Tips for Getting Free & Affordable Cosmetics

Us women spend a lot of money on beauty products but there are ways to looking and feeling beautiful for a lot less, and here is how you can do that. Colors can be bought a lot cheaper during the off-season. In summers, brighter shades are usually high in demand during the summer seasons, pastels are popular during the spring and the natural shades are costly during the autumn. You can save a lot by comparing the prices per gram and per milliliter packaging as well. Smaller packs are usually pricier than the bigger containers but it’s not a conventional.

It is important that you try out the product that you’re going to buy because you might not like the shade depicted on the packaging on you. You would also be able to figure out any allergic reaction or rashes before you purchase the product. Also, pay attention to the return policies that are mentioned on the packaging. Expensive cosmetic products usually come along with a flexible return policy.

Go for Product Testing and Samples

You can sign up for product testing via different websites and you’ll be offered free products for testing and feedback. You can claim as many samples as you like offered by famous cosmetic brands and if you could get a little time out of your schedule to avail freebie offers on a daily basis, your mailbox would be flowing with free samples within a week or two.

One of the best websites where you can find such free make is WOW UK FreeStuff. You just have to fill in your shipment address and some personal information if required and you can win a variety of free samples. The website is constantly updated with new offers and deals as soon as they hit the market. You can also find a number of promotional deals and discount vouchers in women’s magazines.

You might have been to one of those parties or social gatherings where friends and family gather and talk about different make-up and cosmetic products if you like being into that kind of social scenes. Famous direct selling cosmetics manufacturers like Mary Kay, Avon, and The Body Shop pay people for selling their products this way. Avon even sends full-size products for free as samples. The drawback of direct selling is that the income can be fluctuating and you might have to pay for the catalogs.

Save Money on Spa and Salon Treatments

You can find discount coupons and vouchers on freebie sites, one of which are mentioned above. You can also surf the internet to look out for great deals and discount in your area. You can also like and follow the social media pages of various salons and spas to stay updated on the latest offers or if you’re looking forward to getting a haircut, you can get one for free from a trainee hair stylist who is usually supervised by a senior stylist during their training sessions. The instructors intervene and fix mistakes if any and you walk out with a nice hairstyle for free.

Same as the free hairstyle, you can also get free make up and treatment done at a local beauty school for free while the students practice their new acquired skills. To begin with, always apply less amount of cosmetics and make-up, it looks prettier when you don’t want to go with a bold look. Also, having the right make-up kit and tools can also help you save the make-up. Sponges are a bad choice for applying foundation because most of the product is absorbed that could easily be applied to the skin. Using a brush can be helpful because you would be able to apply the most out of the container without any waste.


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