Throwback to the Good Tracks

A couple weeks back I remember being sat in my lounge with my boyfriend, reminiscing about all the old tracks we used to listen to and have on repeat ‘back in the day’. It’s quite shocking who we came up with; the songs, the artists and the even the cringe-worthy music videos to accompany them. Having said all that, I want to do a fun, light-hearted post to share my favourite songs from the school days and what you to share yours too!

I remember being subscribed to the likes of Kerrang music magazine back in the day (my dark days…) to find out all about the latest going-ons with my favourite bands, when their next tour was taking place, but also all the news on the latest releases and so on. Nowadays, we have online music magazines to provide all of that for us, just like Get To The Front, all for free! Be sure to share your favourite songs below – no matter how bizarre!

What one earth happened to her? She was literally the best of the best when it came to dance music and I remember dressing up in neon rave gear to see her live one evening with my school mates, and it may quite possibly have been the best gig ever! I do have a photo of that night from Year 10 after re-gaining access to my MySpace account…but we’ll leave it there, shall we?

Shania Twain
‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman’ is still a firm favourite, but I only realised this the other week when I got it up online and sang the ENTIRE song, to my boyfriend. He’s one lucky guy. But this is just one of those songs I used to be OBSESSED with and now I haven’t stopped listening to it on repeat for days – don’t judge.

My Chemical Romance
Come on, let’s be honest, Welcome to the Black Parade will forever remain as an amazing song. No? Well I think it still is great and having just thought about it, I’ve now got it playing in the background!

Cheeky Girls
I remember dancing to this song at my Year 6 Talent Show with my twin sister and best friend at the time, which I’m still not 100% sure how that was allowed – but obviously as 10 year olds, we weren’t dancing inappropriately. Anyway, this is a duo I remember having on repeat too, but it’s all changed nowadays!

Biffy Clyro
In all honesty, Biffy Clyro are still a firm favourite. The first time I listened to them was back in Year 9, then a year later I went to Rock City in Nottingham to see them live – but I also met them! Despite bruised ribs, their gig was awesome! *Top tip: do not get involved in a mosh pit.


What songs/bands did you listen to ‘back in the day’?

*collaborative post