Tefal GC450B27 Super Grill 2-in-1 : Best sandwich maker ever.

Excellent quality, non stick plates, best durable product, very stylish.

This supergrill is simple and easy to operate, but performs well. I’ve tried steaks, toasted sandwiches and more, and the results are great. The grill can accommodate quite thick items, and is large enough to sear-cook three good-sized steaks. In addition to grill mode, it’s easily opened out into the barbecue mode, to give a larger, yet still stable, cooking surface. The grill heats up in about 5 minutes and distributes heat evenly across the cooking surface. The grill plates are easy to remove for washing, and thin and light enough to harmlessly slot amongst the washed plates on our draining board drying rack (the grill plates are dishwasher safe, though we don’t have one). Also easy to remove and wash is the juice tray, which has a capacity that is plenty big enough for our family-sized grill sessions. It’s good at catching any run-off, even when the supergrill is opened into barbecue mode. This supergrill has proven to be a very welcome addition to our kitchen, and we are using it far more often than i expected.

At the time of writing this review i was unsure of the price this product would be retailing at but i believe it is around the £100 mark. I have used forman grills before but always found them a bit hard to keep clean and having the worry of getting the appliance too wet while cleaning. What i really liked about this product is that the grill plates clip in and are easily removable for thorough cleaning without the worry of getting the electrics wet. I bought a couple of rump steaks to test this out. The instructions were a little confusing to me as to what to put it on for steaks so i used the heat setting 3. The grill heated up quickly and it smoked a little, but that was probably my fault. The grill gives a really nice searing to whatever you are cooking. The steaks came out wonderfully tender and as tasty as restaurant quality. The grill did smoke a lot though and i had to have my extractor fan on full for fear it would set of the smoke alarm.

I was surprised at how heavy this was, i was hoping it was the packaging that made it so heavy but once taken out of the box i realised how big it actually was, hence the weight of it. I used to have a similar item in my kitchen years ago, i am a bit of a meat snob anyway and try to buy most of my meat products extra lean etc. Its amazing even with the extra lean stuff how much fat drips out of it still. Kinda gross and fascinating to see. It was easy to set up, my only real complaint is the size of it. It takes up considerable space on my kitchen side and i find myself constantly having to move it around as and when i am cleaning etc. It’s easy to remove the trays to clean afterwards, they just slide out without any problems. The cooking levels as recommended are pretty perfect. I didn’t have any issues with cooking any meat. Cooking meats like bacon etc was made easier as i didn’t have to worry about oil spitting at me, burning/hurting me.

I know this is much more versatile than i’m giving it credit for, but since my super grill arrived i’ve started eating toasties again. They look really good with the stripes on themwhen your machine arrives you need to wash the two plates. They are really easy to remove – just unclip them from the machine and pop them in the dishwasher. Then clip them back in when they’re clean and dry. The first time i tried the machine i made a cheese toastie (without the butter on the outside that you used to do). I selected the temperature suggested for paninis etc, waited for it to heat up and then popped the sandwich in. After a few seconds it seemed to be smoking quite a lot, so i opened it up and the toastie had lovely brown stripes down it. I took it out at that point as it didn’t really want to be any browner. Unfortunately though the bread was done beautifully, the cheese was still uncooked. The next time i deacreased the temperature and increases the time i left it in.

I love my george foreman grill, and have never been without one for many years, so was interested to see how this similar tefal grill would compare. It looks nice enough and is a decent size. The different heat settings are very handy and a huge difference over cheaper grills that only have one heat setting. This obviously adds greater flexibility to what and how you can cook things. So far i’ve tried the basics, bacon, sausages, chicken and steak, and all have turned out great. Cleaning the grill plates seems easier than on my george foreman grill, the plates are removable so that clearly helps, but they also seem really non-stick, which is good. Overall this tefal grill is a very versatile appliance and i feel like there are more options that with the george foreman grill i’m currently using. I’m sure i can find uses for both, though, especially if there are lots of people to feed, which tends to be the case in this house.

