TomTom 1RK0 : Brilliant for the price

The watch itself is great value – comfortable, versatile, easy to recharge, set up and use and the associated app does everything you’d expect from a gps+bluetooth sports watch. The big design flaw is that the strap is an unconventional all-silicone design that tore and broke behind the buckle just after a year of use. It’s almost as if tomtom expect this as the strap can be so easily removed and replaced at home.

Bought to replace fitbit surge as gone through two straps in a little over18 months. Watch and tom tom sports app not as thorough as fitbit for non gps / gym activities and heart rate / calorie monitors don’t seem to track, but as a gps watch for running which is my main reason for owning a fitness watch, i prefer the tom tom to the fitbit.

2019 jan update – watch has been going strong. Excellent customer service on the software update side. Once the watch was not working, they immediately sent me a label to send watch back to them for repair. Very happy with the watch and service. Run, swim, heart rate and sleep tracking have been great. The mp3 function is excellent, do not have to run with a phone. Original review in 2017:watch is working fine but the strap is defective, comes off easily. Update: tomtom is sending me a replacement strap. Very happy with the service and watch itself. Can accurately measure swimming in pool and running. Gps is very good, fast to pick up signal in central london by the river.

I bought it as a gift for my husband who was beginning to get into fitness. He never mentioned he wanted one but i got it anyway and i think we’re both a little surprised to how much he loves it and uses it. I can’t really comment on the battery life or anything about the watch because i don’t really know but i do know that the watch is practical and a great way to encourage someone who is beginning to get into fitness and sport.

Size of the main display is great. Did take a long time to activate when going on a run and only syncs if wired up directly to laptop. Takes some time to set up as well. I dont find functions intuative, worth persavearing though. Did a factory reset which did improve activation time. All the stats are great and far better than running with a smartphone.

It was a present as i do many sports including triathlons and got sick off faffing with my garmin during transition and this is wonderful. I use it for circuit training too. I went whole hog and got heart monitor and music and all work fab too. Also easy to change the strap of you fancy a change of colourmy garmin has been demoted and now lives in the drawer.

I bought one of these in october and have loved it. It’s easy to use and a bonus is that i can see the time without my specs on. I’ve used it for running and swimming, and keeping an eye on my step count. Unfortunately a week or so ago it developed what looked like a bleed under the screen which started at the left hand side but spread over a few days till the screen was unreadable. I contacted amazon and a few days later received a replacement. I am delighted with this service.

I bought this watch for my son for christmas, he wanted a running watch with music & also one he could map his running route with.

  • Everything I found I needed in a Fitness tracker.
  • Fantastic GPS watch
  • Great all round device

TomTom 1RK0.002.01 Spark 3 Cardio Multi Sport GPS Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor – Small Strap, Black

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Very easy to use and comfortable to wear, my only complaint is the battery does not seem to hold its charge for as long as i expected, but i purchased it to make sure my dogs and myself are getting enough exercise so it does the job.

Bought this as all the reviews said it did heart rate but this model doesn’t – the missing star is because of this. Otherwise it does everything it says and is accurate with gps good value for money at £69. I would say as a female this is not dainty or small and possibly better suited for a man – depends on your style preference. Sadly sent back as i need hr. Customer service from amazon excellent.

No complaints for the price, tracks runs and cycle rides perfectly adequately, tells me what i want to know in terms of speed elapsed time etc. Haven’t as yet worked out if i can upload custom run speed work sessions but expect i can. It counts pool lengths accurately but gives me speed readouts rather than pace/ 100m though its possible that it can and i haven’t sussed it. In general it does the job and links seamlessly with starva.

Very happy with this purchase. The voice coach is great and i like the heart rate monitoring function. Battery lasts 4-5 days when just using the heart rate and step counting function. Music sounds great and the device has certainly helped me improve my running. The only slight downside is the shuttle function. It doesn’t snuggle your tunes very well. Often a track which was played 7-8 tracks previously will play again. Otherwise great device and great value.

