Tower T12008 Glass Jar Blender : Good value, large blender.

I have this blender for almost 2years is working well,i us it for almost everything, it one of the best.

Just what my friend needed to replace her old broken one.

Looks good and so far works well.

This is a solid well made blender with a glass jug. Its heavy so if you put it in the back of the cupboard you are less likely to use it often but leave it on your work surface. Ideal for making soups, batter, smoothies. The little grinder is ideal for chopping herbs, grinding spices, coffee beans and hard cheese. Word of warning: dont overload the grinder and if you dont want mashed up gears and a burnt out motor chop parmesan or praline into small dice before you grind it down. The machine can also grind granulated sugar to caster or icing sugar. Dont try to chop ice in this appliance you’ll break the machine its not a commercial piece of kit. I assume the jug is replaceable should you break it. The quality you expect from tower. Bought for my daughter in law who loves it.

A good product at the right price.

Firstly this arrived well packaged and promptly. This is a well made powerful blender that absolutely pulverises anything that you care to blend. I have tried frozen fruits, ice cubes, nuts, vegetables and i have even made soups and nut butters. It more than matches up to more well known brands and is much more powerful. Especially if like me you use it regularly. The quality is high and you can extend the warranty on the website. It is a large blender and is tall so storage may be an issue for some. In brief for the money you couldn’t get a better blender. It is easy to clean and hasn’t stained. I received this product at a reduced rate for a fair and honest unbiased review.

Good quality mixer, glass jug.

Super powerful i was worried that for such cheap price it won’t be as good but it surprised me as i use it everyday to make baby soups and is super powerful .

  • Thoroughly recommend a good solid donestic machine with a glass jug
  • Recommended
  • Four Stars

Tower T12008 Glass Jar Blender with Grinder, 5 Speed Settings, 500 W, 1.5 Litre, Stainless Steel

Product Description, Enjoy hassle-free healthy eating with this 500 W Glass Jar Blender with Grinder. Whether you are creating hearty soups, fruity smoothies, tasty milkshakes or dips and sauces, the five speed settings let you pulse, puree, emulsify, blend and grind with ease. Durable stainless steel blades cut, chop, slice and grind through a variety of ingredients, making it useful for adding fruits, oats, vegetables and more. It’s easy-clean jar and generous 1.5 L capacity makes it ideal for one or all the family whilst the easy-fill spout and measure lid is suitable for all users. What’s more, heavy duty suction feet add stability onto your kitchen countertops whilst the safety switch provides peace of mind during use.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Glass jug blender
  • 1 x Spice grinder

  • From the manufacturer

    Tower T12008 Glass Blender with Grinder and Detachable Stainless Steel Blades

    Create homemade soups, fruity smoothies, tasty milkshakes and more with the 5 speed settings and durable stainless steel blades.

    Durable Blades

    Built to stand the test of time, the durable stainless steel blades effortlessly cut, slice and chop their way through your ingredients, great for adding fruits, vegetables and even sweet treats into your creation. What’s more, the blades are also detachable for an easy clean after use.

    Additional Functionalities

    Suitable for all types of users, the easy-clean additional accessories include an easy-fill spout and measure lid which lets you accurately measure your ingredients to create delicious results.Heavy duty suction feet also offer added stability onto your kitchen countertop whilst the safety switch assures peace of mind during use.

    Healthy Eating Made Easy

    Whether you are creating hearty soups, fruity smoothies, tasty milkshakes or sauces and dips, the 5 speed settings let you pulse, purify, emulsify, blend and grind your way to a healthier lifestyle. An independent grinder jar is also on hand making grinding coffee beans, spices, nuts and seeds easier than ever. A 1.5 litre capacity makes the blender ideal for one or all the family.

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    Good value for money, excellent.

    Solidly built, quite powerful and can easily overspeed even on lowest power setting. The veg don’t stand a chance.

    Had mine for two years now and works absolutely brilliant. A bit noisy on full load but hey for the price what do you want.

    Replaced my kenwood blender with this yesterday, was impressed from opening the box, packaged really well as the jug is made of glass. Easy to assemble, looks the part and works like a dream, it’s so powerful and no where near as noisy as my last one. For the price you really cant go wrong well done tower.

    Excellent value blender and smoothie maker. Feels very well made and although seems expensive at £100 give or take when you compare it to the opposition you realise what good value it actually is. If you compare, say, to the vitamix it’s a minimum of 3 times cheaper (vitamix blenders start at £299). Is it as good as the vitamix?.No, probably not but the vitamix certainly isn’t 3 times better. How ’bout the nutri bullet or nutri ninja style product. There things get more difficult. They can be picked up between £30 to £70. At the lower end you’re getting a blender that’s considerably less powerful and with a much smaller container. P’raps for the odd small smoothie one of these would do the job but once you start using them on a regular basis, especially if you’re making smoothies for 2 or 3 voracious kids the tower one makes considerably more sense.

    The jagged blades i think is not the best design, it did blend a lot of foods well though. Not as good as some other brands, but it was cheaper. Unfortunately gunk or oil or something started to come from the mechanism and then i left it for a little time and it rusted shut. But i am getting a refundso thats nice.

    Smokes after second usage, have to wait to cool down.

    I honestly thought it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but it certainly does. I have used these a few times now, they wash well. The instructions do say not to put these in the dishwasher or microwave, which is a shame for their price. The handle is a little big which does make holding them a little awkward, as the mug has a tendency to just swing right to left and you lift it. These are all hand crafted and inside the box comes a nice little booklet which tells you all about them, which is great. These would make for a great gift.

    • Thoroughly recommend a good solid donestic machine with a glass jug
    • Recommended
    • Four Stars

    Tower T12008 Glass Jar Blender with Grinder, 5 Speed Settings, 500 W, 1.5 Litre, Stainless Steel

    Suction pads on feet to keep it in one place whilst in use.

    Used for juices, making pestos, homemade passata etc etc. Really pleased with it – definitely recommend as it’s just as good as the more expensive better known branded ones.

    Best blender ive ever had, i l.

    The glass was bit worrying but it is strong enough for the price. Got a breakdown insurance too.

    I use this blender regularly, it is the best of several i have owned, works well and seems sturdily built. My recent purchase of a second one for a friend was based on my own positive experience.

    It makes great smoothies :).

    Makes excellent broccoli and stilton soup.

    Features and Spesification

    • Useful for creating homemade soups, fruity smoothies, tasty milkshakes and more
    • Five speed settings let you pulse, puree, emulsify, blend and grind in one easy-to-use appliance
    • Durable stainless steel housing with detachable stainless steel blades
    • Easy-fill spout with measure lid and heavy suction feet
    • Easy-to-clean parts with safety switch for your peace of mind; 3-year guarantee