Tefal Oleoclean Pro Fryer – Good quality

Great product much larger than previous fryer which i love. Just be careful not to fill to max oil level as when draining to clean, the oil box does have capacity to hold that much oil and i had the excess oil all over my unit, but i have since learnt not to fill right up to maximum oil capacity.

As an obsessively clean individual when it comes to food prep and hygiene, i have been on a decade long search for the ideal fryer. Normally, the parts are too difficult to wash, fiddly too in the sink. I detest handwashing oily crockery. Opting to throw them at the mercy of the dishwasher. But alas, they’re not all worthy of the confinement of the dishwasher and some are practically impossible to dismantle each time. As a result i found myself increasingly discarding my fryers after a year or two of use. I’m quite embarrassed to admit this. This little (actually, not so little) fryer was my light at the end of the tunnel. Its solid and robust with quality parts. As a lover of technology, it checked all the boxes.

Makes it easy to store the used oil afterwards. Also it can be washed in the dishwasher and this makes it easy to maintain. We are a family of 4 and so have to cook in batches. I probably should have gone for the bigger size but the one i have is fine overall otherwise it’s a lot more oil that is needed.

I don’t review unless very bad or amazing. I wouldn’t buy a chip pan as i see them as sticky smelly. Never buy chip shop chips againfilters oil stored in tub underneath pan so no smells. Or just leave oil in it with lid on. Easy to use don’t over fill oilamazing chips on 160 for 18mins. Instructions are easy i hate instructions. Lots of chips could feed four or more but i love chips and have loads husband just makes do. Easy easy easy clean filter oil when cool.

Replacing an old tefal fryer the oleoclean is not cheap but worth every penny. When the oil is cold filters into a box underneath keeping the oil nice and clean. No more bits in the oil after cooking and will be so much easier changing the oil when it is needed.

Used this product for a month now, oil flitration is actually quite awesome and all the parts can be washed after the filtration which makes it so much easier to clean. The fryer is quite big as well so can fry quite big batch in one go. The only downside i will say is it dosent keep all the frying smell away which is a shame but still good value for money.

Do not use coconut oil, it solidifies in reservoir. I have to warm up reservoir in aga 70c to liquify oil, then it is fantastic.

I have been meaning to buy a deep fat fryer for some time now and came across the oleclean pro which i decided to buy based on the oil filtration system which allows the pan, basket and lid to be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher after each time the fryer is used. I made chunky chips and onion rings last night which both cooked really well and the image shows the spotlessly clean fryer today with the oil drained into the container. As the oil is held in the sealed container at the base of the fryer, the oil will not spill and makes moving it from the cupboard to the worktop a whole lot easier. Overall i am highly impressed with this fryer and suggest it is worth the money.

Best fryer ever i make my own kfc chicken. Oil dosent last long in old fryer. But with this fryer it drains the oil filters the crap out to reuse oil a gain.

Such a great fryer, i was hesitant about one but so glad i did. It’s great and so easy to use, the added timer is a bonus. Very easy to assemble and extremely easy to clean. A great product and even better when i managed to buy it in the sale.

Don’t normally eat fried food but needed to get a deep fat fryer to cook real fish and chips for a party and am impressed with the fact that this way of cooking imparts less oil into the food. This fryer heats up quickly is very well built convenient size and has its built in filter system, with oil storage box. Over all i am very pleased with it.

I have had many deep fat fryers over the years but this is definitely the best. Just turn the dial at the front and it filters clean oil into the box. It all comes apart easy to clean and works great. Wish they did a 5 liter one as i’d buy one of those as well.

