Technomate TM-RF HD HDMI RF Modulator 2018 – Five Stars

Sends hd signal all round the house via coax from virgin v6 box. Using with default settings which is channel 800 freeview. No loss of quality on hdv impressed.

Used this directly from the box tuned in the tv’s what a great picture on all of them thanks.

So you have the new skyq box and still want to use your magic eye devices to change channels remotely?. Then this is part of the solution. This rf modulator takes the hdmi output from your skyq box and converts it to an rf signal for use by your magic eyes and loft box. The hd picture it produces on the remote tvs is stunning and is a huge improvement over the remote output from my old sky hd box. The triax tri-link kit takes the output from the above rf modulator and provides the 9v rf output for your uplink similar to the old sky hd boxthe complete solution i use is as follows: -1 x hdmi splitter – 1 hdmi input and two hdmi output. 1 x technomate tm-rf hd hdmi rf modulator – shown in this review1 x triax tri-link kit. To control sky, freesat, freeview around the home. You will find the triax device at https://www. Uk/triax-tri-link-kit/dp/b004m5kaou. You will find the splitter at https://www. Uk/dp/b01n07ofdh/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_8the installation is not complicated and the results are stunning.

Using this to distribute cctv footage around the house. Extremely quick and easy to setup, had to working within a few minutes.

Wanted to replace sky+ hd boxes with freesat. This piece of kit was perfect as not only does it allow you to pump a hd rf signal through the existing muliti-room coax distribution to hd tv’s – it also includes an ir transmitter so that you can use this to reuse the sky ‘magic eyes’ that were in place to enable remote control usage from any tv. (the ir transmitter is required as the freesat box needs the ir to be beamed at it directly – whereas the sky boxes used to internally convert the remote control signals sent back up the coax directly). It also has an hdmi loop-through to split the output signal so i could also dispense with the separate splitter i had in place before. I used all the pre-set default settings – all i did was use the simple menu buttons to set up a display name (eg ‘freesat’) of the output channel so you can easily recognise the tv channel; plugged in the inputs (satellite, aerial inputs and the output to the distribution box; retuned all the tv’s to pick up the channel and it all worked perfectly.

Does the job better than expected, recommend out you want to pipe tv around your house via old coax system. Your extra tvs have freeiew digital decoder built in, so no good for old analog ones.

Awesome – i moved from sky to bt and then realised the youview box does not have a powered rf out to send the signal to other rooms (tv’s) around the housethis was delivered in less than 24 hours and solved my problem within 5 minutes of unpacking.

Retro tv now plays mega drive, ps2 & dvd/vhs without a hitch & changing around all the wires.

Ready to use out of the box,no complicated set up procedure. Used to send sky hd around the house via the existing rf distribution system. Preset to dtv channel 800,so you can simply tune in the remote tv’s to the modulator channel. Will only function with tv’s with freeview hd tuner’s. Incredible value for money,and fast despatch by supplier,with good after sales support too.

Awesome piece of kit, excellent way of upgrading aerial signals to hd and control a sky box, etc at the other end.

Good product at sensible money.

I purchased skyq earlier this year, and was disappointed to find that i could no longer use my magic eye rf solution as the new sky q box does not have the connections. This is deliberate as sky want you to purchase many skyq mini boxes for each tv set, which is not cheap. I researched the web and found this device, which enables me to broadcast my hdmi signal through rf using my existing setup designed for sky+ hd magic eye. It was plug and play, and all i had to do was retune my sets and choose channel 800. I can now do everything i did with my old sky setup with sky q. There is a 1/2 second delay when using a remote tv to change channels, but its a tiny price to pay for hd quality picture everywhere in my home at a fraction of getting sky q mini boxes.

I had to get this as i have just switched to virgin media – have a v6 box. Absolutely brilliant – before i just had analogue signal for the other tvs – now its full hd. Worked straight out of the box – i would defiantly recommend it. Make sure your other tvs are full hd otherwise you may run into problems. Here are the specifications for the Technomate TM-RF HD HDMI RF Modulator 2018:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Send 1080p High-Definition video with audio over an RF distribution system
  • Converts an HDMI signal into an HD Digital Freeview DVB-T compatible signal
  • Connect multiple TM-RF HD to watch different source devices;Configure: Bandwidth, Constellation, FEC, ONID, LCN
  • Upgrades an existing Standard Definition RF system to 1080p HD;Requires a DVB-T or DVB-T2 compatible TV that is 1080p or 4K UHD. Cascadable
  • Use a 2 way active splitter as a combiner so that the aerial connects to 1 of the outputs of the splitter and the TM-RF HD to the other. The RF IN is not for an aerial connection, it is only to connect more than 1 TM-RF HD together.
  • Wall Mountable Metal Housing

Used to send a virgin signal via rf / co-ax cable.

