Tower Scandi T20027G 2-Slice Toaster – Great design

Wooden knobs on a toaster certainly look different, my husband fount the marker on the browning control difficult to see, although as it is raised you can feel it, but it might have been good if it was a different colour (i might try marking it with a felt tip to see if that makes it more visible). However it toasted bread very evenly and with 7 settings was easy to get a perfect result for the type of bread used and how brown you prefer.

Nice looking toaster, white with wood, it’s a nordic design which seems to me to be a very clean look. What i like most is that it browns to the shade of brown that you choose, that’s a novelty to me, never had one that does that before. Also it defrosts the bread if needed. It’s only made for 2 slices but it is possible to double up if the bread is thin enough as the toaster has wide slots.

This is a review of the white tower scandi t20027 2-slice toaster which is also available in grey. It is supplied in a branded box along with instructions. This toaster forms part of the tower scandi range, which includes complimentary kettles, saucepans, canisters, bread bins and knife blocks. The toaster is not so impressive as the expectation set by the packaging. It is very lightweight with a plastic casing and chrome to while the ‘wooden’ temperature control and release leaver look and feel very plastic and are rather disappointing. I would not see any reason to embrace this range based on this appliance unless you really like the wood effect plastic. It works ok in use with standard controls for release, defrost and reheat functions. It toasts well and is fairly fast, although one side toasts faster than the other which is a common problem with this configuration of toaster. It has a pull-out crumb tray which is easy to empty and the white case is simple to keep clean. Overall while this toaster is basic it does work well but i am not convinced by the ‘scandinavian design’ and do not feel it offers anything compared with alternatives from tower or other suppliers.

To be honest the most remarkable thing about the tower scandi toaster is the styling with its dark grey and faux-wood looks which makes a really nice change from the standard chrome and black. The toaster is very lightweight and a bit plastic-y feeling but it seems well enough made and feels quite sturdy. It stays in place thanks to non-slip silicone pads underneath and it can’t stray too far from the mains socket because the attached cable is only about 70cm/28” long. You can make the cable even shorter/neater by coiling it up into little cleats fitted in the base of the toaster. There’s also a pull-out crumb tray in the base which seems to work quite well and is easy to slide in and out, it covers the whole area beneath the bread slots so catches most of the crumbs. In use the toaster couldn’t be much simpler, there’s just a browning dial to set your favourite shade of toast and three buttons – frozen, reheat and cancel. The browning knob is easily adjusted but you have to look quite closely to see which number you’re set it to, the little nodule on the knob isn’t very visible. It’s also easily nudged out of place and i don’t need to turn the dial very high to get the golden-brown toast i like, so you get into the habit of double-checking it to avoid unintentional charcoaling. I appreciate the reheat option, perfect when you haven’t timed the coffee machine right and need to resynchronise your breakfast. In most other respects it’s just a very decent day-to-day toaster but in an unusual style.

Beautiful design and colour, works great. As my sister has everything grey in her kitchen, i gave her this as a gift and this fits very well in there, wooden accents just adds style. Easy to use, toasts very well.

This toaster has all the basic toaster functions. It feels flimsy and looks ok from a distance (the wood effect won’t be fooling anyone, especially with the seam running through it). I had to flip my slice of bread for even toasting. It won’t be replacing my old toaster unfortunately.

In the fashion for all things grey in the home, this fits in well, its a good looking and quirky design with wood effect trim and a subtle dark grey finish. Toasts evenly and looks great on the worktop.

This toaster makes most excellent toast. Adjustable toastiness and a handy little crumb tray. The white styling makes for classic looks.

Nice to see wood used for knobs to minimise plastic. Works very well, defrost is better than my previous one. Defrosts without starting to cook.

This is perfect for our family for 2-3 as we all eat toast in the morning. The toaster is for 2 slices at once so we can all have one before making more. Nice design toaster from a good brand. The toasts comes out tanned just the way i like it.

Yes it is plastic, most toasters are made from plastic but this is more plasticy. This is kind of a budget type range if you ask me but made to look good when added to more items of the same style. It isn’t like other types tat cosy more money as i said its fairly cheap. As usual most toasters cook one side more than the other but it really isn’t much to moan about. I’d be happ if i was in a position where i needed this and could just about afford it as it does what you expect but looks ok too. Worth the money in my opinion.

Good toaster very pleased with it.

This was delivered by hermes. This two slice toaster has wood effect accents on the dial and slot push. It has wide settings that allow you to toast bagels and crumpets as well as toast. There are 7 settings to choose from ,it also has a defrost function which comes in handy if you freeze bread. It doesn’t toast evenly but if you’re happy to turn the bread through cooking its ok. This toaster is scandi style over substance , it’s functional and cheap at just £25. If you’re in need of a toaster and don’t have a large budget it’s probably a good buy. Here are the specifications for the Tower Scandi T20027G 2-Slice Toaster:

  • NORDIC DESIGN – embrace the minimalism of Scandinavian design with a neutral grey colour scheme and wood effect handles
  • 2 WIDE SLOTS – you can easily toast a wide range of different sized breads, crumpets and muffins with delicious results
  • VARIABLE BROWNING OPTIONS – choose from up to 7 toasting settings to get your toast or muffins at the texture right for you
  • REHEAT/DEFROST FUNCTIONS – toast straight from frozen with the easily adjustable reheat and defrosting options
  • PULL OUT CRUMB TRAY – conveniently dispose of the collected and unwanted crumbs with removable crumb tray

Toasters that toast your bread as opposed to incinerating it are the benchmark and this one does what you want. It looks stylish and it’s easy to clean. I really like it but my other half says that the marker on the heat setting is not easy to see so she insists that it loses a star.

Great toasterfriends think it’s lovely.

Love the wooden details but otherwise looks cheap.

I’m usually a big fan of tower products both for their design and their quality. Sadly, i feel this toaster fails on both accounts. As usual, the packaging is great. It’s when you open the box that disappointment sets in, at least in my case. The first thing i noticed is how light the toaster is and soon realised that the toaster’s casing is plastic. Even the wooden embellishments are plastic and don’t look all that real. Putting cosmetics to one side, how does it perform as a toaster?. One side is hotter than the other side and so the bread doesn’t toast evenly. To get perfect toast, you need to pop out the bread and turn it and put it back in.

Well, it is a toaster much like any other. It toasts evenly and fairly quickly. It has a nasty smell the first couple of heat ups but then is ok. It has quite small slots so does not toast the full height of standard sliced bread.

Tower scandi kettle/toasterwas originally looking at the swan nordic but for much much less money you can get the tower scandi collection which not only is cheaper but looks like a more authentic wood effectkettle can be a bit noisy but it is very fast and ofcourse faster boiling means cheaper electricity bills too haha.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice looking toaster

  • Scandi Toaster

  • Great design

A good toaster that’s well made and reasonably pricedit’s put together well and looks coolnumerous functions, a real handy thing to have in anyone’s kitchendecent product,.

This 2 slice toaster has a lovely design , it is pure white with pine dials making it easy to colour coordinate with any kitchen. Cook’s bread evenly to get the perfect results. Comes well packaged with a 3 years guarantee. Would make an ideal gift and a great toaster for any kitchen.