Had for a month or so now and really pleased with iti have had non of the leak issues people have talked aboutjust a great all round fryer. Here are the specifications for the Tefal Oleoclean Pro Fryer:

  • Patented thermostatic oil filtration system that filters oil only when it has cooled down to a safe temperature for easy handling
  • Fully dismantles for easy cleaning
  • Permanent odor filter helps control odors for more comfort when cooking
  • Cooking lid with window which helps you to keep a close eye on what you are frying ensuring nothing is burning
  • Advanced oil temperature heating system which provides the ideal frying temperature to help seal the food’s exterior for minimal oil absorption and healthier fried foods.
  • The clean oil is stored in a specific hermetic box so you can easily remove it

By far the best fryer i have ever had. Very easy to use and dismantle for full cleaning. No more horrible sticky fryer. Filter works great, no mess, keeps everything clean and fresh.

We are told that the is all dishwasher safe we only use it once a week and then its popped into the dishwasher i found some silver bits in the food and when i tracked it down the grill in the top grill had deteriorated only about 6 monthsof use tefall first said this was not to go in the dishwasher, i pointed out that the said it was all safe except the element they ask me to return it which i did after 1 month i contracted them and said where is my cooker after a lot of waiting i was told as a gesture they would replace it i pointed out it was still well in warranty the sent the replacement and it works fine but no update no sorry no nothing so it looks like we have eaten the top grill check yours and check the food.

Great fryer love the oil storage and filter system keeps it all nice and clean, easy to wash in any dishwasher definitely worth the extra cost.

I love the way you store the oil. It isn’t perfect to refill, as you have to be a bit careful you don’t get spills from where the oil enters the chamber. In truth that is the only problem i have had with it.

I didn’t want the mess of a chip pot, so thought i’d go for a tefal oleoclean pro fryer, (5 portions), 3. 5 litre, 2300 w after reading reviews. I’ve tried groundnut and rapeseed oil. Both worked fine and you can slightly taste the difference when frying. So have a go at testing different oil. Cons: the timer lit up when i first switched it on. Second time the timer never came back on and has never came on since. I’ve tried to reset it and i’ve used the machine around a dozen times. I don’t use the timer though as i prefer to watch the food but for those who are stuck ion a timer check it when you buy.

I have owned many deep fat fryers, and this is by far the best, the food tastes great and it is so easy to clean.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • No more mess.
  • Great product much larger than previous fryer which I love
  • After First Use

My husband and i decided to treat ourselves to a fryer as a joint christmas present this last year. We didn’t want to just get a cheap and nasty one which would stink the house up and get all claggy and sticky on the outside. So after loads of research we picked this one. At first pour of the oil we worried that maybe we had calculated wrong and this wouldn’t be large enough for the two of us. We are able to fry enough for the two of us without problem. There’s more room in there then you think at first. So far we’ve made kfc style chicken strips, fries, crisps and fritters. Next on our list are chimichangas and doughnuts.

Fryer is good quality and the oil draining is an excellent idea and works well. Basket size (larger version) is more than enough for us, a family of 4. It makes enough chips in one session. The only downside (which is not related to the product at all) is, i forgot just how smelly the kitchen gets frying food. On the plus side, the fryer is super easy to break apart and stick in the dish washer and at the same time, i’ve moved the filtered oil into a spare fridge in the garage.

My old fryer finally gave up the ghost and after reading loads and loads of reviews i finally decided on this one. It heats up much quicker than my old one, fries everything beautifully and is so easy to clean. I empty the oil into its base after every use and is always clean and ready for use.

It seems stranger writing a review on a deep fat fryer but having owned this one for a while now, i can give an honest review. Easy to use very easy to clean and cooks everything just perfect. I have used the oil filter system twice so far and haven’t encountered any problems at all, but i must admit i would recommend you wait for the oil to cool down manually as i do ‘just in case’overall it’s simplistic use and clean looking all the time is a must in a clean kitchen. I use the natural cold pressed oil in these fryers as the have not had any dangerous chemical processing unlike the cheap alternatives in supermarkets. Yes i know they are more expensive but i feel the oil lasts longer, tastes great and you can use the oil on anything including salads.

