Tefal BL435840 Blendforce II Glass Jug Blender – Glass jug blender with easy to operate controls

The product met my expectations.

This did not chop that fine – not the best – good price and probably ok for most but wanted it to really blend fine.

This is a great blender for hot and cold foods it helps me with my keto meal preps it’s just great.

Easy to clean (blades have to be hand washed but rest is okay in the dishwasher). Really easy to use and is great for soups and purées.

Well made, capacious, easy to use. Blends soft fruits and veg (with added liquid) easily. My review is not more positive because after reading reviews i thought it could blend and/or purée fairly hard foods such as cooked chicken, ham, salmon or other fish, as well as hard or stringy vegetables like cooked celery, carrots, etc. But it struggled with all of these. Some it could manage in small batches by adding quite a lot of liquid, but this defeated my purpose because i want to make large batches of puréed foods, suitable for a person with swallowing difficulties, for freezing. This is a mid-range blender, not really up to the task. The manufacturers could avoid negative evaluations by clarifying what the motor/blades can and cannot do.

Blends much better than my handheld. Need to be careful of blades when cleaning, common sense. Quite heavy to move however very stable in use.

The glass jug (and the tefal brand) give a quality look & feel to this blender, with the addition that the jug is very easy to clean with some washing up liquid and a quick blitz on the motor. It’s easy to use with a clear dial with two speeds plus a pulse control. It blended soup especially well and made a couple of smoothies quite quickly. You can also crush ice without wrecking the blades, and it’s dishwasher safe too. It’s about as noisy as you’d imagine (i. ‘quite noisy’), but blenders are seldom subtle devices.

I’ve had a right battle with enders over the past few years. This may provide a solutionglass jug, with a protective plastic ring at the bottom. It can go in the dishwasher. Not sure if you have to take the plastic bit off first. Unlike the traditional blender design, you stick the blade part up the mddle of the jug bottom and ensure it is aligned properly. This bit isn’t dishwasher safe. Maximum use time is three minutes (which might account for some of the melted motors). There’s no label on the jug to peel off, as in one review. Looks great for blending and more importantly cleaning. I’ve had two dad kenwood chef jugs that chipped on the bottom, and when i rebought a duronic, i found you can’t take apart the jug base to clean it.

[reviewed by mrs o’ i’ve used a fair few blenders in my time from entry level to high end, so was pleased to try out this tefal blender and see how it performs, and the answer is very well for a mid-range blender. This tefal blender may not have as many functions and speeds as , for example, my magimix, but it does everything you need it to with aplomb and at a lower price point. True, you can’t walk away and let the blender get on with it safe in the knowledge it will stop at the end of a pre-set programme, but in reality i’m not sure how many people do that anyway – it’s rare i do even though i could with my current blender. It’s especially important not to walk away and get distracted without a pre-set programme, as this blender has a maximum blend time of 3 minutes on the main settings and that time could easily slip away if distracted. I did test the blender on its max of 3 minutes blending and i’m pleased to report there were absolutely no issues, the motor didn’t get hot or move and the lid stayed firmly in place. I would say that if you’re blending something that needs a maximum blend time the don’t overfill it as the volume of the contents do increase during this elongated process. So to using the blender itself, i have used it both for smoothies and soups and this blender blended very well. I wondered if it would cope with my leaving skins on some of the fruit i used, but it pulverised them no problem. My go to recipe is kiwi, pear (with skin on), banana, greek yoghurt and almond milk – and it tastes delicious from this blender with all ingredients blended evenly to an expected smoothie texture. Soups are also a cinch too, though you do need to remember to let the soup mixture cool slightly (to 80 degrees) before blending, but that’s no issue really. ]

Small one flooded the motor with milk- still worked.

This tefal 800w blendforce glass blender looks and feels well made, and this version sports a substantial glass jug with six ‘powerlix’ blades which are supposed to deliver up to 30% faster results. There are two blending speeds plus a pulse feature. The unit is easy to use and the jug is suitable for both hot and cold liquids and will cope with rapid changes in temperature without problems. A strength of this model is that the jug is particularly easy to mount on the motor base and the blades are easy to clean too and clearly, safety is a priority too. In common with most other blenders, the 800w motor is quite noisy when running but is air cooled and designed not to overheat easily. The rubber feet mean the unit is stable in operation. So far i’ve used the unit to make smoothies, breadcrumb, soup and crush ice etc. I’ve been pleased with the results although you have to get used to the control and its speeds to achieve the right texture at first. It would be nice to have had a continuously variable speed control or a few more preset speeds than the two plus pulse on offer. The motor feels powerful and the 2l (1.

