Tefal Mastermix Blender BL800140 : Nearly Perfect

Rarely do i walk away from a kitchen appliance feeling excited but it just happened today. The tefal mastermix blender is styled like one of those brute force american blenders which are often evangelised on raw food websites. With an 850w motor it’s doesn’t have the raw horsepower that some of them do, but it’s still substantially more powerful than an entry level blender. But is raw power the be all and end all?.As my granny always used to say, “clever blade design will always beat out sheer power, dear. And did you pick up my prescription?”. The mastermix has a six blade design which creates a cyclone effect – according to the marketing material, but it really seems to work. There’s a dial which turns clockwise from slowest to fastest for blending or turn it right for the pulse. There’s a dedicated smoothie button under the dial, and beside that is the crushed ice button.

Used every day, mostly for smoothies. A bit noisy but does the job.

I wanted a blender to make rice flour and this blender didn’t fail my expectation. I have only used it twice and haven’t really used it for other purpose. It is built with good quality.

This is an amazing blender – take my word for it, but if you can’t – these are the highlights:1. Unlike normal blenders, this comes with 6 blade – 3 sets of 2 blades, each with a different function. One set to create more of a cyclone effect, ensuring the movement of the liquid around the blender, another for extreme mixing – moving the liquid in a circular motion around the blender and the last set, which are for killing chunks and ensuring that no bits are left stranded at the bottom of the blender by making sure the bits at the bottom are thrust up the sides and then into the middle from the top. It has a really sturdy glass jug, which has a 2 litre capacity (although you can only prepare up to 1. 5l of thick consistency liquids or 1. 25l for thinner consistency as the rest of the jug capacity is for the liquid to move into when you are blending. It has a special programmed setting just for smoothie making4. It has an ice-crushing automatic programme as well.

The tefal mastermix blender is very well made, it has a very sturdy and durable feel to it and gives the impression it will handle anything you throw at it. It’s wonderfully simple to use, minimal instruction reading required, just use the dial at the front to set the blend program you want. In use it was quieter than what i expected which was a pleasant surprise and i was up and running making soups very quickly. The pulse option for crushing ice is also a nice touch and i intend to make full use of this when i next make some pina coladasone more thing i love about this blender is it’s low maintenance due to being so easy to clean. All the parts are detachable and cleaning it is very quick and hassle-free, a superb blender.

Everything i have tried it with it has blended. It is easy to use and fairly easy to clean. It seems quite well built and unlikely to quickly break. As always carefully check the price of this product and similar products before making a purchase.

This tefal mastermix blender was bought to replace a tefal blendforce blender which had a design flaw where the contents of the jug would leak through the bottom when the blades worked themselves loose when blending. This mastermix blender has served me well for 4 months now, it’s a robust blender but the glass jug may be a bit too heavy for some people. The blades firmly click into place into the base of the jug, in fact they are so secure that they can be a bit difficult to remove which may cause frustrations for some people. Most days i have a smoothie as my breakfast, i use a cup of juice and then add some different fruits and vegetables to the juice, sometimes frozen and sometimes fresh. It quickly demolishes frozen kale and frozen blueberries/raspberries/blackberries/blackcurrants. Sometimes i do find that at the beginning of the blend cycle when the mixture is still thick, air gets trapped underneath the mixture and i have to stop the blender and poke down into the mixture to release some trapped air which hampers the cyclonic action. Once the cyclonic action can work through the mixture it makes short work of pretty much any frozen fruit/vegetables and blends to a nice smooth consistency. I’ve also made soups with this blender and it munches through anything i’ve thrown at it, carrot and coriander soup and tomato soup come out great. It’s fantastic for making soups. I bought this from amazon warehouse deals and it was obviously unused, the only thing wrong was a small tear in the box.

  • Great Value For Money
  • Good value for money
  • Fairly good at blending soups and smoothies

Tefal Mastermix Blender BL800140, 1.5 L High Performance Glass Jug with 20 Speeds and Pulse Function – White

Product Description, The Mastermix by Tefal is a powerful blender which delivers superb results thanks to the Tripl’Ax Technology: two outer blades act like a cyclone booster so that no pieces are left behind (action 1), two inner blades ensure that no chunks are left at the bottom of the jar (action 2) and two other blades ensure an optimum mixing to mix all types of food, even tough ingredients (action 3).
The Mastermix features 15 speeds and a pulse function for complete control as well as two specific automatic programs: the first ramps up speed for fantastically blended smoothies, while the second pulses for crushed ice and refreshing cocktails.
The Mastermix has a thermal-shock resistant glass jar and 2 litre (total) capacity, it also features four suction pads on a large base to secure the product to the kitchen side. Its ergonomically designed button is comfortable and easy to use and the blades can be removed for easy cleaning.