Given the price commitment of this chip pan, i thought i would write a detailed review. I needed a chip pan that feeds 5 adults. But i was also looking for one that doesn’t set off my smoke alarm, and it does just thatso, what i like is its size; its ability to cook a large quantity of chips, although it is then a large machine. My previous chip pan was a double one, so although this one is large it is tall rather than wide, which i like. Also, the handle folds inside, so i find it quite compact actually. It does have sharp edges like someone mentioned in a previous review, but if you use the handles on it, then you don’t come into contact with the sharp edges, except when dismantling to put in the dish washer. I also like its cleanliness; you can put the parts in the dishwasher once you have drained the oil. I notice in previous reviews that people have said the tank for saving oil overflows, but i did not find that, although i only drain the oil after 4 -5 uses, so its not at the maximum. I also love that the handle for the tray slots inside the pan, not over the edge so no oil spills.

This is the second deep fat fryer i have owned and by far the best. Even though i only have chips once or twice a month (doctor’s orders) cleaning the old one was a real chore and i gave up in the end. This one is easy, has a built-in fat filter and producers perfect chips, especially when used in conjunction with a chip ‘chopper’ machine. However it doesn’t have a built in timer which doesn’t bother me particularly as i use a dual timer but it may bother some cooks.

This deep fat fryer is the best i’ve ever owned. It can be completely stripped down and components easy to clean- either by hand or in the dishwasher.

This is brilliant, the filter system really works holding the oil securely until you need it, and being able to chuck everything into the dishwasher is great. So much better than any fryer i’ve used before.

I love the self-filtering on this fryer. Just flick a switch and leave it. Everything goes in the dishwasher apart from the heating element module, which is easy to wash by hand. The handle on the basket folds up for easy storage, although not if there is still oil in the fryer. I store my oil in the blue filtration tub, so the fryer is clean and dry. I have had perfect results every time. The lid ensures no spitting, and the window gives a good view on the food being fried. It is somewhat large to store, but i wanted a large capacity fryer. It easily fries chips for all the family.

Nothing to dislike on this product, well thought out, well designed and extremely easy to clean a bonus.

Easy to drain and store the oil which still looks like new – very little used as the oil drains automatically as soon as it is cool enough not to melt the container (but still warm). Rest of the fryer (other than the heater) then goes in the dishwasher.

Excellent fryer, really easy to clean using the automated oil filter then just pop the rest in the dishwasher once it’s drained. My only very minor gripe would be the hole/clip where the oil filters into the blue oil box is a bit of a primitive mechanism. When tipping oil back in it often leaks through there a bit, if it was engineered a little better so it was properly sealed then it would be perfect. Having said that, it cooks everything perfectly and can cook enough for a family of four.

It is now essential in our kitchen. The main reason we love it so much, it’s because the large capacity, was able to 6 thighs/drum stick and still space for one or two. The ability to set the temperature and timer is fantastic. Once you learn the correct temperature and timer for different meals, it’s great. So it is essential to learn your product. The instruction in the booklet is a good indicator but we found it wasn’t as accurate. It states (commenting from memory), the chicken needed 16 minutes a set temperature (forgot). We set it and the chicken was dark brown. Once you figure out the best timer for it, it gives you great results. The cleaning is another great feature. Very simple and quick (compared to others). The cleaning was the main reason i went for it.

Edit – i found that if i put it into filtration mode while the oil was still warn, the oil was prone to running around the draining mechanism and out onto the work top. I have no had this issue at all if i wait until the oil is fully cooled down. I bought the compact version and i found the chips were great, the auto syphon and filter function worked well and the remaining residue of oil was easily wiped away. My oil container is now in the fridge and the fryer is clean and in the cupboard. I added exactly 2l of oil for this first fry, ive yet to see how much oil did not make it into the container and was washed away. I expect very slight top ups on a per use basis to be necessary to maintain the max level. Using 2l of oil leaves about 15% space in the container left so there is some wiggle room above the max level marker but i wouldnt push your luck too much otherwise id expect some oil spillage. All in all, worth its money as nothing else comes close to the features on offer here.

