Tefal BL936E42 Ultrablend Plus High-Speed Blender : A mighty beast that will probably pulverise anything you ask of it

It dwarfs my nutribullet and made it look like a child’s blender so i can’t situate them side by side it looks ridiculous. It is heavyweight, with a really solid base and the jug is big (2litre capacity) and robust. There are preset blending programs for things like soup, nuts and smoothies. It is brilliant with typically tough ingredients such as medjool dates and cashews. Handles all of these with ease to create a smooth consistency for the smoothie or cashew cream for example. This for me is where it proves its value. As is evident when you try to blend these sorts of things in a cheaper blender. – great variability of blending speed (from 1-12) which makes it versatile. – large capacity so you can blend soup in one batch- digital display- auto turn-on (from standby) when you put the jug on the base- self clean option- some parts dishwasher safecons:- price (rrp £300 although amazon offering it for £160). You can’t skirt around the fact that it’s expensive but nor can you deny the superior blending ability- size: whilst it is good in some ways that it is big it also is a bit of a pain. Not in terms of how much workspace it uses (that isn’t too bad) but getting to the bottom of the jug (to scoop out ingredients or to hand wash) is annoying. It is almost like it’s a little too big. It would have helped if it came with a utensil to reach to the bottom and retrieve blended ingredients without having to lose your whole arm to the jug and get food in your armpit (slight exaggeration)- it’s good having presets and time/speed settings, and there is a pulse button.

This is a very impressive machine, with lot of features and a lot of power, but there are some points to think about. The programming is complicated. You set the speed and the time and the programme which means altogether you have to make several button presses to switch it on. Overall this is the sign of a well designed product but people who don’t like fiddling with the controls on a microwave oven will find this equally frustrating. You cannot remove the base of the top section to clean the blade. My other blender allows this, making cleaning much easier. The top part is made of plastic. I would have preferred it to be made out of thick shatter proof glass, as are many blenders. Although this has a 10 year guarantee, it will be annoying to have to claim if the top part cracks after a year or so and there’s always the risk they will say it was your fault. My other concern comes from my experience of a different blender which had an imperfect seal at the top and on more than one occasion hot soup came through the seal and sprayed over the person using it.

This is a mighty beast – 1500w, or 2 horse power as my husband keeps telling me – enough to drive a small boat along (he’s into small boats). It’s a big, tall bit of kit, with a 2 litre jug and chunky lid that sits squarely (literally – the base is square) on it’s base. The jug itself weighs just under 1. 3kg, and the base unit is a chunky 3. 5kg, so if you’re looking for something to tuck away on a high shelf, this won’t do. The instructions tell you not to shake the device while running it, but i can’t see how you could – it’s too big and heavy. It made frighteningly quick work of a standard mix of cooked veg for soup, i gave my squash, onion and chorizo mix about 20 seconds and it was utterly pureed. I can’t imagine it being stopped by anything quite frankly. The instructions are very basic, and i still haven’t fathomed how to change the default time of 7 minutes for the “hot soup” setting – which is far, far, far too long. But it stops readily when you press the appropriate button, so it’s not a problem.

I’ve been using this blender for around six months now and have used it for everything, from blending soups to making smoothies and crushing ice during our hot summer. It’s carried out all tasks thrown at it without exception. There are six programmes: smoothies, ice-crush, hot soup, sorbet, nuts() and clean. The final programme ‘clean’ does give the jug and attachments a good rinse, but i wouldn’t say it will clean thoroughly – especially if you’ve been using a mixture of soft and hard ingredients. That said, all the parts are dishwasher safe so giving them a good clean is not restricted to the kitchen sink. The speed and time features allow you to tailor your programme to as much power and duration as required, handy if you want a quick blitz, or a longer blend using a number of different ingredients that need more power and time to give the correct results. The blades are fixed in position and cannot be removed which can result in food getting stuck underneath. Not a bit issue, i don’t think being able to remove the blades would be a great idea as they are very sharp and not easily accessible. There are better alternatives on the market – the blentec classic being one, but with a price drop to £130 this is very good value for money and will do everything you want for a great price.

I’ve used this blender for smoothies, sorbet, ice-crushing, and a slightly ill-advised curry sauce. It blends hard and fast, and is very convenient and easy to use. The preset options have covered most of my needs, but you can run the blender at whatever speed you choose for up to 7 minutes, and there’s a handy pulse button for a quick blast. A better manual would be nice, but it’s all fairly simple. Included is a perfectly sized tamper, which fits through the hole in the rubberised lid, allowing you to safely push the contents down into the blade while running – very handy for thicker mixtures, and larger chunks of fruit and veg that get pushed upward by the vortex. Being two litres, this thing looms large in a small kitchen. The base alone is over 20cm tall, and with the jug in place it’s over 55cm. It’s taken up permanent residence on the counter. The base is solid and heavy, and feels incredibly sturdy. Even at high rpm, everything remains perfectly stable.

