QVC Tili Beauty Box Review | Autumn 2017

I’ve seen countless bloggers and socialites go crazy over this beauty box over the last couple months, so once I had the chance to get my hands on one for myself, I became stupidly frustrated waiting for the Postman to arrive! I’ve raved about beauty boxes in the past, which is why I’m excited to share a new one that I’ve never tried before; the QVC Tili Beauty Box*.

Firstly, the price is pretty average when it comes to beauty boxes. I’ve tried the likes of Birchbox, Glossybox, Look Fantastic, Cohorted, Latest in Beauty and goodness knows who else. I’m surprised I haven’t tried every single one out there yet! The most expensive one around in my experience is Cohorted, sitting at £35 – however, you do get hit with full-sized high-end makeup which you could’ve spent over £150+ on, so it kind of makes it worth it. The cheapest I’ve tried however, is Birchbox and have got to say, I was pretty impressed! At the bottom of this post I’ve put all the links to these beauty boxes, with some even giving you a little money off!

Anyway, let’s get into the Tili Beauty Box by QVC. It’s QVC’s great way of getting us to try and love a selection of hand-selected beauty products; from skincare and makeup, to haircare and sometimes beauty accessories, where we don’t have to splash out on full-sized products that cost a bomb, to find out we may not actually be in love with it. Each box will contain some of the latest must-haves, new launches, new brands, well-known and high-end brands, plus new innovations we may be interested in too.

However, if you’re not one for beauty boxes and little surprises each month (why wouldn’t you be, is the real question), then this would make an ideal gift idea for someone who does. Best of all, it’s subscription free. Many beauty boxes out there require you signing into a rolling monthly contract which can easily sneak up on you; you sign up, receive the first box, then time flies and you forget to skip the next month and get charged etc. etc. – life’s a b*tch. Either way, there’s no contract with the QVC Tili Beauty Box – simply pay £20 for the one-off beauty box during the month you feel most excited about it.Tili Beauty Box by QVC

Inside the Tili Beauty Box

Shay & Blue Blood Oranges Eau de Parfum, 30ml
This is one of the reasons I love beauty boxes – decent perfume samples. I love my perfume and practically drown myself in the stuff, but I always stick to the same scents because I daren’t spend money on ones I’m not too sure about – I think one spritz in a store isn’t enough to really try out a perfume; you may love it the first time, but the next time you may be a bit meh. Either way, I’ve used this spray daily since opening the box and I bloody L O V E it! It smells of oranges (clue is in the name) and I love citrus smells, so it’s a very me fragrance.

L’Occitane AlmonCad Supple Skin Oil, 15ml
Body or face oils can be hit and miss with me. I use to have really oily skin, which has now moved to just extremely dry skin. There’s no inbetween with me, unfortunately. This oil is created with more than 50% almond oil, which is apparently what helps to firm and smooth out your skin for a fresher appearance – I shall report back!

Gatineau Floralcil Plus, 118ml
Really not sure what’s with the 118ml scenario that’s going on here, but despite the odd number for a skincare product, you get a decent amount of the good stuff here. This is an oil and water formula which is made to be shaken before use, to then act as a makeup remover. I recently ran out of the Clinque Take The Day Off Makeup Remover, which I absolutely loved! But sadly, it’s far too expensive to be splashing out on. I then opted for a cheaper (much cheaper may I add) alternative, which was the Witch Micellar Water, which I have been loving! I would say it’s a close dupe to Clinique, but it doesn’t work as well on the mascara-front. As for this makeup remover, it’s worked pretty well so far on my eye makeup, so I’ll be sure to keep using it daily to see if it remains just as good as the first couple uses.
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Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, 15ml
I’ve been wanting to try a peel for quite some time, as my dry skin could do with one, but ones which are in budget with what I’m happy to spend on one seem to have half-hearted reviews – so I’m not quite convinced just yet. This is an anti-oxidant rich cream exfoliant, perfect for my sensitive skin, which aims to moisturise, replenish and protect your skin. Sounds good, right?

Caudalie Radiance Serum, 10ml
I don’t think I’ve tried any of Caudalie’s skincare products before, so I’m excited to be able to give this one a go. It’s an anti-dark spot serum which boosts radiance and evens skin tone, which I think my skin could do with. I don’t necessarily have dark spots, but uneven skin tone is a thing for me, so maybe it can help with that alone. We shall see…Tili Beauty Box by QVC

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat, 18ml
Probably the biggest nail polish bottle I’ve come across, but I’m excited to use this! This creates a protein-rich coating to help protect your nails, which is especially great for my nails in their current state. My nails have always suffered from being quite brittle, but so far I’m enjoying this one. You simply put one coat on over dry, clean nails and wear for up to one week. Once a week you remove it as normal with a standard nail polish remover (acetone or acetone-free – the choice is yours) and it makes your nails look so bright and healthy. I’m liking it a lot so far.

Tarte Colour Splash Hydrating Lipstick in Colada, 3.4g
This is the one product I was most excited to receive in this beauty box – I’ve never tried anything from Tarte, but it’s a brand that’s been on my wishlist for quite some time now. It states there’s no feathering or bleeding, so the colour locks in place the moment you swipe, so we shall see if I end up with clown mouth or not! It’s also the cutest little lipstick – very similar to my Kat Von D lipstick I got from Love Me Beauty!

Bareminerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Juju, 4ml
Now, it states it’s a nude lip colour, but it’s more of a brown-toned nude which is ideal for me and my skin tone. Actual nude tones wash me out completely, so products which state Nude in the name, I actually tend to avoid. But I’m glad I got to give this a go, as I would’ve probably never picked this up in a shop otherwise! I wore it to work the day after getting it and so far, really like it. Feels really moisturising and has more of a velvet matte finish as opposed to just matte like it says. As for staying power, it seems pretty average – around 3-4 hours, even after a couple drinks.

Rituals The Ritual of Sakora Shower Foam, 200ml
The first competition I ever won via another blog, was one for a Rituals bundle. At the time I think they were fairly new, and I certainly had never heard of them, but since using the Shower Foam in that set, I’ve always wanted more. I am someone who will pick the 99p Home Bargains shower gel over a more dear one like Rituals – simply because I can be very stingy – but, if I do want to splash out, then Rituals is a brand I opt for. I’ve re-purchased their Happy Buddah shower foam twice now, but I’m excited to try this one!

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