Box Contains, 1 x Tefal Mastermix White Blender 1 x Instruction Booklet

From the manufacturer

Create Smoothies with Tefal’s Patented Tripl’ax Technology

The Mastermix by Tefal is a powerful, versatile blender which delivers good results thanks to it’s Tripl’Ax Technology. Six powerful blades deliver optimum blending performance.

Two outer blades act like a cyclone booster so that no pieces are left behind (action 1).

Two inner blades ensure that no chunks are left at the bottom of the jar (action 2).

Two other blades ensure an optimum mixing to mix all types of food, even tough ingredients (action 3).

Generous 2 L Jug and Powerful 850 W Motor

The Mastermix has a thermal-shock resistant glass 2 L (total) jar, which means you can blend hot and cold ingredients without worry. It also features four suction pads on a large base to secure the product to the kitchen side. Its ergonomically designed button is comfortable and easy to use and the blades can be removed for easy cleaning. The Mastermix blender has been designed to produce smoothies without requiring too much effort. Just sit back, and let the Mastermix’s 850 W motor do the rest.

Pre-Programmed Functions to Help you Get The Most Out of your Machine

The Mastermix features 15 speeds and a pulse function for complete control as well as two pre-programmed functions: The first ramps up speed for blended smoothies, while the second pulses for crushed ice and refreshing cocktails. The pre-programmed smoothie function means that you are always just one button away from a delicious and blended smoothie.

Part of Tefal’s White Collection

Part of The White Collection Tefal’s first colour coordinated electrical range. The range consists of the Mastermix blender, the Fruit sensation, the Easy soup, the compact Kitchen Machine and the mini pro chopper. Coordinate your kitchen with this style-conscious and reliable group of products which is sure to save you time when preparing food for your family.

Uno Blendforce Plastic White Mastermix
Wattage 350 W 400 W 850 W
Jug Capacity 1.25 L 1.5 L 2 L
Jug Material Plastic Plastic Glass
Number of Blades 1 6 6
Speeds 1 2 15
Removable Blades
Dishwasher Safe Blades
Ice Crush

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This is powerful variable speed blender with a 2 litre capacity glass jug, although the usable capacity is 1. 5 litres for thick mixtures and 1. The empty jug weighs 2 kg so care is needed if you have a weak wrist. There are six blades of which three are serrated and they can be easily removed for cleaning through the base of the jug. However, the jug is suitable for a dishwasher. The lid has the usual aperture for adding ingredients whilst the blender is in use. There are 15 speeds and a pulse setting selected by a stainless steel knob and, push buttons that automatically select settings for smoothies or crushing 6 to 10 ice cubes. The base of the blender has four suction cups to keep the blender in place on a surface whilst it is working. The overall height is 410mm so it will probably fit under most kitchen wall units.

The first thing you notice when taking the blender out of the box is the quality. It has a really nice look and the jug itself is thick glass and i mean thick reassuringly weighty glass, unlike the plastic that our past blenders have used. The machine really does look great – one central dial with a variable speed and a pulse function and two flush buttons, one for creating the perfect smoothie and the other for crushing ice. The base has suckers on and they hold the unit very, very firmly to the worktop. As mentioned the jug itself is thick shock resistant glass, the lid itself is thick high density rubber which fits very snuggly – there is also a plastic plug in the lid so you can add things to the mix. Running at 850 watts it’s a pretty powerful blender and i was at first concerned that because the jug itself doesn’t lock in place with a twist like our old blender, having said that i always keep one hand on top anyway as habit, but as part of the test we ran it without holding and it was fine even during ice crushing and pulse – the jug didn’t move at all and thanks to the suckers the unit stayed stuck solidly to the worktop. It comes with a microprocessor that monitors the operating power and if the load in the jug is too much the unit will cut out, saving the motor from burnout. I’m pretty big on soup and this is absolutely perfect for making individual portions i banged a load of veggies in with a few cups of water and using the pulse button i made a slightly chunkier mix …. Then changed my mind and blitzed them with the regular dial to give a smoother mix no trouble at all.