First there was the plain old sandwich maker, then the george foreman grill and now the tefal super grill. Is it worth the superhero title though?. After putting it through it’s paces for several weeks its a resounding yes from mepros:wide grill surface – big enough for several steaks or pieces of fish or a couple of toasted baguettesvariable heating for the type of food you are cooking – just select the food on the dial and press the on switch and wait for it to heat upvery fast at heating updetachable dishwasher safe grill plates. This is amazing – no more nasty gunk that you cant scrub off without removing the teflon in the processfolds open flat so you can use as a bbqcatches dripping fat front and rear in handy removable traycons:not a design flaw but i would recommend you use this under a powerful extractor fan when doing meat or fish as it does make a lot of smokei’ve used it to grill steak, whole trout fillets, toasted sarmies, lamb chops and burgers and they all came out fantastic – particularly the fish which i have always found difficult to do in a grill pan as it tends to stick and then break apart. Throw away your old sandwich maker and get one now.

We like the grill it’s easy to use and to clean. We would have given it five stars if the grill came with a better instruction book.

  • For The Money It Is Very Good.
  • Flimsy instruction book
  • Five Stars

Tefal GC450B27 Super Grill 2-in-1, (6 Portions),0 4 Settings Including Searing, Stainless Steel

Product Description, Tefal Super Grill Standard meets all your daily needs, whether impressing family and friends with perfectly seared meat or cooking any kind of ingredient whatever the occasion. Use it in the kitchen as a grill or on a table via the BBQ position. Get restaurant-level meat grilling results thanks to the super searing mode and the high-performance die-cast plates. Its four positions adjustable thermostat helps you master your cooking. Its die-cast plates reinforce its power for a high-performance product that ensures grilling perfection.

Box Contains, 1 x Super grill, 1x instruction manual

From the manufacturer

The grill that provides superb searing and has two positions for grilling and barbecuing

SuperGrill 2in1 is a multipurpose grill that is perfect for sharing convivial moments with family and friends around a delicious meal. With its 4-position thermostat, you can perfectly grill all types of ingredients, including fish/chicken, red meat, sausages/paninis and vegetables. SuperGrill 2in1 has 2 cooking positions which allow you to grill in the kitchen or BBQ on the table, providing versatility as well as added convenience. Enjoy restaurant-quality grilling results thanks to the Super Searing mode and die-cast aluminium plates, which marks your meat and keeps it deliciously moist. Its large cooking surface and adjustable position provides perfectly grilled food for up to 6 people. Its dishwasher safe, removable plates make cleaning up a breeze!


2 cooking positions for grilling or barbecuing

With the SuperGrill 2in1, you can either grill in your kitchen or BBQ in the middle of your table. When grilling food, the floating hinge easily adjusts to the thickness of your food whilst the grill plates are sloped to allow excess fat to drain straight into the built-in drip tray. When barbecuing, simply open out the grill 180 degrees for a larger cooking surface.




dishwasher safe

Adjustable 4-position thermostat

The adjustable thermostat gives you even more control over the grilling process. Perfectly grill all types of foods for any occasion, including fish/chicken, red meat, sausage/paninis and vegetables.

Drip Tray

Sloped plates allow for fat to run directly from the grill into the drip tray, making clean up after use easy and simple.

Super Searing mode

Enjoy restaurant-quality results thanks to the Super Searing mode, which marks your meat and keeps it deliciously juicy.

Dishwasher Safe

The SuperGrill has removable plates and drip tray which are both dishwasher safe.

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Have been buying george forman in fact have bought about ten over the years wish i had got this then as it is far superior to any i have bought love it no problems atoll keep making them highly recommend love it.

This is yet another great grill from tefal. It’s very easy to clean as you can easily take the plates out and clean them. It has a tray to store all the fat/water that comes out of anything you’re grilling. Steaks come out great, just make sure you don’t keep them on the grill for too long. You have to find the right balance with the settings, don’t always stick to the instructions. After a few tries you’ll know exactly when to take things off the grill. One thing to keep in mind is that when the grill is on, it can get a bit smoky. Not enough to trigger your smoke alarm tho.

Having tried several of these grills over the year and even returned a well known make to amazon after it stopped working halfway through cooking some beef burgers, i find this one is very good. On the heavy side but the design is well thought out and it works perfectly. No need for probes, measuring the weight etc, which makes it more likely to go wrong. This does the job in a simple easy to use way.

