TomTom Tom Tom Runner 3 GPS Running Watch – Small Strap : Would not recommend this watch

Bought so i can keep track of my training. Battery life ok, i charge every 4 days but kept in “airplane mode” when not running. Have to update the gps every 2-3 days or it will take about 2 mins to get gps location.

Disappointinghad a fitbit surge before this but i thought i’d try something new and being considerably more expensive than a fitbit it had to be better right ?feels like it is focused on running more jan general exercise also awkward to get your head around the capabilities would probably go back to a fitbit it i had the choice. Has a good battery life though.

Quick gps connection, simple to use and nice to not need your phone for music if you enjoy a few tunes on your runs. Bluetooth connectivity is simple and effective. The only issue so far has been getting itunes music playlists to appear on the tom tom app to then sync to my watch. I am getting there but surely this should be easier than this?.

A very reliable running watch which can also be used for gym wear, cycling and swimming. Easily linked to the tomtom sports app and easily syncronised to strava. Does everything the top watches do at a fraction of the price. Sms and call id come straight through. The only negative is the lack of music syncronisation however i dont listen to music whilst running.

This was a replacement for a garmin watch that’s seen better day & i’m impressed by how superior this is to my old model. It locks on to gps quickly, syncs easily with the tomtom smartphone app’ & battery life is impressive.

Great watch with plenty of easy to use timing facilities, ( currently using cycle, run and swim) only disappointment was the quality of the strap. Tom tom were, however, absolutely brilliant and replaced the strap straight away and this second one seems to be stronger.

On opening the box and removing the watch the watch safety loop part of the strap broke. There were no instructions with the watch. I had to go online to find oout how to set it up. Luckily we still have an old laptop as this is needed to set up the watch. No where when i researched sports watches was this mentioned. So far i have not been able to use the watch.

After a dodgy start as the first watch sent was used, discovered by looking at the history of runs on it, i received a brand new watch which i am very pleased with it tracks all my activities really well and the accuracy for distances seems very good too. Can easily be linked to strava and other sites if you want to keep track of all your workouts.

  • Good sports watch for kids
  • Very good but a do miss somethings
  • Excellent activity tracker

Tom Tom Runner 3 GPS Running Watch – Small Strap, Dark Pink/Orange

Size Name:Small Strap  |  Style Name:GPS  |  Colour Name:Dark Pink/Orange
Product Description, Tom Tom Runner 3 GPS Running Watch – Small Strap, Dark Pink/Orange.

Box Contains, Box contains: TomTom Runner 3 [specific watch], Charging Cable, Quick Start Guide

From the manufacturer

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What’s in the box:
  • TomTom Runner 3 GPS Watch
  • Charging Cable
  • Documentation

Tomtom Runner 3 GPS Running Watch

Your Personal Running Coach

Get the guidance and motivation you need to improve faster with the TomTom Runner 3 . Get personalised workouts, push further with advanced training, and get more from your run with route exploration.

  • GPS-Tracking
  • Advanced Training Modes
  • Personalised Workouts
  • Route Explorations
  • Multiple Sports Modes
  • TomTom Sports App
  • 24/7 Activity Tracking
  • Water Resistant (40M/5ATM)
  • Phone Notifications

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GPS Tracking

Trusted TomTom GPS tracking provides speed, pace, distance and location data during your sports. Beyond the live data, you get to see all your activities on the map in the TomTom Sports App.

Train Like A Pro

Take your performance to the next level with Interval Training, Training Zones, Race Mode, Recovery Indicator and more. Advanced training modes will help you to customise your own training, set personal training goals and achieve them faster.

Get personalised workouts and guidance on the watch

Challenge yourself with over 50 workouts tailored to your fitness level to help you earn points and reduce your Fitness Age. Pick a workout and get step by step coaching to help you achieve your goals – whether that’s improving your speed, endurance, power, fitness or simply burning fat.

Key features

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Route Exploration

Discover new routes, push your boundaries and never run the same route twice with GPS-based route exploration. Upload a trail to your TomTom Runner 3 before your run and run free confident you’ll find your way back.

Multiple Sports Modes

Track all your indoor and outdoor sports and mix up your training to keep things interesting. The TomTom Runner 3 boasts multiple sports modes including running, cycling, swimming, gym and more.

TomTom Sports App

Track and analyse your activities. Follow trends and beat your personal best. See your Fitness Age and points earned during your activities. Share your achievements with your friends and family. Integrate with your smartphone health app for all day activity tracking. Create your own workouts using the web app.

24/7 Activity Tracking

Track your activities all day, every day. It’s not just your runs that count. With TomTom Runner 3 tracking your steps, calories burned and sleep 24/7, you’ll get deeper insights and progress faster.

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GPS Tracking
24/7 Activity Tracking (steps, calories, active time, sleep, distance) ✔ (no sleep tracking)
Phone Notifications
Built-in Heart Rate Monitor
Multiple Sports Mode (Extra Outdoor Modes On Adventurer)
Fitness Age
Personalised Workouts
Route Exploration & Advanced Training Modes
Built-in Music Player

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Very good watch for running. I use it everyday for tracking my daily activities. I don’t think the step count is accurate but it’s does allow you to know if you are moving less or more thought the week. There are two things that are missing. The smartphone notifications and a more complex interval training. I hope that tomtom improves that sometime.

I only use this watch for running so dont wear it all the time. Battery only gets me about 3 runs of maybe 45mins before recharge. Didnt like the way i had to use a pc to set it up and had to factory reset as it was in german. Would rather have been able to do it via app. Although watch itself is very good and functions easy to use.

  • Good sports watch for kids
  • Very good but a do miss somethings
  • Excellent activity tracker

Tom Tom Runner 3 GPS Running Watch – Small Strap, Dark Pink/Orange

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • GPS tracking: Track your time, pace and distance
  • Multisport modes: Train in bike, swim, gym and treadmill modes
  • Route exploration: Explore new routes and find your way back to the start
  • 24/7 activity tracking: Capture your steps, active minutes and calories burned throughout the day