The tefal bl936e42 blender is a large and tall, powerful and noisy workhorse with 6 pre-set programmes including a self-clean function and 10 variable speeds. The instructions are basic but the machine is fairly easy to use though as with all things, if you haven’t used a blender before it will take you a few goes to get used to the functions. The lcd display gives you a countdown and tells you the programme being used. Supplied with a large plastic tamper for ensuring the contents are pushed through the blades, the 6 blades in this machine make short work of anything put into the 2-litre jug which also has a pouring spout (thank you tefal, not all blenders have a spout which i, for one, consider essential in a blender) there is a good seal on the lid and i have successfully made soups, smoothies and milkshakes so far. All of those are the positives. There are a few negatives which you might wish to bear in mind. While there is a self-clean function i still like to have removable blades to ensure that i’m getting all remnants washed away. The blades do not come out in this machine and the jug still needed a wash and rinse after the self-clean programme had been used. In addition, you do not screw the jug onto the base as you might with other models, this one simply sits on it which makes me somewhat on edge despite the weight of the jug so, for now, i prefer to hold it in place for the higher powered operations. All in all, the tefal bl936e42 has been a big success (literally and metaphorically) in our home and is well built and fit for purpose.

After blending everything by hand for years it was time for us to get a blender and this one did not disappoint. It’s easy to use and can make a multitude of different blended foods from soup to smoothies. It blends in seconds and comes out perfectly smooth every time. This has been a huge time savor for us and we wouldn’t be without it now. Excellent product that i can’t fault.

I was very happy to try this blender and give my opinion on its efficiency. I have owned a froothie blender for a few years so i have a good blender as a comparison. I paid over twice as much for my froothie which has lasted and still works fine but is very basic. This tefal blender does all the work for you and i can now do my blending without all the guesswork on how long and how much to blend. I find that it blends very well with the programmes and manually too. It is fast enough for the needs of most people and is easy to clean. I have never had to blend at the highest speed with my old blender and really don’t expect that this one is any different. It crushes ice efficiently and makes lovely smoothies. I think the price is ok for a top of the range blender. Tefal makes good products and this is one of them.

  • Very good for simple ice crashing and Smoothies (even with frozen
  • Top!!!
  • Ok, kitchen gadget. No receipt book

Tefal BL936E42 Ultrablend Plus High-Speed Blender, 1500 W, Silver

Product Description, Tefal’s most powerful blender goes beyond blending to give you more from your fruits and vegetables Revolutionary blade technology 6 thick, stainless steel blades pulverize every ingredient for maximum nutrient release

Box Contains, 1 x Tefal Ultrablend Twist Plus High Speed Blender 1 x Instruction Manual

From the manufacturer

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Get more from your fruit and vegetables

The Tefal Ultrablend+ BL936E42 high-speed blender makes it easy to get all the vitamins and minerals from your food. Tefal’s most powerful blender comes equipped with six Tripl’Ax Pro Technology blades. Powered by a 1500W motor, these reach speeds of more than 460km/h, pulverising ingredients for maximum nutrient release and super-smooth results.

Take manual control or select one of six preset programmes (including auto clean) on the easy-to-use digital display to create a variety of drinks and meals. This high-speed blender makes light work of crushing ice for frozen drinks and grinding grains into flour – it can even cook soup. Meanwhile, the 2L capacity ensures there’s plenty to go around.

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High speed, low effort

At 30,000rpm, the Tefal Ultrablend+ is 1.5 times faster than a traditional blender*. Powered by a durable 1500W motor, six stainless-steel blades are propelled more than 460km/h. This high-speed blending pulverizes ingredients, breaking the cell wall to extract all the nutrients, while creating a smooth consistency.

Tefal Ultrablend+ has the power to tame the toughest ingredients, effortlessly – from the hardest nuts to the smallest grains. So, you can create your morning smoothie with speed – which means you won’t be running on empty when you’re running late.

*Versus Tefal Double-clic range.

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Ultimate blending.

