Team VisiCook VitaMeister EasyClean Slow Juicer : 6 months now and have to say it’s the best juicer I ever had

Very impressed with this juicer, i get the most juice from this and the fibre residue is very dry, what impressed me the most is compared to other juicers this one is so easy to clean, i will recommend this one to friends and family.

Regular buyer on amazon & decided it was time for a juicereasy to put together and clean. Nice to look at as it is constantly on display in our kitchen. Have juiced veg and fruit – pomegranates to beetroot, apples to carrots. I searched through many products before deciding on the vitameister.

Makes great juice ,the waste comes out quite dry ,we are only using half as much fruit and getting more juice from this machine also it’s quieter than the last machine.

This is a pretty good juicer but i don’t think it is worth what i paid (€120), i would say this is a €60 juicer. My juice still has bit’s in it and the pulp is still very moist, i’m only getting slightly more juice out of the same stuff i juiced with my old juicer, this is only slightly better than my old €40 juicer. But it is easy to clean and store away. Easy to assemble and disassemble. If this was €60-70 i would give it 4.

Wasn’t sure about juicers after reading so much about how hard they are to clean, so this came as a real surprise – easy to assemble, take apart and get clean – a real thumbs up. I also like the fact that it fits under my kitchen cupboards, so i can leave it out all the time, without cluttering the kitchen. The juice tastes great – much better than cartons and the free veg processor was a real bonus. If you’re in two minds about juicers, this will make your mind up for you.

If you’re debating between this and a centrifugal juicer as we were, go for this one. It’s well-built, sturdy, quiet, easy to clean and does the job very efficiently. Also the attachments for grating/slicing will come in handy. The only reason i haven’t given it 5 stars is that the feed tube is fairly small, so chopping of your fruit and veg is required.

This is the best juicer i’ve ever had, it gives clear juice fast and easy. One of the many plus points is it’s so easy to clean.

Just bought this slow juicer and am so delighted with the results. It produces great juice, is really easy to use and put back together and very easy to clean. It’s such good value for money compared to other slow juicers on the market and this model comes with a vegetable chopper as well which is also really easy to use and handy. It has a reverse switch if the fruit/veg gets stuck, something my old juicer never had and it’s compact design means it doesn’t take up room on my worktop. I have been juicing for about 18 months but the quality of the juice from this new juicer is far superior to that which i was getting from my previous juicer, something i hadn’t realised until i tried the vitameister. Would recommend this slow juicer especially if you are new to juicing as you can’t go wrong for the price.

  • so this came as a real surprise – easy to assemble
  • Save Money, Buy This
  • Good quality VFM.

Team VisiCook VitaMeister EasyClean Slow Juicer with Vegetable Processor Accessory, 150 W, White

Product Description, The VitaMeister Slow Juicer combines the benefits of slow juicing with style, versatility and function. The screw type augur really presses the flavours, vitamins and minerals from your vegetables and fruit to deliver a rich drink for a healthy lifestyle.
In use, it’s very quiet at just max 65dBa, though you will hear the fruit or vegetables being ground and masticated by the high torque slow speed motor. There is a reverse function for the occasional blockage, otherwise all you do is simply prepare the vegetable, fruit to fit the chute and push down onto the screw augur. It gets squeezed through the mesh filter and the juice goes into one cup (nearest to the body) and the dry pulp into the other – this can be used for jam or soups.
The VitaMeister Slow Juicer is designed for maximum versatility – not only does it come with a separate vegetable processor accessory with two processor attachments (slicing or grating), the VitaMeister is just 33cms tall, meaning that it’s much easier to fit and use under kitchen cabinets and for storage.
There are safety systems built-in to ensure it’s safe in use – firstly, the motor will only work when the machine is correctly assembled and secondly, there is a delay-slow start to the motor. We supply two pushers for the chutes – one for slow juicing, one for the vegetable processor. To ensure long-life, maximum continuous use is limited to 20-minutes, there are audible beeps, and there is also a sensor for overheat. Replacement parts are available from us, we have 24/7 email support and a UK-based manned telephone Helpline service during office hours.
It’s easy to disassemble for clean-up, and the non-electrical parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. There are two square shaped cups, the smaller is for juice (and it has a handy slide-in filter) and the larger is for the dry pulp.