Take a look at the specifications of a lot of blenders today and the first thing you will notice about this is the 850w of power. Unless you are getting into ninja blenders and specific smoothie makers that are very expensive and are over 1000w, this will probably do most anything you want, including the best test of any blender, crushing ice. Many everyday bargain blenders are as low as 250w of power, so it’s over triple that. The unit i am testing as part of the amazon vine program is white and black, but i have also seen it available in red elsewhere, and may assume that other colours will be available. It has a reasonably small footprint, not too tall, and is surprisingly quiet compared to the older blender i was using. No of course not, but making a milkshake doesn’t sound like i’m putting a shed together like my old machine. At time of writing this review, this item is not actually listed on amazon?. Therefore i cannot comment on price or value for money. Strangely like a lot of tefal products, this model is (or was) available in australia, so i don’t know if we’re getting hand me downs from down under, but looking at competitors, argos for example has the tefal bl233865 blendforce maxi glass 600w model for around 40 quid, that may give you a guide. It’s easy to use, and easy to clean. The instruction manual says the jug can be put in dishwasher on quick or eco wash cycle. Getting the blade and rubber seal in and out can be fiddly, it’s also very sharp so be careful.

This is the fifth blender we have ever bought and is by far the best. It makes smoother creamer smoothies than any machine before and efficiently reduces oat flakes to flour. The multiple blades obviously make a lot of difference as our previous blender was more powerful (1000 watts). The jug also slots easily on to its base without the fiddly twist lock that most have. We also like the fact the jug is made of thermoglass. After a month of very frequent use we are very pleased with it and would recommend it to those whose budget does not stretch to the top of the range machines.

Fairly good at blending soups and smoothies. It is not easy to chop solids such as seeds. But of course it is written in the manual that it is made for blending liquids and not solids. Instead, i use it to make power bars: it takes some time, as they are solid, but i manage to do it all the same.It has a function for crushing ice, but i haven’t tried it yet.

Milkshakes are so delicious now.

Been using this machine for health drinks like protein shakes, milk shakes, smoothies and frappes. Everything is blended well without chunks. I like the way the machine is made. Glass jug which makes easy cleaning, silicone rimmed top and portal to drop i’m ingredients. The silicone makes for easy cleaning also. The base of the machine has suction cups, this helps with securing the machine and does not move due to the vibrations. The machine is well made and looks good. Been making oreo milk shakes – have become a legend amongst family by using this machine.

I loved this and use it daily for smoothies.

  • Great Value For Money
  • Good value for money
  • Fairly good at blending soups and smoothies

Tefal Mastermix Blender BL800140, 1.5 L High Performance Glass Jug with 20 Speeds and Pulse Function – White

I like the glass borosilicate glass jug because i dislike using plastic near my food as i not convinced that plastics are safe to use. Plastics can have dramatic effects on health including fertility and can even cause changes to the human brain. I will not go in to details on this because people are likely to object to it but the exposure to the effects of plastics are not safe or helpful to health. However despite me liking the idea of a glass jug and borosilicate being the preferred choice of glass due to it’s temperature change resistance, the design of the jug does pose some problems. There is a plastic area on the base of the jug which does look fairly flimsy and does look like it could be prone to breakage. The glass jug is very heavy and you will need to be very careful when cleaning it due to the heavy weight of the glass jug. Jaroslaw commented that after one month the bottom of the jug leaked. I suspect that the plastic base of the jug has become cracked. Not being very careful while handling the jug the plastic base looks like it could be very easily knocked and broken which means a nearly £30 replacement cost. I would urge everyone to be very careful when handling the jug not to knock the base against anything which could crack the plasticthis is just my initial observation after a single use.

If a blender can be beautiful, this one isthe build quality is superb; the base looks quality, well built and built to last – and no nasty looking plastic jug; though this glass jug is very heavy, so bear in mind if you have an infirm grip, when filled it will be even heavier. The speed/ power setting is a cinch to use (my last blender had a series of very complicated buttons that, as far as i could tell, did much the same thing. ) – and has a pulse option for crushing ice, and a similar setting dedicated to smoothies. And it makes absolute mince-meat of anything ive put in it; veg, fruit, ice, soups – all come out beautifully smooth with no errant bits and no need (yet) to stop and stir. And lastly – its much easier to clean than other blenders ive had, where the frankly terrifying blade can be popped out for easier, safer cleaning. Its a high price, but i can see why – highly, highly recommend it (though if i could change one thing about it. I would prefer it in black ;-d).

