TOUMEI LED Video Projector 1280×800 3D DLP Link Android Smart Projector 3800 Lumens Support 1080P Full HD Wireless Screen Mirroring Compatible : Perfect

Great little projector, bright in darkened room, home cinema experience when connected to decent sound speakers. Picture could do with being a bit sharper when projecting on something like 100 inch screen.

Good smart projector, bright enough a dark room with some good quality picture. Do not expect hd quality, but can play movies and tv shows very well. The android works very well. Easy to set up and install ups. Very handy, can carry anywhere. Overall good projector, except for that fact that it cannot replace a smarttv as it lacks full hd and always need dark room for better picture. The contrast ratio is not enough to provide sharp night scenes, even though the room is dark.

 my first projector was bought for about three grand perhaps fifteen years ago and was svga resolution, weighed several kilos and the fan made a noise like a jet engine. This new one shows just how far the technology has moved on since then. I can’t get over just how tiny this is, being the size of a paperback book and not much heavier. And packed inside is not only a projector, but effectively an android device, too. It include 1gb of ram for downloading apps and anything you might want to display. With built in wi-fi it’s simple to connect to the internet for accessing youtube and the like. I’ve tried this out using an hdmi lead connected to my laptop and the results were very impressive. I also had a play using an sd memory card displaying a blokarting video i put together from a gopro a while ago (see attached clip) and the picture was excellent and the unit was easily able to cope with processing of the mp4 file to give smooth action video. I recorded the clip on my mobile phone, and although the phone itself hunts around a little when auto focusing, the actual picture displayed on my screen was solid and clean. The speaker is adequate, and good enough for youtube videos, presentations or similar.

At first i am apprehended purchasing this as i never tried using a mini projector. But this projector is pretty amazing. We hooked it up to my husband’s cell phone and began to watch movie. Good picture and clarity quality is pretty good. The power can last about 110minutes when full charged which gave us plenty of time to watch the movie. We weren’t expecting it to be this great. We were all pleasantly surprised for a small piece of device.

 i already own a big size projector but i am not really happy with its result but it was okay. I decided to try something better and different. So i decided to go for this. When i opened the packaging it had 1 mini projector and 1 tripod stand, 1 adapter and 1 usb charging cable with a remote control. I have decided to compare its result with my previous one as the old one displays its screen on a 100 inch projector screen. I have uploaded a video and you can see that quality of the tripod and the mini projector is excellent. This mini projector has 1 hdmi port, 1 headphones port, 1 usb port,1 sd card port and 1 dc current port. In the video, you can see that i have placed a measuring tape on the wall so you can see the size of display. After 1 minute in the video, you will see a 12 inch size screen on the wall and the picture is crystal clear and sharp with hd result. After 1 minute and 27 seconds in the video you will see that i have increased the size of the picture and at this stage it is almost 80 to 85 inch screen.

I got the opportunity to watch a movie with the projector hooked it up to our laptop and the picture is outstandingthe device’s speaker is great and the picture quality is surprisingly good considering how small this is. I am satisfied with its size just almost the same as my iphone. It is so convenient to bring everywhere.Even better, it can be worked without power cord. That saves me more space when carrying it. You will need external speakers if u are using this outdoors or in a big room full of people but that does not take away from the quality of the project. Makes a great, clear picture and very easy and straightforward to use. Great projector for the price.

I used to use an android tv box ,which become very slow only after one year of use. Then i found this new product on amazon. I think probably its time to change to projector as it’s better for kids eyes. The image quality is great and the android system is easy to set up and to operate. The most important thing is , it runs fast. It also looks nice and smart and obviously easy to take around due to its size. After all, this smart projector is really smart.

 i woud give it 5 stars but the sound quality is not good but this is the only thing. I didn’t expect the picture quality to be that good, the operating system is very easy and straightforward, image size is huge compared to the projector sizei love it, the best is to get external speakers and enjoy it.

