Tefal KI2605 Maison Kettle – Attractive modern design with a hint of colour

This tefal maison kettle feels like it’s built to last and it looks good too. I was surprised at how weighty it was when i took it out of the box as i have recently been using a lightweight plastic kettle, the tefal weighs just over 1kg and its base is another 250g. There are several things that make this kettle stand out for me but on the whole it is just the fact that it performs its function flawlessly. The brushed stainless steel body with calibrated windows on either side so that you can easily see how much water is in it, a broad spout with attached filter which allows refilling without removing the lid and drip free pouring of the water along with a good, comfortable handle, an easily accessible flip switch and a lid which stays put even if the kettle is turned upside down – all these things are good, practical design features. The base is also well thought out, it has a 75cm electric lead which can be stored in its underside, anti-skid feet that prevent it from sliding all over your work top and, the kettle sits perfectly atop of it so as to give the appearance of one object. I would not say that this kettle brings water to the boil particularly quickly and it is a little noisy during the process, it does not have any fancy gadgetry built into it such as lights that change colour as the water boils and it cannot make your breakfast for you but it does boil water very efficiently and its design is exceptionally practical.

This should be a great looking kettle, that would suit the colour scheme of my kitchen. That deep red ‘pomegranate’ would look great. Sadly, it looks horrid in the flesh – cheap and plasticky and it totally undermines the kettle. As a functioning kettle, it is fine. Boils water, is cordless and, being a jug kettle, it is has a small footprint making it useful for a small kitchen. But at £50 a fair part of the price is for its appearance and it falls flat.

This is a tefal brand so comes with an expectation of quality. The product is presented well in the box with moulded cardboard packaging – admittedly in a plastic bag but all the other packaging can be recycled which is always good. It’s a stylish looking kettle with all the usual things that a kettle has, including the water level indicator on both sides (which my current kettle doesn’t have and it has always annoyed me). The lid is quite tough to remove and replace and i thought that maybe a hinged lid would work better. The instruction book made me smile, being over 100 pages but it does cover nearly 20 languages so i guess that’s ok – might be an option for this text to all go online now though as it would save a huge amount of printing and paper. The colour of the trim is described as pomegranate red. It is a subtle shade of red which would match most colour schemes in a kitchen.

The ‘tefal maison kettle – pomegranate red’ has, unusually, an open-style handle which is the main coloured component that reflects within the description; the knob and central section of its lid is the other. The colour is a deep maroon, subtle, and sufficiently unobtrusive to not need to match with an existing colour scheme; other brands use a similar colour for some of their products. The body of the kettle and the lid surround are both matte stainless steel and relatively easy to keep clean of watermarks especially in hard water areas. There is a scale filter behind the short spout that can be removed for descaling. The kettle is tall, mostly cylindrical with a curving conical shape towards the top and is fully rotatable upon the base as is now standard. 7 litres with filling gauges either side of the handle; markings are kept almost to the minimum and show 0. 7l (max) with cup values omitted.

This is quite a cute kettle with a brushed stainless steel finish, accented with a matt plum plastic which looks pretty cool. Maximum water capacity is 1. As with all kettles you need to wash it and boil water in the kettle 2-3 times before the first use. Things i like (and don’t), based on a couple of weeks’ use:positives- the kettle looks good, contemporary and classic rolled into one. – visible (and accurate) water gauge so you can always see at a glance, how much water is in the kettle. – nice sturdy, heat-proof base. – easy flip-switch to turn the kettle on, the switch will illuminate a bright blue when it’s on. – not too noisy and seems just as fast-boiling as other kettles i’ve used.

