Toshiba 49U5863DB 49-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD HDR LED TV – Great smart tv!

Brilliant tv for the money is 4k and does have hdr. Make sure what your watching is filmed in 4k to start with. If you’re using netflix, make sure your subscription to netflix supports 4k playback. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough to stream in 4k also. Press the ‘i’ button on the remote to check what the programme is streaming in if using netflix. The hdr settings apply to hdmi sources only. Go to settings, system, then sources and click on the hdmi sources and change to ‘enhanced’ to apply hdr on those sources. Having said this, because netflix is a built-in app and doesn’t run from an hdmi input, i’m not sure if hdr is active on built-in apps to the tv.

I had no idea what i was doing buying a tv so did get some help from my brother when i was looking. This tv was so easy to set up and install and i absolutely love it. Had no problems at all with it and had it around 3/4 months now.

My toshiba tv was very easy to set up and works extremely well. It’s finished with a very pretty silver stand. Which you cannot see in photo.

A great tv, that was bought for use in east africa. Considering the poor quality of both satellite and terrestrial tv , in east africa, this tv is absolutely amazing. The picture upscaling works perfect with an improvement in viewing quality being 100s%. Viewing was crisp, clear and as good as any hd channel that we receive in the uk. I highly recommend this tv as the technological quality is outstanding and can produce excellent viewing in africa so it must be perfect for the uk as well.

I’ve added the word budget as it is just that, but that doesn’t mean bad. I have a 55 inch sony android tv and 43 inch samsung tv (both 4k) in addition to this. Both are clearer and sharper, however, more expensive. The samsung nearly twice the price for the same size (43 inch). I paid £279 and the feature set is incredible for that amount of money. Sound quality is actually very good, in the location i have it in, tv speakers are the only option. I’d usually connect to an a/v amp and it doesn’t sound too bad at all. With none of the automatic volume controls or equaliser it did seem to act oddly to music being played from youtube. Played rudimental through the tv (which does tend to hit all the audio spectrum) and it seemed to get a bit mushy. General tv watching was fabulous.

Replacement sent, internet tv freezes all the time. Amazon only interested in refunding my £400, told me to buy another tv. Told them i can’t buy with similar deal as it was a prime special. Told them i wanted a replacement. Actually told me to contact manufacturer. Poor illinformed customer service. Sad thing is tv despite its faults is pretty good but not as a smart tv. Stick a 4k amazon stick in and it is great. Next time though i will use high street store like currys.

Ok so the biggest issues with this tv is the setting up. It’s a bit of a nightmare with little fiddly screws in little gaps. It does take some messing about. The second is the in screen menus. If you are used to samsung, sony or lg, the toshiba menus are no where near as intuitive and i am pretty tech savvy. Once you have figured them out and got everything how you like it you don’t really need to mess about with them after that. I bought this tv to replace a similar sized sony one stolen in a burglery and cost twice as much. In all honesty through there is no real noticeable difference in picture quality. The only difference is that the blacks are ever so slightly not as deep.

I have been wanting to purchase a new tv for a while i have been looking at this one for a while and i am very pleased with this purchase. I would definitely recommend.

I got this in the black friday sale so it was cheaper than usual. Arrived on time with no problems and well packaged. Easy to set up and a great picture. I’ve got mine connected to the internet using a cable, but it can also connect to wi-fi. I also really like the tv stand the came with it. I’ll probably order this tv again when i need a new one.

Very well packaged tv and i can’t fislt the picture quality and the sound?. I have it at levels 10-20 and it can much higher. The inbuilt apps are great and very easy to switch to things like nowtv.

For a tv with the bells and whistles in terms of hdr, cable and satellite tuners, cam slot etc etc it’s a pretty low price (certainly at the time i bought mine). Also it’s not a toshiba as such as its made by a turkish company licensing the toshiba name for use in europe. As the reviews i’d seen for the 2017 model expressed some concerns about the picture (though it didn’t have the hdr and other extras) i was interested to see what i’d get picture-wise. I needn’t have worried about the 2018 model (so i guess part of the reason for the low price might be the makers want to re-introduce the toshiba name with great value items to re-build the brand). So, while it’s not the greatest picture you can get, until you start paying more than triple the price, you’re not really going to notice in day to day usage. Also for me it was significantly better than the 10yr old hd sony it replaced. So while not the greatest picture it’s a very good picture, and putting on planet earth ii in 4k from netflix is a great experience on this tv. What’s good too is that the default picture mode ‘natural’ is actually a pretty good all round setting, and unlike samsung and lg who default to picture modes with dynamic contrast, over-saturation and processing options all turned way up the toshiba doesn’t and delivers a watchable image out of the box. The sound isn’t as good as the picture but it’s perfectly listenable and star wars in hd from the tv tuner was engaging with the whizzes and bangs delivered perfectly well by the speakers. Freeviewplay works ok and it and the netflix app are as good as they are on my much more expensive lg.

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  • 1 of Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar System – black

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great smart tv!
  • Amazon not interested in problems.
  • Great TV, even in East Africa where TV quality is very poor.