  • Great spec, good image, built in wi-fi and android functionality, superb performance from something so small.
  • Awesome !!!
  • Good Smart Projector, not great

LED Video Projector 1280×800 3D DLP Link Android Smart Projector 3800 Lumens Support 1080P Full HD Wireless Screen Mirroring Compatible for iPad Android, HDMI/USB/TF Bluetooth Keystone Correction

OPTICS Display TypeDLPDisplay ChipTI 0.45 inch WVGA DMD*RGBLED £¨With Off-axis Ray Machine£>100%Brightness3800 lumen /35WLampOSRAM LED LampsUniformity>90%FOFO Contrast Ratio2000:1Standard ResolutionWVGA 1280*8003DSupport 3D function(DLP-LINK)
PROJECTION Throw Ratio1 meter: 39 inchesThrow Range30-300 inchesThrow Distance1-6Meter(s)Aspect Ratio4£º3/16£º9/16£º10Keystone CorrectionSupports automatic and manualProjection MethodsFront Projection,Rear Projection,Hanging castTexture of materialPlastic ABS+ electroplating + metalFocus modeElectric motor focusingBuilt-in loudspeaker8 ¦¸ 5w*2Sound effectsSupport Dolby sound effect
SYSTEM PARAMETERS CPUMStar6A638 Decode 4K H.265/VP9 4K*2K/60HZClock Speed64 bits CPU: Cortex A53 Two nuclei GPU: Mali-450mp4Cache1G DDR3RAM16GB eMMCOperating SystemAndroid 4.4.4CustomizeBluetoothBT 4.0 (Support external bluetooth Speaker, mouse and gamepad£WIFI2.4G / 5.0G dual-band WIFIRemote ControlInfrared remote control and support 2.4g wireless remote controlPower input parameters19V-2.1A DCInput supportUSB ,IR
OUTPUT INTERFACEExtended MemoryTF card and SSD Hard DishUSBUSB HOST 2.0*1 USB HOST 3.0*1TF CardMaximum supported 32GHDMISupports HDMI 2.0inputUSBAble to read data frim USB hard drive support mouse and keyboard accessHeadphone OutputAudio output, 3.5mm connectors (can connect headphones or speakers)AV inputSupports AV signal inputEthernet inputSupports Network interfaceDC InputPower adapter: DC 19V 2.1A
ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONSTotal Power Consumption<35WPower PerformanceAC100-240V,50/60Hz No built-in battrery
Product Size 220*127*46mmPackage Size 274*177*103mmNet Weight 754gPackage Weight(1set) 1.5KgPackage Weight(10set/box) 16KgCarton Size(10set/box) 420*390*370mm

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I was looking for a relative cheap projector to see and as a portable alternative to the tv. It’s supplied with a remote control. I’ve just thrown the picture on the ceiling in my little bed room and it picture looks very good. The device is lightweight and looks classy. It can be easily connected to the smartphone and supports screen sharing. It has a android base and comes with couple pre-installed apps like netflix, youtube and some other streaming apps. More apps can be installed from the play store. With the bluetooth support you can also connect bt speaker/headphones, which i really appreciate. Overall good choice for home theater and travel.

Very good portable projector that’s look good – the system itself is ok google play doesn’t seem to work so you have to use free click if it is not on there you can’t download the app – picture is good and better quality on netflix and amazon if you connect via hdmi as the system internally i find is only 720 but through ps4 more like 1080 – the internal speaker is weak and without a doubt you need an external speaker – overall great connection options wifi is ok picture is good but i think slightly pricey but the speak looks kind of makes it ok.

 this is my first projector and i’m very pleased the choice i made. . I choose this model because it’s very small but very powerful ☺️ the picture quality it’s very good but i can’t tell the same thing about the sound quality. . You can hear the sound quality in the video.

Used this mini projector over the weekend and bank holiday. Wasn’t initially expecting too much due to its small size, but it worked amazing. I put up a white fabric cloth in my garden at night and it was bright and clear and was easy to set up and connect as well.

First time having projector wasn’t sure what to expect but i was impressed still. Think if i get a screen it will be even better. Only thing i found not so easy to download stuff still trying to download bbc iplayer. Remote you never really know where u are accessing content. Think i’m going to invest in a mini keyboard will check blogs on what else i can do and navigating menu as no clear instructions.

1 and with a strong battary. Bring you blue tooth mouse and keyboard , it is a portable completely wireless mini computer!!!i absolutely love this little projector. I wanted something that would project a quality image. So far, this projector has been great. There are multiple ways to connect to it – usb, hdmi, phone and computer. The image can be focused and the keystone can be adjusted to create a surprisingly crisp image. The feet were adjustable and that the power cord was longer. The small compact size makes it easy to store and use. The speaker is adequate, and good enough for youtube videos, presentations or similar.

When i was looking for a projector the advice i was given was to make sure i had the right brightness this one i can use in the day time to my my little surface pro screen a lot bigger theirs no lag the sound is ok and the fan dont seem load at all even when watching a film this projector has brightness: 600 ansi lumens (3800 lumens) what you need to look out for is the ansi as lots of projector claim to be lots of lumens but it’s the ansi that should be between 500 & 800 for day time use model i have is video projector android smart led projector r15 wifi home theater portable 3d dlp-link projector support full hd 1080p 4k hdmi 3800 lumens high brightness keystone correction free 3d glassesby toumei.

