Tefal 6-in-1 Multi Moulenette Chopper – Compact & functional.

There are quite a few of these very handy little kitchen choppers around right now and for good reason. The whole food processor thing for most of us is likely going to be overkill. Plus they take up a shed load of working surface. I dunno about you, but my kitchen isn’t the biggest and so things either have to earn their stripes to sit on the worktop or they get relegated to a cupboard. So it is with my food processor. I just can’t justify it, it’s hidden away and so rarely gets used. Plus there’s all the mission of cleaning. So this little thing has found its place besides the kettle, toaster, coffee grinder, etc. It’s there in front of me whenever i’m thinking of chopping stuff and so it’s been used quite a bit. It’s also just a quick rinse under the hot tap when i’m done.

This is a genuinely useful piece of kitchen hardware. Like many people, we find the food processor a real pain to set up – you find all the bits and pieces in a cupboard, drag it on to the work surface to assemble, then after 30 seconds of activity it’s the de-assemble and clean dance. This little beauty does away with all that. For us (family of 4 at home) it’s the perfect size – small enough to keep out on the worktop if we want, no assembly to speak of, yet big enough for chopping veg, blending sauces etc. Dead easy to clean, it seems really well built and my experiences with tefal over the years suggest it will last well. I really can’t find anything to fault this – looking at the other reviews, the main complaint seems to be the price but in my view this is sufficiently well made and useful to be well worth the money.

If you like this sort of thing, it is a good example of its type. It’s solidly made and powerful, with a toothed blade for crushing ice, a sharp blade for chopping veg, and a tool which allows you to slowly drip oil into an egg yolk mixture, making mayonnaise. I haven’t tried making mayonnaise yet, but i tried chopping some onions and carrots. I found that by the time you have peeled and halved/ quartered the onion, it’s quicker to go ahead and chop the whole thing with your knife. When i tried to chop even one onion, the bits at the bottom were utterly pureed while still leaving big bits on top that have barely been chopped at all. It didn’t make any difference whether i used either one of the blades on their own, or both stacked together (which i think you are meant to be able to do, as per the picture- the instructions aren’t clear on this one). No matter what i did, it just doesn’t give you nicely, evenly chopped veg. I think the design of these mini choppers doesn’t work for me, except when you want to finely mince garlic or nuts or similar. I haven’t crushed ice yet, but i believe this machine would have no problems doing so. The other thing i think it would be effective at is quickly mixing up the ingredients for baked goods.

The intructions, for the moulenette are pretty hopeless. This seems to be a common problem with some european manufacturers at the moment who prefer to give you cryptic pictures rather than simple words to follow. If you have used similar devices before, you should not have any problems. The motor is powerful enough to perform well, and the blades work well when new. There are 3 reasons that hold me back from giving a higher score. Firstly, aesthetically it looks too much like a childs toy. I would have prefered a subtler use of colour. Secondly, this machine is not price competitive against similar products. Finally, previous tefal machines that i have bought have had disappointing longevity.

The tefal multi chopper consists of thepowerful top motor unit, half litre chopping cup, a smooth and serrated blade and blade holder. All made of durable lightweight plastic, easy to disassemble and pop into a dishwasher but even easier just to give a once over with some soapy water. It makes short work of all manner of fruits and veg, with a turbo boost button to help with more tricky items like ice cubes or frozen fruit. I’ve used it for everything from salsa’s to smoothies and it does a fine job of whatever is thrown at it. At just under £40 i feel it might be a little over priced but the small form factor makes it easy to store and a more likely to be used for small amounts than a bigger unit would. All in all a nice little gadget.

This multi chopper from tefal is made in france, rather than china, and i guess that is reflected in the price of around forty quid being a bit higher than that of many of it’s competitors. Like most of our other tefal products this moulenette chopper is well designed and useful and does it’s intended job as it should. It may take a bit of trial and error to get the best from it however, as the instructions leave a lot to be desired, but the colour-coded system used for the blades is quite intuitive. Four blades are included with two sharp ones suitable for herbs, vegetables and meat, plus two tough serrated ones for grinding nuts, coffee beans and ice. This model also features an emulsifying tool which allows you to prepare your own sauces and dips – but this needs a bit of practice first. This compact chopper is designed for easy storage but is still big and powerful enough to to be practical. This is a good product that may justify it’s price if you intend to use it frequently – for occasional use a cheaper model may be the better option.

I already own a zyliss easypull manual food processor and thought this powered tefal chopper would be a step up in terms of the amount of things i could chop up. Whilst this is admittedly more powerful (and allows you to chop up meat–as well as hard vegetables, which i couldn’t with my zyliss), i’ve found that the amount of times i’ve used it renders it all but useless for my needs. When i did try it on diced lamb (having already cut the lamb into smaller 1cm pieces) it still didn’t chop it up that well and there were still several large chunks of meat in the container. This isn’t because i didn’t run it for long enough: the meat all got very clogged up around the edges and had stopped moving. Even removing the motor and shaking the contents around had limited effect and it took quite a long time and hassle before it was ‘smooth’ enough for my homemade meatloaf. It also wasn’t very easy to clean, afterwards. To be honest, i will probably just use mince or a good knife next time. Another stumbling block was the instructions. I’m afraid it is another case of lots of pictures and little actual english information about how to use it. The pictures make little sense (there is 1 recipe included for some kind of sauce, but it doesn’t tell you what) and you are left trying to decide what each piece of clipart is supposed to be, when working out how much to put in.

