Tower Health T16005 One Pot Express 12-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker : Beginners perfect

I didn;t even know you could get digital pressure cookers until i started looking for a new soup maker and found this little beauty instead. My memories of a pressure cooker date back 30 years when my mother used to use the old hob top ones, and the noise they made scared me off using one for life. But this is a dream, you don’t hear a think throughout the whole cooking time, and only a slight hiss when you release the pressure at the end of cooking, not scary at all.:-)i have made some lovely casseroles so far, and i can’t belive you can cook a large family sized whole chicken within half an hour and it be so yummy. Amazing (where have i been???). . Initially i couldn’t work out how to get the silicon ring out of the lid to clean it, or even if you could (if you leave it in after a meal it really starts to smell), the instructions do not tell you how to do this, but with a bit of gumption i eventually realised that if you pull on the little knobble inside the lid, that the seal is attached too, you can safely pull the whole interior steel plate off from the centre silicon ring. Makes life much easier then, the main silicion seal can then be removed easily and replaced once washed down with soap and water. It can still keep odours from previous meals, so i store it with lid loose and pop a bowl of bicarb inside, works fine like that. No more pressure cooker nightmares.

Bought a second one because original wore out. Best for stews, use for piece of beef – far better than roasting. So easy to use, cannot go wrong with the menu function button. You can reduce/increase the cooking time by selecting eg, stew, then reduce time by pressing the minutes button or increase time by pressing the hours button.

Good wee machine for the money, same features as top of the range ones that cost an arm and a leg. Only fault is “make sure you put lid on correct way because if you dont it locks and cant be removed”.

This was a replacement for my original one which my husband broke by accidentally pouring the soup we’d just made back into the base – forgetting that he had the inner pan in his hand. Consequently i was without one for a couple of days, fortunately, thanks to amazon i didn’t have to wait long.

Great – quick and easy – would recommend it x.

Happy delivery driver well pleased looking forward to using it.

Cooked meat in 30 min instead of 180 ‘min. Very impressed and easy to use.

This is amazing i brought it because i wanted a pressure cooker. I already had a slow cooker but this way i’ve got it all in one which saves on space. It is amazing cookes vegetables really quick, easy to clean and use very happy.

  • Five Stars
  • Amazing
  • Nice machine, truly awful manual and customer support

Tower Health T16005 One Pot Express 12-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Litre, 1100 W – Stainless Steel

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Inside loose lid very thin and pressure pin thing easily bent,but works well and iā€™m pleased.

This pressure cooker is a great way to cook foods in a fraction of the time all whilst preserving the majority of the vitamins. I am so happy i purchased this pressure cooker stews take no time at all to cook everything is so tasty and it is so easy to use. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Bit disappointed as there is no slow cooking function so just a glorified pressure cooker. Instructions are rudimentary and recipes basic.

I really love this pressure cooker. The digital menu means you don’t have to guess how long it will take for your food to cook and the keep warm function is brilliant.

Most of the negative reviews seem to be about the instruction manual, and while i can understand the frustration it didn’t take me that long to figure out. Press menu until you get to the setting you want and hit start – you have to be quick here as the menu options will reset if you don’t do something. Once you hit start the bowl begins to heat up. So, say you want to brown a joint before pressure cooking it. Menu to the meat option, use the hour and minute buttons to increase or decrease the cooking time (hour put it up one minute, and minute puts it down one minute – okay, i can see the problem here. As soon as you hit start the bowl heats up and will stay hot until you cancel. You can brown your meat for as long as you want. When you’re ready to actually pressure cook, add your liquids then take the lid, make sure the valve is in the open position and put it on, then flip the valve over to the closed position. Pressure will build up and once it reaches full steam the cooking timer will start.

Had pressure cooker when younger – didn’t like much. This is easier to use and i think not so life threatening.

Very good the only problem is the electricity cable keep coming off the cooker easily otherwise cooking time divided by half šŸ‘šŸ».

It lists foods not to cook, including rice and beans, but then has a whole section on cooking rice. There is no explanation whatsoever of the symbols on the digital led display or of the steps it cycles through. The rudimentary recipes are pathetic, using ingredients like packeted onion soup. The machine itself (a big beast, so make sure you have room for it) works fine but really you shouldn’t be working out how it works for yourself like this when dangerous pressures and temperatures are involved. I couldn’t find a customer support number or email either.

  • Five Stars
  • Amazing
  • Nice machine, truly awful manual and customer support

Tower Health T16005 One Pot Express 12-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Litre, 1100 W – Stainless Steel

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