Very good gps tracker for the cost. Looks basic but functions very well. The power is in tomtom’s website when the data is uploaded from the computer software that reads the device, very good interface. They also provide linux software.Open swimming is not quite perfect as the swimming activity is designed for pool lengths and does not use gps. It is waterproof, but gps signals will be blocked within an inch of water so make sure it is above water and use the running activity mode to capture your open water swimming progress.

After many months of looking at the low and middle priced fitness tracking watches, i was finding that either the watch ui or the app were badly designed. This uses a bevel mounted switch that is separate to the display with an up down, left and right button selection. For a fitness tracker that is used for swim tracking, this is superior to a touchscreen, as water or wet fingers do not respond well to touchscreen commands. The screen permanently displays the current date and time with what appears to be a black and white e-ink (like a kindle ebook) display. This is not visible in the dark, however covering the display with your palm with activate a backlight and show up at night. The small strap is too tight for my wrist and i am an average sized man (around 7. ) i have now purchased a large strap which is much more comfortable. The locking mechanism for the straps is unique, with a 3 point fixing system and works well, being able to fit comfortably but not too tight or loose. Ordinary watch straps will not fit this tracker.

Only downside is battery life.

I’ve had this now for 10 months & overall it has has been good but with a couple of issues. Firstly i have had to replace the strap as the original snapped. Thankfully tom tom sent me a replacement free of charge. Now for the main issue which is to do with the wrist heart rate monitor. If you are like me & exercise at least 5 times a week at a pretty intense rate, bikeing, power circuits, or running you will find the heart rate indication very in-accurate at high intensity. I have estimated it to be probably 20 – 30 bpm either too high or low. I have bought a blue tooth chest heart rate monitor in order to get an accurate reading. To be fare, i think there is still some work to be done by all makes of watch in order to get anywhere near a chest strap.

  • Everything I found I needed in a Fitness tracker.
  • Fantastic GPS watch
  • Great all round device

TomTom 1RK0.002.01 Spark 3 Cardio Multi Sport GPS Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor – Small Strap, Black

Sadly when buying what i believed to be a tom tom spark 3, i thought you could monitor your heart rate by just using the watch, however i don’t have the led lights on the back of the watch, not long discovered this.

Really happy with it so far,syncs no problem with i pad,buttons r fine,sat nav works,screen is pretty easy to check,battery not greatest(not a big issue)strap is fine,maybe slightly big but not really problem,ran 16 miles and no irritation (too tired to notice)app no problems ,gives readings that would satisfy most amateurs,have not tried music yet,but would buy again,distance and sat nav appear to be accurate,also it updates (now has workouts on it).

Quite pleased with the look. Set up not the easiest, but easier when i got it out of french and into english. As far as running and tracking your run goes, its all great, no problems. You have to put it into a playlist in apple music or windows media player to sync with the watch as it will not accept normal mp3s. I’m fairly comfortable using computers (but not itunes) and this took me around half an hour. So far, so good but when i went for a run it transpired that the bluetooth skips. When i moved the watch to my right wrist or headphones upside-down it worked fine so i can only presume that my head is too thick for the bluetooth to properly get through. I can’t bear wearing a watch on my right wrist or headphones upside down, so this is going to be a problem for me and will probably keep taking my phone out running (which is part of what i was trying to avoid by buying this watch).

Easy to use and gives accurate lengths etc.

I have had my tom tom since april and have loved it. This is so sad as wear it every day. I was sent a new watch in december 2017 but tonight the strap has broken again in the same way. But i can not find an email to get support??.

Be better if light stayed on at night during run or it was much easier to find/turn light on. Seems great quality though, pleased with it.

I’m a big fan of this watch. I’ll run through as many of the features as i can. Day to dayon a normal day you can use the watch to tell the time like any other. The big display makes it easy to see and covering the watch with your palm makes the back light come on. Runningthe watch tracks your locstion via gps and your heart rate if you connect a seperate sensor to it. I use wahoo and it works fine. While running you can view your many details including current clock time, running time, current pace, average pace, distance, heart rate and heart rate zone. You are also able to upload a route for you to follow. Swimmingswimming settings muat be adjusted for length of the pool to correctly show you total numbwr of lengths. You also grt number of strokes pwr length and total swimming time.

Features and Spesification