The Oomph Advanced Coffee Maker : Absolutely delighted with this item and customer service

Absolutely delighted with this item and customer service. This is really easy to use and produces excellent coffee on the go. I’ve used this now for a few weeks and i’m really surprised with how good this is. It’s an excellent piece of engineering.Have a play with it to find your preferred strength of coffee, its takes a little practice, but well worth it. Customer services are fantastic. I gave feedback them about the product and they went above and beyond what i’d expect to maximize my satisfaction with this product and the brand.

Very pleased with the purchase, i use it regularly as my car companion. Very easy to operate and a good design creating a freshly brewed coffee exactly to my tastes.

Used my new oomph at the weekend in my motorhome. I need to experiment with timings and grind size as i found it a little weak, i did re brew by pulling the plunger back up and found that this did work a treat. Had to fiddle about cleaning it but soon found a good method. Unit is a little large and heavy but very convenient when space is at a premium. Overall, i was impressed with the idea and will be using it for my trips away.

This was a present for my boyfriend – he says it makes coffee so smooth and fruity he can finally drink it blacktakes a bit of getting used to though; can be a bit tricky to use first couple of times.

I have only had my oomph coffee maker a week and i absolutely love it. I work as a cameraman and am always on the road and with this i can finally have decent coffee all the time. It’ s really easy to work and the coffee tastes fantastic, no bitterness at all, and no bits in the bottom of your cup. I now take a flask of hot water and ground coffee with me in case i get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Really easy to clean and one of the great features is you can alter the strength of your coffee. Not sure how i managed without this.

Purchased the oomph after getting a christmas gift of a coffee gift set and having nothing to use with it. I’ve never liked filter or cafetiere coffee, so was hesitant about the cost. I’ve been using it for a while and it makes great coffee, a pleasure to savour, i find it better to add milk and sweetener first, before the hot water. I broke a tab of the bottom of the plunger, on contacting oomph they have been excellent and are sending me a replacement, free of chargecan’t fault this product or company.

– the product is well thought out. Not only is the coffee smooth but the control on the process with quantity, time and rebrew means you can easily tailor it to your tastes. As well as a coffee maker it’s portable, being able to add milk and sugar, the whole unit acts as a flask at the desk and the cleaning out is no prob. I previously used a mocka pot but it really was strong coffee all the time (like 6 espressos). I would say its the ability to tailor the process is the most important factor to consider that this delivers.

Since receiving my oomph coffee maker last week i have been very impressed. The thought that has gone into the design of this product is very good especially when compared to other products on the market. The oomph has replaced my aeropress for general coffee making in the office and whilst harder to clean it is worth the effort. Having burnt myself quite badly filling my aeropress due to an annoying tremor in my hands the oomph offers a much safer use case for me and a better tasting coffee. I look forward to using it more in the future and getting to know it better. My one criticism would be that clearer instructions for initial complete strip down and cleaning on purchase would be useful as this is not the clearest.

  • Great tasting coffee.
  • Beautiful coffee, anywhere, and doesn’t cost the Earth
  • my Oomph coffee maker a week and I absolutely love it. I work as a cameraman and am

The Oomph Advanced Coffee Maker, Midnight Black. The ultimate portable coffee maker ideal for home, office, camping and travel.

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Easy to use and clean and i now prefer this machine to my aeropress. Zero grounds or grit in the brewed coffee and a very nice taste. I’ve seen a few bad reviews about leaks but mine works perfectly.

Great idea, lovely coffee but unfortunately i have now had two separate parts break. First, as others have experienced, were the plastic lugs on the housing for the steel filter broke off. Fundamentally, there is a design flaw with this and a weak point. Further, support tried to blame us that misuse was the result of it being damaged, not really on. They did however, send out a replacement part. Today, the rubber plunger has broken off from it’s housing, there are two plastic lugs that hold the plunger to the body\cylinder and one has snapped off. Not good enough for a product now selling at 45 quid. We will see what oomp support says about this, no doubt we will have to send pictures again. As for leaks, i’d ask everyone to check their seals are seated correctly, with the taper the right way to, this can cause leaks. So in summary1: great coffee2: great idea3: quality of plastic not good enough, they are going to have to rethink the ‘lugs’ and where they mate to the body.

I spend around 10 days a month in hotels around the world and really love my coffee. Having just got back from india and tolerated yet another day drinking instant coffee provided by the hotel i decided action needed to be taken. I need a decent cup of coffee when abroad stuck in a hotel roomthe oomph fills this requirement perfectly. It makes a really good, smooth cup of coffee from my favourite blue mountain grind and i can vary the strength of the coffee depending on how i am feeling at the time simply by re-pumping the oomph. It is small enough to go in my luggage and is now a staple packing requirement for my travels each month. To make the oomph perfect i would suggest a rubber seal to create a ‘coffee tight’ seal on the drinking aperture, but as i usually pour coffee from the oomph into a mug when away from home this is not essential. I would recommend this product to anyone who craves a decent cup of coffee away from home. Please make space in your suitcase for the oomph.

I was intrigued by the concept, and figured i would try and improve upon the office vending machine coffee, so ordered the oomph. Although i have only had my oomph for a day, have already had many good cups of coffee and am very impressed with this product. It is very, very simple to use and appears to be of a very good build quality; everything feels ‘solid’ and durable. Operation is really simple – you put ground coffee into the main (bottom) section, and then fill with boiling/hot water. You then leave the mixture to brew. And then plunge in the top section. Open the flap at the top, and pour into cup or drink straight from it – that is itof course, you can adjust the coffee/water amounts – there are helpful graduation markings on the unit – and the brew time, you can even re-brew by simply lifting the plunger (top) half up again, waiting for however long is desired, and then re-plunging. Very pleased with this product, and looking forward to many more great cups of coffee.