Powerfull and relatively quite.

This blender is big, solid and well-made. It feels like quality and it delivers on its promises. The dominant feature is the thick glass bowl which allows easy cleaning. The motor is powerful enough to crunch ice without blinking. The blender is easy to use and the instructions are ok. Some purchasers may be reluctant to commit to a relatively expensive blender, especially if you are a devotee of certain well-known food processors. This piece of kit is well worth the expense; very impressive. The only note of caution is that this is a big, tall piece of kitchenware – it could seem out of place for those with small kitchens and limited worksurfaces.

The blender is heavily built and does its job really well. While fairly expensive for a blender this machine is well worth the price.

Absolutely liquefied everything i put in it.

Looks like your standard blender with a basic design unchanged from yesteryear. But this model is heavy duty and can crush ice without making you wince. It does mean that the jug is heavy, though so could be a struggle to lift for some. Variable speed control adds flexibility. Very good update on a classic design.

Works well, couldn’t do with out it.

Bought this in a lightning deal and really happy i did. The whole unit is quite weighty because of the glass jug, but i prefer this to my old plastic one that got very scratched over time and eventually went completely cloudy. The variable speed dial is useful as you blend at a slow speed that doesn’t create too many bubbles in what you are making. I mostly use the smoothie button and this chops up the tough fibres in ginger so that you don’t get left with stringy bits and blends frozen fruit to a smooth consistency. Haven’t used the ‘ice’ button yet as using frozen fruit means that you don’t have to add ice to my smoothie to cool it down. I think the only feature i’m not keen on is the fact that the jug just drops down into the base without the need to twist the jug to anchor it in position as with other equipment i have in my kitchen. (saying that, the jug goes in right-handed or left-handed that is actually better for me being left-handed as all twist to fit equipment is designed for right-handed people). To clean the jug after use, i fill it quarter way with hot soapy water and blitz it for 20 seconds or so. I have found that this gets rid of all the residue in the bottom of the jug that is otherwise hard to reach with the blades in place a quick rinse out with fresh water and the jug is clean, job done.

Very powerful in blending fruits and crushing ice cubes to the finest. But less than 6months of buying, the bottom of the glass jug has worn out hence it’s not able to perform again. I still like the product so can i have that part to replace the worn out part. The blade section as you can see from the picture.

Very good and powerful i recommend it.

Great product, it works very well and we love to use everyday for smoothies and soups. The glass jar quality is excellent and very solid.

This does exactly what you want it to, and very easily. It’s a very powerful unit, which does make it quite noisy. I don’t think you can have one without the other. It’s a well made product which is put together nicely and is powerful enough to crush ice, whilst also being able to mix standard things such as smoothies. It even has a dedicated smoothie button. The flex is just the right length and you can adjust the speed of the blades. One problem of using a blender is cleaning it. This unit is very easy to clean, everything comes apart very easily and quickly. The only criticism is that it looks a bit on the cheap side. It’s all put together well, but that dial on the front is a touch on the ugly side and looks a bit dated.

Ok so far, but i’ve only had it a month. Great for making soups, as it takes hot liquids and copes with large lumps of boiled carrot, etc. No splashes or volcanic eruptions when switched on full of liquid. Needs a strong wrist as the jug is glass and very heavy.

It is a lot more powerful than my food processor blender and really does look smart. It is very sturdy and clearly a quality product. The fact it can crush ice with such ease is amazing to watch and, as other reviewers have noted, it can be used for a range of functions. The capacity is plenty for pretty much anything you need to blend. I find it invaluable in getting my toddler to eat more fruit and veg by making smoothies and soups 🙂 the main thing is it is easy to clean, but i recommend doing so straight after use. Overall, a quality product that won’t disappoint if you are a blender user :).

Much more powerful than our £30 previous model but struggles a bit with things like coconut chips. Just knock it down one star as its difficult to open the bottom of the container to clean. The whole family struggle so i end up having to clean bottom when i get home.

Excellent blender used it for the first time and did an excellent job. I will highly recommend this product.

Fast delivery, good packaging, excellent quality.

Features and Spesification

  • 6 Blades with Tripl’Ax Technology for fantastic blending results
  • 2 automatic programs: Smoothie & Ice Crushing
  • 15 speeds and pulse function
  • Thermal-shock resistant glass jar
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning