Tefal FR8040 Oleoclean Pro Inox – Design Deep Fryer – silver blue – Easy to clean, practical size

Please note this review is for the previous model fr7013. I bought this model from amazon. De because it was no longer available in the u. And it is the only model with an oil filter and drain facility. When this model was available in the u. It got some bad reviews due to its knack of randomly emptying oil out of the frying tank. Common sense says that when you drain the oil from the frying tank through the filter into the holding container that some very small particles will pass through the filter as it is only a metal mesh, these particles can stop the spring loaded draining valve from closing fully and thus leading to the oil gradually escaping. I have had no problems at all with oil leaking because i wash the valve with very hot soapy water even if the tank has been through the dish washer, one of the benefits of this fryer is that all components except the heater unit can be cleaned in the dish washer.

Looks good, very practical,would recommend this product, i’ve had various tefal products in the past, some of which have been value for money, and this one makes the mark.

Had this for a couple of years now, still cooks perfectly and is still the easiest fryer i’ve ever had to clean but for the past few months, once drained it leaks all over the worktop. Has anyone else had this problem?.

They keep discontinuing this model. Simple storage of oil and easy to clean. House does not smell of old fish the next day as oil is strained and stored in a sealed container automatically. Please keep making them, also just need to know where to get spares, ie new element.

I read the reviews, some not favourable, and decided to make this purchase given that it comes from a very reputable brand. Our frier came from a seller in germany and as such it arrived with an permanent plug adapter fitted to be suitable for use with uk/irl sockets. This product is a marvel, follow the instructions and you shall not be disappointed, after cooling the oils can be filtered in to the blue tank and then the frying container and basket can be placed in the dishwasher – it is keeping our product like new, and then you have the added benefit of pouring clean filtered oil back in to the frier for another use. This is without doubt a money saver when it comes to having to replace oil less often due to contamination, but it also means that the oil is not contaminated and results in a fresh taste each time. As for frying, i find that it comes up to temperature reasonably quickly and also holds it very well, i also appreciate the digital timer. All-in-all a very good purchase.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • At last a clean way to fry
  • Easy to clean, practical size
  • Perfectly crisp batter