This super grill feels sturdy and well made. It came well packaged with good protection of the ribbed plates inside the box. The top and bottom plates are clipped into place and are easily removed for cleaning purposes (it is recommended that you clean them before first use). For test purposes i cooked a couple of chops. Following the guidelines they were cooked perfectly through. Any fat and juices run into the detachable drip tray. This drip tray slides into position under the left side of the grill and has ample capacity. Again, easily removed for cleaning. The hinged lid can be separated so the upper plate and lower plate open flat for barbeque style cooking (see photos)overall, very impressed.

Heats up quick, cooked great, and easy to clean. The mouse has caught the cat, but how big was the goose?.

 video index=========00:00 unboxing. It’s big and heavy, at nearly 5 kilos. 00:17 tefal instructions are mostly pictures (no words)00:30 first use: detaching grills, hand washing them in sink01:30 the big handle looks swish, but the stuff on it is just a sticker; you can’t control anything from here. 01:47 sizzling bacon02:40 the fat tray (stuff flows from both grill plates into here)criticisms========- i feel that tefal ‘cheaped out’ with the instructions. I get why they used pictures: it means they can use the same booklet in france, germany, spain etc. The little pictures are very small. Positives=======+ it cooks food, especially meats, evenly and quickly. All that gross fat drips off. [the tray design is an improvement in design to the george forman grills.

The tefal super grill is a large grill, so make sure you’ve got space in your cupboard. The grill has two positions. One closed (like regular grills of this type) and the other open so it becomes something like a bbq. What food you’re cooking will dictate whether you leave the grill opened or closed. The instruction manual will be able to advise you on this. Instructions are fairly basic, but easy to follow. There’s a grid that shows you a range of food, and tells you what setting the grill needs to be on and whether it should be opened or closed. It’ll also give you an estimated time of how long it should take to cook, but i found with sausages it was taking them longer to cook then what the instructions said. The big setback with these things is they can be a pain to clean and generally make a mess when you’re using them. When cooking i’ve found the fat goes where it’s meant to – in the drip tray (unlike other grills in the past that have got fat all over the kitchen counter). As for cleaning, you can pull the drip tray out, and unclip the grill plates and wash them. They’re easy to clean, and i found grease just slid off the plates. Well that depends what you want to use it for.

This is pretty good, but could’ve been so better very easily. Firstly, if you’re cooking in bbq mode (with the lid up) you cant turn off the second heating element. So you have a huge energy drain just burning up your electricity bill. Secondly, it would’ve been nice to have one of the plates as flat so things like eggs and crepes could’ve been cooked, or an insert or even an extra plate. Finally, there seems to be no latch to hold the plates together so it cant be stored upright. These faults are minor points really. At the end of the day it cooks well and is quite adjustable. I cooked bacon on it really easily and the plates cleaned up very well afterwards without any scrubbing. It’s not too big either so it can be stored fairly easily.

  • For The Money It Is Very Good.
  • Flimsy instruction book
  • Five Stars

Tefal GC450B27 Super Grill 2-in-1, (6 Portions),0 4 Settings Including Searing, Stainless Steel

Although the unit does what it claims, it’s little more than a clunky sandwich toaster in design. More expensive units come with more bells and whistles, such as a system for telling you when the food is cooked, but this is a more basic model. It is easy enough to clean but it takes up a sizable space and i’m not convinced that the advantages outweigh this drawback.

No messy oven grill to clean.

We got this to replace both our trusty but long-in-the-tooth george foreman grill, and our sandwich maker which was very hard to clean. This takes up about as much space as both of those put together, but it is multi-purpose and worth devoting dedicated counter space to. The grill can be used for toasties, or for grilling vegetables, fish or meat. It has a hinged lid so you can fit fairly thick steaks under it, and grills evenly on both sides. It is large enough to accommodate 2 or 3 steaks or paninis at a time, and the drip tray is effective in catching and collecting any fat run-off. The grill heats up quickly and is very easy to use. The only thing it doesn’t have is a timer. The grill is very easy to clean. Unlike the devices i used to use, this has removable grill plates which clip out easily and can be fully immersed in water. The drip tray also comes out easily and is easy to clean.

Very useful and excellent service.

