Tefal GC722D40 Optigrill : Five Stars

This is the best kitchen appliance i’ve ever had. Love it, i use it nearly every day.

Very good product, came on time, well packed, recommend for everyone.

Best machine ive bought and have thrown away my george forman. Love the simplicity but the best bit is the fat tray size and connection to the unit which sadly let the george forman down. Bought the larger one as wanted the ability to cook for the family in one go.

We’ve cooked loads of great meals on this.

Easy to use, bleeps to let you know what stage it’s at.

Superlative grill takes a full six slice pack of dry cured bacon in one gosimply press the on button then select the bacon button then ok then wait for it to heat up and beep then place the bacon on the grill put the lid down press ok again for thin bacon then leave until the light goes to orange and beeps then that’s it, switch off and lift the lid for perfectly grilled bacon, with no repeat lifting and checking, every thing comes off cooked perfectly to your requirements, let the non stick grill plates cool down then put in the dishwasher they come out like new, wipe the grill plates with a little sunflower oil on a paper towel this will aid the non stick surfaces for next use.

Still early days, only managed to use it a few times. All my life we have used the george forman one. While i have no complaints about that, this seems to be much better for wide variety of foods. I’m still trying to get the hang of it, so much feature and functions, sometimes i feel i’ve selected the wrong option. Which is a good problem to have. But when we have used it, it does a great job. The grill seems to cook the food evenly. I can see this grill to become an essential item to the kitchen like a microwave.

The food comes perfect (fish, meat, vegetables) and the cleaning process is really easy. It’s the best grill i’ve had in ages \m/.

  • It’s awesome!!
  • That will do
  • “The griller” so far

Tefal GC722D40 Optigrill+ XL Grill (8 Portions), 9 Automatic Settings and Cooking Sensor, Stainless Steel

Product Description, This OptiGrill+ XL Health Grill has 9 automatic programmes as opposed to 6 automatic programmes which the Tefal OptiGrill Plus has. These automatic programmes include: Poultry Red Meat Burger Sandwich Sausage Fish Seafood Bacon Pork The OptiGrill XL also boasts a cooking level indicator for perfect grilling results from rare to well-done and a manual mode with 4 adjustable temperatures to cook all sorts of food. With the Automatic Sensor Cooking technology, time and temperature are automatically adjusted to the thickness and number of items placed on the grill based on the 9 cooking programmes and a frozen food mode. At the same time, an indicator light allows direct monitoring: purple for pre-heating, blue then green at the start of cooking, yellow when the food is rare, orange for medium and red for well-done. The machine beeps at every stage to let you know when your meal is cooked the way you like it. Perfectly adaptable to everyone’s tastes, simply lift up the lid to pick up your meat when it’s ready and leave the rest to carry on cooking. The additional manual mode with 4 adjustable temperature levels allow you to cook anything and is perfectly adapted to fruits and vegetables, cooking them just the way you want.

Box Contains, 1 x OptiGrill Plus XL 1 x Instruction Manual

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Optigrill Plus XL

Superb grilling results from rare to well-done. Follow the cooking process without opening the grill thanks to the Unique LED Cooking Level Indicator. The patented Sensor Cooking adapts the cooking cycle and temperature according to thickness of the meat and number of pieces. It also includes six automatic programmes plus manual function with four variable temperatures, ensures that the perfect results are obtained for all tastes.

Automatic Sensor Cooking and Cooking Level Indicator for Perfect Grilling Result

Meet OptiGrill+ XL, our ultimate innovation with a manual mode featuring four temperature levels for endless cooking options. Enhanced with ‘Automatic Sensor Cooking’ technology, OptiGrill+ XL immediately detects the number of items on the surface and reads their thickness in order to adjust the temperature and cooking time automatically for perfect results.

Unique LED Cooking Level Indicator

The indicator light and beep system enable direct monitoring for high-precision cooking, preparing meat just the way you like it: rare, medium, or well-done. 9 cooking programmes prepare dishes to perfection: Burger, Chicken, Bacon, Sausage, Red Meat, Fish, Seafood, Pork and Panini, plus a frozen food mode and manual mode with four temperature settings. Additional features include non-stick die-cast aluminium plates, a 800 cm2 cooking surface 33% more grilling space (serving 6 to 8 people), and a large 7 degree angle juice tray to catch run-off.

Temperature Control

The Temperature control four manual modes give you complete control to grill vegetables, sandwiches, paninis and more.

Nine Cooking Programmes

For different types of food

1. Burger

2. Poultry

3. Sandwich

4. Sausage

5. Red Meat

6. Fish

7. Seafood

8. Pork

9. Panini

Cooking Level Indicator

Monitor cooking progress for perfect grilling results from rare to well done: shows you the cooking progress and beeps at every stage to let you know when your meal is cooked the way you like it.

Automatic Sensor Cooking

Automatic thickness measurement: automatically adjusts to the right temperature, according to the size and thickness of any food type within the given programmes.


Dishwasher Safe

Cooking plates and drip tray are dishwasher safe.

Extra Large Capacity Drip Tray

Large drip tray and plates, with a 7 degree angle to ensure cooking juices easily drip down in the tray.

High Performance Die Cast Aluminium Plates

High performance die cast aluminium plates with PTFE coating for easy cleaning.

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I like that i don’t have to watch it all the time – cooking is automatic & works well. I do not give it heavy use but do enjoy it. Even easier – i use a “grill bag ” so it is even easier to clean.

Delivery was on time and product was up to my expectation.

Excellent product does what it says.

It’s ok, not sure about all the hype.

I recommend it for every lazy person like me lol. If you are grilling more than 1 beef/chicken steak, make sure all of them same thickness.

So far the best griller i ever used :best for beef steaks ( perfectly prepared)salmon steak ( perfectly prepared)check cubsonly few things to mentiondo not apply to much spices on the steaksneed to know how to use it multiple times ( continuously), need to set the griller again and wait about 5 min to be ready to use the automated program.

Easy to use and clean,grills food to perfection.

  • It’s awesome!!
  • That will do
  • “The griller” so far

Tefal GC722D40 Optigrill+ XL Grill (8 Portions), 9 Automatic Settings and Cooking Sensor, Stainless Steel

I was happy with the ordering and the delivery which was on time. The price was good for this item. I have try it out and is very quick to cook the food and work it all out for you.

We are very pleased with this excellent product.

The best kitchen appliance ever bought cooks everything amazing well worth the money.

Features and Spesification

  • Effective grilling results from rare to well-done; automatic thickness measurement adapts the cooking for efficient results
  • LED cooking level indicator accurately indicates the level of cooking from rare to well-done; 800 sq cm cooking surface, with 33% more grilling space (capacity for six to eight people)
  • Nine automatic cooking programmes (burger, red meat, sandwich, sausage, fish, poultry, seafood, bacon and pork), which automatically adapt the temperate to each type of food to cook it perfectly
  • Manual control, featuring four adjustable temperature settings to cook all sorts of food, including frozen foods
  • Removable, non-stick plates and drip tray are dishwasher safe, for fuss-free cleaning. Handle is thermoplastic