Model: technomate tm-rf hd ir, hdmi rf modulator with 9v ir control and hdmi loopthroughthis is quite amazing for the price. I’ve been using it with my panasonic dmr-btw720 blu ray recorder, so i can watch hd content in my bedroom via the aerial distribution in my bedroom. I once had a sky hd box in there, but ditched it a while ago in favour of freeview. The recorder’s hdmi out is connected to the hdmi input of the technomate device, its rf input to the recorder’s rf output, and the rf output of the modulator back into the aerial distribution amp to be fed to the main distribution. Currently i am using uhf channel 60 on the technomate’s rf settings, to transmit the signal, a frequency now used by lte mobile phones, but one all my televisions will tune to, and lcn channel 119 just because it is in the hd group of channels for freeview. Channel 60 may soon get swamped by mobile use, in this case an rf filter might later be required on the antenna feed or use of a lower channel for the modulator. I’ve also tried it on uhf channel 37 but not fully tested for any possible digital broadcast channel being lost at this frequency. After inserting the device, i did lose bbc4 hd and the other channels on mux 7, but my small uhf antennal is in the loft, so signal could be stronger. This loss was corrected by connecting a signal amplifier i already had, between the uhf antenna and the rf in to the dvd recorder, which restored the bbc4 hd and other associated channels. Technomate – this is something you need to check, it seems there’s a small signal attenuation here, as the channels were restored when bypassing the unit, before the extra amplifier was added. The unit is in place with a room containing the blu-ray recorder and a panasonic pt-ae5000e full hd projector, and the technomate’s on-board hdmi output (input relay/splitter out socket) works fine to feed the signal to the projector via an onkyo surround sound unit, always used in stereo mode. The pictures were superb, but i did notice some small movement judder, which was cleared by setting the hdmi source to 1080i rather than 1080p, with no other obvious issues, even on the projector screen. The picture on the televisions after retuning is stunning, with pin sharp definition and no issues whatsoever. It’s like having the source in the room, rather than being fed by rf.

I’ve a number of different dvb-t2 modulators. A common alternative to this one is the edision branded unit. The edision is built better – buttons, screen, easier menu navigation- but this one works fine too and the picture looks fine in comparison. So it comes down to whether you want to save some money. Technomate do have uk support which is worth something to some. Note while this says 1080p it won’t output that – it will outputs 1080i over dvb. The result is a little normal judder – the edision is the same.

Having spent many hours trying to make this work with my current setup i have reluctantly had to send it back. Two issues:(1) once switched on i lose access to some digital channels, specifically on 44 & 47 (wrekin transmitter) – and on others the quality drops significantly. This happens even when i don’t have anything other than a sky hd box on the circuit. Messing with db setting or moving away from default channel 21 makes no difference. (2) i currently have a sky hd box modulated in sd via the rf out and a humax box modulated in sd via a separate scart modulator all connected in series. These send up to my powered 8 way distributor in the loft and i get perfect signals on various tv’s. My aim with this item was to send an hd signal from the sky box in addition to the sd signals (and digital aerial signal) i’m already sending. Well, whatever i tried – and boy did i try – there was always a problem with either 1 or both of the sd signals and even when the sd signals were good the hd signal froze. I tried placing this unit as the first in the series, the last in the series and everything in between. Also tried sending the sd signals on different channels, sending the hd signal on different channels, upping/lowering the gain, swapping cables.

Had this around 4 weeks now, really nice product that works well. It adds into my uhf home-distribution system via a loft box, so i can broadcast output from a virgin cable box round the house. At first, it did have a tendency (especially when switched on) to lose some of my freeview hd channels, however i noticed that the signal was marginal for these even without the technomate in the system. After swapping the loft box for a new labgear which included 4g filtering these signals were much better and the technomate can be left switched on. Also (in my initial setup) whether an hdmi cable was connected to the technomate also had a negative impact on the other freeview channels. I found here that getting a properly screened hdmi lead was the solution. Picture quality is excellent. As advertised, you will find that older freeview (non-hd) tvs can’t pick up the video from this (this box outputs in mpeg4, older tvs can’t decode this) but a set top box (there’s an iview hd box on amazon for about 22-23 pounds which works well) will pick up the video+audio (just make sure that whatever set top box you have is mpeg4 compatible). Overall, really pleased, nice bit of kit.

This is a really good bit of kit. I’ve had technomate stuff in the past and this is of the same high quality. I left it at the default settings and it worked straight out of the box. Picture and sound quality is first class. A well engineered item at a very competitive price. My son is now going to use one at his home. Can’t praise enough, this item is highly recommended.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The HD 1080p picture this produces on remote TVs is stunning – a big improvement over the 9v RF output from the old Sky HD Box
  • Excellent technology for the price!
  • Good value

Better than i expected but buyers be aware that this won’t module from hdmi to analog via rf, instead modules hdmi to digital rf. The difference is that if your tv searches channels in cable mode, it won’t find the channel being modeled by technomate. You will have to search in antenna mode. In my case i connected the modulator in a complex network with one amplifier and 3 splitters. I have cable network , digital and analog channels from my provider. In this network i have 2 crt tvs, 4 lcd (2 samsung,1 crown japan,1 dmtech) the samsung tv wont let me have antenna and cable channels in the list, i have to choose 1. Same goes for the crown japan. The dmtech is an older one and doesn’t have dvb-c , so its the only tv that i can actually use this modulator. Not techmate fault, all the product is really pro like.