The tefal super grill is a good well featured counter top appliance that does a fine job with a variety of foods. It’s a fair size, and is able to accomodate a couple of decent sized steaks, four burgers or chicken breasts when used in clam shell mode and double that when opened out to use as a grill plate. I’ve had the tefal opti grill in the past, which tells you when things are done via a colour dial on the front, with this model you just have to set the temperature for your item then time it. It comes with a guide book to help and with a bit of practice you can get some pretty accurate results. Steaks come out nicely seared and fish is particularly good. The unit is sturdy, feeling better built than some other well known brands, and designed to last. Clean up after use is simple. The plates detach easily and can be popped in a dishwasher or cleaned with some hot soapy water. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it hasn’t been relegated to a cupboard like so many other kitchen gadgets. It does a great job and at it’s current price point represents really good value.

My son’s very fussy about steak – he’ll only eat it au bleu or rare, preferring the former. He likes a decent cut that’s a little marbled, but on this occasion he tried a fat-free bavette steak. After seasoning it, he put the grill on – it took about 6 minutes before the light turned itself off at the highest setting, which was the indicator that it had reached the perfect temperature. The handy booklet that came with the grill indicated that it would take 3-4 mins for his steak and he timed it accurately, taking it off at 3 minutes. The steak had perfect chargrill marks on the top and bottom, and not even the tiniest bit of meat juices had leached out. The steak cut easily and was a perfect au bleu, full of taste, but warm all the way through, which doesn’t always happen with steak made in a pan on the cooker top. I also liked that there was no burning smell and that my smoke alarm didn’t go off, as there was no smoke emitted. The garlic, fresh rosemary, pepper and oil used to marinate and protect the meat are the only things that needed to be cleaned off the grill, but this was easy to do once the grill had cooled. The instructions say that this should take 2hrs, but perhaps that’s when it’s been used for long periods – ours cooled down in 15 minutes. I simply used some scrunched up thick kitchen roll and a little soapy water, and everything practically slid off.

The grill comes well boxed and i suggest you retain the box so you can store the grill should you not intend using it all year round. Read the instructions and the list of images before you start. The unit itself is quite chunky and needs plenty of clearance space for ease of use. The heating plates are plenty big enough to take at least 2 large slices of bread laid side by side. The top plate lays flat onto whatever you are grilling due to the mechanism and is effective. The controls are straightforward and if you look at the instructions then easy to set for the different items. The unit does pre heat so comes quickly up to the required temperature. On first use we found there to be smoke from the element when doing chicken breast and then later some toasted sandwiches. Having had one of these grills before i do remember this as being normal and after a couple more uses expect it to run without any smoking.

Design flaw creates huge amounts of smoke. The plates are designed to be interchangeable. The top plate has a draining lip therefore that is upside down. This creates a flue effect drawing air over the plates through the grooves creating huge amounts of smoke, far in excess of the many other grills i have owned/used. This also makes the grill’s heavy duty construction act against it. The plates remain very hot/too hot to handle long after cooking and produce smoke from residual cooking fat (eg from steak or chicken thighs) during this time. Grill’s commendably heavy construction make it considerably slower to heat than 1600w competitoors despite having 2000w but retains its heat better.

Fantastic electric grill for table-tob use. Brilliant for steaks, sausages and (though haven’t tried this yet) vegetables. You get a lovely stripey effect on meat and fat runs off very nicely into a pull-out groove. Cleaning is quite easy – just wait until it’s cooled down and wipe with good hot, soapy water. Quite bulky – you need somewhere to store it; it would take up quite a lot of counter space if you don’t have cupboard space. Feels very solid and efficient – quick to heat up – and looks the business.

This grill is pretty versatile and contains the now obligatory fat capture tray that the george foreman grills are usually famous for. This one, however, is not separate by default and slides out from the right hand front side, making it far easier to store and not lose the tray. At first we thought, from the pictures, that this would have more controls on the extremely wide handle, but these turned out to be a sticker that gives an indication of how to cook certain food. It seems a little bit of a waste to make the handle so big, considering it doesn’t really have a lot to do, but at least it’s useful for gripping and doesn’t get too hot once the grill has been on. The heating up phase is pretty quick and the grill tells you when it’s ready with a simple red light. Then just pop the food in with the recommended settings (either from the handle or from the included handy guide) and you’re done. Cleaning is really easy, too, as you can wipe down or take out the plates and it seemed to clean well if not left to cool before cleaning (as long as you’re careful, of course) bur even if you do leave it, the material looks pretty good for easy cleaning. What impressed me the most was how easy this was to use with different sized foods. The back hinges lift up well to avoid squashing food too much and can cope with everything from toasted sandwiches to steak. Prawns seemed to do well, even though i usually do them on an open grill, as the top can be left open to grill things this way, too, making it even more versatile.

