Tower T10040RG Fast Rapid Boil Glass Kettle : Works perfect

Boils quickly and looks good too.

Boils quickly, not overly loud. Looks great in the kitchen, matches other rose gold accessories.

Purchased for mum in law and works well, she likes it.

A very good stylish kettle, three main points i like:1. It’s extremely lightweight – seriously the box feels as if the kettle wasn’t there…2. It’s compact – while holding the standard 1. 7l it’s quite compact – i. Slightly “chubbier” and lower that most other kettles thus feels smaller3. It’s quick – it boils water quite rapidly, they claim a single cuppa is 1 minute, and they are correct – around 200ml takes only minute or sooverall very happy with is, works well and looks good, especially with the dim blue light.

This is a smart and attractive kettle, it feels durable and sturdy while looking good. I found it boiled much more quickly than my previous kettle and the blue light within looks very cool. Good value comparatively, only problem will be keeping it looking pristine in my hard water area, as i think this will definitely show the limescale stains and spoil the look of it.

Just as described, delivered on time.

Great looking kettle, lightweight and fast boiling which is a must as i like my morning coffee asap. My only complaint is the horrible new taste which is still present after boiling 10 jug loads and washing inside the kettle. Will be returning if the horrible taste does not disappear after a week.

Looking good , fast and easy to clean.

  • Horrible new taste

  • Rose Gold kettle

  • Great item

Tower T10040RG Fast Rapid Boil Glass Kettle, Cordless with Easy Grip Touch Handle, Durable Schott Glass Body with Blue LED Illuminations, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Black and Rose Gold

Colour Name:Rose Gold
Product Description, This kettle is a great addition to any modern kitchen. It features a highly-durable SCHOTT glass design so you get extra protection if it’s ever knocked and a 1. 7L capacity, which means you can make up to 7 cups of tea or coffee from a single boil. It also has a blue light that illuminates from the base when the kettle is in use. All of this is presented with an elegantly colourful Rose Gold stainless steel finish.

From the manufacturer

Tower Glass Kettle, Cordless, Blue LED Illuminations, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Black and Rose Gold

Rapidly boil up to 7 cups of tea or coffee with this highly-durable 1.7 litre Tower Glass Kettle.

Durable SCHOTT Glass

This kettle has been built using SCHOTT glass, a material that adds an extra level of durability compared to other types of glass.

Removable Limescale Filter

Make easy work of removing unwanted limescale with the handy removable limescale filter, so you can keep the kettle performing at its best.

Large Capacity

With a 1.7 litre capacity you can easily make up to 7 cups of tea or coffee on a single boil, making it ideal for families or when having friends over.

Blue LED Light

When the kettle is in use a blue LED light illuminates inside it giving you a visually appealing way of monitoring the boiling cycle.

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Feels solid although it is light weight – i don’t know how much it weighs but i have joint problems and i found it ok. Firstly i had to boil it and chuck about 8 times to get the new kettle taste away. It was ok for coffee but not for tea. After a few more boils it is ok. This is not helped by the fact i live in the south east and the water is full of chalk, usually tastes rubbish and i have to filter it. Anyway it is now fine and definitely worth the effort as this is a great kettle. Not too big but plenty for day to day usage for the average family. The body lights up blue when boiling the water. The on switch is light and easy to flick on.

Boils fast and is easy to clean.

Stylish and boils water from the cold tap quickly.

This is an attractive modern kettle than beautifully matches our grey worktops far better than the white kettle we had before. It’s surprising how colour can really make something as simple and everyday as a kettle really looked prestigious, but it does. The glass body looks fantastic and i read that it is made by schott company in germany. My advice is to stock up with a bag of citric acid from the chemist’s (or amazon, of course) if you live in a hard water area. This is a cheap, safe and effective way to get rid of the inevitable limescale build up. Luckily because of the quality of the glass and stainless inner base, the scale cleans off completely and easily, restoring the appearance to as new.

Who would have thought that something so simple could be so needed?. Is there a house that doesn’t have one?.But if you’re in the market for a new one, from the thousands available how do you choose from the ridiculous (costing £0,000s) to the cheap and cheerful (under a tenner)?. Read reviews, and here’s another one. Made by tower, a company that has been around since 1912, this 1. 7litre kettle is made of silver stainless steel and something called schott glass, which is supposed to be more durable than usual. There’s a blue light inside that gives the water a colour but is rather pointless, as ‘a watched pot (kettle) never boils’. You don’t need a coloured light to tell you when the water boils.