Six Tripl’Ax Pro Technology blades combine three complementary actions for ultimate blending:

1. Two upward serrated blades create a powerful vortex, pulling all the ingredients in.

2. Two horizontal serrated blades finely mix and crush all ingredients.

3. Two downward blades ensure that no ingredients get trapped at the bottom of the jug.

No food prep, no extra liquid and no scraping down necessary.

Tripl’Ax Pro Technology

Pulverisation power.

Ultrablend+ has six-blade Tripl’Ax Pro Technology for optimum blending. 60% thicker, 25% longer and 40% heavier than traditional blender blades, these stainless-steel blades have the power to pulverize whole foods for super-smooth results, fast.

In fact, the Tripl’Ax Pro Technology blades reach speeds fast enough to create friction heat. This means they can turn cold ingredients into delicious hot soup in just six minutes. Put fresh homemade soup back on the menu!

  • Tripl’Ax Pro Technology blades are:
  • – 40% heavier.
  • – 60% thicker.
  • – 25% longer.
  • Versus traditional blender blades.

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6 programmes and 10 variable speeds for the ideal blend

With six one-touch programmes, Tefal Ultrablend+ allows you to create a wide variety of drinks and meals. Simply fill the jug to make energising smoothies, comforting soups, refreshing sorbets and more. Select a programme and Ultrablend+ will do all the work for you, adjusting speed and time automatically for the ideal blend.

The soft-start function increases the speed gradually once the ingredients have started to blend, to prevent splashes or any food clumping on the blades. There’s also a handy ‘clean’ programme and all removable parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

There’s no need for manual intervention. But when you do want to be in control, Ultrablend+ also offers 10 variable speeds, plus a pulse function, allowing you to achieve your desired consistency.

Additional features

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Simple to use.

Thanks to its intuitive digital display, Tefal Ultrablend+ is incredibly simple to use. This shows the selected programme, time remaining and blender speed. So, you can monitor progress or adjust time and speed manually with ease.

Plenty to go around.

The large-capacity 2L jug is ideal for blending big batches. Whip up a breakfast smoothie for the whole family or cook a nourishing soup, then freeze the leftovers for a quick and easy lunch. Made from lightweight, ultra-resistant Tritan, the jug won’t crack or break with repeated use, so you can use it every day with confidence.

Keep things moving.

Use the tamper to help incorporate ingredients into thicker mixtures, while the blender is still running. Designed for use with the 2L Ultrablend+, it fits through the hole in the lid and catches before it reaches the blade, for safe and easy tamping.

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I have to say that my last few tefal appliances have left a bit to be desired in terms of quality and finish, so i was curious to see how this blender would compare (i was offered it free for review purposes). My first impression: this thing is huge. It will take up a fair bit of kitchen space, with its 2 litre mixing jug. It’s also a hugely powerful beast, with a 30,000 rpm, 1,500w motor. Basically it will make very short work of anything you put into it. It has a choice of programs for smoothies, ice crushing, soup, etc. There’s also a ‘self clean’ option, which is essential, as the blades are non-removable. For me this is a major downside, as i’d prefer to to be able to wash the blades for myself. Another downside (for me, anyway) is that the usual manual is barely adequate – but this is all-too-often the norm these days. It feels slightly mean to give this a 3 star review – i’d prefer to call it a 3.

Four stars because of the price. It certainly performs well as a blender but whether you want to shell out this much on what is a blender and not a food processor is down to personal choice. It interestingly advertises itself as being repairable for 10 years. I’ve not seen that before on home consumer items – we tended to see this with enterprise class it kit for example where the manufacturer guaranteed to have parts and upgrades for extended periods. I suppose you would consider the expense of a repair for such an item whereas we would throw away a cheaper one and buy new. That’s another consideration. The build is solid and powerful. The blades are effective of course. Interestingly, the instructions despite needing a small tree to make enough paper are extremely simple. Basically, put the stuff in and press the appropriate button.

Very good for simple ice crashing and smoothies (even with frozen fruits). But the mixer cant make ice cream (from frozen fruits) and the smoothies have to be watery, as soon the food is sticky the mixer just stops and you have to put some more liquid to make it finish. Also it is heating the food, i had always put some ice cubes to my smoothie to keep it cold.

I have, or should i say had 3 blenders but i also have 3 daughters who ‘borrow’ my kitchen gadgets; i don’t mind that but i never seem to get them back or i have to wait 6 months for them. This is one blender that nobody is borrowning it is mine. It is by far the best blender that i have had, there are more pro’s than con’s with it and it looks great in my kitchen. Pro’s – it has a very speedy motor that can be adjusted from 1 to 10. Large cutting bladesa very large 2 litre jug with a pusher to help push foods onto the bladesthe function buttons are for smoothies; hot soup; nuts; pulse; ice crush; sorbet and auto clean. The lcd display is very clear showing how long you are blending for. It also counts down for things like soup and smoothies. It makes brilliant sorbets and crushes ice. The jug cleans itself on autoclean. There is an overload protection built in which switches the machine off to prevent damage.

