Tommee Tippee Complete Feeding Set – Amazing product

Amazing value for a must have item for any new parent.

Not used yet only opened to check all items are in the box.

I didn’t really use the thermos bags or the bottle warmer, but the sterilizer, bottles in 2 sizes, powder carrying cases, dodeys and brush are well, well, well worth the price. Amazing setmy only feedback is that our little one struggled to feed through the number 1 teats, and our midwife said that it’s a common problem with tommee tippee bottles, that the number 1 (slow flow) tips were too slow; she recommended we switch to number 2 (medium flow) and our baby has been feeding like a pro ever since. So it would be nice if this set came with more number 2 tips, since we had to buy loads extra. All in all, definitely worth the money though.

Great starter set especially for a first time mum as its not always obvious what’s necessary. Has all essentials to welcome little one home and the bottles themselves worked well for my newborn. The dummies that come with the set are quite big for a newborn though.

Easy to use, compact and easy to store away.

Everything in the box is really useful except the bottle warmer that’s still in its packaging untouched. Time to sterilise is really quick, use the tongs when finished the bottles are super hot, handy 80 ml mark on side of bottles to dose right quantity of water for steriliser, two different flow teats provided, also a dummy if required, 4small and large bottles provided. 2 insulated bags and some dispensers for carrying powder whilst out and about. Basically provided everything i needed to feed my baby apart from the milk.

Good value for money- prompt delivery.

Looks nice and good quality. Still waiting to use this as my little one hasn’t arrived yet.

We both love the range from tommee toppee, the product arrived on time without any issues to highlight as bad service. Been a really joy to have and the offers on amazon was better then any retail prices we had seen so well done.

It’s good for a short term as the steriliser stoped working within 2 months of use. Bought it last december as i had a baby on the way, started using mid april, running it once, maximum twice a day. I also don’t use the bottle warmer. I’m not sure about the warranty for this reason i don’t recommend.

This has been one of the most essential products purchased when preparing for the birth of our lo. The steraliser is very easy to use and maintain and holds 5 bottles/teats/lids. The bottle warmer is great to have a bottle ready when you’ve changed a dirty nappy and has 3 settings to heat the milk as well as keeping it warm. You also get enough bottles and teats to get you started although we did buy a few extra bottles and teats as we got into our routing. If you are combining with one of the tommee tippee breast pumps then the bottles in here will fit the electric breast pump but we needed to buy an adapter to connect the freezer pouches.

Just what you would expect from a top manufacturer at less than 50% of high st price.

We had the previous version. Buying the set always saves a lot of money. The only thing with this one is that it can sterilise only 5 bottles compared to the previous one. The stop button is a nice feature. Overall, a great product from tommee tippee every time.

I hesitantly purchased this set as i didn’t want to stop breastfeeding but unfortunately my body had other idea’sthe transition from breast to bottle was a smooth one thanks to the tommee tippee bottles. The steriliser is quick and easy to use with no chemicals required, i descale mine 4 weekly to keep it working as it should be, i however had to turn to google as the package didn’t have instructions regarding descaling, it was easy enough though with white vinegar. The bottle warmer does the job effectively. The insulated bags don’t keep bottles warm for as long as i needed them to so i have started using a flask instead for my boiled water. The milk dispenser pots make taking formula out with you easy, i measure out the required amount and they fit neatly inside the bottles ready for when i need to use them. Overall this complete kit was a great purchase as it included everything needed to start bottle feeding my baby.

Product as a whole is good and handy for the extra items you get. Issue was with the bottles baby did not feed well from them, teats are to thick we even tried the vari flow teats the midwife advised to change to philips avent bottles as the teats are softer, big improvement after changing over baby went from 1oz per feed to 4oz and from 2hrs between feeds to an average of 4hrs.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The steraliser is very easy to use and maintain and holds 5 bottles/teats/lids
  • Bottle Feeding Must Have
  • Giod value for money