TOPVISION Mini Projector 4500 Lumens Support 1080P Full HD : Great Projector

This is one of the best video projectors i’ve ever used. I have seen projectors of the same price before, they claim to be 720p, and they also have a brightness of nearly 3,000 lumen. However, when i use these projectors to watch video in the daytime, even if i pull the curtain, the screen still has obvious whitening, resulting in my poor viewing experience. Anyway, i really like this video projector, i think it is excellent quality and at a reasonable price. I would recommendthis to anyone considering a new projector.

Great projector for the price and very easy to set up and use. The screen quality is superb and i was astounded by the level of brightness. The unit is really lightweight which is handy if transporting anywhere. There are plenty options to connect to various devices including hdmi, usb and micro sd and if you have the correct cables, which i have, you can connect your mobile phone. I was able to play various videos from my phone and the picture was in no way grainy or blurry. The main way i connect is usually via hdmi to my tv box and i had the screen size set at 140 inches and i am very happy with the picture quality. The sound quality is ok but i intend to purchase a separate sound system.

I bought this projector with the intent of using it for my presentations at work. First of all the package arrived very quickly and was well packed by the seller. The quality of the image is great, is kinda light and so very easy to carry around. Is very easy to use, even for a beginner as me. I only bought another projector here on amazon but this one is definitely better, even if a bit more expensive. If you looking for a good projector around this price range, look no further in my opinion.

 this projector is fantastic for family movie days. Connectivity is simple and it’s quick to set up and run. Clear picture, great colours and a massive 120 inch picture on our room wall. The projector does show up to 162 inch but our wall couldn’t accommodate that.The unit itself is quieter in operation than other models and the stylish, modern look fits well in any room. We have linked this to the laptop and digital tv box but the stand-out features are the provision of a usb port and memory card slot. It’s plug and play with external memory sources, with on-screen menu navigation via the supplied remote control. This is a great piece of kit for the money and its really enhanced family days at home. Movies for the kids and big-screen sport for me.

This is there at one of top projector in the price range. Brightness or video quality is superb. Soun maybe just about ok as it would be with lot of projector as its not meant for that. I can have my iphone or apple tv or fire stick easy to get it on and work straight on. Recommend with total package.

Its a great projector and easy to use, it was better than expected. The video quality is great and great brightness. Excellent performence from this lightweight projector, great image quality. Its a lovely little home cinema. I watch movies with my kids and ive liked this.

I have been looking forward to buying a projector that i am very comfortable with. The appearance of this projector meets my expectations。appearance: from the appearance, it uses white colour. Which is the symbol of the purity and noble and it also has a unique shape. For me, there is nothing better. Projection effect: high brightness, 2000:1 contrast ratio, excellent resolution, such a configuration,such a low price, high performance-price ratio. Words are nothing but seeing is believing. From this pictures, it is really good.

I’m a big movie fan and i was looking to have a cinema experience in my living room so i decided to look for nice projector and use my wall like a cinema screen instead the tv. I was doing a research online, looking for the best option, but i had to realize that the well known brands with the best picture and resolution quality are cost a fortune. After reading a ton of reviews, i found this ull hd projectori have to say this was a good choice. The projector is compact and portable, and it comes with carrying bag. It came in a large black box, roughly the same size like a bigger sized shoe box. Even the box looks really promising and high standard, fancy and luxurious. It was easy to open and it has a handle on the top. Inside i find my new projector nicely fitted in the bubbled bag to prevent from any damage’s or scratches during transport. There was also included in the box a power cable, av cable and a hdmi cable. User manual also includes, is simple but tells you everything with easy and understandable language even for people who are not too tech savvy.

  • Super clear and HD.
  • Projector
  • Comes With 24 Month Warranty!