Since my soup-maker packed in i have been looking for something to replace it and this more than makes up for it. Though not a soup-maker itself this more than meets the requirements for blending. On unpacking it looks a very smart bit of kit. It has a sleep, elegant yet still modern design with the container easy to remove and place on the base. Likewise the lid is easy to remove and place back on and it has a handy little detachable top on the lid if you just want to pour liquids or other ingredients inside. On the front are a number of buttons for settings and it has a digital display. These are easy to use and you can soon have it up and running. There are a number of pre-set options. For me it was about the broccoli, potato and cheese soup which i cooked up in a large pan. The blender can take hot soup with no problems at all and when i selected the soup option it set it to run for 7 minutes.

Massive, sturdy, good for smoothies and soups (though you need to cook the veg first and only 8 icecubes at a time), this is a very good piece of kit though you need some space for it, because it is huge. The thing that would have sent it over the edge would have been if it had a proper recipe book with it. There are a couple of recipes in there but that’s it.

This is a well made very modern looking, compact blender. It seems very well built so should last a while. The container is very easy to remove and put back on to the base however the blades are not removable so you need to be careful when cleaning it. There are a few buttons at the front but don’t let that put you off. They’re all self explanatory making it very easy to use. The blender blends anything you put in its path. It’s not the quietest but that’s to be expected from a powerful blender. It’s also not the lightest blender but the jug is well balanced. Overall, it’s a great blender. While the rrp is high, amazon offers it at an excellent price.

I must add a caveat to this review as we have only used it twice, and one of those times was to make some winter vegetable soup which even a hand blender could (probably) dothe motor seems quite powerful, with a good range of speed. As mentioned above we made soup once and just selected that from the functions using the buttons (very high tech), using some quite chunky winter veg like carrots, potatoes, and onions. Cleaning the jug was relatively easy, using its self-clean program but it still needed a minor rinse afterwards. The blades could not be removed which makes it more awkward to clean (and to get that last bit of soup – or whatever – out of the bottom of the jug). That jug is quite large at 2-litre capacity and has a pouring spout which aids getting the stuff out without spills. We’re still in the early days of discovering how to use this (sorbet weather will be with us soon) but in the meantime we’re very pleased with it. Oh, the soup was delicious, by the way.

  • Very good for simple ice crashing and Smoothies (even with frozen
  • Top!!!
  • Ok, kitchen gadget. No receipt book

Tefal BL936E42 Ultrablend Plus High-Speed Blender, 1500 W, Silver

Amazing product great quality.

The tefal bl936e42 ultrablend is a substantial blender/smoothie makerthings i likethis blender is beautifully made. It has a smart brushed aluminium body, and almost everything about the ultrablend looks and feels high-quality. The connecting gear between the 2-litre jug and the base has the sort of beefy toothed gear you might expect to find on a car’s starter motor. The jug locates securely on the base, without actually having to be locked in position. I wasn’t sure if not locking would be an issue, but it’s not, and it also means that with the square base of the jug, you can fit the jug to the base so the handle points in one of four directions, which is useful if you’re short of space on your worktop. The cutting blades are sharp and seem well-engineered, in line with the rest of the ultrablend. There are a good variety of pre-programmed options, but we have found that the smoothie option is the one we most use. It works excellently, producing even smoothies without lumps or bits. There’s a useful “bodger” which fits through a hole in the sturdy silicone lid of the jug and you can use to push food down into the ultrablend. I’ve found that when used for smaller volumes, i leave the bodger in during blending as it seems to displace the mix onto the blades better.

This is a top quality, attractive and well constructed unit. However large you think it looks in the picture – in person it’s bigger. 54cm high 22cm from front to back and 19cm wide. The footprint is reasonable, but it is quite tall. Don;t be intimidated by all the buttons – they’re mostly shortcuts for certain frequently used blend types like smoothie, ice crush, nuts etc. There’s also a clean feature which you can leave to run, and it will do its best to clean out the jug for you. The top is rubberised, and this gives the unit a real quality feel – the blend jug sits on it, and it eliminates most of the vibration – there really is very little. However, it is noisy at full whack – but at 30,000 rpm – this is inevitable. If you need a more powerful blender than this, i’d like to know why. You can easily adjust the blend duration from 5 secs to 7 minutes, and the speed from 1 to 10. There is also a ‘secret’ switch on the back of the unit where you can turn it off completely – that should hopefully stop your kids from playing with it. Overall – a fantastic unit which would look great in any kitchen, and will blend anything you can throw at it fantastically well.