Sometimes being all in one makes a mess of things by trying to do too much. The supplied diagrams as to how to use it seem to underline this. However, you can work out what does what etc from the web page and diagrams. Then it works out to be a good all round blender-mixer-chopper. There’s a lot of compeition in this area so you need to be aware of what you want and then shop around to find it. It might well turn out to be the 6-in-1 moulinex.

I like it very much and i don’t need to use my hand its very handy.

First time i’ve been so underwhelmed by a blender. It does blend and make sauces and holds a decent capacity but it doesn’t do anything astonishingly well or quick or easier than my other blender and for the price i was expecting a lot more. The base/lid can be awkward and constantly having to fiddle with the yellow ring before each blend is a nuisance. The are so many good cheaper blending machines out there i think this will struggle at the price.

This replaces my moulinette multitrio, which still worked but was looking a bit tired and i’d lost some of the bits for. It’s great, really simple to use and easy to clean. There’s a sharp blade and then a serrated one for things like nuts, colour coded so you don’t have to check each time. The rubber lid for the jug can also be used as a non-slip base to stop it moving on your worktop when in use. As a single person i find it really useful for things like soups where i would never bother to use a full size machine because of the hassle with cleaning it. Well done tefal, a great little product.

Great multi-purpose chopper grinder. Whilst i wouldn’t personally use this on ice, in asian cooking there is endless fine chopping, mincing required of ginger, garlic and more. This makes chopping those cloves so quick and easy. The two blades makes this extremely easy particularly as the lower blade is able to reach those pieces at the bottom that are typically missed by single bladed machines where the blade is positioned higher. The unit is attractive and is bulky but doesn’t take up that much space. Be careful though as this unit doesn’t have a lock but does include a safety guard that is fitted beneath the main handle where the motor sits, the unit doesn’t operate without this. It is essential to use the non-slip mat given the lack of locking. Some won’t like the colour but i think it looks pretty good and different. The power is pretty high for a unit such as this so it will deal with difficult items like veg, but it is hard to get the right consistency unless going for finaly blended or puree.

I actually really like this mini-chopper, so 3 stars may seem initially a harsh score to give; however theres a couple of very simple reasons. First the good/ 5 star worthy bits:1. The unit is a great size for most chopping jobs; obliterate an onion without the eye-sting, decimate mushrooms, peppers and other traditionally boring chopping jobs in seconds, and shred meat to tiny bits for perfect mini-pie fillings, terrines, pates etc. The variety of chopping jobs from nuts to soft fruit is great – nothing stops it. The drip feed for dressings is awesome; i made my first perfect home made mayo and it couldnt be simpler. Ive tried making mayo before and ended up with at best an oily whipped cream looking thing – but this made superb deli-quality mayonnaise, a lovely guacamole and even a simple vinaigrette better than any other method ive used. Its well designed: easy to assemble, quick and easy to clean, and beyond simple to operate – just two buttons (turbo and normal) – and its no problem to find worktop real-estate or cupboard room for it. The reason though for 3 instead of 5 stars is basic:1. Theres a lot of trial and error in getting the perfect chop – if you want finely chopped things its ok, but for anything chunkier i found pulsing it was the only way to avoid a mix of chunky and paste. Not really an issue, but i had an older one which had the blades high up in the body, meaning things only got chopped as they passed through them, and gave a lot more control over the result. Daft omissions: its cable is pretty long, but when not in use has to be wrapped around the body or left loose, which looks scruffy and can mean it gets damaged if stored in a busy cupboard. My coffee grinder has a simple mechanical winder to store the cable inside the body all neat and tidy – while my jug blender has a simple dual hook sunk on the back that you can wrap the cable around. Here are the specifications for the Tefal 6-in-1 Multi Moulenette Chopper:

  • Chop, mix, mince, grind, crush and emulsify with one convenient kitchen gadget.
  • Two sharp blades provide optimum efficiency on smoother ingredients, such as herbs, vegetables and minced meat, for better results.
  • Chop, grind and crush tough foods like nuts, coffee beans and ice, thanks to two robust serrated blades and a powerful 500W motor.
  • New emulsifying tool allows to produce quick-and-easy sauces and dips.
  • Simple to use thanks to intuitive colour-coded system, dishwasher-safe parts and compact storage size.