TOPVISION Mini Projector 4500 Lumens Support 1080P Full HD, Max 200” Display and 60000 Hours LED Life Portable Projector, Compatible with PS4/HDMI/VGA/AV/USB for Home Cinema, Party and Games

TOPVISION Video Projector 4500 Lux Support 1080P, Ideal for Home Theater

Connect to Smartphone/iPad

For IOS devices

By using a lightning to HDMI/USB adapter, you can connect your iOS device to this iphone projector easily.

For Android devices

If you want to connect your Android device to this smartphone projector, then choose a micro USB/Type C to HDMI adapter.

(Note: Adapter not included in the package)

Upgraded to 4500 Brightness

TOPVISION movie projector has upgraded to 3600 brightness, so it has the full reason to be an excellent performer, beating for overall picture quality. In order to perfect watching experience, we recommend you use it in a dark environment.

Well-grinding LCD Lens

TOPVISION video projector chose five layers well-grinding LCD lens to offer our customers the clearest resolution on every detail. And the advanced LED bulbs last up to 60,000 hours.

HiFi Level Stereo Audio Performance

Built-in stereo speakers with Stereo Sound, get more powerful visual enjoyment from the big screen.

Equipped with 3W*2 speakers, allows high pitch, accurate mediant, powerful low pitch.

Easy to be mounted on a Tripod or on the Ceiling

TOPVISION mini led projector can be used on a flat surface or put on a tripod mount. With a universal extending ceiling projector mount, then attach this movie projector to the ceiling or mount on a wall. (The projector hanger is not included)

Distortion Correction and Focus

First, Adjusting the keystone correction, makes the screen in the same plane.

Second, adjusting the focus ring.


Our hd projector is ideal for home entertainment, also suitable for small meetings or presentation. TOPVISION product, you can always get a timely and professional solution.


1. Please take a break from viewing every 2-3 hours.

2. Dolby sound is not supported. If there’s no sound, please turn off Dolby Digital in your device.

3. For better viewing effect, use in the darkest possible environment.

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Have to say i was impressed with this projector. The sound is very good and the picture quality is just as good as any expensive projector i have had. I did add my speakers to it but only because they would have been cast aside otherwise.

The video projector was intended for home theatre and i could not have asked for more from this budget product. The projector can play 1080p videos so the images look sharp and stunning. Its very easy to set up ( plug and play) and hdmi cable is also included in the box. It even works okay in the lit environment but for best result, its good to use it in the dark. It also has an integrated speakers which is absolutely amazing for the price. I would say this is a great home theatre solution.

Bought this item for use in the garden. Great picture and sound quality. This is real value for money.

I bought this projector for a halloween projection and found out that it’s way too good for thatthis is my first ever video review so be kind to me in the comments. I know it’s long but i had too much to say. My friend and i have been talking about having one home cinema projector about two months ago ever since we had a really really bad experience in cinema. I wondered in amazon for like 2 weeks, not knowing which to choose between this one and another famous branded projector. They have same resolution and brightness, and they carry all the accessories i need. But that one has gone far beyond my budget. So i decided to give this one a try.

 this is my second projector purchase, i bought a cheaper one and was very impressed in what you got for the money, so i decided to pay a little extra for one that is a little brighter and has a native resolution of 1080p. Build quality is good and does not feel cheap. This projected quality is very good with nice vibrancy and sharpness. Brightness is not bad, will still need to block direct light in order to enjoy at its best. Fan noise is excellent , a lot quieter than my previous one , although it does generate more heat. The sound is okay for convenience if you are just watching youtube etc, but it lacks bass and is too tinny for my liking so i am using a speaker instead. Overall im very satisfied with the purchase.

This projector is compact equipped with 3600 brightness led for clear viewing and two hifi built in stereo speaker for the good sounds and it has a minimise sounds that provide you enjoying and relaxing movie time you will not be bother with the noise this are very good projector easy to used the quality of the vedio is clear and all the function is working well higher resolution and very affordable i highly recommended this.

Everything has been great so far – very fast delivery, easy set up and the picture quality is impressive especially given the price of the projector. Even the sound isn’t bad although we plan to use an additional sound bar (i need to get this). We set this up in the garden at dusk (it wasn’t fully dark yet) but the picture was surprisingly clear. Overall i am very happy with it.

