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It is a very good kettle and it also has a keep warm button as well.

This is a great kettle, it boils quickly and gives a little bleep to let you know when done too. The turquoise col is lovely. Would buy this again in a heartbeat. You won’t regret buying this.

These kettles last a long time, its great you can pick your hot water temp, love the new mint green.

Had a bosch twk86103gb styline sensor kettle for years giving us perfectly heated water for all types of teas until it started leaking. Obviously wanted the same type of kettle and happened upon this newer version with the temperature controls in the base rather than the top of the kettle. Ended up choosing this turquoise colour as it was the cheapest colour of the range. It doesn’t match our kitchen colour scheme at all and that doesn’t matter. It boils (and near boils) water quickly and perfectly and that’s all that matters. I prefer the temperature controls in the base as there’s less to go wrong with the kettle and it also means the lid opens wider to pour water in. The start and stop beep is somewhat louder than our old kettle, but that’s it. Great kettle for all sorts of nice teas.

The lid doesn’t always open first time but this is a minor problem.

First one leaked from day 1. Used this company as first company sent wrong return label and cost us £11-17 to return it. Told them but nothing back a little upset with amazon also.

A beautiful looking kettle, not at all expensive as it is bosch, and i love the range of temperatures. The teal colour is fresh looking, and when it boils you can pour straight away as it does not spit and bubble like my morphy richards kettle, which was dangerous. Only one fault i can see and that is the opening button on the lid does not always work, but hey fill it through the spout.

Very quick to boil, excellent ‘keeping warm’ function and i can boil to 90 degrees for my coffee. Much larger than i had expected. Annoying noisy beeps for telling when its ‘done’ and turning on – absolutely no need for this with the keep warm function.

  • Fast!

  • beautiful

  • Turquoise Bosch Kettle

TOBOS Screen Protector Tempered Glass,[Anti-Fingerprint][No-Bubble][Scratch-Resistant] Glass Screen Protector

Product Description, Aclouddate Screen Protector Tempered Glass,[Anti-Fingerprint][No-Bubble][Scratch-Resistant] Glass Screen Protector

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Bought as a replacement for identical cream unit we’ve used for years.

I love this kettle , this is my second one just changed because colour goes with my fridge etc. For this with arthritis can be on the heavy side. Like the keep warm facility. Wires stay untangled operates from the base which i love.

I love these kettles they are excellent value and style,they boil in rapid time.

I use the temperature control and the keep warm function every day as i now don’t have to over boil the kettle to make coffee or re-boil if i’ve not quite made my cuppa yet ten minutes after boiling the kettle. The only annoying things are that it’s not easy to see the water level and it will let you boil the kettle even when it’s empty which is unusual for modern kettles.

Scale doesn’t create much. You can keep hot the temperature that you desire until you lift the kettle. And really like the unsual colour ☺️.

So far i’m fairly happy with this product but it is incredibly noisy. I’m not sure i’d have chosen this kettle had the reviews i read mentioned this.

The lid doesn’t want to open, and it’s f***in’ noisy. It’s ok, but it baffles my mind how bosch didn’t somehow notice that the lid doesn’t easily open, i mean they must test these things???????. I bought it for the variable temperature settings so will put up with the shortcomings.

Bought this to replace one that i’d had for over ten years(same model). Variable temperatures make it ideal for all jobs.

  • Fast!

  • beautiful

  • Turquoise Bosch Kettle

TOBOS Screen Protector Tempered Glass,[Anti-Fingerprint][No-Bubble][Scratch-Resistant] Glass Screen Protector

A beautiful piece of equipment, stylish and modern with a quick boil.

Had a body kettle before like this onecannot complain about anythingabout it compared to similar other heat controlled more expensive kettles.

Only had this kettle a couple of days but i love it. Very attractive, easy to fill, quickly heats the water. I like the little beep that tells you it’s boiled.

Bigger than i thought it would be. Gorgeous colour that looks great in our kitchen. At first we didn’t think it was getting as hot as our old kettle, but could be wrong.

Lovely looking and essy to use. I do like bosch and have always found their products good. The kettle is very capacious but boils quickly even when full. Reasonably priced in comparison to other similar items (i think) even the ‘mister’ is impressed.I would recommend this kettle and would buy it again.

This kettle is the best by far of the recent(many) kettles i have had in a short period. Some in the bin or returned as useless. Rapid boil,temperature control(ideal for real coffee) lovely looking unit. Very pleased with this product.

Bought at very good price to replace same model in different colour. Had many different kettles in my time but a second purchase says it all.

Great kettle, received day before nominated delivery date.

I bought this with the matching toaster. It is stylish and has a number of settings so water can be boiled to different temperatures.

This kettle replaces my previous one. At eight-years old it’s the only kettle i’ve had that’s lasted that long without a leak or problem. Hence buying the same model again, rather than the updated version. So far, it’s every bit as good as its predecessor, if anything it is possibly a little quieter – which is a bonus. Fingers crossed that this one lasts just as long, if not even longer.

Compared to my cheaper kettles from asda this is much quieter and faster. I love the option to choose a lower temperature which is excellent for some brews and instant coffee. Yes it beeps but i’m not bothered by that. Easy to pour from even when boiling and easier hold. However the lid function quickly stopped and one has to fill via spout or manually open ie the press button doesn’t work after only 3 weeks.

This is a fantastic kettle – very easy to use and a great design absolutely over the moon with it.

Best kettle i have ever bought no critizems just a very well designed kettle.

We are very pleased with our bosch kettle. It boils quickly to the preset temperature and is therefore more energy efficient than our old one. Nice colour toowell done bosch.

Had aprevious model only change for the colour.

Bought to replace our digital hotpoint kettle, whoch was still working well but starting to look a bit tired after many years of being a great kitchen assistantpros:-feels like a quality product but not too heavy either-fast to boil-large capacity-cup markings-cordless-temperature control and keep warm function-chirps when it’s ready :-)cons:-none after a week of use, i do worry about longevity of cap release button but time will telloverall i am very pleased with this purchase, a great addition to our kitchen.

It’s ok, but it is very loud.

We have had one of these kettles for a couple of years, and wanted to update the colour to match a new kitchen. The first kettle we were sent had a problem with the pop-up lid, which was very unpredictable (sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t), which was disappointing, but when the kettle itself started to leak, i sent it back immediately. I read a review about problems with the lid, so would suggest you return the kettle if you’re experiencing similar issues. The replacement is perfect, and it’s a good kettle. I like the variable heat choice and find 80 degrees is perfect for a cup of black instant coffee. Yes, it’s a bit noisy, but it’s very fast.

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