It does modulate a signal, but strength of the signal in output is rather weak. Also i did not find in description what system (pal, ntsc etc) is actually used.

Bought to send bt tv round the house.

Excellent product, works well.

Worked well but make sure to check the channel settings as they are set to channel 800 by default.

Allows me to view cctv on all tvs around the house.

The first unit was faulty (no video, just audio). I spent some time on the phone with ibrahim @ technomate, and on his advice, returned it for replacement. Mine is set to channel 48 and connected through a duplexer (the other port of the duplexer is connected to an aerial pointed at crystal palace), and then through a distribution amplifier to several tvs around the house. The synchronisation between the tv in the lounge, and the tv in the kitchen, is perfect – which i wasn’t expecting. It doesn’t work with an old technika lcd tv, but that’s not 1080p so it’s as expected.

Brilliant if you have a sky q box and want to distribute tv signals as old sky boxes.

This works a treat to push sky q around the house in place of the now removed rf coax out on the old sky boxes. Obviously it will only play what’s on the master box but great when watching the same thing in 2 rooms simultaneously.

Design good, easy to set up ,and works well.

Works as it says, now that analogue has gone ideal for converting cc camera output to a uhf channel so any flat screen tv can be used as a monitor.

Used to send sky around the house in hd. Looks stunning, along with remote, remote control. Not cheap, but cheaper than skyq. Could not find the s/w to set the unit up, using menu on unit is not difficult.

Works perfectly to send sky q to the bedroom via coax cable to a freeview hd box. By default it tunes to lcn channel 800 to access on the box. Works by default on rf channel 21, check digitaluk trade view for channels in use for freeview and amend as necessary to avoid interfering with any existing freeview channels. You need f type connectors for your coax cables but i have purchased adaptors (standard female aerial socket to male f type connector) and i needed 3 of them to connect the aerial in and aerial out on the device and the magic eye ir transmitter upstairs. People have said the manual is difficult to understand, i haven’t even looked at it and figured it out pretty quickly so if you’re generally good with this sort of thing then you’ll have no trouble setting it up.

Perfect for sending hdmi signals from vm v6 box to tvs using old rf coax cable around the house.

A good bit of kit for the price.

Arrived on time and works perfrectly.

Easy to set up, great picture on 2nd and 3rd tvsslight time lag but you soon get used to that.

Easy to set up, – but the included instructions are a little too basic. Automatically appers on my irish epg as channel 51. So i assume that it is country configuration depended. Used to send hd signals from sky sports & bt sport from sky throughout the house, to compliment the freesat boxes already in each room.

When i first got this, i mistook it for an analogue modulator, swapping the one i had previously. Once connected, there was no video signal being received. It then dawned on me, if i was using a hdmi input, the signal must be digital, then the output is a modulated digital signal. Once connected, i then retuned my tv using the dvb tuning option to find the signal set at ch37 (my chosen channel) and using lcn 800 (default). All worked very well and was far better than my previous analogue modulator. Picture quality is very good and very pleased with it now. I am taking a hdmi output from my sky q box and feeding it into my ariel amplifier to all tv’s in the home. The added hdmi loop connector allows me to re-connect the original signal to my base tv without loss of quality.

Does what it says on the tin. Simple to use for my parents.

Great, well made box for relaying a signal round the house to other tv sets if they are all cabled up with on the same antenna feed. Have bought a few of these for people i know who want to watch their tivusat boxes in another room as most of the satellite tv units no longer have an rf modulator.

One for sky to other tvs through a splitter which will keeps a good picture over coax. Second for cctv into splitter.

I have been using a pal encoder from my humax pvr using the rca connection on the humax (and previous pvrs) for many years over a distribution amplifier and using ‘magic eyes’ over the reverse channel to control the pvr. This worked very well although the picture quality on hd channels was obviously rather poor. The local connection to the tv used hdmii have just upgraded two of my tvs and they do not have pal tuners and in any case i wanted hd quality, so an upgrade was neededi originally picked out the edison encoder from the reviews on amazon and elsewhere. The encoding delay however was so long that i was virtually unable to control the playback (i. Skip over commercials) from my humax pvr. This has been returnedi therefore went for the technomate tm-rf hd ir as it stated that the encoding delay was very low. I can confirm that the encoding delay is low enough to be easily used with the humax pvr. The picture on all of the tvs is excellent. The sound is also faithfully reproduced. The encoder simply worked out of the box although i did later choose to change the channel number from the default of 21 and changed the lcn name to pvr. I hace kept the default lcn at 800. I can now also use the hdmi pass through for the local tv (which the edimax does not support). I have seen review comments which state that you cannot use the rf in for looping the aerial to the pvr/tv. With this model i can confirm that does work as expected and no combiner/diplexer is required.

Works fine with my sky+ box and unlike my previous hdmi over cat 5 configuaration it has never tripped over the sky content protection system once. I’ll be using these in future for all hdmi distribution around the home.