We bought this to make our movie nights even better. Big screen plenty of snacks, sorted. The picture quality is very good even during the day. The remote control is easy to use and very responsive when not aiming direct at the projector. The image can be resized to suit screen or whatever you are projecting it onto to get the best picture quality. The fan is very silent and sound quality from projector is very good. We used the hdmi port to plug in a nowtv stick which was very handy and made this a very flexible way of watching movies anywhere in the house or garden.

  • Super clear and HD.
  • Projector
  • Comes With 24 Month Warranty!

TOPVISION Mini Projector 4500 Lumens Support 1080P Full HD, Max 200” Display and 60000 Hours LED Life Portable Projector, Compatible with PS4/HDMI/VGA/AV/USB for Home Cinema, Party and Games

Purchased this projector for my bedroom instead of a tv as it would be space-saving and will have big screen effect. This being my first projector i was going by my research and i started comparing mainly the 3 aspects i. E resolution of 1080p, contrast and most importantly the brightness of around 4000 as i can watch a clear video without making the room completely dark. This projector ticks all the boxes and very happy with the purchase. It is a low cost and good quality projector and i greatly rely on the usb to connect my firestick, which makes it a smart projector.

 i got this to watch movies in and it is sooo clear, like a led screen. It works best in the dark but is still quite bright in the day. The sound is good to and can you don’t really need speakers and it hardly makes a background noise. It also comes with a remote which is handy if it is mounted. I have added a pictur of it in the dark and in light.

The projector is great for the money, and the image is excellent. The only issue you will find is ensuring that the edges of the image are not blurred – this can take some fiddling, but it really isn’t an deal-breaker considering the price, and the quality of the image overall.

Easy to set up and a very good clear picture. Picture quality better than expected, even if i use it a wall to watch. I can say that, it is ideal for both for home use and office use. It has all type of input to connect your tv, computer, usb memory or memory card. If you want to bulid a man cave, then this is what you need :)great quality and very good value.

Received my projector today came well packaged. Great feeling unit very good build quality. All in all very happy thanks.

 one of the best projectors i’ve ever brought and i’ve had a couple brightness is brilliant on it sound quality is really good considering it’s a small speaker nice and small compact i tried it on my white wall and it looks good as you can see my video i put up so would even look better on a proper projector screen loads of functions to go through to move the screen bigger and smaller and different angles plenty of buttons on the remote control to do all this stuff on loads of connections you can put through it pc xbox your phone tv would highly recommend well worth the money.

Small, compact, easy to use and a great value for money. Picture is sharp and bright.

 very pleased with this projector, for starters it comes with 24 month warranty. For a projector like this it’s also fairly lightweight, meaning it’d be perfect if you needed to bring this along to a meeting or something, the speakers are much better than i expected, they’re fairly loud, but if they’re too loud or you want to listen out of something else there’s a aux port,it also has loads of ways to input like usb, hdmi, sd and way more. The quality is 1080p and there’s 2 wheels on the projector , one to control the angle (up or down) and one to change the focus. It also came with a remote, which is great for pausing videos and selecting what you want to watch. I found out of the box i was able to select things really easily so there’s no need to worry about it being a complicated set up. It even came with a screw for mounting it. Overall it’s great value, and i am very pleased with it and would recommend it.

I don’t know how to determine its true lights, but i’m telling the truth that the brightness and resolution of this projector is very high. I reproduce videos in my living room. At 6 pm, it is not completely dark every day, but its image is still very clear and the sound quality is also very stereo. I personally think that this projector does not need to connect an extra external speaker because its sound is strong enough.

 projector for sons bedroom as he love to play games and watching movie. He prefer this than tv because he got not lots of space in his bedroom. He usually bring it at school as well doing some reports or presentations at school. Save lots of money because he can make it alot of things to do with this projector. Specially you can easily to connect into your phone, or used usb stick. The quality of the video is really good specially the picture it is very clear. Also it is hd supported so you gonna have a high quality image and videos. A very high quality projector we dont have projector screen yet this one in the wall trial but as you can see the quality of the picture is very good quality. Expensive but worth it the quality for pricing than other brand.