I like to make a lot of home-made soups and smoothies. I already own a large food processor and a juicer, but this fills the gap between, effortlessly liquidising ingredients quickly and easily to a uniform blend. The blender was easy to use straight out of the box, and has a high capacity 2l jug – working capacity 1. 25l – which is great when making a large batch of soup for the freezer. I was pleasantly surprised at how heavy and sturdy the jug was – not plastic but heat-resistant glass (although i understand it does come in a cheaper plastic version). Being used to the safety features of a food processor, i was a little surprised to notice that the blender still works without the lid locked in place, so be careful that you make sure it’s securely fitted or you run the risk of scalding yourself with hot liquids, and obviously don’t put your fingers into the jug when it’s plugged in. Finally, the blender is easy to clean in the dishwasher (the blade assembly is removable). The base can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove any drips or spills.

Very good and sturdy machine and fast soup mixer as we made lots and lots. Here are the specifications for the Tefal BL435840 Blendforce II Glass Jug Blender:

  • Faster blending: six powelix technology sharp stainless-steel blades provide the optimal resistance, cutting performance and Vortex action to amplify the mixing power for up to 30% faster results.
  • Hot and cold: The thermal shock-resistant glass jug lets you go from blending hot ingredients (up to 80C) to crushing ice without worry, while its 2.0L capacity (1.25L working) can handle large or small quantities.
  • Cool running: the built-in air cooling System optimizes airflow through the motor to keep things cool, prevent overheating and extend the life of your blender.
  • Safety first: The 3-in-1 smart lock makes it 40% easier to lock the jug into place, secures the blades automatically before running, and allows safe and easy access to the blades for cleaning.
  • Easy to use: the simple two-speed rotary dial, plus pulse function, makes it easy to get just the right texture. Four suction cups on the base keep the blender stable, no matter how tough the ingredients.

The tefal blendforce ii range comprises three models – glass (1. 25 litre glass jug, 2 speed), plastic (1. 25 litre plastic jug, 2 speed) and the maxi (1,25 litre glass jug, 5 speed). This glass model stands 41cm high (from feet to top of jug lid) and has the basic controls for blending, which are pulse, speed 1 and speed 2. The jug is easily fitted to the motor via a twist and lock mechanism which has a reassuringly positive feel. The motor is 600w (as are the other two models) and the blades (six) are stainless steel. The glass jug has a plastic twist lock lid with a 5cm diameter opening into which can be inserted the items for blending. This opening has a push-on lid which makes it quick and easy to add further items for a quick blend. The jug itself stands 28cm high (including lid) and has a large handle with small spout which makes holding and pouring very easy and safe. The motor is fairly quiet at all speeds and the large rotary control knob on the front makes for easy mode selection.

Just as you’d expect from a tefal product it is easy to use and clearn, with great results. I love the sturdiness of the base and the glass jug (although a little heavy) is very firm and gives a good clunk when attached to the base, making everything feel secure. Although we haven’t had the blender long, you do get the sense that this is built to last.

This smart and very efficient blender has diagrammatic illustrations to interpret before you start using it, however the first instruction in the diagrammatic leaflet is to read the health and safety booklet. The h&s instructions are multi-lingual, 36 languages in all and, although they are usually quite boring, in this case it is essential to read them, because although some instructions were common sense, others were less obvious e. The thermal shock resistant glass jug can cope with ice cubes but do not have hot liquids above 80 deg. , because hotter liquids can be ejected out of the jug as they produce a lot of steam. The performance of the blender is excellent, it’s powerful motor and the formation of the cutting blades made quick work of all the fruits and vegetables processed for smoothies and soups. The lid went on easily and locked, so that i was confident that there would not be any spillages. As the jug is made of thick gauge glass it is very heavy, but i prefer it to a plastic one. I’m sure it will last longer, but if i had the misfortune of breaking it, it is possible to replace. I’m also relieved that there is a 10 year repairable guarantee in case any other part needs replacing.