Pros:- brightness (adjustable through settings)- great picture quality (unlike most displays/projectors i’ve seen the pixels here are diamond shaped so it somewhat eliminates jagged edges also downscaling from 1080p helps with smoothness)- android 7. 1- thanks to dlp the blacks very good since those mirrors just don’t reflect any light. This is important because when titling the projector you essentially crop out some of the picture to make things look straight but you don’t wanna see that area around the picture that you cropped still lit or just darker than rest of the projection but you just want it to not be there. – solid build (aluminium all around except for top and bottom)- nice remote- automatic and manual tilt and pan compensation (keystone is just for tilt but in the settings you also have the option to adjust the pan too)- power supply and a separate usb to barrel plug cable that come in the box- built in battery (though i haven’t tested how long it lasts)- completely wireless (if you don’t count the power cable which isn’t necessary i suppose since it does have a battery)- portable and compact (this is the perfect solution for someone like myself that has to move all the time and can’t exactly drag a massive tv around with them e. Students)- relatively cheap (a tv would be much more expensive)cons:- colour accuracy (there’s however options in the settings menu to adjust colour temperature and bare in mind given this is a projector how you perceive the colours heavily depends on the surface you’re projecting on, but it’s no biggie for me so.

  • Great spec, good image, built in wi-fi and android functionality, superb performance from something so small.
  • Awesome !!!
  • Good Smart Projector, not great

LED Video Projector 1280×800 3D DLP Link Android Smart Projector 3800 Lumens Support 1080P Full HD Wireless Screen Mirroring Compatible for iPad Android, HDMI/USB/TF Bluetooth Keystone Correction

 this beautifully designed mini toumei projector packs a pretty decent amount. I have used it for nearly two weeks watching youtube, netflix and most importantly football on an off white background with 2 100w lights on in the room. It was a little dim with the lighting but the picture was still visible. Started using a floor lamp on and that changed the picture for the better. I also have a 3 foot tripod which i connect as this gives the extended height. Connections are straightforward. I installed a usb bluetooth mouse/keyboard which would be pretty useful as it has the most perfect android box installed. Also use bluetooth speakers as the sound quality is not the greatest. I’m over the moon with this projector as i wasn’t happy with a cheaper and bulkier version i purchased. This projector has a fantastic design and its unbelievably petite.

Features and Spesification

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  • 【High Brightness Video Projector】Cocar V5 DLP Projector comes with powerful 3800 high lumens (450 ANSI) display chip and the image could be upto 300 inches. Its 1280*800 native resolution offers you great high-definition images. Built-in Android OS with HDMI 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, dual wifi, TF card socket, USB supports SSD hard disk drive, mouse or keyboard.
  • 【Wireless Screen Share】Built-in 2.4G/5.8G Dual Wifi, fastly and smoothly mirror your smart phone to the projector via iOS Airplay/Miracast/DLNA. Even if under no-wifi environment, it can still work for the mirroring function. Playing it like a smart phone, such as downloading apps from market, running files: powerpoint/excel/word for business or school.
  • 【Versatile Android Apps】The Android system brings us the most stable running, quick response of operating and versatile use. Built-in Freeclick and Google play App Store, which allows you to download and install APPs, such as Kodi,Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, BBC, WWE, Sky TV, Foxnow and Office etc..
  • 【3D DLP Link Technology】Support of 3D DLP-Link allows you watch HD 3D movie simply at home! (Need active shutter 3D glasses and the package box has already included one.) Auto keystone correction and support 1080P Full HD input. Aspect Ratio: 4£º3/16£º9/16£º10, Throw Distance: 1-6Meter(s). Projection Methods: Front Projection/Rear Projection/Hanging Cast. Cache: 1G DDR3, RAM: 16GB eMMC, CPU: 64-bit Cortex A53. By taking advantage of the DLP projector technology, the life of the led bulb ext
  • 【Loud Speakers & More Good Features】Built-in loud speakers(2x5W) and support Dolby sound effect. Enjoy the great shocking and vivid sound even if there are no external speakers connected. More ports: HDMI, USBx2, Audio Jack 3.5mm, ethernet, DC power, AV. Slim size: 220*127*46mm, light weight: 754g. (No built-in battery or battery needed, only powered by AC Power Adapter). Warranty & Support: 12 months warranty, 24 hours online support (please refer to the manual).