Terraillon Kitchen Scales – Excellent Scales

This is a really nicely made unit and the fact that it weighs up to 15kg is a boon for cooking turkeys, large joints of meat etc. It works really well and i love the fact that it holds the readout for a few moments, after removing a large item which may have covered the readout, so that you still record the weight. . It also measures fluidswell worth the money.

Got my sister one; liked it so much i got myself one.

These scales are accurate (checking against items i weighed at the supermarket), use increments of 1g and, unlike most, weigh up to 15kgs. The display is big and bright. They use three aa batteries (supplied) which is perhaps preferable to button cells. They look great but note the size – bigger than most electronic kitchen scales at about 255x207x25mm. The large platform is really useful at times and the ‘hold’ function, enabling you to leave the weight displayed after the load is removed, is very helpful with large items when you can’t see the display. If, however, you’re unlikely to weigh large items or anything over 5 kgs, you might prefer smaller scales such as┬áduronic ks1009 slim design digital display 5kg kitchen scales. Another reviewer mentions that they weigh liquids too. That’s true, but so do all scales and there’s nothing special about these. Actually, they only weigh liquids with the same specific gravity as water – 1ml water weighs 1g, so a litre of water weighs 1kg, and so on. Weighing liquids is very useful.

It is really great, so happy with different weigh options.

Love the sleek slimline look of these scales. Accurate and easy to use and easy to wipe clean.

Quality product and as described.

It looks great and does a good job.

Very good scales but the touch sensors sometimes difficult to use.

Love the liquid measure function and the fact you can add things after zeroing the scales. Best thing is not paying a fortune for cell type batteries – this takes aa batteries.

These are the best scales ever, always accurate and very clear display.

Fabulous reliable scales with a large platform and large read out display. They measure up to 15 kg which is great for jam and marmalade making but even better for everyday use. Compact and not too heavy for storing.

Humed and heyed about wether or not to but this. Now proudly on display in kitchen and used daily.

Simply the best scales we have ever had for cooking. Item was missing one leg post on arrival but lakeland quickly organised replacement for us. Here are the specifications for the Terraillon Kitchen Scales:

  • Electronic kitchen scales, Large stainless steel tray, High readability thanks to the backlit LCD display and digital display, Touch sensitive, Gram accuracy (Precision 1g), Large capacity up to 15 kg
  • Liquid Conversions: a key for changing units of measurement (g / ml, lb.oz / fl.oz), Ability of weighing both solid and liquid ingredients in the same bowl
  • Tare: reset of the balance and cancellation of the previous weighing and / or weight of the container, Ideal for adding other ingredients to the preparation
  • Fixed display (15 sec.) after removal of large objects through the pause function, Total stability: non-slip feet for accurate weighing, Automatic shutdown, Practical and trendy: stainless steel finish with a resistant and anti-trace coating
  • Contents: 1 Kitchen Scales Terraillon MyCook 15, Material: Stainless steel, Weight: 1.2 Kg, Dimensions (W x L): 25.5 x 21 cm, Thickness: 2.7 cm, Works with 3 AA batteries (not included)

Good points:easy to clean, won’t get water inside ( the cause of failure of my last 2 digital scales), large readout. Bad points:takes ages to zero itself, difficult to read unless directly in front of the numbers. Also can be difficult to move between the different units. Not sure about its accuracy- you can put just a few grains of sugar on and the scales can jump 3 g.This review is after about 5 months of near daily use.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Scale !!!
  • Easy peasy
  • Excellent Scales