Very easy to use and i like the fact you can take it all apart and clean it.

The oil drain is brilliant and works really well, the capacity is perfect for a family of five. The temperature adjusts quickly and is consistent through the cooking process. Finally the ability to place virtually all of this fryer in the dishwasher is all you could ask for.

We’ve had this for about six weeks not and it has performed perfectly every time. After researching every deep fryer out there we are very happy with our final choice.

I saw this fryer a while ago, but it was only available in a bigger version, but as soon as i saw they’d made a smaller version i was determined to get one. It’s not the smallest fryer, but it doesn’t seem too big on the side, and the handle can be folded back into the basket when not in use. I can honestly say the draining feature is the reason i bought it. I’ve had other fryers and kept using the oil longer than i should, with all the burnt bits in, because it was so much hassle to try to clean it out. As soon as i see any bits in the bottom i switch it to drain and walk away, and when i come back later i can just remove the metal oil basket and wash all the bits out. Then i leave the oil in the bottom box until the next time when i just unscrew the small plug an pop the oil back in. I have done chips, croquettes, onion rings and more and everything cooks perfectly. I can’t recommend this enough.

Best fryer i ever had and i have had a few. The instruction that you should clean the oil after every five use make a lot of sense as the debris don’t get burn and making it possible for the oil having a longer life. Before buying this fryer i read the reviews. One of the comment was about the filter tray not big enough for the oil. . If in doubt that it is going to overflow put some of the oil in a saucepan before starting the filtering system.

Used that a few times now and it’s an ideal one for home use. Quick to warm up and easy to clean. Only negative i will say is the quality of the basket as after the first time in the dishwasher it started showing rust in a couple of points so it will be hand wash from now on.

I was orginally looking to replace my magimix 5ltr capacity fryer, which i loved as i was able to dismantle and wash in the dishwasher. However when looking for this replacement i discovered the tefal and was impressed by the product decription. However there were some reviews about the oil filtering system and reference to leakage. Lets face, the last thing you want is fryer oil leaking, but i have found that, as others commented that if you follow the instructions and do not overfill the unit with oil in the first place then the storage container into which it drains has adequate capacity to avoid spillages. The fryer operates well and cooks well as you would expect the only improvement i would make, which may help with some of those leakages would be to improve the max / min level marking system within the compartment, with the basket in place this can be difficult to see clearly and sometimes even without the basket. If your on the sideline and undecided some other things to consider is the size of the unit. Due to the filtering system it is quite bulky when compared to standard fryers and requires considerable space to store when not in use, but after using this and been able to clean between uses it shows its value now theres no more sticky oily residue accumalating on the unit. Buy this product in confidence it works perfectly and improves the cooking experience.

Great fryer i would just use for chips. Unless your happy too clean greasy batter pieces out of the cooking box after oil drain. It does filter the oil for reuse however if you fried for instants copycat kfc chicken which i did. Then the following morning drained cleaned etc then used the oil again as recommended this made the chips that i cooked the following day pretty horrible. Thw bottom line is if you want too fry anything with batter best too change oil after. Its has good amount of cooking space. However be prepared when you change the oil there’s enough oil too fill a small bucket then you somehow have togo to the rubbish tip and find a container you can throw it in. Overall a very good pro fryer. Filtratiom could be much better to take any impurities out of the oil. My advice is use for chips and occasionally some battered prawns cod or chicken but beware don’t re-use the oil after cooking any of those items.

This is a good fryer, but unfortunately too small in that the food cannot move around when frying. This causes some uneven cooking and the chips were a little oilier than my previous fryer. If you have the space go for the larger model for better cooking. It’s really easy to clean if you do it each time.

