and together with an aeroccino i feel they are way superior to tassimo.

There are lots of coffee machines out there and this one is up there with the best that you might pay three times the price for. So down to the actual use, so easy anyone can use it. Large selection of coffees, teas and drinks to choose from and once you have your favourites you tend to stick to them. If your buying as a gift then i recommend the variety packs you can buy to go with it so the receiver can try out the varieties before settling on the ones they like. Had mine for over three years and with model updates over time i would still buy another one immediately if mine packed up. Know several people who own these and those which i have bought them for as presents and no one has come back to say at any point they are not fully satisfied with he overall selection, durability and coffee it produces. Only issue i would say is this is not an every time you want a coffee type machine, the t disc’s would be very expensive if your a heavy coffee drinker. So the over all verdict 5 stars .

I have only had this coffee maker for 1 day, and so far so good, it is the easiest thing in the world to use (but please make sure your wife doesn’t take the bar code off the cleaning disk before she tries to use it). The coffee, latte and hot chocolate we have tried so far have all been a big hit, and its great that you just switch it on and its ready to go, especially in the mornings not having to wait for the kettle. Overall myself and my wife are delighted.

We decided to treat ourselves to a new coffee maker and opted for the tassimo because of the drinks variety and also the very good deal that amazon had on. The 3 coffee lovers in our house just love it , the coffee is delicious and so easy to make – even my dreadfully lazy son can manage to make a cup for himself . As it is a pod system there is no mess and if only one person wants a drink they can now just make their own instead of nagging other people to put the kettle oni tried the costa latte but i was not keen on the milk and have tried a latte made with fresh milk and much preferred it.

So far tried costa americano and english breakfast tea. Ordered some different drinks including caramel latte and even a herbal tea and look forward to trying these out.

This is my first coffee maker to own and i’m hooked. I’m so glad i did my research and read so many reviews and ended up with the bosch t40 fidelia. It is so easy to use and makes lovely coffee. I also like the fact that it can make so many different drinks and is so versatile. This is certainly one item that does ‘ what it says on the tin’.

  • I’ve doubled my coffee intake!
  • Good coffee machine, working solid even with above normal usage (office).
  • Beware! You will be hooked. (Descale indicator read on.)

Bosch T40 TAS4011GB Coffee Maker, Silver

Product Description,
Tassimo T4011, Bosch introduces the Tassimo 4011 Silver, offering freshly brewed hot drinks at the touch of a button with intelligent LED user interface. With the T4011 you’ve got a fully comprehensive hot drinks machine in a sleek and easy to use design.
Tassimo T4011. View larger.
Key Feature, Not just a coffee machine, Tassimo provides a variety of freshly prepared hot beverages at just the touch of a button. Your options are near endless with the T4011–coffees, teas, infusions and hot chocolate can be easily prepared, all from the same machine. With 40+ varieties of quality hot drinks under leading brands including Kenco, Twinings, Cadbury, Carte Noire and the NEW Costa range, you’ll have access to a vast array of quality hot drinks–most of which can be freshly brewed in just 60 seconds. (Except Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato 2 T-DISCS)

Unique and patented technology, Tassimo’s unique T DISC technology includes a product specific brewing chamber and barcode reader, meaning each drink is brewed to perfection.  This automatic drink identification allows the machine to manage water amount, temperature, pressure and brewing time, ensuring that every individual variety of beverages is made to perfection.

Easy to maintain, The steam purge at the end of each drink preparation means there is no taste transfer between each different beverage, so your drink will always taste refreshingly consistent. The T4011 requires virtually no cleaning thanks to the dishwasher safe parts and the automatic de-scaling programme. Refilling the two litre water tank is easy due to the flip up handle and you can monitor the water level from the outside using the float.

Simple to operate, The T4011 is incredibly simple and easy to use thanks to the single button operation and just 4 easy steps. Just pick a drink, pop in the disc, push the button and enjoy your drink. It’s as simple as that.

Multi light indicator, The multi-light indicator lets you know the status of the T4011 at any given time. There is a standby light, a solid and flashing light to indicate the status of the brewing process, a manual brewing indicator, an empty water tank warning and a descaling light. With this array of handy indication features you’ll never need to worry about your Tassimo. 

Height adjustable cup stand, Adjust the height of the cup stand to accommodate your favourite cup, or remove altogether to fit in travel mugs and latte glasses.

Manual adjustment, With the T4011 it is possible to customise your drink strength using the dedicated manual adjustment button, giving you exactly what you want from your hot drink.

Cable storage facility, The handy cable storage facility contains the 100cm cable, keeping your kitchen surfaces tidy and clutter free.

Low energy consumption, The T4011 boasts an impressively low energy consumption as it automatically reverts to standby mode after every brew cycle, making it incredibly cheap to run.

Virtually no heat up time, Your Tassimo is ready to go in next to no time with the innovative flow heater. This technology means there is a minimal wait for your water to heat to the required temperature, providing you with your much needed morning drink that bit quicker.

