Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Feeding Set – Highly recommend it, perfect

Very happy, extremly good value for money.

I have tried a few different baby feeding brands (both breast and bottle) over the last few years but we always end up returning to tommee tippee. This is a brilliant starter set and would make either a great starting point if purchasing for yourself or a fantastic gift for an expectant mum. This set is geared more towards bottle feeding but could also be used for combination feeding (obviously you’d need to get a breast pump etc). I bought one of these older sets when i had my first child and found that i only needed to add some breastfeeding items and buy a few more bottles. I was so impressed with my first set that i bought another as a gift for a pregnant friend at the time and she also had nothing but praise for the set. Other than the new cool blue and black colours (my first set i bought was only available in white at the time) the set is pretty much the same as it was when i bought my first one a few years ago and contains the following:-1 x closer to nature cool blue electric steam steriliser4 x closer to nature 260ml feeding bottles with slow flow teats (they have a number 1 sort of embossed on the teat)4 x closer to nature 150ml feeding bottles with slow flow teats (the number 1 on the teat signifies the 1st stage)1 x closer to nature cool blue electric bottle warmer6 x closer to nature milk powder dispensers2 x closer to nature insulated bottle bags2 x closer to nature medium flow teats (they have a number 2 embossed on the teat to signify stage 2)1 x closer to nature 0-6 m soother1 x closer to nature bottle brush1 x teat tongsthe only main difference i can see is that the electric steam steriliser now only sterilises five bottles at a time whereas the first one i had managed to sterilise six bottles. This means the steriliser has a new more compact shape and takes up less worktop space. As the guidelines are now to make bottles up as needed, bulk sterilising isn’t really needed as much as years and years ago (i remember years ago my mum making up my little sisters bottles in bulk and then putting them in the fridge which was allowed at the time and not frowned on like it is now). This is a great starter set and at the moment it is very competitively priced at more than half price and so if you can get this at a decent price the set is great value.

Looks nice, i have not yet started to use.

This is the ultimate feeding set that you’d need for a little one from birth and beyond. The set contains 4 small (150ml) and 4 large (260ml) bottles, an electric steriliser, bottle warmer, dummy, bottle brush, 2 insulating bottle bags and tongs. I love the steriliser is easy to use and can hold 5 bottles at a go. I also found that it didn’t damage the bottles in anyway. I think for the amount of products you get and the quality this is a really good value set.

Perfect for first time mums, and value for money, it has everything you need for the first year of your baby.

I have purchased this now twice in the last year,for my son and now my daughter. . Plus i have 3 other grandchildren who i also purchased times tiles sterilizers?😀😀👏👏 i absolutely urge future expectant mums out this at the top of your baby list.

Quick to sterilise so is perfect.

It’s an essential starter pack when you have a baby. Until now i’ve used the steriliser, feeding bottles ( small ones) & bottle brush. Using the electric steam steriliser saves me a lot of time and it’s very easy to use it.

Everything you need for your newborn it’s in this box. Highly recommend it , perfect.

Really amazing item mine arrived today only one down fall is they sent me the wrong colour was ment to be black but is blue but me and my patner siad were gunna keep it any ways its a nice blue soo were not that botherd other that that no problems9.

Amazing set, love the tommee tippee brand. Incredible deal on black friday so very happy to get this.

Gave us a solution for everything related to feeding the child at home and abroad.

After six months used the sterilizer stop working. Here are the specifications for the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Feeding Set:

  • Contains everything you need to start bottle feeding baby; UK’s No.1 baby feeding kit brand
  • Steriliser sterilises five bottles in five minutes; includes eight Closer to nature baby bottles
  • All bottles include Tommee Tippee anti-colic valve
  • Electric bottle and food warmer warms baby milk and food pots
  • Milk storage pots and insulated bottle bags for feeding on the go

Very happy with this product.

It was bought as a present and they are very happy with it.

It’s fast delivery it’s quick and it’s working good and i like the colour.

Bought this for a friend – which is now used daily.

Tommee tippee are the best bottle and baby kit manufacturer out there, we have used their products with all 5 of our kids (the oldest is now 18) and this is really top quality stuff, you get 7 bottles in this kit (half and full size), a couple of travel bags, a steriliser, a bottle warmer, powder holders and a cleaning kit. This is seriously superb value (price it all on its own and you’ll be looking at 40% more). A really lovely gift and such a nice product set.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Useful BUT the hotplate in the steriliser can burn easily
  • Recommend!!
  • Great value for money and excellent products

This a a great starter set – providing (literally) everything you will need if you are bottle feeding your baby. We’ve used tommee tippee stuff before and always found it works well for us. This updated set is no exception. The electric steriliser is really simple to use – literally load up, pop in the water (amount being marked on the bottles themselves) and away you go. It will do 5 bottles at a time which is a change as i am sure the previous steriliser we had would do 6 – but this is smaller – a minor gripe but i am sure you are all more than aware you need bottles at all time and by losing one in the sterilising process is disappointingbottle warmer does what it says on the tin – this is very similar to the ones they made previously and it always surprised me that i needed to add water to the warmer for it to work – i just assumed it would ‘work’ out of the box. Again, a very minor gripe (no pun intended)you get plenty of bottles and teats that will be needed as your little one gets not so little but you will probably need to buy more teats as you only get a limited supply of the faster flowing ones. All in all its a cracking package really, everything you will need for those bewildering first few months.

This was our first bottle set we got and its is magic. The steamer is so easy to use. The little bottle warmer is fast and convenient. I would highly recommend getting this as a starter pack for any new parents.

This is a very useful set and has a lot of attachments. It comes with 8 bottles and 2 bottle warmers which is very handy. I’ve used the steriliser for 6 months now and it worked perfectly until the limescale started to build up. I’ve used the white vinegar to descale the device but it wasn’t working very well. You can’t use the normal descaling stuff as for your kettle etc as it will damage the hotplate. I struggled to find any descaling solution designed for this type of sterilisers but wasn’t very successful and now the hotplate is damaged making the steriliser useless. The company will not replace anything as it is improper use so be very careful and if you see any signs of limescale try to remove it using vinegar or find the special tablets. Overall, i’m a bit disappointed with this purchase due to my struggles with the hotplate.

Tommee tippee sells some great products wouldn’t buy anything else other than this make. Very reliable and everything you get in this package is all you need for when baby arrives if you decide to bottle feed.

Theres a reason tommee tippee are the brand leader. Their products are always amazing and this set is a one stop purchase for any family expecting a little one. With literally everything you could need to clean steralise, contain and dispense the bottles and milk you wont need anything more. They are so easy to use and both our children attached very eaisly to the teats on this brand where as with other brands they found it uncomfortable or would pull away.

Good quality and fast delivery.

It’s my second time i buy it’s as gift and my friend loves it.

Love the way it was packed in the original package.

The tommee tippee i ordered met all expectations and i am happy to have made this order through amazon.

Everything in there from what you see on the picture. Love the colour and can’t wait for him to arrive to use it. For the price, value and delivery i will recommend to all.

Fantastic value for this useful set. The steriliser is easy to use and it comes with so many different pieces of great quality gear.

Value of money and everthing in one box and affordable.