Tefal GC722D40 Optigrill Plus X-Large Grill – Overall this has not disappointed.

Great for making homemade pizza and easy to clean up afterwards.

After reviewing a number of different grillers i locked on the optigrill+ from tefal. It is an excellent griller yet it is quite large in its dimensions compared to the actual grilling area so this needs to be taken under consideration especially if you are low on kitchen space or still debating the xl version. The tray beneath the instrument has a better design than the breville one or others i have seen on the market as it is deep and matches quite nicely the dripping front area of the griller. The heating plates can be detached but you can only do this when they have completely cooled off as the latches are not easy to access and operate and doing this with hot plates is even a bit dangerous. Regarding the preset programs, one thing to note is that this model (gc713) has the sandwich/toast program removed and replaced with a bacon program. The info on the amazon site is a bit misleading as the buttons pictures are correct but the verbal description states incorrectly that there is a sandwich program. Now this doesn’t mean that you cannot do a panini or a toast – you need to switch to manual, set the temperature to orange or red level and then allow for 3-4 minutes of grilling (after the griller has heated up) – the exact setting will depend on the bread type/size/thickness. Also note that the bottom plate is tilted in a fixed way which may be excellent for grilling meats and allowing for the oils to drip but this is less needed and even a bit bothering when just doing an overloaded panini. Overall an excellent griller with multiple uses mainly grilling meats etc.

I found this appliance as described. I did not comment on durability only because i have had for a short time, for now. The best part however is that the plates are removable and can be machine washed.

Had this now for a few weeks and as i’d hoped, it’s totally replaced the pans and grill as a means of cooking meat. It’s size has meant it’s replaced most of the worktop too. The beeping annoys me and i think it’s pretty ugly, but, it works really really well and the amount of fat that it removes from meat, is scary. My wife (who uses it most) loves it. She doesn’t have to stand at the cooker, flipping things over. Just put meat on, close the lid, wait for the right colour on the dial and job’s a good’un.

Good size grill got 4 good sized steaks on it in one go. Very easy to clean and does at it says on the box. Used it most days since i had it.

Bought this for my dauter who’s always short of time.

I have used the ‘well done’ option on steak and found it to be absolutely delicious. Overall this has not disappointed.

Amazing productcooks bacon, chicken, sausages, fish & panini’s all with the touch of a button and there is a little button for frozen meat that you can press & bam it’s cold ookec to perfection in record time. Plates come off easily & i am so pleased i just wish i’d purchased it sooner.

I tried it for the first time today, i made burgers and a steak almost 3cm thick, all of them cooked perfectly. It’s very easy to handle, some parts are dishwasher safe so it makes the whole cleaning process easier. I am very pleased with this product.

Nicely built, however, not the best to grill meat, i’ve tried boneless chicken tights, and it needs quite some time to be ready, heat distribution could be better and more intense. Other than this is a nice good product.

Thank you,it is a best thing for my kitchen i bought for last 2 years. And quick healthy meal is ready in minutes especially when you have busy days all the time.

Does as it says on the tin tefal gc713d40 optigrill+ grill, 6 automatic settings and cooking sensor, stainless steel.

Really easy to use and to clean. The automatic programs are really helpful and precise (rare means rare and well done means well done). A bit bulky perhaps but totally worth the space it takes.

Fits on tefal optimax grill perfectly. Clean well and cooks brilliantly with no sticking.

Purchased this for my wife after much research, and she is extremely hard to please. I survived and what is more she loves this grill. It is very easy to use, cooks perfectly and is easy to clean as the plates just clip in and out. I now get more regular fry-ups for breakfast as it makes life easier. Grilling things like steaks take a little to get used to as it will continue to cook after turned off, but that is easy to master. The automatic cooking really does work well too.

I like this because the plates are easily removed and go into dishwasher so a breeze to clean. Also it does what it says – it cooks steak automatically according to what you set it at dumped george foreman this is the best.

Excellent quality and great features ,worth every penny.

How did i ever exist without my optigrill – just choose the type of meat – steak, chicken, burgers whatever – it measures the thickness of the meat and then the round light on the side changes colour from blue to green to yellow to orange to red – depending on how well cooked you want it to be – and then beeps a tune when ready. Today i had my bacon between medium to well done. All the fat drips away into the tray. Both the tray and the grill plates are removable and therefore easy to clean. For lunch i’ll be having burgers with onions and mushrooms all on my optigrill.

Larger than i expected but very good for cooking a big range of food, meat is spot on and really impressed by the way it cooks onions.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Griller (Note: GC713 – Sandwich Program Preset has been replaced with a Bacon Program Preset)
  • Absolutely Fantastic
  • Not just another kitchen gadget.

Does overcook meat like pork chops. Bacon tends to cook meat before fat is cooked.

Excellent for sausages and burgers.

I had a tefal grill many years ago. It finally died and i really missed it. So tried a different one but no good. I have taken the plunge and now have the optigrill which is brilliant.

I don’t know how it does it but meats are perfectly cooked. It is soooo easy to clean amd roast veg have never tasted this good.Also, don’t get me started on burgers. I know the price may seem steep but if i had known, i would have bought this years ago.

Very satisfied with this grill, easy to use and easy to clean, fantastic results, so far i have cooked steak, homemade burgers which are quite thick and sausage to perfection, the appliance tells you when it is ready to put the food on and lights different colours with bleeps when it is rare, medium and well done, also did ham and cheese toasties which were great. Very large cooking area to cope easy for at least for adult meals, when a friend of mine saw it, she ordered one straight away. In my opinion it was worth the money i paid for it.

I love the tefal optigrill +i bought it to replace my old george foreman grill, which i didn’t really like because it was so small, and difficult to clean. With the tefal optigrill, there is no guessing as to when the meat is cooked, an inbuilt cooking sensor detects when the appropriate temperate has reached and lets you know when the food is cooked. It can also be set to manual mode if you prefer. It is easy to clean, and to do this, the plates can be removed, which is great. I am very pleased with my optigrill.

So, i have been using this product for nearly two months. I normally do not write product reviews. To date, only one and that was because things needed to be said. The tefal optigrill is awesomewe have cooked steaks, chicken, burgers, fish, toasted sandwiches & vegetables on this. I now compare the steaks i eat outside to those we cook on the tefal. The optigrill is more than competitive, if not better. My wife does not like fish at all, but she loves the salmon and coley cooked on the grill. I have given this 5 stars across the board, except for durability and that is because it has only been 2 months. Overall : this is the best black friday product i have ever bought from amazon. If it survives a year of usage, then 5 stars across the board.

First class design – works well and all the mucky bits go in the dish washer so it always looks like new.

I’ve owned a few grills in my time and always thought – if only it. Well, the optigrill is the only one that i cannot fault. I’ve grilled, toasted pastrami with cheese, steak, salmon, chicken, tuna steak, et al and i can’t fault it. Simple and easy to use and clean up after use if you only ever buy one grill make it this one.

Really pleased with this item, with the preset programmes, you just select which programme you want, close the lid and away it goes. The food (including steak) was cooked perfectly, the grill plates can then be washed by hand or in the dish washer.

I have tried a few grills but this is far the best. I have used this at least once a day for the last 10 months, i couldn’t believe i hadn’t written a review previously. It cooks anything but mainly i cook frozen chicken. When i come home from work i simply turn it on, press frozen, press chicken. It beeps to tell me its ready, place the chicken on and leave it. The optigrill will then automatically cook the chicken and beep (change colour on a button) when it reaches raw, medium to well done. How easy is that, and it’s perfect every time also grills come off and wash in seconds in the sink with a washing up brush.