Tower Air Fryer – healthy meals

Pan size is good for a family of 3 people. The food made in it is very tasty.

It’s healthy, fast and reliable.

Ok once you get used to cooking times. Would recommend this product.

Bought for a friend to go to serbia.

Best thing i’ve ever purchased use it everyday for quick and easy meals for myself and the little one after work.

Love the smart lines and features, looks great in my kitchen. We have only cooked chips and they are brilliant, without the excess oil tastes. Easy to setup and clean, we use it most days.

I can’t believe i waited so long to get one. So convenient and pretty much anything i used to do in the oven can be done in this now. Highly recommended if you like your flavours without the fat too.

Best thing i’ve ever brought, i’ve cooked so many different things in it from chips, pies, rolls are just a few.

I didn’t think i would use this much but now i don’t know what i ever did without it.

I love this extra-large capacity air fryer. I expected reasonable results but it exceeded all expectations. I don’t deep fat fry mainly because it’s so unhealthy and the oily aftertaste. This air fryer solves all those problems. The results i have had thus far with various foods have been good. Works fast, easy to remove and easy to clean.

I tried out the air fryer to cook chicken – it came out quite dry and tasteless. Then i tried two kinds of chips – first lot with fresh potatoes and the second lot with frozen chips. The fresh potato chips took more than half an hour to cook and they came out dry and not a bit crispy. Also the frozen chips – which i would cook in my deep fat fryer for about 3 minutes – took around 20 minutes and were not nearly as tasty as my usual ones. I am going to pass my air fryer on to my daughter who is quite enthusiastic to try it out.

Love it for quick and easy meals and fat free. Here are the specifications for the Tower Air Fryer:

  • Healthier cooking: With the use of rapid air circulation technology and a low calorie cooking spray, you can fry without the excess fat associated with traditional frying and in a reduced time
  • Temperature control: The adjustable dial ranges between 80 – 200 Degree so you can easily cook a variety of meals, including vegetables, chips, chicken and cake
  • 4.3 Litre capacity: The large cooking basket provides ample space for baking, grilling and frying a wide range of ingredients
  • 60 minute timer: Conveniently schedule the cooking cycle and the air fryer will automatically switch off once completed
  • Detachable compartments: The pull out drawer requires only a simple hand wash while the removable basket is dishwasher safe

The air fryer is okay but it requires turning whatever is being cooked halfway because the heat does not properly circulate to the bottom. In addition,it description says a divider/separate will be included but it was delivered without it.

Non stick is peeling off even with only soaking and hand washing also the safety release button i have had to use a zip tag to hold it on why?. I only ever hand wash very good machine as far as cooking and very little oil use ,love the machine it is cheaper to run than my electric ovens and also helps for heating foods for a quick snack so do not be put off having one.

Very easy to use, cuts down time for certain cooking, fish fingers, chicken dippers and similar foods cook in about 6-8 minutes, they taste crispy, it’s easy to clean, the basket has a safety catch in the handle so it can not disconnect by accident, oven chips take a similar time to an oven but they do come out dryer and crispier than a conventional oven.

2 of us and this is perfect, done roast spuds , chips, sausage , toad in the hole, sponge ,onion rings , hash browns, yorkshire puds .

Quick and easy to use, very convenient.

Does everything you want it to do.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Ace buy
  • Clean Cooking
  • does it all

Easy to use, cooks and cleans well.

I’m not doing very well with the tower.

I have to say this product is worth the price i paid compared to many others out there. It has a large compartment for larger quantities of food.

Donated to my daughter who is over the moon with it thanks.

Only got this delivered today and used it twice. Love how easy it is to use and how quickly it cooks. Less faff than putting the oven or grill on. Easy to clean and great crispy healthy food.

10 minutes and my french fries are ready(and the chicken bits.

Took a bit of experimenting before we got decent chips from this, bit finally found that by spraying oil on dried chipped potatoes (fresh, not frozen) you get a good tasting crispy chip. It is fantastic for cooking steak, lamb chops and the like rather than frying or grilling, and you don’t need to stand watching, just set the timer to however you like your meat done (trial and error to begin with) then leave it to do the cooking for you. A great addition to the kitchen, albeit kicking and screaming to let go my deep fat fryer – have to admit i love this better.

Our first air fryer and loving it.

We have had one before, wouldn’t be without it.

I have wanted one of these for ages, so when the chance came to try it, i was there. I suppose a lot of people would use this for chips, me included, and to make good crisp chips has usually meant getting out the deep fat fryer – but no more. This really does do good chips, also chicken is easily cooked and is great if you cover the chicken (thighs in my case) with some of those kfc type spices. And yes it is somewhat quicker and does the job it is designed to do, but this is really a basic machine and does not have some of the ‘extras’ of more expensive up market ones – however, as a basic it does a reasonable job and i have no real complaints. I have used this a few times now and have been successful with everything i have cooked. The chips and chicken – i did chicken strips tossed in spices which were amazing – were very tasty. Indeed i look forward to using it more and more. So why 4 stars and not the full 5 ?. Well i suppose i feel it is a bit too expensive for what it is and is it really something i ‘need’. Although the food it produces has been tasty and has less calories than deep fat fried food, i am only 75% convinced right now – perhaps with more use that figure may increase.

So impressed that i have bought another one as a christmas present. Great when used with fry lite to make own slimming world chips, crisps, cubes etc. Also used to cook fishfingers.

Quick and easy to use and no mess.

Does what it says it for no complaints so far just do not be in a hurry shoving the basket back in to the fryer as you can break off safety switch on the basket.

Works great and arrived sooner than expected.

This is my third airfryer now and this is definitely the best one evereasy to cleanfast to cookeasy to use.

An air fryer will never replace a standard oven or hob for me but as an extra cooking device it is a pretty handy piece of kit to have around. It cooks chips well though take the container out half way through and give it a shake to turn them and you only have to put a minimal amount of oil in. A good but not really essential kitchen accessory, if you have a lot of fried foods it would be a good purchase in particular.

Haven’t had time to use it sufficiently to comment but i feel i might have wasted my money.

This is my 3rd air fryer, this 1 ticks all boxes.

Although we have a deep fat fryer, it is not something we use often – perhaps a handful of times a year. As such, i hadn’t thought about an air fryer, but, when given the opportunity to review one, thought i would give it a try. This is a fair size and you need somewhere to store it. However, the shape means it sits fairly unobtrusively in a cupboard, or corner of the worktop, without taking up too much space. This uses very little – if any – oil, in order to cook, which has to be a plus, health wise. It is also both easy to use, and to clean, which is useful. I tried simple things first, and they worked well. I got a little ambitious after that – there are some great cookbooks available, as well as recipes online. It is worth mentioning that chips need to be turned over. My doughnuts were not that successful, but perfectly eatable and i found much healthier shrimp and chickpea recipes, which were actually really nice.

Love this air fryer it’s so handy for quick meals and great basket size for family of 5.

I didn’t think i would like this, because i just thought it would be exactly the same as using an oven. But cooks a lot quicker in my opinion.

Great buy cooks from frozen really quickly love it.

Bought this due to reading all the positive reviews. It’s a fantastic bit of kit,and saves plenty of time and electricity.

Bought a small one first to give it a try. Was so happy with it that i bought a week later the big one. Bought an other one for my son cause he was also very enthusiastic about this fryer.

Nearly as good as deep fried chips.

Fantastic wouldn’t be without it. Easy to clean and easy to store.