Tefal MQ714140 Minipro Multi-Function Chopper – Used it every day since it arrived, very happy

Grinds cooking ingredients or you can make a smoothie with freshly cut fruits.

So good product, quick delivery, easy to use.

Very very useful in the kitchen especially if doing a ot of asain cooking. Lot of my friends have bought one. I thin the price has dropped further.

Easily the most used device in our kitchen.

Be careful with your fingers when you wash blades.

Easy to clean, blends very nicely but plastic container feels cheap and easy breakable which is shame.

Very little that goes in this thing fails to get chopped to even consistency.

This was bought as a gift, have had good reports.

Much better then the previous model. These machine is used everyday. So quick to blend soft and hard items like nuts and black pepper.

Appears not to be as strong as the 550w suggests. Does the job but sometimes it tends to whine indicating that the motor is stuck. Nice looking machine and it has a separation from inserting the lid to starting. Also the turbo is very good. Got to be careful not to use the second or third ‘chopper blade’ unless required as this adds to the motor strain. Better than most at this price. I have tried two previous machines which were returned.

Found to ideal for grinding whole spice or coffee beans. First class product,would recommend.

Useful and practical, works perfectly.

Using this for more than 1 year and is still working like new. It makes amazing curry masalas as with its 3 individual blades you have full control as to how coarse you want your masala to be. Here are the specifications for the Tefal MQ714140 Minipro Multi-Function Chopper:

  • Three dual removable stainless steel blades
  • Watertight lid for liquid recipes
  • Powerful 500 W and two-speeds (with turbo touch)
  • Capacity of 300 g/500 ml

Great value item, very pleased.

Easy to use, would certainly recommend for small chopping tasks like onions, breadcrumbs, herbs etc. A compact design which is easy to store.

I mainly bought this to grate cheese and i am very happy it works. The only thing which is a bit annoying is that the upper part and lower part can’t be secured together, so you have to maintain the top part yourself while using it.

Don’t let this little gadget fool you it is very sharp, powerful and blitzes food in a trice.

Works for 2 minutes, heats up super quickly and stops until has cooled down completely. A waste of money if you’re expecting to do anything else than chopping onions.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Chop , mince or mix

  • super effective

  • Nice looking machine and it has a separation from inserting

A brilliant and versatile blender. I use it for chopping up garlic and ginger, grinding spices, pureeing fruit, even finely ‘grating’ parmesan (much easier for larger quantities than an expensive grater). Easy to assemble, easy to clean (i stick everything but the motor in the dishwasher). I’ve been using it for years and have given several as gifts. I just wish they made an equivalent in a bigger size for soups etc. Watch out as the blades are very sharp, especially when new.

Brilliant for pureeing baby food. Small, compact but very powerful.

Very good and useful product. Great fit for people like me that hate chopping and just want to save time in the kitchen. It is small, easy to use, works perfectly, can’t really find anything wrong with it. Careful though when washing it, those little blades are very sharp.

This is our second one of these. Our old one was used several times a week and lasted years. The 3 blades make it really powerful highly recommend.

I use it all the time, it both chops and blends, so you don’t need 2 different machines, and it is so easy to clean and store. Would recommend, you won’t be sorry.

It chops up almost anything you put in it. It has a powerful motor with two speeds and ver easy to use.

Realy good product and very strong.

This is so much better than my previous little chopper. I am very happy with my purchase.

Use it to grind green chillis and making chutneys.

It was a replacement ‘like for like’, as the previous one broke down. Good reliable machine, easy to use, and always handy.

Though i had to return it as it was bigger than expected.

Very useful if you cook a lot.

Wow, cannot over praise this chopper, dioced an onion in 3 seconds, and besdt of all no runny eyes, easy to clean, absolutely fantastic, only criticism is with tefal only giving the uk a 1 year guarantee yet the whole of euriope gets 2 years, whats that all about??.

I bought two other choppers and both disappointed. This is a real winner and i’ve used it at least once every day. It’s easy to use, safe, and easy to clean – all usable parts in the dishwasher and simply wipe the motor part down. I almost gave it 5 stars but it still chops the foods too finely – maybe they all do this and it isn’t possible for an even small chop rather than a powder to small chop. This is the best one i’ve seen.

Good machine, but on the noisy side.

This product it so good that i use it constantly and also bought it for some of my family members who simply love it as it makes the cooking preperations much easier.

Love this to mince onions etc. Works really well, chops finely any thing you throw at it. Takes 3-4 minutes to clean as you cannot put the engine into the dishwasher (obviously), the body is a bit narrow to put your hand (i’m a man) and the blades are a bit of a bane to scrub as you don’t want to slice your fingers while doing it. But a great little tool overall. Especially for a family, when you don’t want to dice 5 onions in a row with your knife.

It did just what is on the box thank you.

Absolutely perfect for whizzing up meals for our young son. Really compact and powerful.

The best chopper that i’ve ever had.

Does everything it claims to: have used it to chop vegetables, make humus, nut butters, smoothies etc.

Brilliant little chopper , i say small but it’s about the height of a kettle , very effective too. There’s three blades that you can remove individually to chop to the desired size. With a pulse button or turbo chopping settings with a 500 wattages. You can add two cups of food/ice to the mini chopper but no more as the capacity is only 500ml or 300g. Easy comes apart for washing and can be put in the dishwasher. I’m so glad i brought this as i suffer with fibromyalgia and arthritis in my hands. I love it and won’t be without it now.