This kettle has much going for it in terms of appearance, however it does have some drawbacks in operation. It is mostly metal with a few plastic accents in pomegranate red (an attractive shade): at the on/off switch (with blue light when on), handle and button on the lid. The latter two placements ensure you won’t burn your hand either lifting the kettle when boiled or removing the lid to refill, although you need to watch out for the hot metal perimeter of the lid. But the exterior of the kettle is not insulated and, whilst this is part of the attraction, it does mean that the surface gets very hot as the kettle approaches boiling point and it stays that way for some time afterwards as well. Inside, all areas in contact with the water, except for the fill guide, are metal and it has a hidden element for stress-free cleaning. The kettle can be filled with between 0. 7l of water and has a 1l marker in-between. The guide is easy to see as you fill through the lid/spout. The lid does feel easy to remove and replace at this stage although i would personally have preferred a hinged option due to a burning accident on my gran’s similar kettle when i was young.

Looks very nice, has a very sturdy handle, and a good switch at the bottom. This last one is important as the switch on my last kettle broke after only a couple of years – wouldn’t stay down, i’d have to hold it down to keep it boiling – and this one definitely feels less flimsy. It’s not the largest kettle – you could get maybe three or four cups out of one filling, but that’s enough for me and mine at least.

This is a very smart cordless kettle, brushed steel with what i would call maroon trim. It stands a little taller than my previous 1. There are clear water gauges on both sides, marked with 0. There’s no indication of how much a ‘single cup’ is. The lid has slightly more powerful springs than is strictly necessary, but pulls off if you lift it firmly. The spout gives a good steady pour, with no dribbling, and the scale filter is easy to remove and clean. The power-on light is bright blue. The powered base for the cordless kettle has steel trim. Although it’s not exactly heavy, it’s sturdier and more substantial than many kettle bases.

This is an excellent good quality kettle. It has stylish looks and a good solid feel, not at all ‘plastically. ‘ so far it has performed well and boils water swiftly. It is heavier than some, so just a note to be aware of. Might not suit an older person with frail wrists. The top is fairly easy to remove too, but having said that, requires a tug. It pours very well and looks the part. Both working from home, we normally manage to kill a kittle in around 18 months. Let’s see how long this one lasts.

This kettle looks good and boils water perfectly well (minimum 0. 5 litres – although some kettles are as little as 0. It’s very well made and stands about 24 cm high when on it’s base. The base allows the length of the cable to be adjusted by winding / unwinding around a central boss. The length can be adjusted to 10 cm, 40 cm and 70 cm. Well i think the kettle is noisy compared to the plastic variety; it boils in about the same time as most kettle with a 3kw element and it switches off soon after boiling. Another reason for star deduction is that compared to plastic the whole metal body gets really very hot and stays hot after boiling; this also applies to the lid and whilst it is possible to remove the lid without touching the metal it’s not difficult to accidentally burn one’s fingers. Perhaps another point is that as the kettle’s body radiates heat it’s cooling any water left in the kettle, so should one decide to switch the kettle back on for a top-up it’l take longer than an insulated plastic kettle (a minor point).

This is a very well made kettle, which has a quality feel to it. The pomegranate red is subtle and features on the lid, handle and switch. The kettle has a pleasing shape and the flex is plenty long enough, and the excess can be hidden out of harms way. I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint and so am being careful how much water i boil in the kettle, there is a vertical window which shows the amount of water, and whether you have reached the minimum water level. The really like the shape of this kettle. I hope these comments are helpful, if you have any questions please ask in the comments below, and i will do my best to help. If this review has been useful, then please hit the yes button below.

I bought one of these and like it very much so i bought this one for my sister. Unfortunately it arrived having completely been out of its box.

This is a good looking kettle. I like the brushed steel finish which is more forgiving to finger marks than stainless steel. The water level gauge is well positioned on the side of the kettle (some others have it beneath the handle) which makes it easy to read. I note from other reviews that some people had trouble removing the lid; i think there is a bit of a knack to this, but i didn’t find that i had any problems with it. The only negative is that it’s not well insulated. The outside does get very hot during use. I don’t think this is uncommon with kettles (certainly not with kettles that i’ve previously had), but it’s worth bearing in mind when making a selection. Not irritatingly loud on boiling. Here are the specifications for the Tefal KI2605 Maison Kettle:

  • 1.7 L capacity
  • Water level windows let you see how full the kettle is
  • Faster boiling with a 3 kW element
  • Easy filling and pouring with a removable lid and precision spout
  • Anti-scale filter makes maintenance easy

Great product , great service.

The quality – the ‘feel’ – of this kettle is excellent for its price band. It feels like it could well be more expensive than it is. The design is good too, with its large handle, concealed heating element and water level gauges on both sides. Often manufacturers hide a single gauge behind the kettle’s handle, but with this kettle it’s easy to see how full it is no matter which way it’s facing in relation to you. The silver finish is great, and the coloured accents on the handle, lid and button are well-judged, making the device a nice-looking thing that’s good enough to grace any kitchen countertop. It boils quickly without too much noise, especially considering it’s not billed as a quiet model.

This is the best kettle i have ever bought. The perfect pouring spout (which is big enough to fill from the tap), the strong comfortable easy-grip handle, the 2 clear gauges, and the lead stowaway space in the base are the highlights of the design. It looks great, and the colour is actually traditional dark burgundy maroon which contrasts nicely with the metal. It boils quickly – it is a little louder than some others – but that’s not bothersome to me. I’m glad i paid that bit extra. Update 1/3/19: heating element of kettle has just completely stopped working. So this kettle lasted me 2 years and 2 months. Not good enough at that price. I won’t be buying another tefal.

It’s a kettle, an item that’s a bit tricky to review because chances are it does its kettley business and that’s all you really ask of it. Our ancient kettle was leaking so this was a nice opportunity to see what ‘modern’ kettles do – perhaps it was quieter?. Perhaps faster?funnily enough, it is neither. It seems slower or maybe the same speed as my old one, which is a bit disappointing, and it is louder. One thing that really surprised me was that i brushed against it and suffered a minor burn. I suppose that’s obvious, thinking out it – it’s a metal kettle, it’s going to be hot – so perhaps this was all my own fault and i should have realised. I think i’ll stick to plastic kettles.

The brand is simply the very best in my eyes. This kettle is no different. But boy is it one of the best i have had in this house. No hissing and spitting as you pour it from the lip. Just a super safe stylish kettle that will grace any modern or country kitchen. Mthe deep red goes well with the cream cabinets and wooden work tops. You get a lot for your money.

This tefal kettle is a classy affair – a brushed metal finish on both kettle and stand, and warm maroon handle and lid. 7l of water – a standard family size kettle – requiring a minimum of 0. So best for those typically boiling water for at least two, to avoid unnecessary wastage of energy. If you typically boil water just for one drink you’d be better of going for a smaller 1l kettle that allows a minimum of 0. It pours well and is comfortable to hold. The only downside i noticed was that it is quite heavy, even without any water in – those with low arm strength, such as the elderly, would be better off with a fully plastic kettle that is lighter in weight.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • with a toaster as part of a deal well pleased. Doesn’t fur up with limescale
  • Five Stars
  • Excellent quality and stylish.

This is a stylish brushed stainless steel kettle. The colour pomegranate red is used on the lid, handle and on/off switch, so is a subtle touch of colour,meaning it can fit into any kitchen decor without overpowering the scheme of kitchen colour. The cord is a good length and if you want it to be shorter you can clip it neatly underneath the stand. 7 litres is a norm for kitchen kettles and it has a vertical window so you can boil as little or as much as you want. So overall a good quality kettle.

I was drawn to this kettle because of the styling, and the ‘pomegranate red’ colour would work in our kitchen. The main other ‘features’ for me related to its function. Firstly, it pours very well – so many kettles splosh out water, leaving you to wipe up the table top afterwards. The tefal pours precisely, even if you tip it higher to pour faster. Next the plug and cable are slightly longer than some kettles – there is more cable wound underneath to lengthen if required. Additionally, it has a good weight to it, having a feeling of being sturdy and well built, as does the base – the two fit together easily as well. A couple of negative points. 1) the lid is slightly hard to remove and replace, however, i have found i can just refill through the spout quite well. 2) it is slightly noisier than some kettles i have seen – no idea why – for me this does not really detract from the kettle. Overall, it is a bit on the pricey side, but stylish and effective.