Box Contains, VitaMeister body Slow Juicer screw augur Slow Juicer filter mesh Screw augur housing Pulp cup (larger size) Juice Cup Rectangle shaped slide-in juice cup solid filter Slow Juice housing tray Slow Juice housing pusher (round) Vegetable processor attachment Vegetable slicer accessory Vegetable grater accessory Vegetable processor pusher (square shape) Cleaning brush Manual that includes serving suggestions, spares order form, Help section, Warranty information

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Easy to assemble and dissemble. Going to try other vegetables as i go. Early stages but quite impressed.

Really pleased i went ahead and bought this juicer. Does a terrific job extracting a good amount of juice even from hard vegetables such as potatoes. Easy to assemble and taking it apart to clean is a doddle. Neat enough to leave out on the counter, so pretty perfect in all ways.

Exellent slow juicer i would recommend to everyone.

Very pleased about this juicer, easy to assemble and to clean, and very silent but a bit pricy. Sometimes you have to pass the vegetables in the juicer more than to do once to dry them, but it’s very easy.

I bought this to juice water melon, which has therapeutic value for heart, circulation and blood pressure. Has to be done skin and all, so quite tough; also has to be cold/masticating type. I could only afford bottom of range price; generally this type of juicer is much more expensive than this one. I chose on basis of uniformly good reviews which turn out to have been more than justified. Juicer is very heavy and solid – made of excellent materials and, judging by how firmly it assembles, manufactured to fine tolerances. I have not used any other juicer of this, or any, type, so have no basis of comparison; but this juicer is doing the job for me so well that i cannot imagine that a more expensive one could be significantly better. Pulp is pretty dry and lots of brilliant juice produced. Maybe a bigger, more powerful, juice would do a tiny bit more juice, so even dryer pulp; but i really doubt it would be much different. It assembles and disassembles very easily. Yes, there are quite a few parts; but this is inherent in the method of juicing.

I didn’t buy my juicer from amazon, but this juicer is amazing, so i wanted to leave a review. I use a blender normally for smoothies, but this is a really good juicer. It is really easy to set up, juice and clean afterwards. I wish i had bought this sooner.

I can literally taste the difference. Much better than a cheaper centrifugal juicer i had, feels really solid ad sturdy, easy to use, haven’t used veg chopper yet but great for juicing. Arrived in 2 days, i’m very happy so far.

Not complicated, not very expensive, but does the job perfectly. And simply construction means easy to clean, which is so important and so easy to forget, when we buy some equipment. Just thinking about all the mess and cleaning it is preventing us so many times from using this kind of devices more frequently.

  • so this came as a real surprise – easy to assemble
  • Save Money, Buy This
  • Good quality VFM.

Team VisiCook VitaMeister EasyClean Slow Juicer with Vegetable Processor Accessory, 150 W, White

It works fine, but doesn’t press the fruits and vegetables properly as plenty of juicy stays in it.

Easy to use and does the job i brought it for lost two and a half stone feel great.

Been using this slow juicer for 6 months now and have to say it’s the best juicer i ever had. The pulp is mainly dry and is’s easy to clean.

Brilliantly priced for a slow juicer, and i’m amazed at the power. Yes, the fibrous waste is a little damp, but i’ve seen much damper for more expensive pieces of equipment. Running your vegetable pulp through the machine again will definitely give you more juice. This machine is easy to clean, everything comes apart easily and quickly, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out how to put it back together again. Also it’s amply sized for most cupboards/side boards/worktops. My only criticism is that sometimes small bits of leafy greens fall into the liquid juice container directly beneath the input chute, which you then have to fish out, or even bit of pulp when re-running through; having a lid on the juice container (with a small aperture for the juice to flow into) would be perfect. All in all – a great purchase and i’m very happy.

Love this little machine, pure quality for the price. A bit messy until you get used to it, but it is solid. One instance was when i juiced some rhubarb, when juiced, rhubarb takes on the same semblance as string and all of the fibre blocked the machine, the pressure built up and the nozzle blew off, right across the kitchen, and i thought, oh well, this is why it is cheap, but no, the nozzle just went right back on and continued to give great service.

A bit time-consuming since it’s a slow juicer and kind of a hassle because of the many different parts, but otherwise a good slow juicer that does exactly what is needed.

Features and Spesification

  • Augur type slow juicer for all types of juicing of fruits and vegetables. The slow speed preserves the essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Super quiet operation <65dBA
  • Very easy to dis-assemble for cleaning, parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher too; we supply a brush for the cleaning of the filter.
  • Multi-purpose in that you can press sliced fruits and vegetables, the high torque slow speed motor will cope with almost anything.
  • We supply in the pack an additional accessory for the preparation of vegetables with 2 tools – one a slicer, the other is a grater.