Would have been nice to have a recipe book. Only made mushroom soup (was to smooth i like it with bits) and i made a few smoothies that came out ok.

This is a very powerful and efficiant house hold blender that will chop up pretty much anything you want it to. Its tidy and stylish if not a little tall which means you have to store it and it will take up alot of cupboard space if its not on your counter top. Its very simple to use which is good as it has a tiny manual. My main issues with it however are1. You cant remove the blades so you will still need a food processor for some jobs, and also it means you cant access food at the bottom that isnt in liquid form. . For cleaning it has a self cleaning process but i am never a fan of these2. The jug doesnt lock to the base when opperating, it just activates teh sensor which allows you to start so anything which its really going to fight means that you will have to hold onto it to stop it flying offother than that its is an excellent blender which has a secure lid, top access for pushing food down with supplied plastic ‘pusher’. A large capcity jug and a very efficiant set of blades. I doubt anyone wanting this for smoothies, soups etc will be disapointed.

Tefal bl936e42 ultrablend plus high-speed blender, 1500 w, silver arrives in a large box. You have a booklet which outlines how to use the blender. If you are familiar with this type of product you will have a good idea how to use this already. What i did was set the auto wash with cold water and washing up liquid. I don’t use hot as the compression can cause a vacuum and pop the lid open, but that is just me from past experience. What you have is some nice auto settings, which will cover probably 90% of your general needs. I like the overall quality of all of the components. I quite like the jug which has a pouring spout, you don’t always get that. The base is nice and heavy, ensure when you turn this on just to leave the jug as is i. It will be loud when the blender is in operation, but the end results is always good. I use this predominantly to create smoothies, i have one a day, so its in constant use. We do use this to thin out cooked vegetables to use in soup.

For a long time vitamix have had this market to themselves and this is a very cost effective alternative. It does take a little of getting your head around. It is a big and powerful beast of a machine. It blasts the cell walls and releases nutrients in veg and fruit. It also cooks, so when you add the ingredients for soup the friction of the blades heats and cooks the soupthis is an excellent blender, and it would be well worth watching the many vitamin videos on youtube to fully appreciate how versatile this machine is.

I have never had a proper blender before now just a stick type which i use in the slow cooker when making soup. So this is interesting to try. Sitting on my kitchen worktop it comes up higher that the bottom of the wall units so i had to find a space that didn’t prevent me opening cupboard doors. (also as i’m short i cant really see when adding ingredients in once running as i can’t see the top). I found it fiddly turning on the first time (oh a power switch in the back bottom right hand side). I love that it is both left and right handed in that it will fit on the base either way around (i’m a lefty). I find it strange that it doesn’t lock into place – i was expecting it to but it just sits on top. The presets are easy enough to use without instructions. I wonder if it is just mine but it smells like the motor is overheating or burning when running?.

Ice, nuts, seeds, dates, frozen fruit and veg, it does it all. It’s big, but does he job better then any other blender i had before. And for under £90 it’s probably the best one on the uk market at the moment.

This is really an amazing product. Not only does it ‘blend’ but it also heats up soup and makes crushed ice and even smoothies. Versatile yes, expensive yes. I was able to try this free but at a rrp of just under three hundred pounds i cannot see how tefal can justify the price – although the discount price is far more acceptable. In use this really does a grand job. With its powerful motor and hardened steel blade it makes short work of mashing up anything you may put in it. For soup it says you must put in cooked veg and use the unit for blending and heating. This does work well but it is still a faff to clean out – even though it does ‘clean itself’ i am yet to be convinced that anything like this can clean itself perfectly, but i have to say it does a really good job. The bottom line – would i buy it myself?.Answer = probably so long it was less than say one hundred and fifty pounds.

Features and Spesification

  • The 30,000 rpm Ultrablend+ is 1.5x faster than a regular blender* for high-power, low-effort blending
  • Six Tripl’Ax Pro blades pulverise ingredients for maximum nutrient release and smooth results
  • Six one-touch programs, plus manual control, to create a variety of drinks and meals – even hot soup
  • Easy to use and built to last, with intuitive digital display, durable tritan jug, plus handy tamper accessory
  • Jug material: Tritan