Very satisfy with the item thank you.

The tefal maison kettle is a high quality heater for your morning brew, boiling fast, pouring well, looking stylish but with a price point to match. Of all the colours, the pomegranate red colour is the nicest in my opinion; the grey being quite dull and detracting from the brushed stainless steel body, the black being neutral and not adding anything. The colours are brought out in the lid and handle. The lid being totally removable, the handle being open; both less common design choices today. The brushed stainless steel will look very sleek in any kitchen, but does get a little hot after boiling. Fortunately the handle is well designed, with some protection along the body of the kettle, and far enough away to help you avoid burning your fingers. 7 litre capacity should be sufficient for most tea pots, but what loses a star for me here is the lack of markings for 1,2,3 cups which would help save water and energy by helping you to avoid overfilling the kettle.

I’m very impressed with this stylish and attractive kettle. That’s what you wantit is easy to use and handle. The spout pours nicely and the handle is easy to grip. As well as being a very effective functioning kettle, it also has a fantastic appearance. It is a dulled stainless steel/chrome finish with a deep burgundy handle and lid which is unobtrusive, classy and will match anything. This really is a very useful, functional and good looking kettle, basically everything you need.

Came with a toaster as part of a deal well pleased. Doesn’t fur up with limescale.

This tefal maison kettle is an above average kettle with a price to match. The base which also contains flex storage is a stainless steel finish with rubber feet. The design of the base means you can remove and replace the kettle at any angle and of, course, the cord entry can be concealed more easily too. The stainless steel jug features metal that won’t dent easily as it’s quite thick. The dual water gauges on either side on the jug are clear and are marked in fractions of a litre with a maximum fill of 1. Inside the kettle the element is totally enclosed giving you a totally flat floor which we found makes cleaning a lot easier. In addition, there’s a removable scale filter inside the spout which is handy and easy to clean. The kettle remains reasonably cool when boiling considering it’s metal and there’s a blue led flip switch which trips automatically when the kettle is boiled. We thought that in the latter stages of boiling the kettle can be quite noisy and gurgles a fair amount.

A tefal stainless steel cordless kettleit has handle and lid top in colour pomegranate red which is a wine/purpley colour to meit has 2 water level gauges one on either sidewith max fill level of 1. 7 l and min fill level of 0. 5 lit has an on/off switch with indicator light and automatic shut offit has a remove able lid which you twist to lift off and push back onit has a remove able and replaceable water filter by the inside of the spoutand it sits on a 360 degree rotational base with attached pluga great kettle that looks stylish and works well.

This is an excellent, stylish and modern looking kettle that will suit any colour scheme in any kitchen. The description is described as pomegranite red however this main colour of the kettle is stainless steel with a hint of a deep aubergine/burgundy colour for the lid and handle – it is not a garish red and blends in and it subtle enough for any styles of kitchen. The handle is very comfortable to hold – only the top is attached to the kettle which i found quite unusual but it is comfortable to hold even when the kettle is completely full (1. The kettle boils much quicker than my last and being metal the kettle itself becomes extremely hot but i find the semi attached handle helps you to not burn on the body of the kettle so it’s fine. The lid is one you manually pull out and not button released – i personally prefer the button triggered ones but the plus point is that it will last longer as the buttons tend to eventually stop working etc. All in all a fantastic kettle – very impressed. Would recommended – excellent quality.

One of the first things that strikes you is the classic design. This is something that looks lovely in any kitchen. The build quality is very sturdy too. Lid is fitted by spring loaded fittings, so you just lift the lid off. There is a removable filter in the spout which eliminates any build up of lime getting into the cup. This is also featured in the element design. This runs up the side of the kettle rather than as a coil. The height of the kettle also means you don’t get to see the thing bubbling over if you fill it too much. It boils quick and pours straight. It’s just a really nice piece of design.