First impressions:easy to take apart to clean, quality plastics, which give a solid hand feel. Durability:hope the locking latches are durable, both on the plunger itself, and the filter holder, only time will tell. Taste:definitely improves the taste of the brew, and with the ability to re-brew easily, and then take on the road, is a real bonus. Point to note, i am using a cheap ground coffee, whilst i was waiting for my pact delivery, and it actually tastes better using the oomphcannot wait to try it with some freshly ground good stuff. Con:it is quite large, too big for my vw t5 drinks holder, but i think it will fit in the door card. Pro:i recommend this product.

Very pleased with the feel of the oomph, feels solid and well built, didn’t take to long to convert my coffee measurements from aeropress to oomph either, the lower line is equivalent to just under two scoops. Pleased with my purchase, very smooth coffee, the bitter head doesn’t get through which is a big bonus. I like to get three years of of my coffee kit.

The product looks great, is portable enough for me to get it into all of my military bags and provides deliciously brewed and smooth tasting coffee anywhere in the world. I reiterate the importance of this as, not matter how hot or cold, you will always find a member of her majesty’s armed forces finding time to ‘brew up’ and being able to have excellent tasting coffee without having to take lots of intricate bits of equipment provides a sometimes much needed boost in morale. In short, the oomph is compact, brews beautiful coffee and doesn’t cost the earth.

I’ve bought the oomph coffee maker for my mum for a birthday present. It arrived today and i’m super impressed at how awesome it looks. It is going to be perfect for her as she begins a new job in london soon where she’ll be commuting. This is the perfect thing to give her her coffee fix on the goloving the minimalist packaging and the look of it so far, hopefully she’ll enjoy using it as muchupdate:she tried it at the weekend and loved it.I think my husband wants one now.

  • Great tasting coffee.
  • Beautiful coffee, anywhere, and doesn’t cost the Earth
  • my Oomph coffee maker a week and I absolutely love it. I work as a cameraman and am

The Oomph Advanced Coffee Maker, Midnight Black. The ultimate portable coffee maker ideal for home, office, camping and travel.

I bought the oomph after researching a convenient way to brew coffee without the need for a machine. The oomph hit all the boxes, doesn’t take up any room in the kitchen, easy to use, easy to clean and maintain and with the added bonus of being a travel cup. Having tried a few options the oomph is by far the best in the quality of the brew and the product itself which is very well made. I will never be going back to ‘cough’ instant or to using a cafetiere. It’s open up the world of coffee and i’ve enjoyed experimenting with different blends and strengths. I also use the oomph to brew loose leaf tea and it doesn’t disappoint in this area. I would wholeheartedly recommend oomph, for the price point and quality there’s no comparison outside of an expensive machine.

What a fantastic product the oomph is. I use the oomph in my workplace and has made my coffee mornings complete bliss. You have managed to incorporate a filter / brewing method (i previously used. . Which was quite a hassle) into the most hassle free device.My desk now comprises of just the oomph in place of what was once quite a clutter of devices (yes, i’m a coffee snob and i need all that equipment to make the perfect cuppa). Not only does the oomph make a fantastic cup of coffee, it also keeps it warm (if i’m dragged away from my desk), is portable for on the go or when heading off to meetings and is a dream to clean. Congratulations on the creation of a fantastic product. Which should really be issued out as standard in the workplace for any busy coffee lover.

We’ve had this about a month and we haven’t stopped using it since we got it. It makes noticeably better coffee than a cafetière, every time, and is very easy to use. You learn to make sure the lid is secure otherwise pouring into a cup can be messy. If you are making a large volume (to the upper mark on the inner container) then the corresponding amount of grounds makes the plunger more difficult to push down, in spite of all attempts at making sure all the grains are wetted). But the lovely taste is worth it.

I’ve been using the oomph daily for two months with a wide variety of coffee. It is is well-made and has worked perfectly. Previously, i was using an espresso machine to make lattes. However, it took half an hour to heat up to get the steam to the correct pressure. A table-top espresso pot was much quicker but the coffee tasted bitter. The oomph makes better coffee and you can experiment by using different quantities of water and changing the amount of time the coffee brews. It’s easy to clean; just follow their youtube videos. Old coffee can get stuck near the filter, especially when using a fine ground, but the whole thing can be taken apart in a few seconds for a thorough clean. The company that makes the oomph sent me some free coffee for sending them a short review by email (there was a note in the packaging asking for feedback).

Like someone else said on here previously it is poorly insulated and it leaks. Also it is a bit bulky and quite heavy although this is ok. On the plus side it does make a good cup of coffee and you want a strong coffee you get one. You can add milk as well and it gets all the flavour out the beans. It’s easy to clean and very easy to make a cup. I think it would be worthwhille getting a flask as this may prevent the insulation.

Really does do everything it says ‘on the tin’ – great coffee made really easy. I tended to avoid coffee as i had had so many bad experiences but this has restored my faith that good coffee at home is possible without spending 100s of £s. Check out the videos and reviews on the oomph website which make everything clear. Oomph customer service is awesome – i had a minor problem which was sorted immediately via email with no quibbling. Oomph portable coffee maker, midnight black (midnight black).

Brilliant improvement on the aeropress that i thought was the best. Coffee great and machine simple to use. Don’t waste your money on complex coffee makers.

For the first week or so, this was the best purchase in a very long time. Over time, with a bit of use, i have grown fearful of using it when wearing a white shirt. No matter how tight i twist the lid on or check how secure it is, i end up with a lovely stain on my top from wear the coffee seeps out and dribbled down the side of the cup. I really wanted to love this; it is such a great idea. Perhaps my product is defected?. I’m hoping that everyone else has a more positive experience.

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