Tefal BL420840 Blendforce II Blender – Good at Blending, but has Problems

Great product and good service. I have had this for a few weeks now using two or three times a week and it is brilliant. Probably the best blender i have had.

A bit early to comment ,but it is much heavier than i expected and my old cheapy phillips (15yrs) gave a smoother blend. Easy to use and assemble and robust.

I bought this as a replacement for another tefal blender that had a plastic jug which wasn’t up to dealing with hot/warm liquids and so far i’m really pleased with it. It appears to be quite robust and the glass jug is made of quite thick glass and has a large capacity which is great for soups etc. I’m pleased with the product and the price i paid for it.

The blender is great, does a fantastic job. But, after 4 months of use several times a day, the seal at the base has started to leak. I have looked closely at the seal and cannot see any reason for the leak. The problem could be in the seal or the base of the jug.

Easy to clean (blades have to be hand washed but rest is okay in the dishwasher). Really easy to use and is great for soups and purées.

Love this product, i had a philips blender before but this one is an absolute superstar.

An easy to use, stong blender, with wonderfully sharp set of four blades.

The blender functioned fine for the first couple of months of use. However the jug is very fragile. I carelessly dropped it and the base of the jug shattered. It was empty when dropped, and i didn’t drop it from a particularly high height.

This is a good high powered blender, but i have had problems with mine. It doesn’t look so good because i can’t get the label to come off of the glass jug. And although it initially worked with the jug facing either way, now it only works facing one way, and i have to remember which, because if i get it wrong i have to empty everything out, and then turn around the base of the jug part, then put everything back in and blend it. The blending itself works well, and it’s far better than the budget price blender i used to have. The glass jug is surprisingly hard to keep clean, despite that the bottom piece with the blades removes entirely – it almost always looks smudged and unhygienic.

Very simple to use, powerful, looks nice in an industrial type kitchen.

This is perfect for making sauces and smoothies. Even raw veg doesn’t know what’s hit it.

Nice and solid-feeling powerful blender – comes with the glass jug which i prefer to the similar version with the plastic jug. Very quick to make soup etc and reasonably quiet compared to my old blender.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good at Blending, but has Problems
  • beautiful blender
  • Exactly as described. Looks smart, easy to use.