Tassimo Hot Water T Disc : Design could have been better.

Bit expensive for a piece of plastic with a nosil but it is pretty good. Lift the lid on your tassimo, push the existing coffee dispenser up and out and stick this guy in. Turn the top of the pod to your desired water quantity (150ml up to 450ml if i remember right) and you’re all set. Being a separate piece means that your tea won’t have a coffee smell if you mostly use your tassimo for coffee.

Exactly as ordered and just what we wanted.

Great means of getting hot water. Love the coffee and chocolate capsules but like using my fruit tea bags and this gives me the option to use the machine.

A must have item if you have a tassimo. We love it and i’m sure we will keep finding more and more uses. Great for making tea or any drink that needs hot water, we use it for adding hot water to the instent porridge cup and adding hot water to various sause.

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do, gives you hot water.

I just thought it was a matter of popping in the t disc like you do the coffee pods. You have to remove a part from the machine, which is a bit hard to get back into place at times.

This product is just perfect.

Cheaper and less clutter than a new kettle. Isn’t as hot as boiled water but this is great for getting guests to drink up and leave sooner :o).

  • Jury is out but it works
  • Excellent product and well worth the money
  • T Disc

Tassimo Hot Water T Disc (t20, T40, T42, T65 T85 Or Vivy)

Turn your brewer into a kettle with a TASSIMO Hot Water DISC. This handy accessory lets you dispense clean, hot water in volumes of 150ml, 250ml, 350ml and 450ml – so you can fill a saucepan, make a pot of tea or create a cup of something hot, just for you. .

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No problems with deliverythe tassimo hot water disc is hot enough for coffee. It works on my t40 without any problems.

Great device, not used kettle since.

The hot water disc is very useful for making a cup of tea. It saves having to boil the kettle.

Excellent for steaming hot tea.

. In fact i have binned the kettle its that easy to use for a jug or a small cup. The best thing is i am no longer wasting energy boiling too much water in the kettle. Great idea and handy for a cuppa using your own teabags or coffee too.

This does exactly what it was designed for,it turns your tassimo machine into a kettle,it completes what is a brilliant machine.

Okay but a bit of a faff to use.

Works as stated easy to install and very useful for making standard drinks instead of having to use tassimo disc all the time turns your machine into a kettle.

  • Jury is out but it works
  • Excellent product and well worth the money
  • T Disc

Tassimo Hot Water T Disc (t20, T40, T42, T65 T85 Or Vivy)

Makes the coffee machine into a drinks maker,a good little gadget and so easy to use. Use to make tea or instant coffee.

Good product, but definitely over-priced for what it is.

Bought this as we foster adults with learning disabilities, it produces the right amount of water without underfilling or overfilling the mug. Had problems with previous water dispensers as it overflowed with hot water if dial was moved. This is absolutely perfect and helps increase independence.

Brilliant, saves space on work top as no longer need a kettle. Just make sure you get the right disc for your machine (this one, green, or the other one, blue).

Only actually useful for fruit teas as normal tea requires water that’s hotter than this to taste nice. I had hoped it would save me on tea capsules but sadly there’s no comparison on taste due to the temperature of the water.

Very good does exactly what it says , no need for a kettle now.

Quite useful for a quick cuppa.

Works well and i can now have any drink i want without boiling a kettle.

Great addition to my coffee machine.

Haven’t used kettle when i’m on my own since purchasing this disc. Disc provides water that is hot enough for tea pop tea bag in cup and that’s it would certainly recommend saves boiling water in kettle as getting just amount of water needed.

To use – set, on the disc, the amount of water to be delivered, pop out the machines existing coffee delivery nozzle and pop this in (30seconds). It takes about as long as brewing a standard coffee to deliver 350ml of piping hot (not boiling) water. It has been used a lot since it arrived a day or two ago, my wife drinks innumerable cups of tea per day and is very satisfied with the results, i don’t drink the stuff. It has avoided using the kettle and must have saved energy and therefore (tiny amounts of) moneyit is over priced but not outrageously so. It doesn’t look terribly long lasting as the barcodes are just stuck on bits of paper and given the steam created might easily peel off at some stage we shall see. So far so good so recommended.

Easy make quantity of hot water you need in a couple of minutes.

Once i worked out how to fit it. Brilliant and really useful for a quick cuppa.

Excellent, does exactly what you expect it to do. My kettle stopped working and i couldn’t choose a new one as there’s so much variety, but i have a tassimo t65 and thought this would be a good alternative. Works like a charm, even able to fill a jug for pasta. A little overpriced and quite delicate as it’s only plastic, but i’m happy with my purchase.

I have had this lovely little gadget well over a year now. I have a tassimo machine at the end of my desk at work, and when i want lemon tea etc. You just take out the coffee spout and but this in to get a cup of boiling water. If you are a couple or single person i would ditch the kettle and buy this for you tassimo, boiling hot water i 30 seconds and the write amount, or coffee all in one machine. One thing to remember on the top the yellow part is a dial to set how much boiling water the tassimo dispenses, because i read the instructions 🙂 i accidentally dispensed a jug of boiling water into a cup. There was much excitement i can tell you.

Nice little gizmo, easy to use, it’s a ‘no brainer’ to get used to really, settings are clearly displayed and fits the tassimo nicely. Just remove the usual spout assembly (as you do for cleaning) and click the water disc into place – hot water is delivered at about 80c – 90c – job done.

Very expensive for what it isworks however.

I have the tassimo vivy and it fits this machine. The disc has a rotating top (the green bit) with a selection of fill sizes on it, just select the size for your cup and then pop into the machine. Brilliant for making tea with tea bags or ‘normal’ coffee as the machine is a lot quicker than a kettle.

Features and Spesification

  • Glass not included.
  • Turn your brewer into a kettle with a TASSIMO Hot Water DISC.
  • This handy accessory lets you dispense clean, hot water in volumes of 150ml, 250ml, 350ml and 450ml