This is a great projector, you can connect it very easily to your iphone with a lightning to usb/hdmi adaptor. I have mine on a flat surface as not got a tripod yet but this can easily be attached to roof also. The brightness is great and actually a better picture than my toshiba tv. You definitely get the best picture possible with a completely dark room. The projector is also surprisingly quite lightweight which would make it easy to take it with you to places like meetings. The remote is easy to use, can pause videos or select something else to watch. The speakers built in is very reasonable, they are quite loud. You could plug in surround sound etc to the aux cable port. Lastly the projector is very modern, fits in my living room perfectly. Very happy with this purchase.

I spent some time searching for a good projector at a sensible price and decided to purchase from topvision. We have not been disappointed and i would certainly recommend. We have used it in the garden during late warm evenings already this summer watching sport and films.

I purchased this projector so i could play my games console onto rather than using my tv as i wanted to play in a larger screen. The projector is easy to setup and is very lightweight and portable, it’s perfect clear quality allows me to play happily for hours without having to strain my eyes.

Ideal for outdoor viewing, compact but very good.

The price is excellent for the quality you get. Also the built-in speaker is good too. True 1080p super bright colors and contrast and i’m just projecting against a white wall with no screen.Multiple inputs to fit anyone’s set up though i just really need one hdmi input for my usage. I’m outputting the audio into my stereo receiver and loving the overall setup. Easy to put away when done and easy to set back up when needed. Picture is crisp and bright, blacks are strong. The audio from the speaker is, frankly, better than it has any right to be. For a quiet office presentation or a couple indoors, the speaker would be plenty loud to hear.

I’ve spent time searching and comparing different video projector so i am very pleased i received this one as expected. Video quality is impressive. It’s very clear and compare to my old and lower lumens one, i can see the big difference. The image quality is bright and not pixelated. Also, the sound is not distorted at all, though i still connected to my sound system at home which works perfectly with it. Really great for watching movies and gamings. It has a lot of connecting ports behind for usb, hdmi etc. Just have to have an mhl adapter if you want to connect your phone. Found it very easy to use as well.

Set this projector up at the weekend and had it going in less than 10 minutes. It has lots of different options to connect various devices including hdmi, usb and sd card. Once i have the correct cable i’ll even be able to connect my phone but i currently have it connected to my android box. I set the screen size at 140 inches and the picture quality is awesome but for the best picture quality the room has to be in complete darkness. There was minimal sound from the cooling fan and it certainly didn’t distract from the movies i’ve watched so far. Great projector at a bargain price.

Features and Spesification

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  • 【UPGRADED TECHNOLOGY PROJECTOR】1280×720P high resolution create the image resulting in a crisper, cleaner image. Mini projector is equipped with 4500 lux and 2000:1 contrast ratio that allows you to enjoy movie and play games.
  • 【AMAZING ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE】Portable projector hd supports 1080P full HD with 32″-200″ projection size and an aspect ratio of 16:9/4:3. Best choice for families movie night at home or backyard in no light/low light environment.
  • 【MULTIMEDIA CONNECTION】TOPVISION projectors is compatible with PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android phones, Chromecast, Xbox,PS4 and media players. Easy to operate with many ports, including AV/AUDIO/USB/HDMI/VGA/SD interfaces.
  • 【HI-FI STEREO SPEAKERS】Home cinema projectors has a unique dual built-in speakers system, offering excellent loud sound quality without connecting to an external speaker. Enjoy your home cinema time happily. It is the best choice for a gift.
  • 【MORE THAN 2 YEARS WARRANTY】TOPVISION provides every customer with 24 months warranty. Please contact us to active its warranty (E-mail: [email protected]). Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you a satisfactory solution if you have any issue with our video projector.