Tefal Optitouch Hand Blender – have clearly thought of everything when it comes to blending with his superb product

A really nice set with everything you need for your cooking. Not too heavy but powerful enough to whisk up anything. Nice and comfortable to hold and to use. Easy to change attachments as well. Has a good size 800ml jug that comes with it which is great to have. All in all for the money i think it is great value.

This is an excellent hand blender in terms of design and function. A sleek black-and-silver design, its motor unit can be attached to two hand-blending heads – one a chopper, one a whisk, to use in the beaker (this one seems ideal for smoothies or whipping cream etc). It has normal and turbo speed settings. There is also a food-processing bowl that the motor unit attaches to which i use for higher power or chunkier contents. It’s all fairly typical for a blender of its type, but the upsides are that the whisk and blend attachments are all stainless steel and easy to wash and clean, and the chopping head for the hand-blending attachment is quite broad, which allows it to process contents faster. The downside is that the motor is, i think, too powerful?. I’ve been using it for several months now and notice that the plasting is deforming/melting around some parts of the metal body. It’s still a great blender, but that’s worrying, and i’m concerned how long it will last.

I really like this hand blender… it is pretty simple in use, parts connect easily and are quite effortless in wash, even the chopper. Blenderit comes with rather large 800 ml goblet. The blender has numerous speeds plus “turbo” button. It can make anything from purees such as hummus to completely liquified soups or smoothies. But the slider with 16 speeds is just a gimmick. In reality it is very hard to stop on each of the speeds. 4 – 5 speed options would be more than enough. What i like the most about it is the stainless steel wand that won’t get stained when blending tomato soups, unlike similar white plastic blenders. Perfect for whipping egg whites or cream. Chopperthe chopper works really good chopping onions and even seasonings but be aware that some of the species may produce oil that will damage the plastic. For instance i would not recommend it to chop anything with cloves. I was blending spices for pumpkin pie spice mix and clove oil stained (matted) walls of the container. Opposite to our old chopper this one locks so nothing gets outside during the process, which is great.

This is not just a hand blender it is a box of stuff that will do just about everything in the kitchen in the prep department. It has a 600 watt hand blender that has 16 speed settings from low to sort of fold ingredients together to super, mental fast for making smoothies and the like. It also has a whisk which is great and helps make nice and fluffy omelettes (tasted good too) as well as loads of other things and it has a mini chopper too. Plus you get a mixing jug which is just a total bonus. And it is all compact so easy to store and use and at a fraction of the cost of some of the larger blenders. As if that were not enough it is also really easy to clean (machine washable – except the blender) and it is made in france – not china. Now don’t get me wrong i am not anti chinese it is just that so many companies have outsourced now to china and the quality is often lacking, so well done tefal for proving that a quality product can be made in europe at a very reasonable price. I absolutely love it and have found that i keep thinking of things to cook to utilise it, so the down side is that i will probably put on a few pounds thanks to this great gizmo – c’est la vie i suppose.

Tefal have clearly thought of everything when it comes to blending with his superb product. Until now, i thought all blenders were the same, but this is something different. Optitouch handblender the optimum blending texture for whatever you are blending from chunky soups, compotes and smoothies. It has 16 speeds and unique activflow technology featuring 4 large stainless steel blades (2 straight and 2 curved). Then there’s 600 w of power, an anti-splash guard and a soft-touch grip. I like the 500 ml mini-chopper too. The whisk attachment is brilliant too, and whisked my egg whites in no time at all – perfect for merangues.

This is an extremely versatile piece of kitchenalia that is more than just a hand blender. The addition of an 800ml mixing jug (goblet), a 500ml chopping attachment and a whisk, and a wand where you can alter the speed from slow to supersonic, means that essentially you have in one group of items the equivalent of a food processor, but without the bulk and much greater degree of maneuverability. The soft grip to the wand makes it a very comfortable implement to hold if you’re using it as a blender and the whisk was really easy to use. I liked the addition of the ‘turbo’ button as well just to give that extra kick when you need it, however, beware, it really does give one hell of a kick when you press it. Very easy to clean and looks really stylish. Very good, versatile piece of kitchenalia that i would recommend without hesitation.

I like the way food processors have slimmed down – you no longer have a huge amount of washing up after using one. I was a little worried about starting this product out with the raw carrot test – which i chopped up a bit just to give the machine a fair chance. I needn’t have worried – it pulverised the carrot to a crumbly powder in under twenty seconds without showing any signs of strain. In fact, getting an ordinary grated effect might be more of a challenge. There is a small chopping bowl which takes 500ml of items. There is a larger flask into which the long blender or the whisk can fit, which takes 800ml. The long blender can of course also be used to blend soups in large pans, and has an anti-splash design. They really want you to read the safety instructions – which come in 36 languages in a good old fashioned booklet that is designed to last for years like the machine itself, and which tell you the blender is not guaranteed for use in staff kitchens or a bed and breakfast environment, and that the blades are really sharp (they are right, they are) and you really must remember not to cut yourself on them.

I’m taken with this product. I’ve kept the box to store everything in though as i’m worried i’d lose stuff. I’ve not used the whisk yet but it is easy to attach. I’ve used the jug and blender which is great and the chopper. The hand held until doesn’t lock on to the chopper but it still works. Check the manual though as only some parts can be put in the dishwasher.

I’ve had hand blenders in the past and the operation is always pretty similar so no surprises there and comes with the standard mixing bowl, mixing jug, beater and blender attachments and also the main unit. Very easy to switch out the attachments and whether they’re used with the mixing containers included or in my own pot or bowl it’s always brilliant results. Egg whites were whipped to stiff peaks in no time, my homemade bbq sauce that i coat chicken fillets with came out great when done in the mixing bowl with blades and soup is very easily blended while still in the pan. It’s very easy to just give it quick pulses to make sure things are not overdone, or keep it whirring for things that need a good beating/blending. Feels comfortable in the hand too. Very easy to take apart and clean great value for money at time of writing.

Here are the specifications for the Tefal Optitouch Hand Blender:

  • Thanks to its 16 speeds and distinct blade technology, Optitouch offers you every mixing possibility: Thin or thick blended soups, compotes and smoothies
  • Features Activflow 4 Blade technology: Two serrated inner blades and two serrated outer blades which provide rapid and effective mixing
  • High ergonomic design made from quality materials, Optitouch offers all the comfort and power you need
  • Accessories: 800 ml goblet, whisk and 500 ml chopper

Reviews from purchasers :

  • All the usual parts in an attractive, high-performing package
  • Always brilliant results
  • A Superb piece of kit