TOBOS Screen Protector Tempered Glass – A great present for a man

So for the record, i am not really a beer drinker and certainly not a lager drinker. But i recently did a short break to amsterdam and on the insistence of my wife we tried some beers, mainly from belgium. I liked them so when we got back we tired to buy some affligem and found online was basically the way. The bottles arrived and it just did not taste quite the same. As it was amsterdam in early march i cannot claim that it was the influence of sun and sand that made the difference. We found the torps and the sub, what the hell, just buy them. This thing pours a perfect chilled drink. As long as you follow the instructions. When i read that people are getting froth and not beer, just look at the simple youtube video saying how to do it, i followed it in real time and it delivers just great. A a tip, definitely pop the torps in the fridge for a good while before thinking about loading them.

The sub compact is pretty much identical to the more expensive sub model, it differs by being a top loading unit, rather than front loading. There’s a minimal energy use difference, not a lot considering the price difference. You load torps into your sub compact and it chills and dispenses your beer or cider. I’d suggest chill8ng prior to loading as that greatly reduces the time until it’s ready to pour. When you do pour the beer flows smoothly from the first drop to the last with no noticeable difference in flow rate, this happens as the torps are kept pressurised by a pump that activates when you pour, it is rather noisy and not for late night sly drinkers. The built in chiller, can take 24 hours to bring a room temp torp to 2c. Pre-chilling in your fridge greatly reduces that time but if you finish one torp it’s going to be hours before the next is ready for use. This is fine for a drink in the evening but not for party animals. The 2c temp really makes this worthwhile though, much colder than most fridges can get beer.

Fantastic gadget, happy birthday boy. Only thing was from the pictures i thought it was used with ordinary beer cans. So it would have been good to know it needed the correct cans to go with it.

Very good husband loves it but the bottles dont last long about 2-3 pints. Not good for a party would cost too much.

This is great fun for a party and a nice alternative to going to the local. The torps hold 4 pints and chill the beer to perfection – lots of variety to choose from too – lagers, ciders, ipa’s. It’s easy to pull a pint – just check out the you tube videos and with a little practice you’ll be on to a winner. Compact size fits nicely into the kitchen as well.

Bought this for my dad as a christmas present and it was lush. Comes out just like a pub pint, makes it far too easy to put them away.

It pours like a proper pub beer but you do have to wait for a few hours until it’s ready (until the green light comes on) and you only get 4 pints out of each beer barrel – they cost between £8 & £20 for a barrel, so it does work out quite expensive, but my husband likes it.

Half pints best as it holds 3. 5 pints ,noise on fist torp then beds in and stops humming.

It’s great fun, and there’s a fairly wide range of torp beers to go with it, from beerwulf. Stick to the dozen or so torps that are reasonably-priced, as some of the brews are rather expensive, at more than £4. 50 a pint, which isn’t cheap home drinking. My only criticism of the sub itself, is that it struggles to maintain its operating temperature, in ambient temperatures greater than 25c.

Is just perfect, get home after work, take a glass, open the tap and get a perfect beer like in a pub, is just perfect, highly recommended, it’s arrived before than expected quick and easy.

The sub is very good and easy to uesd.

Draught beer or cider on tap in your own home. What’s not to love?superb quality item that is perfect for parties or that evening at home. The torps are quite small but beerwulf do a good deal when you buy 8 at a time.

Takes a long time to cool torps. Recommend you keep them refrigerated.

Great buy and really good value for money.

Simple to use and looks good. Chills the beer just right and easy to pour.

What’s not to like, if you pay £3 a pint @the pub then to have this at home is great. Good range of pilsners to try getting them on offer at beerwulf. Leaving it on all the time when loaded is the way to go, perfect pint .

Great product like going to the pub.

A nice little unit for pouring draught beer, small range of beers and some very pricey. But once the pint is poured it tastes good and is cold. It is difficult to pour a good pint without froth. Only comes with 4 litre bottles. Takes a long time to chill beer.

Very happy with the purchase. Was a bit skeptical reading some of the negative reviews , but i have been pleasantly surprised with the great pour pint after pint . It takes a while for the green light to come up in the first instance, but cheat is to keep the torp in the freezer for an hour or so. And then when pouring make sure you hold the glass a bit tilted, very close to the tap and pull the lever quickly. All in all a great buy and luckily also got a beer day discount.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It does exactly what it should do.

  • Works as described, will probably end up in the cupboard gathering dust.

  • The Perfect Pint at Home!

My husband loves this as it was his birthday present.

A bit frustrating that it takes 6 hours to cool the beer. Bought when it was on sale, probably wouldn’t have paid full price, given i’m not a beer snob, and can’t really see the difference between this and pouring a pint from a bottle.

Husband loved this for father’s day. Perfect size for the kitchen, only complaint is it takes a long while for cool indicator to turn green for optimal temperature, even when toro has been in fridge. Great for a casual drink on the weekends, not sure if it’s good for a session with lots of friends though.

Not bad for £60, but of a novelty though. Pump is reasonably priced but the torps are really expensive.

Pours a perfect pint everytime. At first when i put it on and installed the torp it made a loud buzzing noise every few seconds. This continued for almost 20 hours, but after that it has been fine and only makes a slight buzz when you’re pouring. Get just under 4 pints from each torp aswell which is good.

Purchased as a gift for my partner he loves itthe design is great and the black casing goes well with our other accessories in the kitchen.

And i loved the thought of being able to have draught beer in the comfort of my own homeon the other hand, no matter what i do, how long i leave the torp, it will not pour a good pint. I don’t think i will be purchasing anymore torp’s after i’ve finished with the 5 heineken that i purchased. I try and pour a pint, following the instructions, and all i get his foam and a flat pint.If i’m doing anything wrong please enlighten me.

Good value for money and a party favourite.

Bought this product last week from beerwulf website beer is brilliant , but the red light on my sub won’t turn green. I have hiked the torp for two days in a cold fridge and had it in the sub for a further 12 and it’s still red. The beer still pours lovely just annoying the light isn’t giving me indication.

Item ok but do not think much about the choice of beer.