I’d had enough of soggy aga-baked oven chips. This device took me to chip heaven. The oleoclean makes *great* chips, in big portions (plenty for me and two teenage sons, and enough left over for the wife to nibble; it’s survival of the. Fittest at our house when it comes to deep-fried food). It takes under 10 minutes to cook frozen chips to perfection. I see the oleoclean gets a few negative reviews for oil leakage. If you fill it near the ‘max’ mark, the trick is to scoop or ladle out about a quarter of the oil before using the auto-filter device. I followed this tip from another amazon reviewer and it has not leaked at all. The timer is too quiet to be useful, and does not auto switch-off fryer. But i would never leave the room while using any deep-fat device. Oh, and unless you use this under an extractor fan, your house will smell like a chippy.

The oil filter is automatic once it is cool enough to transfer. Just cook and leave to cool then pop the bowl in the dishwasher. Couldn’t be easier to keep the oil fresh and the fryer clean.

This is a brilliant deep fat fryer, it cooks home made chips so quickly and they’re crispy and delicious. I love the oil filtering system, it’s easy to use and then you can wash all the parts, ( except the electrical part ) obviously. No more having to manually drain and filter the oil, no mess, does not leak oil unless you have overfilled it in the first place. I’ve only had it a few days so once i’ve made other food i’ll update my review. But as of now i highly recommend it.

The tefal fr804040 oleoclean pro, having had this product for a week we have used it several times and it has been great, there seem to be a few negative reviews concerning this product and some questions that have not been answered properly:-1. You can fill the fryer to the max marked in the pan and there is plenty of room in the base when it filters through. When you have finished using it you simply turn the lever to the filter position and it filters through when cools down, you don’t have to wait and time it. We clean ours after each use once it has cooled down and if your simply cooking chips etc it cleans very easily, we haven’t tried anything likely to stick to it as yet. We have had no leaks or other issues with the filtration system it works well.

Do not overfill with oil or it will overflow when you filter it into the resevoir. Bear in mind that the top of the resevoir is only clipped into place so do not tip too far when emptying back into the fryer or it will unclip and spill oil.

Well,this is amazing,i went from a normal chip pan to an actifryer,and now this. Its brilliant,makes perfect chips every time,love the filter mode on it. It takes a couple of times to get your temperature where you need it. All i can say is start at a lower temperature rather than a higher one as our first batch of chips were golden in colour but still hard. We now do 165 degrees and get perfect chips every time. Would recommend 100% 👍🏼.

This deep fat fryer is a beast and the best fryer i have ever had. Although it cost quite a bit and is a bit bulky. It is so simple to use and so easy to clean. My gripe with fryers has always been the part where you have to clean it, all you do is cook your food then after you have taken it out turn it to filter oil and i always unplug it and leave it to drain, that’s it, it is that simple, the following day i give it a wipe out with kitchen roll and i leave the oil in the box until i want to use the fryer again. To refill it is really simple, just pull the oil box out, loosen the plug by removing the screw plug and piur the oil back in, my oil has lasted 2 months now and i have had bread crumb items in, potatoes you name it, it now needs fresh oil but nothing like a conventional fryer. Highly recommended if you hate cleaning deep fat fryers, just be aware it is a large machine unless you go for the smaller version but this is perfect for large families.

We purchased the compact fryer on 03 july 19 and used it many times since. Heating and temperature control works fantastically. Produces excellent chips with no sogginess and they taste so good. The oil is drained out of the fryer into a plastic tank in the bottom cavity, once cooled obviously, and remains there until next fry up. The basin used for frying is simple to clean and nothing sticks or burns on. We are fussy buyers but we cannot fault this fryer.

This is a great gadget for deep frying, and really please i bought it. . Very easy to use, clean, and store the oil, it is really well designed. Using bog standard veggie oil, it cooks at different temperatures really well, and the oil does not colour up / taint too quickly. Really good purchase, and opens up different types of dishes that benefit from deep frying.

Well worth buying it you can filter and store oil and be able to wash pan and basket so much easier to clean.

An easy to use and practical design. Reaches dialled temperature quickly and, more importantly, stays on it while frying, something that cannot be said for other cheaper models. I blanched at the price initially but am more than happy with this excellent piece of kit.