This is a review of the glass blender. It has fulfilled all of my blending needs so far. I haven’t tried it out on anything too extreme though. It is quite easy to use and even cleaning it isn’t too difficult. For te price range it does a good job. I have used it for a few months now and it is still working fine.

Brilliant value and quality blender, prompt delivery and i’m delighted with this tefal blender and i will use seller again.

I had a plastic one that came with a mixer as an attachment but it gave up the ghost when doing my baguette breadcrumbs (i find they do much better in a blender than a processor). So upon receiving this one i checked the nut underneath to see how well the fit was, as this was the problem with the previous one, that the shaped hole the but sat in was too large and the nut spun around leaving a dirty great round area which did nothing and consequently the blender blades failed to rotate. This one was well fitted and the blender blades made short work of the stale baguette. Next i made a smoothie with frozen fruit and yoghurt. My ninja does this without a problem, and whilst it took a little longer, the blades also made the smoothie without a problem. Its nice that the jug is glass rather than plastic, makes it a little sturdier. The jug clips into place before using and so does the black plastic cap around the top, just twist it into place before and then if you need it for anti-splash purposes, you can also put in the very centre of the top to block up the centre hole. It was easy to use, sit the jug on, twist into place, twist the cap on firmly and use one of the two speed settings. It was a little quieter than the ninja too. The only thing is the base, it seems very light compared to the jug but there are 4 small sucker feet which attach very firmly to the work surface to prevent movement.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good to blend soft foods with liquid but not to make purées from cooked meat or other hard foods.

  • Smooth blending

  • Great blender

This blender is sturdy and very well built. It appears to be durable (of course only constant use over time will tell). The addition of ‘sucker cups’ to the base is a real benefit and adds to stability when the unit is in use. It works really well and is very easy to clean especially as the glass jug is dishwasher safe. As the jug is glass that also ensures that any cross-contamination of tastes etc is avoided unlike some blenders with ‘man made’ jugs (from our experience). Storing the item is also simple.

Decent blender with all the key basic features required and by a respected brand to give most people all the blending they need for drinks, smoothies and foods. It’s fairly basic looking but the glass jug is strong and the unit stands firm. In use it’s easy to disconnect the jug, fill with whatever you wish using a recipe kit and reselling back to blend. It’s powerful and fast and noise is probably average. The blades are sharp, and it cuts through everything i did quick and easy – veg, fruit, ice cubes – no issues. It’s a decent capacity at 2. 0l capacity for most uses and its easy to adjust for smaller quantities. I like the safety feature meaning nothing will start until the jar is locked in the three positions. The most important factor is the simple to use two-speed rotary dial, plus pulse function.

Really sleek looking, thick sturdy glass (relatively heavy) so definitely good quality. Not overly noisy as blenders go. Quick and efficient, leaves everything nice and smooth. For smoothies it was easy to clean out after use.

Easily set up and to clean, dishwasher safe jug and wipe clean motor. I like how this looks in my kitchen, it has the retro look and fits perfectly underneath cupboard, footprint not much bigger than that of a kettle so it won`t be put away like other appliances that are too bulky. Markings on the glass jug are easy to see and to feel, it locks into place as does the jug lid so no walls covered with custard any more. Once assembled you only need to choose a setting for whatever you want to blend, turn anti clockwise for pulse action or clockwise for really powerful action on either number one or two. Ingredients may be added by removing the plastic insert on lid. There are four suction cups fitted on base to ensure the blender stays in place, you don`t get the mess that hand blenders can often make. I used it to crush ice without any problems though mostly it has been used for blending soups and making fruit smoothies for the grandchildren, thankfully the larger jug allows me to make more at one time. The air cooling feature gives added peace of mind that this blender will have good longevity and it comes with a 10 year warranty. Tefal are a favourite brand in our family and i have no problems recommending this blender, really powerful and fast compared to others.

Very happy with the blender use it every day.

Instructions are sparse, but the pictures are all you need to get yourself acquainted and running. It took a couple of minutes to empty the box and get the blender ready to operate. My test was a homemade potato and leek soup. I made enough for four people, and as this has a reasonably sized jug, it coped with all of the liquid in one go, giving a smooth consistency after only a handful of seconds. Cleaning was very easy, although care should be taken when cleaning the blades. The suckers on the bottom are a welcome addition, meaning this stays in one place when in use (and also sticks to your cupboard floor when being stored so cannot be knocked too easily.

I am delighted with this blender. I have recently been trying to replace my previous one which stopped working, worn out after very good service. Some were too tall to fit under my cupboards, most had lids that, with my arthritis, i could not get off. Some were not very powerful. This tefal blender ticks all the boxes for me. It fits easily under my cupboards – the the picture. It is so easy to use and to clean. I love the strong suckers on the base, they really do grip the worktop even when processing difficult ingredients. It makes short work of soups, smoothies, yorkshire pudding and pancake batter, etc.

We previously had a nutribullet, but we found that cumbersome and after a couple of years it wasn’t working so well. You don’t have to screw the top on the jug blender as tightly. It just clicks into place effortlessly. It’s upright and it’s really easy to clean. We like the fact that it’s got three settings, slow, fast, pulse. And because the blades have serrated edges, it’s capable of cutting through hard frozen fruit very easily. As a bonus it looks sleek, because it’s black. We leave it out on the kitchen sideboard. The jug part is made from glass which makes it a little bit heavy. You need to be more careful when washing it up.

This is a great glass jug blender, i have used other tefal blenders before, usually smaller, compact ones which can make smoothies, drinks and, theoretically, do some of the work in creating soups, but on a smaller, individual scale. The larger glass jug blender is a great idea for larger volumes of juice, smoothie, soup that you are making and while the glass jug itself is heavier than the smaller plastic volume jugs or jars. However, i think the weight is a factor in improving the stability and operation of the blender on the different settings and it helps prevent clumping if you are blending with a lot of ice or solids. It could present some dexterity or strength issues for an older user, perhaps, i do not know and could not really judge this, it is glass so perhaps there is a breakage risk too but i do not feel i could venture opinions, it is definitely not a criticism so much as an observation. The build on the entire product is good, as are the materials it is constructed from, all the joins and points at which i would suspect that wear is most likely to occur are good/strong/secure. I did not review this product right away and so can say that it has survived consistent wear over a longer term really well (as have all of my tefal blender ranger, they are a very, very good range if i do say so myself). There is a good inlay instructions and it is very easy to follow, while it is pretty intuitive to operate. While all the interlocking points and settings are not difficult to understand it is worth reading the guide as it has advice about maintenance and cleaning too. If you are making individual, small volumes i might recommend the other blenders, this is a great one for families, co-habiting groups, parties or preparing a number of days soup or drink in a single prep.

It’s quite bulky and big, but it really looks solid and made to last (only used it for a month so time will tell). Compared to nutribullet (which lasted less than 2 years) it’s a bit disappointing because it takes time to crush frozen fruits or ice, the blades are too small and i have to use a spoon to push fruits to the bottom (at least a few times) it takes me twice the time to prepare a smoothie.

I’m very fond of making soup, and have previously used a stick blender to get that creamy texture. However, i’m now a fan of this jug blender – it’s capacious, easy to use, easy to clean, and robust. It’s powerful enough to make deliciously smooth soups from a pan of bits in less than 3 minutes.

My son is a keen amateur boxer and takes extraordinary care of his food and exercise regime. He religiously uses this blender daily to prepare all his smoothies and other drinks that look disgusting, with ice and all sorts of ingredients that i would never put together. But he is thrilled with it and has claimed it for his own. He rinses the jug in hot water after use and leaves it to drain until its put to use again after a short respite. He is a hard core user of this blender and will use it far more than the average household. It stands up to this extra demand with no effort at all. A very good kitchen addition which has stood up well to the abuses of a fanatic sportsman.

Easy to use and easy to clean.

There are 3 different machines on the amazon page – so make sure you are looking at the right ones for the machine that you are interested in. I got the glass jug – which is is at lest wenty quid more than the plastic. I think it is probably worth it. It has a good capacity and a solid feel whilst still being manageable. The motor is powerful enough for blending everything i have thrown at it so far. The blades work well, and they are easy to detach / fix so cleaning is pretty straightforward. It is a simple machine in many respects – and probably all the better for it. So far very pleased with it.