I can’t say we’ve used this for anything more than toasted sandwiches/baguettes/ciabattas/bagels so far. But it works very well for these, with sufficient weight to get that nice ‘crushed’ effect you get in the local coffee shop. The metal plates are also easy to remove and a breeze to clean. I will check back in when i try to grill a steak on it.Tefal is a well-known brand and in this age of rebadging cheap products, it’s reassuring to see this well-built product.

This is a tefal grill with removable drip tray and grills. It’s similar in design to a standard george foreman grill (of which i’ve owned a few) with the main difference being thay you can remove the grills to aid cleaningthe good: – the removable grills are great for speeding up cleaning. I’ve been putting them straight in the dishwasher after use and it gets rid of most of the grease and burnt bits. – as per some of the newer models it has different heat settings allowing you to cook at a high heat or just keep food warm- the heat settings also have pictures of the types of food to cook at that temperaturethe bad:- the top grill tray has a dripped part which seems to just drop down the second tray looks a bit odd when assembling- have seen other models of grill that allow you to adjust the height of the top grill meaning you can make cheese on toast etc. This tefal grill does not allow for this (however it still makes a good cheese on toast). – the removable grill pans would make you think that you could buy different grill pans that would fit in (e. One shaped especially to make toasties etc) however i have no been able to find any – it seems like a missed opportunity if these do not exist. Overall it is a very good product which i would recommend.

I have used a salter grill for many years but unfortunately they no longer make what i am looking for. Thought this tefal would be a great replacement but unfortunately that is not the case. There are two main issues that let down an otherwise okay product (1) the hinged lid is far too heavy and squashes flat products like sausages etc (2) even though there is a range from 1-4 for cooking items nowhere does it show what these numbers represent temperature wise. On a positive note it is great that the plates can be washed in the dishwasher.

Very pleased with this tefal, it does all i wanted and it is very easily cleaned.

I’m really impressed with this grill to say the least. Having had several similar grills and toastie makers in the past, all of which have dribbled grease onto the counter or been really difficult to clean, this one is a dreamit has several heat settings for various types of food and so far we have used it for pork chops, cajun chicken and steak. The steak was the best we have had at home with nicely charred stripes and juicy centre as it should be. To do this you need a good level of heat and this grill can provide it and in fact worked better than our oven top grill pan. The cajun spices did catch a little so perhaps i will try a lower heat or add the rub half way through cooking. However the chicken was tender and tasty and cooks much faster than the oven or a pan. The drip tray catches everything. It also has a light on the switch so it’s easy to tell at a glance if it’s on or off. The best feature is the grill plates which can be removed and go in the dishwasher, making clearing up a breeze.

Larger sized indoor grill with two plates. Use with the lid in an upright position for a two portion grill or lie the lid down flat and use both plates for four portions. More than enough room for four average pieces of meat and plenty of vegetables. A long, plastic drip tray slides under the plates to catch excess water and fat from both surfaces. The plates are slightly tilted and can’t be adjusted. Simple controls with just three heat settings, veg/fish/meat, plus an on/off and heating light. If you’re using both plates the heat setting will be the same for both which isn’t great but; i’ve found the best way to cook is to use the highest heat which reduces cooking time and seems to work fine for vegetables as well as meat but; because the ridges on the grill are deep don’t cut vegetables into small pieces. They fall into the ridges and scorch. Stay with larger pieces no matter what you’re cooking. Takes approximately ten minutes to heat up fully and i don’t use oil.

Has all the heat settings you need and soooooo much easier to clean than my old one.

Features and Spesification

  • Powerful and high-performance die-cast non-stick coated plates for restaurant-quality grilling
  • Four adjustable thermostat settings including temperature boost for maximum searing; crispy and caramelised on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside
  • Multi-functional with two cooking positions: Grilling and open barbecue at 180 degrees
  • Sloped design for a 3 degrees optimal grilling angle: Allows fat and grease to drain off into the large capacity drip tray
  • Removable, dishwasher safe plates and drip tray for fuss-free cleaning