Great size, small for storage and great for smaller kitchens. Instructions are a bit plain, could use improvement. I presumed you could use both blades together to chop more/bigger things, but you can’t, one blade at a time, which is fine really, but instructions not very clear. I tried to use the chopper without the oil drizzle layer without realising and it wouldn’t work, instructions not very clear to show this layer is essential to working. Great for blitzing puréed baby food or sauces. Found when purée-ing food, unless it was blitzed to a smooth purée, there would maybe be a small lump or two of food at the bottom of the chopper anytime i tried to make a rougher purée, and same goes for when chopping veg, quite often a couple bigger lumps that have missed the blades. Used oil drizzle layer for adding water to baby purée, nice but gimmicky. When i tried to use it to roughly chop veg, i found by the time some was roughly chopped, a portion of it at the bottom would be near puréed anyway. Best for making purée and sauces in my opinion, or very finely chopped veg. Great for chopping salad veg.

Easy to use, clean and store.

I’ve had great use of this moulentte chopper. It’s definitely a step up from my cheap blender. It’s small and compact, meaning it won’t take up too much room on the work surface or in the cupboard. It’s easy to clean, though watch out, it’s blades are hella sharp. It’s great for making purees, would be brilliant for baby food. It’s also good for chopping onions into tiny pieces. (other things too, obviously)it falls down a little for poor instructions, but although the instructions are brief to the point of unhelpfulness, i’ve yet to fail to understand how to use it. Being small, you can’t do large amounts of chopping with doing so in batches, which may be a problem for some, but if you’re not wanting to chop in large quantities then you could do a lot worse than this.

The thing i disliked was the poor quality of the instructions especially given that they cover various models. I couldn’t find anything online either at the time but that might be again because it is a newish product that is being market tested. One thing that puzzled me is the emulsifying tool or whatever that is supposed to be. The disgram shows the yellow disk but the fact is that without that in place as i found out the device won’t power up. So once it is working, it does work well with some provisos. The issue was that if you try to fill the container you are likely to have the top half untouched with the bottom section chopped. The easy answer is to half fill it. This is only necessary if you want to not grind up everything fine. I made a couple of soups having prepared the veg with this.

The compact size and smart looks of this makes it perfect to leave out on the kitchen worktop without taking up too much room. It’s great for chopping and blending, and the pulse action is really useful. It’s also great that the base acts as a measuring tool, as it saves you needing to use a separate measuring jug. It’s very easy to clean, just stick the base, blades and mysterious yellow ’emulsifying’ tool the dishwasher. The wider base makes it unlikely that bits will get stuck in the corner and be difficult to remove. Whilst i agree that it’s quite expensive, it also has a real feel of quality to it, so i don’t really have any complaints.

Percent for chopping notes and chocolates which is why i wantedvery happy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent
  • Powerful and works a treat
  • Great purchase!

I like this item – to a point. First of all, the instructions are beyond useless, diagrams made of cartoons that do not make sense – what is wrong with a simply concise set of instructions?i couldn’t get the black non slip disc on the bottom – i am not even entirely sure that it should go on the bottom – even with some pulling and prodding i could not get it on. The chopper works well, is certainly powerful enough but i have only used it to liquidise some banana and protein powder so far, but it did feel very powerful. I like the cord clip – very useful for storage in cupboards.

I want to start out with the positives first of all. My mum – who has restricted mobility in her hands due to arthritis – has loved using this. It’s made chopping things in the kitchen so much easier for her. She can now finely chop onion to her hearts content using the sharp blade attachment and she’s also used the serrated blade for chopping nuts. It’s quite easy to use – you have a normal speed and a turbo speed, both activated by pressing the respective button on top of the machine. It comes with a non-slip base so it doesn’t slip, and also has an emulsifying tool if you want to make sauces / mayonnaise with it. I would give it four stars for all of the above. Unfortunately it loses a star due to the incomprehensibility of it’s instruction booklet, the most useful information for how to use it can be found on the outside of the box. The written instructions for use total 6 lines and one word and 12 pictograms. The pictograms are of very little help and you basically work out how to use the chopper through using it.

A useful mini chopper that will cope with both hard and soft foods. Useful if you want to crush ice and spices, and also does a good salsa, or chops up veg for my batch cooking, and reasonably uniformly if you don’t overload. It is supplied with 2 blades, and an emulsifying tool. The latter needs to be in place all the time, but can also be use in conjunction with the green blade to make mayonnaise etc. All the ingredients bar the oil go in bottom of the chopper. The oil goes in the top yellow emulsifying tool and will drip in whilst you pulse. I have to say, the instructions are not great, but after a bit of head scratching i got there. There is also a black silicon cover/base. So can be used as a non slip base for the chopper and also as a top for the bowl, so you can put the contents into the fridge without decanting into something else. 4 stars is a little generous.

This is a handly little gizmo for when breaking out the full food processor seems to be too much faff, but the idea of chopping everything by hand seems even less appealing. Great for preparing small quantities of food for salads, sauces, salsas etc. The small size means that it can easily be stored on the kitchen surface or in a drawer without having to disturb everything to get it out. The goblet also fits neatly into the fridge so doubles up as food storage. Not so fancy bells and whistles as some on the market, and a bit of experimentation is needed to find the right settings/blade units to run it. But once you get used to it it’s a very handy addition to the kitchen.