TomTom Spark 3 Multi Sport GPS Fitness Watch : Great watch info a bit vague

Very good watch, loads of features. Step counter seems to work well. Turned my 11 year old into some kind of fitness coach.It’s his watch but he keeps telling me to run faster.

This watch is a great aid for my triathlon training music is good the headphones went through the washing machine by mistake and still work perfectly as before my only moan would be the lack of instructions i found most of the feature by just pressing the buttons and messing about with it the app is great on the phone showing your route fastest mile i do recommend.

I use it when running and normal timepiece. My only complaint would be that you cannot change a music track easily and on the run. I love the mapping which i find better than garmin. The music headset is comfortable even after an hour of running, great sound, easy to use controls and water resistant.

Nice product, worked initially slow for gps locator but became much better after web updated gps information. Simple to use audio app but could be a bit better featured. Great info on the web site when you upload your runs. Comfy strap, sadly it broke after two months. Poor warranty support from tomtom.

Very easy to use and comfortable to wear, my only complaint is the battery does not seem to hold its charge for as long as i expected, but i purchased it to make sure my dogs and myself are getting enough exercise so it does the job.

Very accurate gps, easy to use buttons. Not used to having to charge battery as i have always had an ordinary watch/stopwatch, but am enjoying the usefulness of all data acquired: distance, time, pace, terrain of all workouts.

I have had my tom tom since april and have loved it. This is so sad as wear it every day. I was sent a new watch in december 2017 but tonight the strap has broken again in the same way. But i can not find an email to get support??.

Simple once you watch a couple youtube videos on how to use. Thought it had built in heart rate monitor but doesn’t which was my fault fir missing five print. Headphones connect best if your away from other electronics, so go to a park if you have trouble. No bass to the headphones but otherwise fine. Great simple screen when exercising, all in all happy and recommend.

  • Basically does the job, but music set up is tricky and Bluetooth not at all great.
  • Great watch info a bit vague
  • Great running watch

TomTom Spark 3 Multi Sport GPS Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Music and Bluetooth Headphones – Large Strap, Black

Size Name:Large Strap  |  Style Name:Music + Heart Rate + Headphones  |  Colour Name:Black
Product Description, TomTom Spark 3 Multi Sport GPS Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Music and Bluetooth Headphone – Large Strap, Black.

Box Contains, Box contains: TomTom Spark 3 [specific watch], Bluetooth Headphones, Charging Cable, Quick Start Guide

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I bought one of these in october and have loved it. It’s easy to use and a bonus is that i can see the time without my specs on. I’ve used it for running and swimming, and keeping an eye on my step count. Unfortunately a week or so ago it developed what looked like a bleed under the screen which started at the left hand side but spread over a few days till the screen was unreadable. I contacted amazon and a few days later received a replacement. I am delighted with this service.

It is easy to set up, very comfortable to wear and gives me lots of useful fitness tracking. The tomtom sport app operates in the background on my phone to show me the details of activities i have completed, sleep patterns, etc. It might not be the most technically advanced or the prettiest looking watch on the market but for my level of activity, it is perfect. And at a price i could afford.

Very good gps tracker for the cost. Looks basic but functions very well. The power is in tomtom’s website when the data is uploaded from the computer software that reads the device, very good interface. They also provide linux software.Open swimming is not quite perfect as the swimming activity is designed for pool lengths and does not use gps. It is waterproof, but gps signals will be blocked within an inch of water so make sure it is above water and use the running activity mode to capture your open water swimming progress.

It was a present as i do many sports including triathlons and got sick off faffing with my garmin during transition and this is wonderful. I use it for circuit training too. I went whole hog and got heart monitor and music and all work fab too. Also easy to change the strap of you fancy a change of colourmy garmin has been demoted and now lives in the drawer.

Quite pleased with the look. Set up not the easiest, but easier when i got it out of french and into english. As far as running and tracking your run goes, its all great, no problems. You have to put it into a playlist in apple music or windows media player to sync with the watch as it will not accept normal mp3s. I’m fairly comfortable using computers (but not itunes) and this took me around half an hour. So far, so good but when i went for a run it transpired that the bluetooth skips. When i moved the watch to my right wrist or headphones upside-down it worked fine so i can only presume that my head is too thick for the bluetooth to properly get through. I can’t bear wearing a watch on my right wrist or headphones upside down, so this is going to be a problem for me and will probably keep taking my phone out running (which is part of what i was trying to avoid by buying this watch).

I bought it as a gift for my husband who was beginning to get into fitness. He never mentioned he wanted one but i got it anyway and i think we’re both a little surprised to how much he loves it and uses it. I can’t really comment on the battery life or anything about the watch because i don’t really know but i do know that the watch is practical and a great way to encourage someone who is beginning to get into fitness and sport.

  • Basically does the job, but music set up is tricky and Bluetooth not at all great.
  • Great watch info a bit vague
  • Great running watch

TomTom Spark 3 Multi Sport GPS Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Music and Bluetooth Headphones – Large Strap, Black

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Trusted TomTom GPS tracking provides speed, pace, distance and location.
  • Track your heart rate, steps, calories and sleep 24/7 and play over 500 songs from your watch
  • Make every workout count, whatever the sport. Track your gym workouts, runs, cycles, swims (Waterproof to 40 meters) and more.
  • Interval Training, Training Zones, Race Mode and more and strap size is 145-206 mm
  • Follow GPX routes on your watch while you run or cycle.
  • See incoming calls and texts on your watch.
  • Fitness Age – Understand your personal fitness level
  • Fitness Points – Earn points everytime you get your heart rate going. The bigger the effort, the higher the points you’ll get
  • Personalised workouts – Get over 50 fitness workouts tailored to your fitness level.
  • Get results faster – train in five heart rate zones and focus on the right workout intensity