Sleek silver design, The modern design in silver will look great in any kitchen and will compliment any décor.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Tassimo by Bosch Hot Drinks Machine
  • 1 x Water Tank
  • 1 x Water Tank Lid
  • 1 x Cleaning Disk (in the rear of the machine)
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet
  • 1 x Instruction Brief (in the rear of the machine)
  • 1 x Cup Stand
  • 1 x Cup Stand Base
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    I absolutely love this little machine. It’s relatively compact (compared to a lot of the big espresso machines you get anyway) and quick and easy to use. It looks good sitting on the worktop, there’s virtually no cleaning to it and most importantly it makes gorgeous coffee. I’ve stuck largely to the costa and kenco espressos, americanos and lattes. The latte is definitely my favourite. To use you switch on, flip open the top and inset the t-disc (milk one first if it has one of those), close the lid and press the button once. Then switch milk one for the coffee t-disc and repeat. You can top up or stop earlier by pressing the button a second time, taking it into manual. Red light indicates low water and it tells you when it needs to run a self-cleaning cycle using the cleaning t-disc stored in the rear of the machine. Coffee isn’t scalding but it’s hot enough and i’m impressed how fast it does heat compared to other machines i’ve had in the past.

    It is a little gimmicky but makes really great tasting drinks, specifically the costa latte. The only criticism is that the tassimo pods are quite expensive and therefore render this a weekend treat for me. Nevertheless i am thrilled with the coffee maker and very much look forward to experimenting with new flavours. Delivery on this was very prompt and arrived earlier than estimated.

    We are very pleased with this model, in particular the larger volume water tank and the fact that the taller latte glasses fit comfortably.

    I bought this as a family christmas present. I have had one since the summer & love the various coffees i can make with it. My kids likewise now love to make the various tassimo drinks they can make at home. The only downside which doesn’t affect me is it can be a little slow when making multiple drinks, when three or four want a coffee, the first can be finished before the last is served; but hey its still quicker & cheaper than going out to the local costa.

    I got this for my mums 50th birthday and i’m probably using it more. I am not a coffee drinker, more of a hot chocolate drinker and this machine is great. When i first saw/used it i wondered where the heating element in the water tank was. Obviously i found out that the water is instantly heated – amazing.Great choice of pods which you can get from amazon or even supermarkets and corner shops. Shame you cant get soup for it though. Relatively easy to clean but with lots of hot chocolate the nozzle where the water comes out can get a bit dirty but easy to clean with cotton buds. I recommend getting some bosch decalcifying tablets, especially if you live in a place with hard water. Gives the machine a proper clean. Would absolutely recommend this product.

    Bought this for the office at work while reduced to £49. 99 and is worth every penny of the normal price tag. You get the convenience of instant coffee but with the opportunity of trying different coffee / tea / choc that isnt normally available. Customer support from bosch is excellent as used them on another one of these i have at home. Drinks dispensed quickly and cleanly. A large drink is equivalent to a normal drink. Should you require plain hot water to be dispensed then you can use the cleaning disc as it is essentially a disc with no filters or anything.

    This is our second one first lasted a couple of years before giving problems but was used almost every day. Still good enough to buy another.

    Only thing will be when it starts to tell you it needs to be de-scaled which i can see being regular and anooyign so you buy their products for ‘maintenance’.

    • I’ve doubled my coffee intake!
    • Good coffee machine, working solid even with above normal usage (office).
    • Beware! You will be hooked. (Descale indicator read on.)

    Bosch T40 TAS4011GB Coffee Maker, Silver

    This was purchased as an christmas gift earlier in the year and its still going strong 6 months later with no issues at all, it is used every single day at least once or twice and produces a perfect latte with the tassimo discs. Although the capsules are quiet expensive i personally think they are worth it, and if your lucky and keeping an eye on the amazon prices you can get them for a decent price. The coffee maker is extremely easy to use as it uses the barcodes on the discs to decide what size of a drink it produces although some of the drinks are small so be wary of which ones you choose.

    Good quality does a good job – downside is that you can only use tassimo products in this machine. In canada/usa its possible to buy coffee makers that accommodate a variety of coffee products by different makers and just be able to use the machine to deliver hot water to make a cup of tea or hot chocolate using your preferred brand.

    Good item but do not order it from product mania as when you do finally get it and within a month it breaks down you contact them to tell them this, they tell you to use the garentee in the box which isnt valid as the product you got from them is over 2 years old, in fact the tassimo they sent me was over 5 years old, so yes i did get a tassio for a good price but after a month all im left with is £40 worth of discs i got with my own money and a lump of useless metal, thanks product mania.

    I love this machine especially using the costa americano coffee pods. I use this at work in my office. I have a sage nespreso machine at home which cost 4 times as much but the bosch machine using the pods i said is every bit as good.