Very lightweight and easy to pour. Lights up lovely, brilliant for night time brewsnice and quiet doesn’t make any noise. No odd taste to the new kettle. Works very well it has replaced my old kettledefinitely recommend.

Very happy with this – very well made, light and quiet. . But may not suit everyone as the lid is constructed to only open partially ( about 60mm) – which means putting the tap or spout of jug actually into the kettle. . Could be awkward for some.

Looks nice, nicely weighted in the hand whether full or not. It took 2mins 17seconds to boil from cold, 1litre of water. The only problem i have with it really is that it scares the hell out of my daughter. She won’t go near it until it switches off completely and that is because once it is in the last stages of boiling, when the water inside it bubbling and bouncing around, so does the kettleit seems the nice tapered shape that the designers thought would look nice, makes it a little unstable in use. The tapered part is the base it sits on. It is narrower at the bottom and slightly wider at the top to accommodate the kettle. So far, it has stayed on the base until it switches off but i have to admit, it does look a bit precarious to have your kettle rocking and rolling when it is full of scalding hot water.

  • Horrible new taste

  • Rose Gold kettle

  • Great item

Tower T10040RG Fast Rapid Boil Glass Kettle, Cordless with Easy Grip Touch Handle, Durable Schott Glass Body with Blue LED Illuminations, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Black and Rose Gold

My first led kettle changed colour as the water heated up which was attractive and somewhat functional. This one just goes for the blue hue as it is heating. It looks good to me – but really doesn’t have a lot of point unless you like to look at your kettle as it heats up water. The glass is something called schott. I have no idea what that is, but it does look attractive when new and shiny. If you live in a hard water area like i do, it will require you to regularly descale to keep it looking decent. It pours well enough and is not too heavy when empty. Tower is a well respected brand and this kettle doesn’t do anything to dent that reputation.

Looks good and the blue light is nice.

This stylish tower glass eletric kettle is made from metal, plastic and schott glass and has a minmax capacity of to 0. The glass, metallic & black trim and blue led “on” indicator light ring all make it look rather stylish and the capacity markings are clear and legible. It fits securely and safely on the base, with the usual short lead (for safety) with some space to store a little slack in the lead. Unlike previous similar kettles i’ve owned, the auto-cutoff seems well-balanced, switching the kettle off neither prematurely or worryingly late. I find the rather small lid fine for safety purposes, but makes cleaning a little more difficult – and if you live in a hard water region you will need to clean it internally quite regularly to remove limescale in the glass, and the ubiquitous sponge/plastic cleaning brush is i find of limited efficacy. In truth there are many glass electric kettles on the market, so is there anything other than stylistic preference that would make this particular one more worthwhile purchasing?.This claims to be a “rapid boil” kettle, boiling faster than the competition, and i was pleasantly surprised to find that was no idle boast.

This is a stylish electric kettle. As a result it boils water very quickly. It comes from the very well established tower brand and there are matching items to go with this kettle. The plus is the stylish glass with led blue light. We have had one of these before and they look lovely particularly at night when lit and the water is bubbling away. I think this is ideal for a family that likes quirky stylish things in their kitchen. Price wise it’s the same as a well known branded product but is really fast boiling. We like it because it fits in with our kitchen and so is something we would have purchased for the look of it and it’s use.

I like the overall style and build quality of this kettle, considering its price point. Though not a top-of-the-line item, it’s pretty good. It’s compact and robust-feeling. The glass means you don’t get a horrible plasticky taste in the water. I have a kettle very similar to this by a different brand that cost £20 more, and i think this tower one beats it.

Features and Spesification

  • Designed using highly-durable schott glass
  • Colourful stainless steel provides extra elegance
  • Automatically shuts off when the water has boiled
  • 1. 7 litre capacity means you can make up to 7 cups of tea or coffee on a single boil
  • Blue light illuminates the kettle from the base when in use
  • Comes with 1 year guarantee, get extended 1 year warranty upon registration