TomYang BBQ – The electric Thai BBQ grill and hot pot : Amazing and easy to use

It is well made, looks great and ticks all the boxs for thai bar b. The only downside is its quite pricey for what it is but i believe this is the best one on the market for combined bar b and hot pot. So far it is a good investment. My friends were impressed and had a great time around this machine. I am also considering purchasing the dining set to go with this sleek design.

I bought this out of nostalgia, who doesn’t enjoy a thai bbq?this is a must. The grill is almost perfect and it’s good for indoors. I am a tough critic when it comes to food equipment and food in general. Although it has its flaws it is my favourite in the kitchen these days, perfect for a party. The only flaw i found was the soup area couldn’t be used as a hotpot as it’s not quite deep enough, but other than that it’s perfect and incredibly easy to clean.

I purchased this for my wife as she’s from thailand and therefore enjoys having her thai friends around for meals. She absolutely loves it and says it cooks quick and easy to use.

Just in time for party new year. Quite fast hot and easy to clean. I would reccomand this product.

What an excellent bit of kit. Used the bbq grill/hotpot for the first time the other evening and it heats up quickly and holds the temp well (we kept the thermostat on 1 out of 3 and this was perfect). The griddle works well and with very little smoke given from the charring of food (scraps of chill and ginger from the beef marinade left on the griddle) we didn’t use any sticky (honey/sweet chilli) type of marinades so cannot comment if that would effect smokiness indoors. I think you need would need to consider getting another for larger parties. The recipe card is in german, however i have been informed by the company that an english version will be available on their website week starting 21/12/2016. If i was to pick one issue and is in no way a big thing, is that the power cable is a little on the short side. Nothing that cannot be fixed by using an extension lead:)all in all a great product.

The idea is simple and great – combining steamboat and hotpot. The device is very easy to use and clean, and is just a simple way to get into having a hotpot/steamboat at home. There are only two areas where i might not recommend this particular hotpot:1) you’re planning larger parties to use this – i don’t think the size of this hotpot is suitable for groups larger than 4. The soup ring, given that it has to be around the bbq plate, doesn’t hold that much soup, and the bbq plate is probably not going to be able to cook enough meats at the same time to feed more than 4 people. 2) the heating of both the soup ring and bbq plate are together – you can’t turn up the heat to cook meats and turn down the heat to prevent the soup from boiling, for example. You’ll want to have make sure both the soup and bbq plate are used in a way that they will require similar amounts of heat throughout the meal. Apart from these two very small gripes, and not even gripes if you’re just using this for a simple family meal or just sharing with a couple of friends, this hotpot is great and i would 100% recommend it.

My wife being from thailand needs this along with somtam on a regular basis or she’d probably die lol best hotpot we’ve seen for sale in the uk and we’re very impressed with it. Definitely worth paying the extra. Nice touches are the look of it, the non stick surface, quick heating and what i especially like and which is the only one ive seen do this – have slits on the side of the top grilling section that let the meat juice run down from the top section into the soup section.

This was bought as a christmas present for my wife, who happens to be thai. Received promptly and well packed. Opened on christmas day and used on several occasions since. The bbq grill is superb, cooks food wonderfully and makes eating an occasion for all the family, granted only three of us most of the time. That is until the grill lost power. A quick e mail to christian at tom yang and within 24 hours a response replacing the grill with another brand new item. Christian could not do enough for us, and was extremely apologetic. In essence five star customer service i cannot recommend tom yang highly enough. I hope the grill continues to perform as meals are tasty healthy and enjoyable. Incidentally this is the nearest i have seen to those used in bbq restaurants in thailand and my wife and i are most happy with the purchase.

  • TomYang BBQ – an excellent bit of kit.
  • Best HotPot out there
  • Great hotpot (but just note may not be suitable for large group)

TomYang BBQ – The electric Thai BBQ grill and hot pot. Tabletop grill and fondue with ceramic coating.

Product description, The latest trend from Asia – a combination of BBQ and hot pot! TomYang BBQ is the new lifestyle BBQ trend for extremely delicious, impressive and healthy food. With this grill, TomYang expands the range of the traditional tabletop grill, such as raclette or hot stones, by adding a soup area for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, pasta or mushrooms. The grill is extremely easy to use: TomYang recipes and cooking videos help to get started.

Manufacturer’s Description, Healthy has never been so tasty! With the TomYang lifestyle grill you can grill and cook at the same time. The juices running from the grill into the soup carry valuable fat-soluble vitamins and delicious roast flavours into the soup, turning it into a tasty vitamin bomb.
Proven concept and certified quality! TomYang BBQ has its origins in Southeast Asia and is part of the local healthy weight loss cuisine. TomYang BBQ is the first electric table grill of this type, developed by German engineers and certified with the highest seal of quality available in Europe.
Elaborate technology! Traditional table grills have a flat grill and the juices usually remain on the grill and burn. This produces unpleasant smells and possibly unhealthy substances. With the TomYang BBQ, the juice runs directly into the soup and is therefore not wasted. The advantageous design and ceramic non-stick coating of the grill make it possible.
TomYang enthusiasts, who always follow a healthy low-carb and fat-free diet, should also be allowed to enjoy some juicy grilled pineapple dipped in liquid chocolate every now and again.
The top of the grill is removable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Top innovation that suits every taste and is easy to use! The TomYang lifestyle grill is unique in Europe! Surprise your family and friends with something new! Perfect for both outdoor & indoor use! TomYang BBQ brings out the best of your ingredients. Whether it‘s meat, fish, vegetarian or even vegan. It is really easy to use: TomYang recipes and cooking videos help you get started.
Describe your product in 3 words.
Original Thai-grill Hotpot
How did you come up with the idea for this product?
The trend towards a healthy diet is constantly increasing. Preparing healthy meals can often be time-consuming and the taste leaves much to be desired. With TomYang BBQ, we want to give people access to an exciting preparation, delicious food and healthy nutrition.
What makes your product special?
The symbiosis of BBQ and hot pot, the patented technology, the unique taste compared to traditional BBQs, the surprise of something entirely new, the healthy form of nutrition, the German brand-name product, and most of all the fun and the cooking experience with family and friends.
What has been the best part of your startup experience?
The fantastic feedback from our customers. Enthusiastic customers speak of joy and happiness thanks to this valuable and exciting form of healthy and joint cooking.

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Im so glad i bought this i would say it more for 2 to 4 people but its good fun and a great altenative for a bbq we used ours today for the first time in our garden. With regards to some of the reviews about it nkt cleaning well or food slipping of the grill plate we had no problem i was amazed as it is better than our foreman grill.

I’m so pleased i found something along the lines of cooking in this manner, with the many and excellent reviews of this particular item; it gave me the confidence to purchase it. Entertaining and dining should be about; interacting, sharing, mingling; so having something like this with which to entertain guests (or with your own family) really does make for a wonderfully interactive occasion—something i believe will greatly inhance any dining experience.

  • TomYang BBQ – an excellent bit of kit.
  • Best HotPot out there
  • Great hotpot (but just note may not be suitable for large group)

TomYang BBQ – The electric Thai BBQ grill and hot pot. Tabletop grill and fondue with ceramic coating.

Features and Spesification

  • Incl. recipes, shopping list and 4 pliers made of natural bamboo
  • Ceramic coating. easy to clean, grill pan is dishwasher-safe
  • The ultimate surprise for Asian food lovers
  • The perfect gift for a BBQ dinner party