    Well made, looks good and provides excellent coffee. At the moment it is working well but, as we live in a hard water area we need to keep a constant eye open for furring up. This however is easily handled by the warning signs on the machine and the aids provided. The coffee provided is of excellent quality flavour.

    Very nice coffe quite expensive but worth it,easy to use,big water tank so not filling up all the time the only thing i’ve found wrong is once you filled tank no cap to put on hole so open, don’t like it so i just put a piece of card on top stop anything getting in water.

    Very happy with the bosch t40 worked perfectly making a great coffee/ hot chocolate and was also able to make tea with a normal tea bag by using it as a hot water dispenser.

    Got this after my sister loved hers. We have a filter coffee machine that we use every morning but got this for ‘proper’ decaf coffee and other varieties, e. Took advantage of the £20 voucher at the tassimo write to try out different flavours. It’s a shame that the decaf (cafe hag) is only 1/2 a mug, but i just add extra water from the tassimo and its fine. Most pods do 200ml which is almost a normal mug full. Tassimo do need to do more decaf varieties. I personally do not plan on using it for tea (seriously, how much longer would it take to make to make a proper cup of tea).

    Great machine, my husband loves it. This was a xmas present from me.

    We had been considering getting a tassimo or similar for some time, so when we saw this model offered at half price, and read the overwhelming number of positive reviews on amazon, we did not hesitate to order one. And we have not been disappointed. The machine is simple and stylish, easy to use, and simple to clean and maintain. And it is true that there is a very good range of tassimo drink types, and all available through a number of outlets. And as of december 2010 tassimo also offer you a voucher worth £20 to spend in their on-line shop when you register with them on-line.

    I bought this for a my wife as a surprise. She seemed to have coffee machine envy after talking to colleagues at work. Being generally quite tight on the money front i though it was a bit extravagant. I have to say i’ve been converted since. The costa latte’s are outstanding and it will brew an array of other beverages in addition to coffee. Just look out for the reviews as most folks tend to get it right regarding how they taste. Bosch also provided an offer with the machine whereby we could redeem a voucher in the tassimo store in return for a sizeable varied selection. Amazon also provide a slightly more cost effective subscription service for re-orders. This has come in handy for those lattes. After a couple of months of living with the machine we are most impressed.

    I only use it for coffee as i don’t like hot chocolate and the tea it makes is not as good as brewing a tea bag in a mug. I use it mostly for lattes and cappuccinos which is what it’s best at in my opinion. The flavoured (caramel) lattes are best. With the non-flavoured lattes/cappuccinos i often use third party (eg. Monin) syrups to flavor them.

    The tassimo t40 was bought as a gift for my wife for her birthday. The first thing to say is that it was delivered within 48 hours of purchase. And that was using the standard delivery option. So on that count, first rate. The packaging it came in, however, was less than first rate. The outer, amazon, box was badly damaged and looked to have been left out in the rain. When it was delivered, the delivery driver was questioned about it but just said that’s how it had been given to him. The tassimo packaging inside, however, was fine. But first impressions, you know?the user manual was easy to read and understand. Not such a fan of the cartoon instructions though.

    I already have one of these and was so impressed with the simplicity and range of drinks available, i bought this second one for my daughter. Highly recommended although the coffee and drinks are slightly expensive. Useful tip: i go to the supermarkets where there are often deals on tassimo products.

    My biggest regret is not having bought one earlier makes lovely coffee and not noisey unlike my other machine with so many options on taste of coffee you cant go wrong if too strong just add more water simple.

    I’ve had my tassimo now for seven months and have had no problems. I agree that some of the drinks are a little on the small side but not all. Drinks that should be frothy are frothy, the drinks are hot and i’ve had no issues with the taste of the milk. I’ve shopped around for the discs and drink for drink they seem to be cheaper than the other brands. I love my machine, it gets used lost days and i’ve had no problems, i’m not a coffee snob but i do like a nice cuppa, let’s be realistic, if you are expecting barista quality coffee from coffee beans made from monkey poo then this may not be for you, go and spend a grand and a half on some fancy gizmo, but if you want a decent cuppa and a different drink the next day then get a tassimo. I don’t drink much milk so rarely have any in the fridge so do me the tassimo is ideal.

    Certainly the fastest and most convenient way to make great coffee. Device much bigger than expected. Looks compact from the front but goes back twice as far.

    This product is convenient and easy to use and i cannot fault its operation. It is however let down by the poor quality of the coffee on offer. If you are at all fussy about your coffee then don’t what ever you do throw away your grinder or percolator when this arrives.

    Features and Spesification

    • Automatically prepares freshly brewed drinks at the push of a button
    • An intelligent bar code system ensures a perfect drink every time
    • Flow heater technology means virtually no heat up time
    • 12 varieties including filter coffee, caffe crema, cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso, hot chocolate and tea
    • Bosch 2 year guarantee