Tips for Attending Blogger Events (& Why You Should Attend One)

Let’s be real for a minute – blogger events are scary. No matter how many or little you have attended during your time as a blogger, the initial stepping foot into a room full of strangers scenario, is quite daunting. Unless of course you know a bunch of the attendees already. But, not all of us have that kind of social circle or the confidence to approach others we don’t really know. That’s why I’m going to share my tips with you for attending a blogger event, plus why I think you should attend at least one.

Why you should attend blogger events

They are perfect for meeting other bloggers and networking with brands or agencies you could see yourself working with in the near future – if this is a goal of yours that is. Apart from the social side of the events, they are a fantastic way of building confidence and getting your name and blog out there. The first one is scary, but you end up catching a little bug that makes you want to go again and again.North West Blogger Events

Tips for attending blogger events

Make sure the event is for you
Make sure the event is relevant to you. Some people simply go to blogger events as a place to just be social, which is fine, but a lot of these events are also dedicated to certain niches; lifestyle, beauty, parenting, travel etc. If you attend a parenting blogger event as a beauty blogger who doesn’t have a child, you’re going to feel a little out of place.

Prepare a sentence or two about yourself
Every event I’ve been too so far has involved going around the room and sharing a little about yourself. It sounds horrific, but it’s honestly not as bad as you think. Simply prepare a line or two that tells people who you are, your blog name and then perhaps a random fact. Better yet, show them a party trick of yours to lighten the mood and break the ice.

Is the event accessible?
If you require disabled access, you need to make the event organiser aware of this. Better yet, ask again closer to the event date, because it’s happened on one occasion before where the venue manager actually misinformed the event organiser by saying there was disabled access, yet they soon found out there wasn’t. Just ask!

Come prepared
Don’t worry, there’s no survival checklist when it comes to blogger events! It’s yourself that is the main priority. But, it doesn’t hurt to come prepared with a few things you may need on the day. Bring a notebook and pen, a charger in case there’s available sockets and you’re in need of some power juice, a little cash, a camera (phone will do), a carrier bag (sometimes you’re given goodies by brands that are showcasing) and even a snack.

Check if food is being served
Will there be food served at the event? Usually this is made pretty clear beforehand, especially if you’re paying for a ticket, but it’s always best to check. If there is, do they meet your requirements; any food allergies or specific dietary requirements? If they don’t, be sure to eat before attending, but also bring a snack with you incase you get a little peckish.

Bring business cards
It’s not an absolute essential, but the last event I went to I forgot to print some and regretted it in an instance. They may sound a little too formal for blogger events, but these are a simple way of letting people know the essential details for your blog and are easy enough to pop in your bag for future reference. Besides, there’ll be a lot of names to remember on the day, never mind all their blog names too!

Take lots of photos
As a blogger attending these events, the typical thing you’d do when you get home is whip up a round-up post. Therefore, take lots of pictures. At my first event I did a lot of social sharing throughout, but come my second event I wasn’t feeling too great and therefore wasn’t as snappy happy, but hated that fact when I got home to realise I had nothing to work with.

Join the dedicated Facebook page
This doesn’t apply to all blogger events, but each one I’ve been to so far has set up a Facebook page or group which is open to attendees only. This is your opportunity to briefly introduce yourself and also ask if anyone would like to meet at a station or other meeting points to walk to the event together. I’ve done this each and every time, as it helps soo much.

Join the hype
I just mentioned joining the Facebook page for the event if they have one, but if not, there’s usually a dedicated hashtag for said event. Make sure to join in the conversation by searching for these hashtags and keeping up to date with what’s going on.

Plan your outfit
One thing I’ve always noticed on the day of an event, is the steady stream of tweets on my feed saying, “What are people wearing to #abc, I don’t have a clue what to wear!” – then *insert crying emoji*. You’ll know the day before what the weather is going to be like, plus you’ll know roughly how long you’re going to be out for. Unless you really must, don’t wear heels – opt for something more comfortable. Better yet, even if it’s a cold day, these rooms can get pretty warm due to how many bloggers are crammed into a tiny space – so opt for something lightweight, but also take a jacket incase.

Plan your travel before
Don’t leave it till 10 mins before you leave to figure out where you’re going, as you’ll only stress yourself out. Plan your travel in advance – pre-book tickets, make seat reservations, pre-book a taxi if required and ensure you have a screenshot of the directions incase you don’t have data or signal is poor, or can’t access free Wi-Fi.

Be supportive
Do you see someone standing/sitting alone or perhaps wondering around because they’re not quite sure what they’re doing? Go say hi! Introduce yourself and ask a little about them – just don’t bombard them with all the questions at once. You’ll find a lot of people have to get over a lot of anxiety and stress just to be able to bring themselves to walk out the front door knowing full well what they’re about to do, so be supportive of the fact that these events are a bigger deal to some than they may be to you or others.


Share your blogger event round ups in the comments below, and be sure to leave comments on what you love about attending blogger events.

Know one that’s coming up soon? Or planning one of your own? Share below!